‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie Update: Filming to Begin This Fall

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Resident Evil Afterlife Milla Jovovich Ali Larter ‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie Update: Filming to Begin This Fall

Some franchises just refuse to die, no matter how ramshackle they become. When said franchise is ostensibly about the undead, the irony is amusing.

Thus is the case with the Resident Evil series – a critically rejected franchise that has nonetheless made great deals of money with each new release. After securing a 2014 release slot and a director in series originator Paul W.S. Anderson (Pompeii), it looks as if the technically-untitled Resident Evil 6 will continue the series’ forward lurch when it begins filming this fall.

The Star has published an interview with Anderson, in which he announces that he will begin actively shooting Resident Evil 6 in the autumn of 2013. This puts the production roughly on track to meet its previously announced September 12th, 2014 debut.

The announcement is a clear ray through a cloud of confusion currently surrounding the film’s actual release date. This is largely due to recent tweets by star Milla Jovovich (The Expendables 3), which indicated that the next Resident Evil movie had been pushed back to 2015. Anderson’s comments seem to refute that assertion.

For the uninitiated, the Resident Evil films follow the badass adventurer Alice (Jovovich) as she navigates a zombie pandemic released by the evil Umbrella Corporation. Based (somewhat loosely) on the video game series of the same name, the Resident Evil franchise has always featured hordes of undead, but has also branched into mutant horrors, psychic powers, clone armies, brain-altering parasites, and all sorts of science fiction-horror weirdness.

Resident Evil Plagas Victim ‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie Update: Filming to Begin This Fall

While the Resident Evil movies have never been well-reviewed, they’ve also become increasingly crowded and nonsensical as the series has progressed. One need only read Screen Rant’s reviews of Resident Evil: Afterlife and Retribution to see that the series is more or less coasting.

As such, it’s difficult to decide whether to regard the news of Resident Evil 6’s production schedule with anticipation or dread. Will this installment finally put a nail in the series’ uneasy coffin? Or will Resident Evil 6 revive not only our faith in its franchise, but also help to evolve zombie horror as a whole? As Anderson states in his interview:

“I think the undead genre really plays to primal human fears… That kind of stuff never goes out of fashion. The themes of a zombie story are always good; they make for good filmmaking.”

We’ll have to wait until at least September of next year to find out whether Anderson’s assertion will pan out.


Resident Evil 6 is currently set to infect theaters on September 12th, 2014 – though this may change in the near future. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for further updates.

Source: The Star [via Super Hero Hype]

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  1. this needs to die, sooner than later.

    after the third film (or fourth?) it should’ve been dead on arrival.

    The one film where they head to Vegas. I feel was the ender of the series, then they come out with 2 more, way horrible films after that.

    My spell doe <

    We need a reboot, asap.
    It went from being very cool and different (resident evil 1) to being… repeatative (4 and 5)

    • Sooner passed by a long time ago

  2. I dont wanna break his heart but some one tell Paul W.S anderson that he does not know how to make a movie.

  3. I caught the 5th only because there wasn’t anything else on TV the other night and was almost glad to hear the nemesis, the one with the permanent sunglasses, say out loud at the end : “This is the beginning of the end.” So for some people like me who thinks this movie franchise has been an undead energizer bunny going and going and going and going for too long, let’s just keep in mind that this might just be the 6th and final installment.

  4. Yeesh… this thing is still going on?

  5. 6th re should be pretty sick

  6. The only reason I watch these films is Milla Jovovich. She’s beautiful. Have to admit, though, they wouldn’t still be making them if they didn’t make money.

    • She might be pretty but she cant take one of her movies flopping lightly. When the three musketeers came out, she took to twitter to rage about how The movie studio totally mismarketed the movie and didn’t advertised it as a fun family adventure block buster. Stop lady! The studio did there job. The problem is that it looked too much like a cheese fest, and not the good kind of cheese either.

