‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie Update: Filming to Begin This Fall

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Resident Evil Afterlife Milla Jovovich Ali Larter ‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie Update: Filming to Begin This Fall

Some franchises just refuse to die, no matter how ramshackle they become. When said franchise is ostensibly about the undead, the irony is amusing.

Thus is the case with the Resident Evil series – a critically rejected franchise that has nonetheless made great deals of money with each new release. After securing a 2014 release slot and a director in series originator Paul W.S. Anderson (Pompeii), it looks as if the technically-untitled Resident Evil 6 will continue the series’ forward lurch when it begins filming this fall.

The Star has published an interview with Anderson, in which he announces that he will begin actively shooting Resident Evil 6 in the autumn of 2013. This puts the production roughly on track to meet its previously announced September 12th, 2014 debut.

The announcement is a clear ray through a cloud of confusion currently surrounding the film’s actual release date. This is largely due to recent tweets by star Milla Jovovich (The Expendables 3), which indicated that the next Resident Evil movie had been pushed back to 2015. Anderson’s comments seem to refute that assertion.

For the uninitiated, the Resident Evil films follow the badass adventurer Alice (Jovovich) as she navigates a zombie pandemic released by the evil Umbrella Corporation. Based (somewhat loosely) on the video game series of the same name, the Resident Evil franchise has always featured hordes of undead, but has also branched into mutant horrors, psychic powers, clone armies, brain-altering parasites, and all sorts of science fiction-horror weirdness.

Resident Evil Plagas Victim ‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie Update: Filming to Begin This Fall

While the Resident Evil movies have never been well-reviewed, they’ve also become increasingly crowded and nonsensical as the series has progressed. One need only read Screen Rant’s reviews of Resident Evil: Afterlife and Retribution to see that the series is more or less coasting.

As such, it’s difficult to decide whether to regard the news of Resident Evil 6’s production schedule with anticipation or dread. Will this installment finally put a nail in the series’ uneasy coffin? Or will Resident Evil 6 revive not only our faith in its franchise, but also help to evolve zombie horror as a whole? As Anderson states in his interview:

“I think the undead genre really plays to primal human fears… That kind of stuff never goes out of fashion. The themes of a zombie story are always good; they make for good filmmaking.”

We’ll have to wait until at least September of next year to find out whether Anderson’s assertion will pan out.


Resident Evil 6 is currently set to infect theaters on September 12th, 2014 – though this may change in the near future. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for further updates.

Source: The Star [via Super Hero Hype]

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  1. People tend to forget that Resident Evil isn’t just another zombie movie franchise. The main protagonist isn’t the undead, it’s a virus. Viruses mutate & evolve. They can affect & infect all living organisms. I, personally, can’t wait to see all the freaky mutations that are introduced into the genre. The possibilities are limitless. Cute kittens go viral thanks to the T-Virus, not You Tube. ;-)

  2. hi /im so exite to watch resident evil 6/the biggest stunt i ever seen is resident evil apocalypse,extinction,retributin and afterlife sana mag ivolved ang mga undead im 13 years old from gumaca quezon,philipphines.i was too young 7 yers old.i watch resident evil extenction[first i was afraid because of the undead i am the biggest fan of milla jovovih[alice],ohded fer,claire,k mart,valentine

  3. Synopsis of Resident Evil 6 Salvation Part 1. This synopse, it has everything to do with the game please if you are in favor to the movie is so then share until you reach in Paul WS Anderson.

    This time Alice will have to save the world again, but now with the help of his friends and his nemesis Albert Wesker. After of the Wesker talk that the Umbrella Corporation has the cure for humanity, they leave the search for salvation, to find healing in each Umbrella facilities, situated in Antarctica, part of the European continent and China. Along the way they encounter zombies, new monsters and their friends Chris, Claire and K-Mart that will be accompanied by Jake Muller. But Alice and her friends will have to be strong to face the Neo-Umbrella in China, which is being led by the Red Queen who want to annihilate the entire human race and Carla Radames with the help of Rain Ocampo who survived and wants revenge on Alice . But more surprises await Alice and her friends in the race to save mankind.

