‘Resident Evil 6′ Gets a September 2014 Release Date

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resident evil 6 release date Resident Evil 6 Gets a September 2014 Release Date

Writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson received his customary critical thrashing on last year’s 3D Resident Evil: Retribution (read our review, for example). Nonetheless, the fifth video game movie installment, featuring Anderson’s wife Milla Jovovich as Alice, managed to gross $222 million in theaters around the globe.

Retribution is the most expensive entry to date (costing $65 million) and was less popular domestically than the previous three Resident Evil installments; it even ranks below the first movie, when adjusted for inflation. Hence, although Resident Evil 6 (subtitle TBD) was a foregone conclusion before Retribution even opened in theaters, restless audience signals indicate that it may be time to wrap things up. Fortunately, that’s been the plan for a while now.

Anderson previously told STYD that Resident Evil: Afterlife was meant to serve as the beginning of a new trilogy, which concludes with the sixth movie. Jovovich later confirmed as much at the 2012 Comic-Con, saying her husband “really [wants] to bring this to a closure” with the sixth installment. She also alluded to the strong possibility, nay inevitability, that more Resident Evil movies are coming once she and Anderson finish their run on the franchise – be it with a series reboot or partial start-over (a la Transformers 4).

Sony/Screen Gems has set Resident Evil 6 to hit U.S. theaters on September 12th, 2014, in keeping with the release pattern for the previous four installments (after Resident Evil opened in March 2002). The post-Summer Blockbuster Season slot has proven a successful launch pad so far, giving the studio little reason to deviate course at this point; not to mention, it currently has no competition in that month, with the exception of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Popeye opening two weeks later.

Milla Jovovich Resident Evil Retribution Resident Evil 6 Gets a September 2014 Release Date

It’s all-but-official that Anderson is writing and directing Resident Evil 6, seeing how he wrote all five previous movies (and directed the first, fourth and fifth). He’ll presumably begin principal photography with Jovivich this Fall, shooting the film in 3D – like the last two movies – and using an in-your-face 3D style once again, since it’s part of the entertainment appeal for his take on the zombie action/horror property.

Retribution concluded on a cliffhanger setting up the sixth installment, which you can talk about in greater detail over at the Resident Evil: Retribution Spoilers Discussion thread. Meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment below about what you’re hoping to see in the next movie – or, if you prefer, where you would like to see the franchise go, once Anderson and Jovovich move on to other projects.


Resident Evil 6 (not the official title) opens in theaters on September 12th, 2014.


Source: STYD

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  1. I find it funny that ppl keep complaining about these movies, yet they make a butt load of money. They are just mad they aren’t making the money these actors and films do. Get over it. U don’t like it then you don’t have to watch it.

  2. I fell PWSA missed out on a good story line. OK, it’s my idea so calling it “good” is subjective.

    I thought that, in her travels, Alice would come upon a man, who saves her from being lunch, and brings her unconscious body to his mountain cave. After a bit she notices a bite mark on his arm. He tells her the story of his narrow escape from the dead when he was bitten. He tells her he passed out but when he woke he didn’t become undead but all his functions were greatly heightened like Alice. So the T-virus bonded with him on a cellular level too. Together they take on the Red Queen, defeat her and her bio-hazards, then set off to re-populate the world.

    • what u posted has bee my dreem since the movie AFTERLIFE came out
      fingers crossed what u’r saying comes true

  3. instead of making this the last movie they need to make more. if you didn’t notice in resident evil afterlife wesker jumped out of the chopper at the end of the movie just as it exploded. now he’s giving alice he powers back so she can help him destroy the red queen. wesker is more than likely to turn on alice just as he did in the first movie and video game. it only takes common sense to see that. as soon as alice destroys the red queen wesker will turn on her. gaurenteed

  4. Actually,i dont care a lot about if it will be last one or no , but what i really care about if Albert Wesker going to be there … Is the only one i Love … and besides there are many things that could be brought up , even from the books of SD Perry …but anyway lets see

  5. i personally dont think it should end here, i think alice should be killed of, and make chris or claire main character, lile they should, in my opinion, alice and the gang including wesker set out to kill the red queen, and after a job successful, alice and wesker get locked in the same room (“coincidence”) albert and alice have a face-off and wesker takes her powers and ends alice, and chris finds her body and weskers glasses and vows revenge and leaves us with a cliff hanger to another movie, i would like it to go something like that, but who knows, might end differently..

