Milla Jovovich Drops Details & Title For Resident Evil 5

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Resident Evil 5 Retribution Milla Jovovich Drops Details & Title For Resident Evil 5

After a trilogy of films, Resident Evil went the way of 3D and blew the box office apart. Resident Evil: Afterlife took some notes from the latest video game in the franchise, added 3D, and brought in almost $300 million worldwide during its theatrical run, literally doubling the revenue of its predecessor (read: insta-green-light for Resident Evil 5).

It didn’t take long for Sony Screen Gems to set an official release date for Resident Evil 5 with Milla Jovovich set to return, undoubtedly alongside the principal cast of Afterlife. Jovovich loves the franchise as much as fans do, and along with joining husband and director Paul W.S. Anderson in asking for fan input for RE5, she’s been responding to a few questions about the film on her Twitter account, revealing a few interesting details.

Each of the three sequels of the Resident Evil series has come with a subtitle (Apocalypse, Extinction, Afterlife) and it appears RE5 will follow the same path, going with the title Resident Evil: Retribution. At least, that’s what Jovovich tweeted before deleting. I’ve translated the tweet for you:

“It’s not called “Begins” [laughs]! It “began” 10 years ago! [laughs]! I think it’s called Resident Evil: Retribution, but I have to ask Paul to be sure.”

By “Begins,” the star is referring to the previously rumored franchise reboot titled Resident Evil: Begins which won’t be happening anytime soon with the success of the franchise as Jovovich as its poster girl.

Another tweet reveals that they will be shooting at least part of the next film in Japan which, from a story perspective, hints that her character may return to the ruins of the Umbrella facility in Tokyo which was blown up by Albert Wesker’s bomb in the last film.

“I pray for Japan every day and I can’t wait to go there and shoot the next Resident Evil!”

The Japanese division of Umbrella plays a key role in the video game franchise so take from that what you will. There’s a lot to look forward to from the video games as well, with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil: Mercenaries on the way.

Resident Evil 5 is scheduled to hit theaters September 14, 2012 and will see the return of Sienna Guillory, likely alongside Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller and Spencer Locke.


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  1. I totally ignored this franchise until a week prior to ‘Afterlife.’ Watched the first three in a marathon session, decided I had been taking myself too seriously, became a devoted fan, and never looked back.

    Can’t wait for the fifth entry. Wish it was taking place in Africa, though!

  2. Amazing that the franchise has lasted this long. I think they’re getting a bit far-fetched (the 1st being fantastic), but hey, they seem to be making a decent enough paycheck so ride that wave while its hot right?

  3. I hope this comes out the same day as final destination 6.

    They should just put Tyler Perry I’m these movies too.

  4. i never really understood the appeal to these movies, especially if you were a fan of the videogames.

    • Thank you.

    • I’m a big fan of the RE videogame franchise. And I’m also a big fan of the movies. I just look at the two as totally different worlds. Just think of them as whats going on at the same time as what’s going on in the games.

  5. wow not another terrible film, please!!!!!!.Resident Evil Afterlife is by far the worst film next to dragon ball evolution.Successful Franchise give me a break, this movie had the worst fight scene, acting was terrible, 3D honestly made things worst.

  6. this should be good =)

  7. we will see we will see

  8. i’m glad it’s not gonna be a reboot starring Jill Valentine. it’s good to continue the story with a fifth movie.

  9. Resident Evil: Afterlife was just awful. To illustrate my point take the prolonged fight sequence against the big guy in the shower. Clearly this scene took way too long, a complaint that would not normally amount to much.

    However, later when the “main” characters are in a sewer the film fades and then suddenly they are miraculously on a boat??!?!??

    So the filmmaker said to themselves, we need an 8 minute slide through falling water for her to shoot that big guy, but explaining how the survivors get to the scene of the final climax, NAH.

    • “just awful” is one hell of an understatement. Glad I rented it.

  10. big fan of the first game,re zero, and re 4.wish we would see a remake by a great director like del toro, or chris nolan. would love to see the story of the first game done live action. hated the last three and will not watch the next one.please REMAKE.

  11. I think people just keep going to see them hoping the director will eventually play the game, and see that the original movies sucked.

  12. I wish people would quit feeding this ruin machine money. God I hate Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson.

  13. For anyone hoping to see a movie rendition of the first game, I don’t think it will work. Would be too much like House of the Dead. RE:Apocalypse was very much like RE3:Nemesis in the best possible way.
    I for one cannot wait for the next installment. I do agree on Anderson atleast playing the games. Get an idea but not so much as to mimick.

    • Best possible way? Like the Miss Piggy Church entrance Milla did? Or how about how she fist fought the Nemesis?
      That movie was terrible to anyone that played the games.
      I understand the general movie audience might like it, but as adaptations the movies aren’t just bad, they are jokes that completely stomp on the source material.
      The only reason he made these was so he could give his wife a staring vehicle.

