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resident evil 6 release date Paul W.S. Anderson Directing Resident Evil 6

The subtitling of Paul W. S. Anderson’s Resident Evil franchise can be a little difficult to keep track of (though not as difficult as the game series, where a numbered installment only comes along once in a blue moon), so a quick recap might be useful before discussing the latest news regarding Resident Evil 6. The film series has so far been roughly divided into two trilogies, the first consisting of Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Extinction, with the saga continuing in Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Retribution. At this point, we probably need a mnemonic by which to remember all the subtitles.

Despite having confirmation of the release date for Resident Evil 6 back in , it was not yet certain whether Anderson would choose to direct once again or if his schedule would require him to delegate the job as he did with Apocalypse and Extinction. Now it’s official – Paul W.S. Anderson will direct Resident Evil 6.

First Showing has confirmed that Anderson will definitely be returning as both director and producer and will begin shooting the film this fall. Perhaps it’s fitting that – having produced all of the Resident Evil films so far directed three of them – Anderson should be at the helm for what is supposed to be the concluding chapter of the second trilogy (and based on the poor critical reception and declining box office profits, it might also be the final installment of the franchise).

Milla Jovovich Alice Resident Evil Retribution Paul W.S. Anderson Directing Resident Evil 6

As far as we know, Anderson is still attached to direct an adaptation of another videogame, Castlevania. He’s also lined up to direct Pompeii, a disaster movie based on the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed an entire city in AD 79. Pompeii was originally supposed to start filming in spring 2012, but now appears to be back on track with Kit Harrington recently announced to play the lead role.

No plot details for RE6 have yet been released, but fans of the existing Resident Evil films will probably have a good idea of what to expect. Milla Jovovich is set to return as Alice, and the perennial bad guys of the Umbrella Corporation will no doubt be back again, joined by the undead and mutated horrors that they’ve unleashed upon the world. Anderson plans to shoot Resident Evil 6 in 3D, as he did with Afterlife and Retribution.

Whether or not the franchise will rise once more, in the form of a reboot or further additions to the existing saga, will no doubt depend largely on the box office success of Resident Evil 6. Despite the occasional Razzie nomination, the Resident Evil films have been fairly reliable in terms of profit, with the last installment grossing over $220m worldwide.

Resident Evil 6 opens in theaters on September 12th, 2014.


Source: First Showing

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  1. Honestly dont mind these movies just having elements of the game in it. Its kind alike fanfic on a large scale. Personally i’d feel game-like movies too dull like having played them most of my life there is no twist that could be added to make them re-enjoyable. Id just have to play the game. Plus if the fan support of game centric movies is anything like how fans reacted to 5 and 6(and some even 4) those movies would probably get past Code Veronica then have a decline in the cinemas. That being said all good things must come to an end i hope for a great ending that will satisfy

  2. RE would receive an award for best series of films if there was such an award. I have been continually surprised by the content in each film. The Star Trek series of films can’t compare. Even the James Bond series of films doesn’t compare in my view. Possibly the biggest reason that RE is my favorite series, and why I can’t seem to wait for the next version, is that Milla is the main character. I have tried to make it to the first viewings for all the films. I am extremely curious what adventures lovable Alice will be getting into. None of the Star Trek characters have that kind of magnatism for me. Same with the James Bond characters. Honestly there isn’t a person alive that has the looks and acting ability that Milla has. Take any actress that you want. Would she be able to play the role of a superhero, and the role of Lucetta in “Stone”, and the role of Joan of Arc, and the role of the many other characters that Milla has played? I don’t think that there is an entertainer alive that is that talented. She was an especially lovable character in “The Three Musketeers”. One day, when all the dust has settled in Hollywood, folks will finally appreciate true greatness and I think that then is when Milla will be recognized as the best that ever was. If Alice has to be terminated in one of the upcoming RE movies, then wait to terminate her when America’s economy improves. Right now we desperately need a superhero.

    • amigo al fin alguien en esta pagina q sabe de cine y reconoce el talento bueno donde lo hay pues comporto totalmente tu sentimiento y emoción al estar admirando una película donde actue milla jovovich. en especial resident evil

    • i understand where you’re coming from. :)


    • te apoyo esos titulos estan geniales

  4. God I would love to be a zombie in one of these movies that gets destroyed by Milla. LOL Can’t wait for RE6!

  5. I have visited a page on Facebook (Resident Evil 6: Afterbirth/Armageddon) it has an incredible storylines for the RE 6. RE 6 part 1 is available to read and the part 2 is really soon according to the page. It’s sublime. I hope Paul W.S. Anderson read this storylines. Please visit the page.