  4. Synopsis of Resident Evil 6 Salvation Part 1. This synopse, it has everything to do with the game please if you are in favor to the movie is so then share until you reach in Paul WS Anderson.

    This time Alice will have to save the world again, but now with the help of his friends and his nemesis Albert Wesker. After of the Wesker talk that the Umbrella Corporation has the cure for humanity, they leave the search for salvation, to find healing in each Umbrella facilities, situated in Antarctica, part of the European continent and China. Along the way they encounter zombies, new monsters and their friends Chris, Claire and K-Mart that will be accompanied by Jake Muller. But Alice and her friends will have to be strong to face the Neo-Umbrella in China, which is being led by the Red Queen who want to annihilate the entire human race and Carla Radames with the help of Rain Ocampo who survived and wants revenge on Alice . But more surprises await Alice and her friends in the race to save mankind.

  5. hi /im so exite to watch resident evil 6/ please tell me

  6. Look online, Jovovich confirmed Larter, Miller and Locke are returning at fan demand as Claire, Chris and Kmart. She didn’t comment if the title “Resident Evil Rising” is real though.

  7. Wow this movie is going to suck. Just think about it alice has no back story, we have not even seen a tyrant or super tyrant, no William berkin, And why was the Los plagas in the last movie nothing led up to it these movies have no real plot or goal

    • Birkin was the lead scientist at the end of the first movie, the one who ordered the Nemesis project. And Dr. Issacs turned into the tyrant in the 3rd one