  6. I can not wait to see the new Resident Evil movie. I know this is going to be the best one yet. If you have not seen any of these movies you are missing out on the best movies ever. OMG these are the best movies ever.

    • from ever since resident evil began i have been waiting on each after that i think resident evil should not end it should continue its the only show i spend my hard earn money to watch at the cinemas please dont end it about a billion people on this earth loves it

  7. I can not wait to see the new Resident Evil movie. I know this is going to be the best one yet. If you have not seen any of these movies you are missing out on the best movies ever.


  9. I like all the series of RE(Resident Evil) i love the main lead Milla.
    please don’t stop the series on 6th continue it to 7,8,9 and so on
    and don’t replace Milla as alice she is best
    and the RE series is the best zombie action movie i had ever seen.
    its a complete pacakge of entertainment and thrill
    and i would like to see luther in next series also….

  10. I hope and pray that they end this…horrendous..warping of Resident Evil. Please start fresh and go back to survival horror the way it was in RE 1-4 there is NO FEAR FACTOR just action…guns…gore and rediculous action seens like two scrawny women taking down huge unbeatable monsters…get real…the series killed off Carlo, RJ…but of course Alice is still alive….KILL HER ALREADY FOR CHRISTS SAKE…lmfao…anyway someone needs to start COMPLETELY over…start at the Mansion make it a three part movie then do another 3 part movie for RE 2-4 and make it survival horror just like the games…make people crap their pants with fear…

  11. I couldn’t wait to see it

  12. I played the game, and personally would love if the movie was made closer to the game storyline.

    I was excited when the first RE came out, maybe the reason it has the biggest opening is because gamers can relate the event of RE1 to continue to the game RE1.

    After movie RE2 came out, I just lost all hope for good story and keep enjoying this RE flick as guilty pleasure

  13. Who keeps making these movies? Who ever it is, he must be bored out of his mind.

  14. I have played the R E games since ’98..i have watched the movies since the beginning.me and my brother get together once a year to play all the games and watch all the movies for the last 15 years.we loved seeing nemesis and the higher grade bow’s.we love milla as alice.but im sad at the fact that it strays so much from the game storyline and the progression of the virus.it should be clear at how rapid it evolves.i have no complaints to the movies itself because its nice to see it up on screen.i just wish the story line would fit the game a bit….maybe a mini series that is based on the games.lol.i hope capcom never stops making games and ill be sad if the movies end.my truck is umbrella corp my body is property of umbrella corp and my cosplay reflects that if what i love RESIDENT EVIL!!!
    great job keep it up

  15. I hope they would use Wentworth Miller as Chris give him longer screen time in this final installment… I’m tired with Alice story.

    The casting director did a really good job assigning Wentworth as Chris. He looks really spot on with RE1 games!

    And I hope the movie version of Leon dies quickly because he doesn’t even look and fell like Leon!

    I like the casting for Ada Wong though. Fan Bingbing I assume? She looks the part, yeay! :D

  16. I have liked resident evil since the first game and the movies are even better one not like the other but the same Alice on a mission to take out umbrella. I would not like her to be offed but do believe she needs an Ali to take over the everyday job of saving the people around her. Alice is one bad ass and my 5 yr old even loves her.I will never tire of resident evil but it will not be the same without Mila