  6. hola brea cesta parte de la saga de recidect evil y cuando c estrenara

  7. hola

  8. Look the Resident Evil films are smart, clever and make sense, not unlike some movies that are based on action video games which lack all or most I have said, plus you get an aray of flesh eating zombies and other bump in the night creatures. These movies are enjoyable and fast paced, isn’t that what movies are supposed to be enjoyable? These are enjoyable, the people who go these film know exactly what I am talking about, so please just look how much the franchise of Resident Evil has made worldwide compare that against the mind of a cync-minded person who gives them a bad reputation,the cynical person means nothing but the movie that bring such joy to us all mean everything. THANK YOU

    • Resident Evil is smart, clever and makes sense? In what way is this movie (that WAS based off a video game until it decided to go it’s own course) smart and clever? I’m confused on that statement. A women dressed in a black suit running around pulling off matrix moves (Not to mention stealing Keanu Reeves thunder) while shooting at zombies (sadly being and looking more intimidating than the flesh eating mutations is suppose to make sense? You’re kidding? A women that defeats a god knows (300) pound walking tank is suppose to be enjoyable? Especially when you have matrix moves being pulled off with the MOST ANNOYING SLOW-MOW effects possible is a question beyond me of how anyone can see how it’s amazing. Everyone says RE is going by the game. NO IT’S NOT. It’s been going its own direction for the longest time. You says it’s not going by a video game so where and why did they come up with RE in the first place? Yes I know where you’re coming from. How? Cause I’ve seen how all the installments have turned out. I liked the 1st or actually 1st and 2nd installments and then they went down the slope afterwards.

      I also want to ask are you a serious fan or RE? I want to say yes cause it sounds like you’re calling people out that don’t really have that taste. I would watch RE if it had a more grittier aspect to it. Probably those CYNC-PEOPLE you pointed out want a newer idea in RE than the same thing they have been seeing.

  9. Visit I read two storylines their. Both are super intense.

  10. Hi milla @ sennia
    i like the thing you
    in the movies i will like to see in the
    its Chris Redfield @ Claire Redfield
    were not in the last resident evil movie

    i love you lots
    Ooo Xxx
    my name is Real Chris Redfield (RPD-Stars) AGE.30

  11. Wesker has a son call (jerke) in the new movie

  12. Please keep making more movies and don’t reboot not remove Alice/Milla Jovovich.
    The franchise is really good and it’s making money more than the past films. If critics don’t like it, that doesn’t mean it should stop especially when fans are loving at hence the high gross revenue. $210m isn’t low from a budget of $60-$80m.

    I really want them to keep making more and those who say “They should stop” should stop watching the movies and let those who enjoy them, keep enjoying them.

  13. All the movies are great milla is a great actress and extremely good looking . The last resident evil was not to bad but it was getting a little far fetched . The past movies were more realistic like it really could happen, now that’s a good sci fiction movie . Now for this upcoming resident evil movie having Clair redfield in it would be great, she is a good actress and extremely good looking . Now having flying gargoyle looking things now that’s going to far when I seen that on the end of the last movie I was like well the next one is going to be dumb .


  15. i think RE6 should be tittled RESIDENT EVIL:ARMAGEDDON and not afterbirth,any i’m dying to watch this movie soon.

  16. I rejoice to discover this new work. The RE movies are really great.

    Milla Jovovich is the best, I like her very much!

  17. RE6. AWESOME! Can’t wait. I hope Alice has more fighting scenes than ever before.

  18. I found something new.. i’ll just wanna share it.
    Resident evil 6: Resurgence (link: )

    a cliffhanger on the last part so i assume 7th film is possible. go ALICE!!!

  19. I found the 7th film sotryline for the RE series.
    It’s titled Resident evil 7: Redemption.
    This is the link ( )
    fond it at facebook. is this real!!! i hope so.

  20. da 7th re called ATONEMENT
    looking forwards 4 da series
    Resident evil 6 is on 2015 maybe called RISING

  21. Paul WS Anderson talks Resident Evil 6 in the Real Movie News exclusive interview

  22. in my opinion Resident Evil 6 had to be divided into two parts, it would not be a mad rush, as well as Retribution, would give a damn about the movie have a well traveled history, explaining what happened to Claire and Chris and also explaining disappearance of Jill Valentine and Wesker because turning against Umbrella. And of course also with lots of action, but it would be really mad if the movie was like the synopsis says, review the mansion and the Beehive in 3D would be perfect!
    qria see the scene of Arcadia, again, only by the sight of Chris and Claire, it was only shown the vision of Alice in Retribution. It would be interesting, at least they tell in flashback everything that happened.
    And of course, explain what happened to them and then K-mart.

  23. hey i open re 7 here
    i am waiting for this. success.

  24. I enjoy watching the RE series. Back 2002 to 2012. In every film, epic moments where showed. In RE:Genesis, i love the laser corridor AND Alice vs. infected dobermans, RE: Apocalypse i like the most Alice VS. Nemesis AND the church actions, RE: extinction Alice vs. infected crows AND zombie attack from the giant box, RE: afterlife ALice’s clones vs. Umbrella Tokyo plus the explosion AND Claire vs. the axeman, in RE: retribution the corridor fight was impressive.

    for the sequel, i am waiting for it but why is that there’s no any updates unlike other announced films for 2016? RE fans need an update to PAUL WS ANDERSON!!! please… make re sequel more more