  8. I copy and paste this. This is a good sequel.I’ll wait until 2016.

    Standing still outside the White House, Alice and others are in tremendous shock seeing how awful the world looks now – dull, gloomy, and chaotic. Suddenly Alice immobilizes unconsciously for a while and her eyes flash shallow icon of Umbrella Corporation. The Red Queen appears on the screen detects immediately the exact location of the team (though the chip to control Alice was busted, it still sends enough signal to locate her using the Umbrella satellite). The Red Queen orders the numerous mutant-flying beasts to attack the team especially to terminate the Project Alice. Alice is now conscious and felt something wrong, Albert Wesker commands the team to go back inside to think plans for getting to the Hive to stop the Red Queen. He and the others are walking toward an entry door but Alice remained where she stand. One mutant-flying beast blocks the entry door and claws Leon on the chest. Several mutant-flying beasts attack them and they manage to kill all of it. One of it is still breathing and attacks Alice but she slashes the monster by her sharp blade triumphantly.
    (The camera focuses Alice’s brave eyes and narrates again the history of the world destruction). Not far from them, they see myriad number of these strong flying mutants almost blocked the sky hovering toward the White House that destroys some airships. The armies protecting the perimeter are firing and launching missiles targeting the flying beasts and managed to secure the White House. While Albert and others are viewing the catastrophic scenery feeling proud to what the armies are doing, a scarlet burning meteor-like object appeared from the sky and landed very fast toward the direction of the Hive. All mutant-flying beasts vanished when they saw the burning thing crossing the skies. Jill Valentine asks the team of what was that but nobody answers her.
    Inside, General John Anderson discusses the final decided plan to get to the Hive, he placed his hand on the center table and it appeared holographic image of a large fast flying equipped armored airship. Ada injects anti-virus and assists Leon wrapping some bandages while the team exchanging some thoughts. The hologram change to a detailed map of the complete view of the area between Washington D.C. and the Raccoon city, then General Anderson locates their site and points the entire route to the Hive. First, they will trek some wastelands, cities and will cross the Lake Erie that they will take for more than an hour, which they agreed as the possible safest and fastest way to the Red Queen’s base.
    (The hologram enlarges the Hive and focusing to a place somewhere inside it then the screen switch to an underground room where the meteor-like thing landed safely). A hissing sound escapes from it and the egg-shaped pod craft opens illuminating the entire room, oozing with gooey clear liquid. From it a young human-like creature emerges, pale, bald, with lean-athletic body, tall, unidentified gender (because it has no sex organ) but the creature is more of masculine built though its face is a façade of a beautiful woman without eyebrows. His blue eyes surveys the entire room, walk across around and saw a mannequin wearing filthy white suit equipped with guns and blades. He took the clothes and it fitted to his body then on the floor, he saw a zombie lying on the floor holding a dusty small book. He grabbed the book and the dead woman groans and attempts to bite him. He draws a dagger and pierced it to its skull. He now opens the dusty book and turns some pages of it. (An image of a vague man appeared from his mind reading to him the same book he found on the floor while he is floating like a fetus inside a large water-filled glass compartment.) He closes the book and wipes by his hand the cover. A soft female voice escapes from his mouth reading the first word of the children’s book title “Alice…” (An echo of a man’s voice reverberated inside his mind speaking the name “Alice “). A large door opens by itself and a long dark hall appears behind it. (His eyes zoomed focus fitted on the entire screen – stunned and curious).
    (The focused eyes switch to Alice caring eyes which is oddly the same as the eyes of the strange creature) staring little Becky while she’s asleep, told her that she cares a lot and be brave. Alice left slowly from Becky’s small room and went immediately to the site where the eight flying armored airships situated. Three o’clock early morning, the airships left the base hovered above the swarming zombies below. Numerous mutant-flying monsters attack and drag downwards three of the airships. The airships are now flying low crushing some of the zombies and one of it crashed and exploded. Some giant Uber-Lickers were moving fast toward the two airships still attacked by the flying beasts. General Anderson commands his troops to kill these beasts launching some hi-tech missiles that collapse into smaller missiles. Some of the Lickers died but one of them is really close to the vehicle where Alice and Jill rode. The Licker jumps greatly and blocked the entire view of their window, looking shocked to what the monster did. A missile is moving fast from the White House and kills the Licker that cleared the path of Alice’s vehicle. Everyone inside were okay and General Anderson thanked the soldier responsible for launching the missile facing on a screen. The remaining seven crafts are now moving away from the White House flying freely above the quiet streets of Washington D.C., shooting few of the mutant-flying beasts that chase them.
    The night is so silent and the moon is full. Below, they pass large area of wastelands and numerous flying beasts surround them. At length they saw another big city and General Anderson commands the entire team to fly low and slower for they will use the tall buildings to conceal them from it. Along the way, countless number of mutant crows is just sitting covering most of the infrastructures. Unexpectedly, these crows flew any direction that blocked their whole view, which made the other airships to fly lower and out of control. Out of the chaotic activities of the mutant crows, a Licker jumps in front of an airship. The airship explodes and the mutant crows continue attacking making little damages to some of the airships. Few survivors falling freely against the gusty wind managing to shoot some mutant crows but didn’t survive. Several Lickers appeared standing above the tall buildings, jumping and clawing the airships. One of them seems larger compared to others devouring a lone soldier survived from the airship explosion. The largest Licker jumps, chases, claws and destroys an airship. They shoot some of the Lickers and Albert orders an officer to launch a large missile while they regaining their altitude and pace. The missile targets and kills the largest Licker, and then it explodes massively that destroys huge part of the city. The remaining five airships were now leaving the city hoping for a safer trip.
