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resident evil 6 release date Paul W.S. Anderson Directing Resident Evil 6

The subtitling of Paul W. S. Anderson’s Resident Evil franchise can be a little difficult to keep track of (though not as difficult as the game series, where a numbered installment only comes along once in a blue moon), so a quick recap might be useful before discussing the latest news regarding Resident Evil 6. The film series has so far been roughly divided into two trilogies, the first consisting of Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Extinction, with the saga continuing in Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Retribution. At this point, we probably need a mnemonic by which to remember all the subtitles.

Despite having confirmation of the release date for Resident Evil 6 back in , it was not yet certain whether Anderson would choose to direct once again or if his schedule would require him to delegate the job as he did with Apocalypse and Extinction. Now it’s official – Paul W.S. Anderson will direct Resident Evil 6.

First Showing has confirmed that Anderson will definitely be returning as both director and producer and will begin shooting the film this fall. Perhaps it’s fitting that – having produced all of the Resident Evil films so far directed three of them – Anderson should be at the helm for what is supposed to be the concluding chapter of the second trilogy (and based on the poor critical reception and declining box office profits, it might also be the final installment of the franchise).

Milla Jovovich Alice Resident Evil Retribution Paul W.S. Anderson Directing Resident Evil 6

As far as we know, Anderson is still attached to direct an adaptation of another videogame, Castlevania. He’s also lined up to direct Pompeii, a disaster movie based on the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed an entire city in AD 79. Pompeii was originally supposed to start filming in spring 2012, but now appears to be back on track with Kit Harrington recently announced to play the lead role.

No plot details for RE6 have yet been released, but fans of the existing Resident Evil films will probably have a good idea of what to expect. Milla Jovovich is set to return as Alice, and the perennial bad guys of the Umbrella Corporation will no doubt be back again, joined by the undead and mutated horrors that they’ve unleashed upon the world. Anderson plans to shoot Resident Evil 6 in 3D, as he did with Afterlife and Retribution.

Whether or not the franchise will rise once more, in the form of a reboot or further additions to the existing saga, will no doubt depend largely on the box office success of Resident Evil 6. Despite the occasional Razzie nomination, the Resident Evil films have been fairly reliable in terms of profit, with the last installment grossing over $220m worldwide.

Resident Evil 6 opens in theaters on September 12th, 2014.


Source: First Showing

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  1. Only three things are infinite; The universe, human stupidity and the desires of studio executives of doing unneeded sequels for the following franchises:
    -Resident Evil
    -Fast and Furious
    -Pirates of the Caribbean
    -Scary Movie

    (Soon.. Transformers)

    • WAIT so you’re saying they need to stop making Fast and Furious but continue Transformers for a movie or two???? i can now ignore your posts.

      • Hahaha Ok, you are right I only said it because Transformers only has 3 of them finished.

        Still come on! It’s not like I said that we needed a trilogy of the events after twilight and then another trilogy prequel to twilight.

    • The Fast & Furious movies actually deliver with intense car scenarios and the last 2 were the best ones since the first.

      The RE movies are just full of plot-holes and incompetent film-making.

      • Our fellow ranter Kratos is stating that sequels for example to franchises like: Fast and furious, and RE are not needed. They only provide the same plot over and over again. I respect his OPINION, as I think the same thing.

        • +1

        • I agree with Ant-Mad and Kratos.

          I was bored with the first Fast and Furious movie and now we’ve had how many more since? Crazy…

    • F you

  2. Fast & Furious is becoming better, with the last movie and all, i guess that if you make 100 movies atleast some of them can be good. But it’s enough to get hopes up :)

  3. Whatever happened to that so-called “Director’s Cut” for Retribution?

  4. I hope this is the last one, the first was decent and they have been HORRIBLE ever since.

    • It’s like DIE HARD! It lost meaning to me after the first 3

      • Live Free was a decent film though

        • Decent but definitely the weakest of the Die Hard movies.

  5. Not again. >:(

  6. 6 movies for Resident Evil is not that bad compared to what is to come.. remember that according to Back 2 the future we can expect 15 Jaws’ movies in the next couple of years.

    • And according to Spaceballs there will be 5,000 Rocky movies.

  7. Titles of the upcoming confirmed sequels: “Resident Evil: Redundancy” (2014), “Resident Evil: At Avengers 2 Year” (2015), “Resident Evil: And Silver Surfer” (2016), “Resident Evil: Forever” (2017), Resident Evil: And Robin” (2018, this one has Arnold in it).

    • me encanta tu comentario gracias por mantenernos tan bien actualizados y dime pliss donde encontraste esos datos

  8. I was done with this franchise after the second one. No more Resident Evil movies please smh.

    • I was done after the first one.

    • amo RE

  9. they need a reboot for resident evil and get a new director that knows what resident evil is about and go with the story lines from the games those are the best ones we need movies with chris and leon to be the main stars not alice for all the dam movies

    • Actually if you watch the special features for part 4, you can see how much it had in common with the game.

      Anyway, I think it’s time to end it after part 6. I think the director said it would be his last one too.

      • To bad the things it has in common aren’t the tone and feel or anything else that was good about the Resident Evil games in the first place..

    • @mr awesome

      They chose Alice so they could deviate from the games without people complaining.

      What went wrong was when they gave in to fan demand and ruined characters from the games.

  10. Bioshock, inFamous, Metroid & God of War all have potential to be good movie franchises but it seems like everyone is on the “comic book” bandwagon. I would love to see some other video games adaptations on the big screen in the near future.

    • Nicolas Cage would do a fantastic Kratos based on his maniac face.

      • I vote Nathan Fillion for every video game AND comic book movie. /s

      • Whats with all the weird Nic Cage people recently?

