‘Resident Evil 6′ Has a Working Title; Planned as the Last Movie

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resident evil 6 milla jovovich Resident Evil 6 Has a Working Title; Planned as the Last Movie

In 2013, it was reported that Sony intended to release a sixth installment in the studio’s lucrative, video game-based, action/zombie movie franchise, Resident Evil by September of this year; obviously, that’s not going to happen at this point, as writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson’s original plans to begin production on the flick by Fall 2013 ended up falling through. In fact, in the latest update from the filmmaker, he reveals that he’s only part-way through writing the first script draft for Resident Evil 6 – though, the movie does have a working title now.

There will soon be six Resident Evil movies total, all of them written by Anderson (who directed all but the second and third installments); prior to the release of the fourth chapter, Afterlife, series lead Milla Jovovich revealed that Anderson – who is also her husband – had plotted out a three-movie narrative to conclude his run with the franchise. Which is to say: if you’ve been looking forward to this cinematic intellectual property getting a reboot, it could happen after the next installment.

Before Sony has the chance to hit the “Restart” button on the Resident Evil brand, however, Anderson is going to finish up his take on the story of Alice (Jovovich) and her war against the Umbrella Corporation, with a film that is currently going under the self-explanatory working title Resident Evil: The Last Chapter (not Resident Evil: Rising, as was previously reported) – something that Anderson told Collider, in a newly published interview. Furthermore, the filmmaker clarified that:

“There are no set dates for shooting yet. I think we’re waiting until we have a first draft screenplay and then go from there… I don’t know [when it will be in theaters], depends how fast I write, I guess.  There’s no set date yet but hopefully we’ll have an announcement for that soon.”

resident evil 6 title details Resident Evil 6 Has a Working Title; Planned as the Last Movie

Interestingly, even as Anderson is taking steps to put the finishing touches on his version of the Resident Evil film universe, we could be on the verge of a renaissance for the video game movie genre – one that may formerly start with Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ Assassin’s Creed (which arrives in Summer 2015). Point being, whatever your feelings are with regard to Anderson’s Resident Evil movies, they have done their part to help blaze the trail for the collective game adaptation genre to move onward, to a brighter future. Indeed, as Anderson noted during his interview with Collider, video game film adaptations were regarded with even more skepticism than they are today, back when he made the first Resident Evil in the early aughts:

“… As you probably know, when we set up the first movie, we didn’t even have an American deal for the first film until half way through principal photography.  It was a movie that was entirely financed internationally and Sony only kind of distributed it in North America… Because at the time, it as a movie that no one really wanted, that no one was excited about, it was based on a video game and for a while there, since Mortal Kombat, there hadn’t been any successful video game adaptations.  Although, me returning to that genre obviously gave it a better chance than most.  There was still skepticism about whether that was the kind of valid thing to do to [turn] video games to movies.  It was quite soon after Columbine, so it was a video game that was known to be very violent and there was a big backlash against that, and I wanted to make it an R-rated movie and that was very unfashionable at the time…”

Despite generally being critically-derided, Anderson’s Resident Evil films have all been quite profitable – and thus, proven that there is, in fact, a market for such video game cinematic properties (even the R-Rated variety). Who knows, maybe ten years down the road, such game adaptations as Assassin’s Creed, Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman’s Splinter Cell, and/or The Last of Us will have earned unprecedented levels of respect for the genre – and we will look back and fondly remember how it all (sorta) started with Paul W.S. Anderson and his goofy 3D zombie action movies.

For more from Anderson about the pre-production process for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – including, how he’s taking 3D into account while planning out the movie visually, as well as his feeling about shooting with high-resolution digital cameras – be sure and check out the filmmaker’s full interview with Collider.


We’ll keep you posted on the status of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (as it’s currently known).

Source: Collider

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  1. So excited for this movie, Im a big resident evil fan.

  2. I also am a huge resident evil fan….which is why I pray that this is the last movie in the garbage collection. Anderson is a hack and these movies have ZERO to do with the Resident evil games with the exception of forcing in a couple of characters. No mansion, no Raccoon City??? really? turn this over for a reboot to a quality horror movie maker. Resident evil could be horror gold if done correctly.

    good riddance to these movies

    • The mansion and Raccoon city appeared in the earlier films. It helps to actually watch the movies you’re trying to criticize.