      I watched the last resident evil movie on tv the other day and it was so bad! Every one was just standing on one spot firing guns trying to have to coolest stance as they blasted bullets into each other while dubstep was blasting in the background in a attempt to make Paul W.S Anderson seem “Hip with the kids.” He couldn’t make a good film even if his life depended on it. He fails to realize this because people keep eating up the resident evil movies left and right! I rather sit threw a movie marathon of the worse Michale bay films ever made then sit threw another Paul W.S anderson movie. At least Michale bay’s worst is still some how amusing to watch.

      • Oh, I agree. They are not good movies, but the reality is, if they weren’t making money, they wouldn’t be producing them. They have an audience, and perhaps like me, most of them just enjoy looking at her.

      • THIS. I caught it recently on Starz and you are absolutely on-point about the characters all trying to out-pose one another.

  7. I’m anticipating it. This series is a guilty pleasure!

    • That’s the best way to describe them for me, too, as I would not be watching them if not for Milla Jovovich. She’s just nice to look at in an otherwise mediocre movie series.

  8. Every “episode” of this series, since the second film and onward, has become progressively shorter and more blatantly pointless and stupid.

    I love Milla.
    I love her to death and would hug her the moment I saw her, never letting go, but DAMMIT Why can they not bother to come up with a story with a BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and most importantly, an END??

    The End does not have to conclude the series, but it must be a complete story within that universe, and not just a 20-minute film (Stretched out, padded with clips from previous films, into 60 minutes) traveling from point A to point B by way of Point F, skipping around the rest of the places to make no sense and be a waste of money and time for the studio and the fans alike.

    The last 2 films were worse than what Syfy Channel throws 10 dollars at for script and actors. In this case, the money was spent completely on standard effects, gore, and makeup, with almost no money spent on creating a STORY which made any form of sense, or gave us any investment in any of the characters.

    Even Alice has been cloned so many times, who knows if what we are seeing is the REAL Alice in the first place? Instead of going through the motions and creating an “Episode” with no beginning nor end, why don’t they take a few months and hash out the story and make THAT great before spending their cash on something completely pointless…???

  9. @Xoandre: I agree with you 100%. more so about a real ENDING?

  10. It’s about time to reboot and stick to the games’ storyline.

  11. People need to stop going to these movies so the movie will loose money and they won’t be able to make a new one or say “hey we will make one more and be done with it.” I don’t see why these movies are so big they suck s*** yes the 1st and maybe the 2nd ones were OK but after that they just became a movie that showcases Milla Jovovich and her nice body. These movies just need to just go away and never see the light of day again.

  12. So have they ever even had a tyrant type (excluding the second movie) in these movies yet? Have they atleast added a character that’s actually important like Leon, or is it still mostly about showing of Paul WS Anderson’s just slightly kinda hot wife?

    • Well they’ve added all the characters in there somewhere, but in small doses. Leon was just now added in the latest movie along with Barry Burton. Claire was in 2 movies, Chris 1, Jill 1. And all 3 were randomly dropped out without explanation.

  13. No more resident evil movies. Stop please

  14. It looks like this franchise is the only reason that Paul W.S. Anderson and Mila Jovovich have a job in Hollywood nowadays.

  15. The reviews on Screen Rant are proof of one thing only and that is the reviewer’s opinion of the films he is critiquing. It is not proof of whether the franchise is just coasting along as indicated in this article. Fact is audiences have responded positively to these films and they keep making them because their is an audience out there who continues to go see them. And let’s not insult the audience who enjoys these films simply because we are of a different opinion. If certain films don’t appeal to us, we should stop going to see them. It amuses me how people say they’ve hated them all since the 1st one or the 3rd one, etc. yet obviously they still choose to patronize them. My guess is they go in hating and walk out hating, so why bother?

    • Well said, Robert. I don’t necessarily enjoy the movies myself, but I still watch them for Milla. They obviously have an audience. Not comparing the two in quality, but many people criticized Man of Steel for various reasons. Because so many people criticized it, should they again reboot it, even though it is making so much money?