  17. I just hope that they bring k-mart, Claire and Chris Redfield back

  18. https://app.box.com/s/265pe3s5mombi51r02yw very good stroy for RE sequel

  19. A clone of Alice atlast becomes as strong as Alice…the A Corp working under ground sees she ,The Clone of Alice…is amzungly alike.The birth of Alice 2 Alice begins.2 Alices….both powerful.She is trained by the corp that Alice is her ,what is similar to being her maker…her mother…but is number and can not be defeated.Alice number 1 is ruler and shown care for her clones,Litlle does clone Alice know the truth.She is filled with a brainwashing story that paints her mother…the creation she has been made from,Rather black….She is sent out well trained in all ways to find…attack…and defeat Alice 1 .Alice 2 ,The clone is a darker revenge filled charactor…feeling abandoned by Alice 1 and that she is against the A Corp, Who gave life to Alice 2…cloning her and taking care of her.Alice the clone, is Hell Bent …She on the tracks of Alice 1…She has a strong Psychic connection …she just feels her way to her.

    Finding Alice 1….the Battle begins…2 Alices…it would be amazing..seeing two sides…and may I say exciting.Milla is amazing to watch…intense and beautiful..not to mention a true strong charactor to pull off these fired up fight scenes and in all she portrays as an actress.So….in the movie..they are in the final battle scene….they are in a place like a old factory..on a grill floor…high up on a plat form, Fighting…it is rain out side…the lights have been put on…alice 2 find a generator switch…turns on the lights…shouting for her clone to face her….then it happenes…the battle…the anger…clone Alice is damage…saying how she was abandoned…how Alices Clones were left for dead to be experimented on by other darker poerful levels of the Acorp who went their own way to do what they wanted with clones.the lights are flashing sparking..exploding..during the high platform fight scene…the lights are near nothing but one above them,Flashes and images of them both in battle…hard to see who is who as they become more in shadow affect…as the last light explodes…they are just shadows…equal and the light from the windows behind the…a sword is thrust into one on the Alices…But which one….the shadow ending bring the new start to another movie.BUT…one thing…during the fight scene….Alice 1 is struck with sword across her arm….swinging away…blood from Alice 1 hits clone Alice in the face and across her lips…she licks her lips with a dar gaze..sly smile and says…tastes familiar to me….now keep the fact Aice 1 ..her blood is now in the DNA RNA of her clone….so…if Alice 1 defeated Alice the clone…and Alice 1 thinks she is dead…does the clone rebirth..healing and after a time her eyes open…the blood starting her heart again….also giving her the exact same mental powers and all the memories Alice has and experiences she has had on her pth….the DNA RNA bond so strong..it is as though she is exactly the same in memories power and looks.Alice 1 thinking she is dead…moves on…only to have revealed in the next installment….which died…ordidnt die should I say…there is a good start to another movie…who died in shady battle…or…Alice 2 wins the fight but the blood of Alice takes over her and slwly she plays the evil Alice 2…remembering the goodness through DNA and RNA….she sees all…knows the A Corp are decievers and pretending to be on there side…slowy starts totake them out.She the same Alice…became her is herall over again…Alice ..the rebirth.Alice to Alice.Alice 2Alice .Or you could just be happy that Alice 1 kills her clone…now thats another story. Thanks .

    • Hi…it is Sharn Jade again…Sorry for the mistakes in writing in my own thoughts about…Resident evil…. Alice 2 Alice.This com is strange…it has an editing service instant in it…it took bits of my story out and also it is NOT A Corp…it is U Corp that I wrote but it edited it as A Corp, Umbrella Corpertaion.Excuse these small bumps please detail.Thanks x

  20. Hello all Resident Evil lovers !
    Resident Evil is one of the best franchise movies I have watched , I can’t get enough of the movies nor of Milla Jovovich ….. The movies just comes together with her as the lead role!
    Resident Evil lovers will know that this action packed , sifi Horror is the best out there!
    Keep doing what all you are doing and bring us some more kick arse Resident Evil films

  21. Wow….u guys don’t know how much I love the RE movies I just love them all ! They r all as good as the dragon ball revolution movie….as good as the the king of fighter movie I love them can’t get enough if them, please keep making the RE movies as I wanna see more Milla Jovovich kicking and punching zombies with her shaolin kungku ! Nicely done really….I would spend my entire monthly salary at the cinima to watch it over and over again….and the red queen I just can’t stop thinking about the classic phrase she mentioned in the 1st and the 5th movie ” ya’ll going to die down here”!!!! Sounds very British I love it! :3

  22. Hi,
    Milla, and Resident Evil team, please dont make it the last installment (series), plz continue with the series.