  11. Seriously, why was that zombie hanging out in a closet in Retribution???

    • It’s pretty easy to figure out that scenario: someone gets bitten but manages to get away, hides in a closet, dies. Boom! Zombie in a closet.

  12. Well the whole point in some directors still making sequels for some franchises is too bring the story to an end, just be glad that now a days they actually plan a certain amount more and announcing they’re doing (said number) more and they’re going to end it, unlike in the past where they just kept making them depending on if the audience wanted more or the amount of money it made and then after so many they decide “Hey, let’s just end the series with this one.”, but now every time you look on a movie site, you see that they already got a number amount more planned and it’s over, AKA: Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast & Furious, Resident Evil, Die Hard. Now remember, I didn’t say anything about them rebooting any of those named, which for our luck, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

  13. The 3rd RE was dreadful and the last 2 just seemed like set up for this final one. I thought the first 2 were pretty good all things considered and reminded me enough of the first 2 games to be called RE. Allot of people hate the RE movies because “it’s not exactly like the video game!” but stop and think about that for a second, you want to pay 12 bucks to go see a 2 hour live action walk through of a video game you paid 20-40 bucks for and spent 50-100 hours playing, and already know how it ends? That’s how ridiculous it sounds when gamers complain about the RE movies.

    • There’s a difference between an adaptation and just flat out using artistic license to suit whatever goals Anderson has in mind. Namely, those seem to be showcasing his wife.

      No, people don’t want to watch a live-action walkthrough of the game. What fans would appreciate is a screenplay that actually has some shred of resemblance to the Resident Evil franchise. Obviously, it’s impossible to translate a game or a book verbatim to the silver screen. They’re two different mediums. Nobody’s disagreeing with that. What we have an issue with is Resident Evil being turned into “Semi dressed Milla Jovovich shoots things for two hours.”

      That’s not a plot. And if you think the first two movies were decent, you have pretty s***** taste.

      • The films aren’t even 2 hours at this point. At least Anderson knows when showcasing his wife runs its course

    • actually, I’d like that! :)

  14. As far as guilty pleasures go, I’m looking forward to it :)

    • Me too

  15. The first Resident Evil movie was a solid B+
    The second one was Straight Up B
    The third held steady ad B
    The fourth was about a C-
    And the fifth, so short and pointless with no development or purpose other than to reuse the GI Joe underwater set was at best a D- if not a complete F

    For this next film, we need the writers to actually come up with a BEGINNING, MIDDLE< and END to a solid story arc that provides surprises, new elements, and danger to our characters. Alice has become so super-invincible and undefeatable that all sense of danger to her is lost. The filler material of non-threatening zombies coming at her does nothing to drive the story.

    Resident Evil 6 must have an epic, amazing throw the scraps out the window and refresh the series feel.

    If it just another "Episode" that takes three steps forward while on a treadmill moving backwards, why should the studio, Anderson, or Milla even bother?

  16. For zombies, the walking dead, for one overcooked plot Resident evil

  17. Doesn’t matter how bad these films are, some unknown, unseen force compels me to enjoy them. That said, my wife loves these movies and has dragged me to each of them kicking and screaming in some cases (see also: underworld). Over time I think I’ve developed some kind of Stockholm Syndrome thing with W.S Anderson. I definitely see him as an auteur of total trash, he’s like Darth Maul to Michael Bay’s Palpatine :)

    • “Doesn’t matter how bad these films are, some unknown, unseen force compels me to enjoy them.”

      Same here. W.S. Anderson is the Ed Wood of our time and the Resident Evil movies are our Plan 9 From Outer Space. In 40-50 years someone will make a movie about W.S. Anderson and some Johnny Depp kind of actor will portray him.

      • I consider Uwe Boll to be the modern day Ed Wood. Anderson at least has some rudimentary filmaking skills.

        • Ed Wood didn’t have CGI to fall back on like so many directors do nowadays. Let’s be honest there are a lot of people making movies right now who are a bloated budget away from being Ed Wood.

  18. I never really got into the resident evil movies, and the reason was because the didnt follow the games at all. There all garbage. and needs to be put to an end. hopefully soon so it wont be to much longer for a reboot. Yes i know your saying no REBOOTS, but it can be done, if its done right. If a franchise is good enough it can last 6 movies, and R.E. could be stellar if they had followed the game. throwing in people like claire and chris redfield in part 3 or 4 or what ever one it was was stupid. Milla Jovovich is a great actress, but this series did not live up to what it should have. By the way, to set aside from being even remotely consider part of this franchise, the reboot should be named BIO-HAZARD…. And dont give it to michael bay, there not aliens for christ sake.

    • Nah, bruh. It’s the studios. THEY’RE not gonna put THEIR money into a reboot because most of the people who watch this crap are Jovovich fanboys. So THERE.

    • Terminator 3 had all those things you mentioned and it still sucked donkey balls.

  19. Jesus H. Christ, this is becoming a TV show at this point.

  20. Scratch that, there TV shows that don’t even last this long.

    • Most of those TV shows are much higher quality than these movies too.

  21. I wonder when Milla is 80 some paparazzi will catch her dressed up like the photo in the article her wrinkly posterior looking funny to no end standing in some gun range squeezing off rounds trying desperately to remember the good ole days..

    • Better that than her nothing-but-bandages outfit from The Fifth Element.

      • I’m going blind here… ;)

  22. Milla sent me here ;)

  23. :)

  24. I don’t care what people say, I love the RESIDENT EVIL movies. Keep them coming.

  25. Si vous n’êtes pas satisfait des suites de ces séries de films, pourquoi les regarder et porter un jugement sur ceux-ci ? Surtout des commentaires, alors que resident evil 6 n’est pas encore sorti //

    If you are not satisfied as a result of these series of films, why watch and pass judgment on them? Especially comments, while Resident Evil 6 is not out yet