    Few rays of sunlight illuminate the rippling vast water of Lake Erie. Everybody feel comfortable seeing the glistening waters of the lake. They are now really near to their destination but suddenly out of nowhere, a missile hit one of the airships. The missile is from a shallow underwater facility controlled by the Red Queen protecting the Hive. The Red Queen launches more missiles and opens some underwater gates that unleash numerous mutant-flying beasts. There are survivors from the blast of the airship falling freely in the air, but the hungry flying beasts devour each one of them. Some falling troops manage to shoot few of the vicious monsters despite of their condition. All the airships were shooting both the flying missiles and beasts. Alice’s airship is attack by the flying beasts that block her view and damage her vehicle. Her airship is now out of control and bumps to an airship where Albert pilots it. Both the airships explode but few of them survives and falling freely in the air. While they were pulling by gravity, Alice, Jill and Albert manage to shoot and slash killing some of the flying beasts gliding in the air. General Anderson launches some missiles to where the Umbrella missiles and the beasts came. Ada and Leon are continuing shooting the beasts and destroying some missiles. Floating in the air, Alice zoom her vision, saw some small rock islets and few stranded speed boats, and yells to all the free falling survivors pointing to the islets direction. The flying beasts continue hunting each one of them, and then suddenly Jill caught by one of the flying mutants biting her left arm. Alice was in shock but tried to manage to calm herself and focus to what is must.
    Albert and Alice glides smoothly downward and landed safely close to the islets and both of them were safe standing to different islets. Alice saw few survivors landed to the water, swims to nearby rock islets and speedboats. Suddenly, one of them bleed and kill by some unknown creature hidden in the water. Alice notices something moving in the water while standing boldly on the 13 foot-diameter rock islet. Surprisingly, a creature jumps fast from the water but Alice good reflex helped her to avoid the attack. It was a long mutant eel with large mouth and sharp needle-like teeth. Not far from her, some underwater commotion is happening and it was approaching towards her. It was a swarm of mutant eel and one by one, it jumps out of the water. Alice grabs her handgun closes her eyes, took a deep breath, raises the gun, feel her surroundings and listens sharply to the environment. She now pulls the trigger and releases the bullets in accurate direction to where some of the monster eels fly out from the water. She threw the empty gun to one of the eels and holds firmly her blade and cut some of the mutant eels. It was too many and Alice almost covered by it. She releases a psionic that made some of the swarming mutant eels killed, and produced waves and splashes on the surface of the water. Alice weakens after her attack but numerous mutant eels from the lake are approaching to her direction. Albert runs fasts on the surface of the water and attacks the swarming eels – punching, kicking and slashing them to protect the ultimate weapon. However, the mutant eels outnumbered Albert and Alice still recovers her strength – soaked in blood and cold water. Some of the mutant eels survive and swim toward to Alice. Surprisingly, a very fast object was moving towards her. It was the human-like creature from the egg-shaped pod. He protects Alice and helps Albert to kill all the swarming eels. He has faster agility compared to Albert, more fighting skills and greater strength. Finally, he spread his arms and releases a psionic powerful than Alice’s psionic ability that kills all the mutant eels. Albert draws near to Alice taking off his ripped leather upper covering (revealing his injured upper torso); covers Alice by it to keep her warm and carries her on his arms.
    Luckily, two speedboats still function manipulated by army survivors that approach and help them. Alice stares long to the face of the human-like being that saves her life. He told his name “Alexei” and points to the direction where he came. The battle above continues echoing some explosions, gunshots and screeching sounds. They reached the shore and entered a hidden open large gate. Albert recognizes it; it was a secret shortcut to where it leads to the place to deactivate the Red Queen artificial intelligence mechanism. He leads the whole team trekking slowly and cautiously the dark place. They encounter few weak zombies inside it. Alice asks Alexei if he saw the meteor-like object landed. Alexei replied that it landed here and he was inside of it. He also told his only memory of a vague man and the moment that he somehow escapes to an unknown facility. They reached the entrance of the Red Queen Artificial Intelligence chamber and easily disabled the Red Queen’s mechanism easily. The battle outside also stops and the mutant-flying beasts flee and the missiles self-destruct.
    Alice and Albert felt something is not right. Alice asks Alexei to where the pod landed. He leads them and they reach the pod. The open pod still works illuminating brilliant white light that lights the entire room. Alice stands in front of it and saw the Umbrella Corporation symbol at the bottom part of it. A few seconds, a projected image of the Red Queen appears from the pod. All of them were in shock because they had deactivated the Red Queen’s mechanism. The Red Queen smiles and told them the phrase “You’re all going to die down there.” The ceiling opens slowly showing the skies and the giant full moon. The image of the moon changes to Umbrella Corporation symbol. (The camera zooms, passes the Umbrella satellite and focuses the moon’s center of the Umbrella symbol where a glass-domed facility built.) Inside the facility, a man’s hand presses a button that launches another pod 60 times larger than Alexei’s pod toward the Hive’s location. Several cryo tubes are on the mysterious man’s blurred background with dozed familiar human beings – Chris, Clare and others. The pod passes the earth’s atmosphere – fast and blazing. The colossal pod unbolts and when it reaches the troposphere, it reveals a gigantic scaled-Uber-Licker with longer legs and giant wings. Alice and others froze for what they had witness and position to attack… facing a new horror.

  9. the synopsis above is great. LIKE to see it. where is the contonuation?????

  10. story was made by a fan, i vieed it on a fb i forgot th the page.