  23. If number six is going to be the last for Anderson, then he needs to bring everyone into this movie. Nothing was explained about what happened to Chris and Claire Redfield so definitely have them in this installment. Also, bring back Michelle Rodriguez and make sure at least the good version of her survive this time. If you can manage it put Oded Fehr in it too. I really can’t wait for the finale.

  24. They should make resident evil 7 the movie

  25. To all Resident Evil lovers .
    The movies are by far the best thing I have ever watched on the Big screen .
    I really have a soft spot for Mila
    The action & scenery is unrivaled the imsgination incredible The undead are bad to the bone .
    Hope they never end the series , She will always be 20 yesar old in my eyes even when she’s ready for the old age home .
    This is a much better story than Walking dead any day of the week .
    The villans are super as is the hot hero-ette .
    Of course all the characters are good .
    Claire is a doll ans K-Mart superb .
    All good , money in the bank

  26. Honestly, I think you guys are losing what a true “horror” genre is. I love the Resident Evil films to death, but they are seriously losing the horror appeal. The animated versions of Resident Evil, RE: Damnation – RE: degeneration, mix horror and action together perfectly. The new resident evil movies as well as the games, are in my opinion, losing their horror roots. They were based as Survival Horrors. Bring the action down every now and then, dim the lights, and throw in those jump scares. Give the audience the fullest Resident Evil experience. Focus on storyline, not how big to make that last explosion.

    • I feel your pain – and it started (becoming an action game) since RE4. very lame…

      I blame it on people wanting everything; a good gameplay experience, in addition to the ability to -totally- navigate your environment; but with RE, one contradicts the other, I believe. the static camera angles in the first few installments are what did it for me, and many other people… dogs in the hallway — need I saw more?? ;)

      and the movies… godawful in my eyes. I couldn’t stand any of them past the first. too much high action, Milla-flipping-bullsh*t. she doesn’t belong in these movies – people only feel that she does now because they’ve had 5 (and almost 6) movies shoved down their throats…

      kids nowadays – no idea what horror is. these movies are a terrible example.

  27. I personally like the Movies of Resident Evil but Love the game More,I Love Jill and Chris Characters but Chris in the Movie is really don’t do any justice to the game character and i hate him as Chris i this someone like Chris Hemswoth Should Play role of Chris Refiled not someone who has nothing like Chris in the game!

  28. They’re going to finally put the nail in this rancid, crap-filled coffin..? THANK YOU. The only one of these turds that had any gleam of hope was the first movie – after that it was all downhill… Btw, did Milla forget that she wasn’t in ‘The Fifth Element’ again when they made all of these movies? Because I never recall (or want to assume there ever WOULD BE – such as making Wesker a Matrix wannabe in RE5 *shakes head*) a super-powered ‘Alice’ in any of the game’s story lines; not only that, I think it was absolutely ludicrous for the directors/producers/whoever makes these hare-brained decisions to include such a character, when they have A WEALTH of viable characters and personalities to choose from, all which exist within the RE universe.

    Along with many others, I’ve been saying it since the first movie came out – they should have stuck with the content from the games. I don’t think I (or many others) would mind so much, if these turds didn’t have the RE name plastered all over them… they could have just as easily been named ‘Watch Milla Jovovich spout off piffy one-liners and cool sayings as she flips around like an acrobat, killing/shooting/stabbing zombies and other assorted monsters, parts 1-5′. But then again… that may be too much of a spoiler… @_@

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