      • Mansion?? We seen a hallway and bathroom shower that looked as lived in as an empty freight car. I could same the same for Raccoon City.

        Best part of these movies is Jill Valentine, you know an actual character in the franchise.

        • That’s not what he said. He said there was NO mansion and NO Raccoon city, which is wrong. Also, a lot of the characters from the video games appear in the films like Wesker, Ada Wong and the Redfield siblings. Again, actually watching the movies helps in these discussions.

          • So will Rocket be in the 6th and final movie ?

    • WTF are you are talking about, the entire second movie happens in Raccoon City! The second movie feels more like the games then the first one, granted and the 3rd film is where it jumped the shark… but dude, have some clue what you are actually talking about before posting.

  3. I liked the resident evil movies until they changed the direction of the story they need to already let these movies retire I wasnt too thrilled with the last one especially with some of the actors they decided to go with like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield I think they just need to stop with these movies already or else they are gonna end up like the Saw Francise which had a sucky stupid ending

  4. The Whole Resident Evil Francise is about Alice trying to go after Umbrella and discover the truths about them, then she is after Albert Wesker who trys to kill her and take away her powers, all the sudden in the last movie we now have Albert Wesker Joining Forces with Enemy and Foe Alice to defeat Umbrella when Albert Wesker himself was against the Human Race and loved the ideas of Umbrella

    this is Stupid and they need to stop with these movies already the games were alot better way better including story etc then the movies ever will be well at least up until the 4th movie after that the Resident Evil Franchise started to hit rock bottom

    • If you actually paid attention to the movies, you would realize that there was no inconsistency. Prior to the events of Retribution, the Red Queen usurped control of Umbrella from Wesker and ousted him from the organization. That’s when he allied himself with the human resistance. Try looking the plot up on Wikipedia if you have trouble understanding anything else.

  5. These movies are guilty pleasures for me. They’re garbage, but I have fun watching them.

    • LOL That should be on the poster:They’re garbage, but I have fun watching them.

      • +1 to both of you. Actually if I still had my gold stars from Kindergaten I’d give you both one lol

  6. Sooo, we’ll get a reboot soon? =) Lets start with the house….

  7. For those praying for a reboot. I can say you WILL get one.

    I remember reading through Milla Jovovich’s twitter account a little bit after the release of Resident Evil 4: Afterlife. She said that Sony had intended to make a total of six movies and will reboot the whole series. So here’s hoping that they will go back and give us the movies we want. Even though I like these movies as guilty pleasures.

  8. These movies are a disgrace to the resident evil franchise. I’m glad it’s getting rebooted cause Paul Anderson can’t make a good resident evil movie. Only the first one was decent.

  9. The 1st RE was somewhat close to the storytelling. The second one wasn’t that bad but the 3rd one started to lose me then the rest just got stupid.

    The Japanese CG-ANIME has way, way better stories and acting and awesome graphics!

  10. These movie never lived up to HALF the potential that was in the video game scripts, which in my opinion, were some of the best ever written. There were so many awesome plot devices and suspenseful scenes that the movie either completely glossed over or simply left out. What a crappy series of movies. Milla deserves better and they clearly ran it into the ground….as if the first one was even good. Hollywood blows

  11. Yes please be the end and remake them right like the games.

  12. This franchise died from boredom a long time ago. It has been nothing but a “straight to dvd” set of films after the second film anyway.

  13. Resident Evil 6 : We Should Have Gotten Another Director or Resident Evil 6 : Slow Motion Shots When Not Needed or Resident Evil 6 : Yes She Still Married To The Director

  14. Need more heroines like Mila. Glad this series keeps showing off a powerful and amazing female protagonist. The story might not be close to the games, wouldn’t know as I have never played them; but aside from the obvious 3d for the sake of 3d shots in the recent films, I have always enjoyed these movies.

  15. if this is the final film, it will not covered to conclude everything.

  16. Too me this was never ‘Resident Evil’ but ‘Girl Power Zombie Killer’, i don’t support movies with female leads

    • A lot of folks aren’t going to like that…

  17. Should be titled Resident Evil: Endgame. Every movie before this has only had one word following the resident evil title. Totally fits the motif :-)