  14. Mario

    all they care about is the green,cash,the cheese,so in that sense it is a great franchise…to the studio guys.

    was laughing too until saw the 300 mil worldwide ,then was like reall?wtf?

    series really needs a reboot…..

  15. i think a film based on the first game in the mansion labratory would work well, if handled by a big name director. im not saying everything should happen just like the first game and every monster should be in it that was in the first game. i think the main characters should be chris,jill,berry,and wesker, and have the others as side characters spliting up to find out whats going on there. i also think the hunters,plant 42,and the tyrant (that does not talk and is a experiment) should be in the film, also a great little cameo of the experimental animals in cages and glass cages would be a awesome little nod too, and of course zombies, and the t-virus. but if handle by a great director not a crappy non stop action slow motion,cheesy director it could be something great, that younger, and older fans could enjoy. i for one like a little believability, thats why batman begins/dark knight was great,x-men 1, and 2, and other films like these they make you kinda think man this could happen, or man they really put alot of details into this film,or they where really thinking about everything while filmsing this movie. this does need a REMAKE, or just stop already.

  16. i hate the way u walk in this game so retarded specialy the 1st 2 games.
    MGS still da BEST.
    1st movie was good dnt no y ur complaining. it was more scary then the 2nd, 3rd 4th.
    & actors were waay btter.

    • I liked the first movie at first, till they turned it into action porn.

  17. I, as a huge Resident Evil fan do not expect a perfect adaptation from game to movie, but the guy made at least the first movie having never played the games.
    This isn’t like “passionate” fans arguing about the changes Jackson made to LOTR, Anderson didn’t even attempt to make the movies even remotely like the games. They are terrible movies because they betray the source material and the fans in the worst way possible.
    They literally throw these movies together. Hey, lets put axemen and majini in afterlife since that game just came out. Oh, and Wesker too. We need a boat and lets just shoehorn Chris Redfield in there too, since we do that with all the main characters anyways. Oh, and he isn’t even a stars member anymore. Hahaha, screw the fans, we know action junkies will pay to see Milla beat up everything. Let’s add insult to injury and have her beat Wesker without her psychic and superhuman powers!
    I am not making these movies because I am whipped by my wife, I am making them because I care. Fans just don’t understand. Not every fan will be happy with an adaptation, I DID THE BEST I COULD! Ugh.

    • I think with any movie you make, you’re not going to please everyone. Take the loveguru for example, that is one of my favorite comedy films and I have seen so many lists where it is viewed as one of the worst movies of all time.

  18. I appreciate your point of view Patrick but having never played the games, just not a FPS player, I’m not constrained by conceptions developed playing the games. I guess I like it for the whole post apocalyptic, let see how that group rode out the initial catastrophe aspect. I enjoyed the first one, how do we get into this supposed impregnable fortress, a theme that has slowly declined in inventiveness or interesting aspects since number 2. I still like Milla, like seeing her kick butt. Beyond that I guess they’re not the greatest movies ever made by miles and miles, just a guilty pleasure, even though they are or have become as you say; Action porn…

    • If they were there own movies I would respect them a lot more. The fact that I might not see a reboot for a long time and the chances of it being good and accurate make me really despise these movies.
      I can understand how the general public don’t mind these movies, but as a fan it is just extremely disappointing for me.
      I liked the first one, I thought if they kept it like that it would have been good. Making a new character, and using the storyline as a rough blueprint was a good idea, but they didn’t go that route.

  19. Been seeing a lot of this more and more in movies, music, and video games.
    Just because something sells well doesn’t mean it’s automatically “good”
    Look at Spider-Man 3, IronMan 2, all the Star Wars prequels. You look at games and Call Of Duty Black Ops is getting game of the year, and the only thing people say about it is that it sold so well. CoD is a game that betrays it’s roots, it’s completely gone from “realistic” to “arcadey”. Not to mention activision publicly saying they would milk the franchise. Treyarche stood on the shoulders of giants to make that crappy game.
    Now we got another RE movie coming out. Great news, Hollywood continues to destroy, and so does the gaming industry. Stuff that “sells” is automatically good. Shadow of the Colossus and movies like Brick weren’t good because they didn’t sell millions at launch or DVD I guess.

  20. Yeah I have a level of disdain for those things too. With so many people in the world I guess if you create anything and can market it, that will sell regardless of any other mediating circumstances. Oh it’s radioactive, well I’m sure I can find a use for it somehow, somewhere. We all live in Shittim and die having useless toys…

  21. Jz stop makin movies based on video games plzzz


  23. ola

  24. nunce jugue a los juegos pero a mi me encantan todas las pelis de resident evil , por favor hagan una secuela mas para cerrar la historia y DESPUES DE ESO hagan una precuela si quieren
    soy te fan eterno milla