      As long as something makes money, they are going to make more of it. No one is forcing people who don’t like any particular movie to watch it…

    • The movies haven’t up to par these last few outings. And I’m saying that as a fan of this franchise and not as a hater. Happy?

  16. I do not like the Resident Evil films now the games however at least the first few and four where really good and had great stories. I think the zombie genre is kinda dieing out slowly, kinda over saturating everyone,but as long as a great story is told in any genre the film will work. They say zombie play on a primal fear well Vampires and any other monster films or sci /fi could as well is the story is told right.I would love to see Resident Evil remade like the first game and cannot watch another till then, I tried to watch the last few and just cringed all the way through , threw up in my mouth a little lol.

  17. someone like chris Nolan should wright the story to a Resident Evil remake so its a little more seriouse and creepy a little less action and more character story driven.

  18. I have notliked them since the first and stopped paying to see these since number 3.

  19. Critics sucks,they r just few,maximum 1000 around the world,but public is around more than 1000billion,let them decide,which franchise should move & which should not
    & the critics also rejected POTC Series
    & result franchise crossing $1
    Billion mark worldwide
    Also 5th one is in progress

    • Seriously?

      1000 billion people in the world(or rather, a trillion as the civilized world refers to it)? More like 7 billion. There are also far more critics than that. (Obviously the population has been deciding, anyway, otherwise they wouldn’t be making another.)

  20. Seriously? None of these movies are good. Can this franchise just crawl in a hole and die already? Please?

  21. While I am glad that at least someone stands against critics saying “screw you” and keeps making this series, I must agree that it is time for it to just end. My problem is the last 2 have seemed really slow, only being in one location the whole movie, and it just feels like it isn’t going anywhere. Just zombies zombies, big monster, zombies. Shoot shoot shoot. Even though it seems fun, you have to progress the story.

  22. I love these movies and can’t wait for 6 as now we will get to see a full on war that WWZ failed miserably to produce. Sure, at this point it has little to do with the game, but are a guilty pleasure in sci-fi horror/action. Ridiculous, yes, that is why so many love these films and will continue to support them.

  23. It’s the only way I get to spend time will Milla.

    Cmon, nobody expects great storytelling in these just action and eye candy. Many of the sort of things that you used to get from Bond before someone turned it into Jason Bourne.

    It’s still making money. I just hope that if they do 3D, that they go back to using James Cameron’s camera system.


    Wesker is POTUS. What will he think of next?

  25. To the people who talk about the “great” story in the games…. I never saw *ANY* great story. The game story was crap – and I own a few of them.

    Here’s a few game stories as one liners.
    1. Gavin (me) kills a few zombies on a train and then this huge mf crab thing falls through the roof and kills me. I try and die several more times. End of story.

    2. Gavin (me) walks (jerkily due to crap controls) through a cabin and sees some zombies approaching outside. I go out and die. (many times over). The end.

    Possibly my gaming skills (or lack thereof) have been getting in the way of the story but from my point of view the films are much much better.

  26. I’m not a huge fan of the series of films or anything but it’s puzzling why there are so many calling for it’s demise. I hated the two Twilight movies I saw. The solution? I don’t watch them. Correction, I only watch the rifftrax versions. Everybody wins. As for the storyline of the game, we need a reality check there. The games and concepts are great but the story is a huge convoluted mess that when looked back on as a whole is all over the place. It works okay game to game but a theatrical version based on anything but the basic set up of the first couple of games would make heads explode.


    There said it, don’t care. I hope they go on making them, they are just fun. I think everyone just loves to bash them to make them sound cool.

    But really they are in the back row on the day they open… The numbers don’t lie. :)

    If you really want something to complain about watch … “Generation…Um”.

  28. Being a huge fan of the film franchise over the game (yes people like us do exist), the last one was beyond horrid. One good fight scene made the whole movie. The rest was just running around at random. The last 2 installments haven’t done it. I thought III was the best of this whole series and even that wasn’t anything to write home about.

  29. The Resident Evil Films Are So Bad!