Resident Evil 5 Release Date Announced

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Resident Evil 5 Movie Release Date Resident Evil 5 Release Date Announced

The week Resident Evil: Afterlife hit theaters, writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson was already talking up Resident Evil 5. Anderson and his wife, franchise star Milla Jovovich, are very passionate and confident about the series and they let it be known at the time that they wanted to get the fans involved in helping pick the direction for the 5th Resident Evil.

Although we haven’t heard about Resident Evil 5 since that report in September, we all knew another Resident Evil movie was on its way. Despite weak reviews – which don’t matter with a franchise like this – Resident Evil: Afterlife earned nearly $300 million at the worldwide box office, an impressive doubling over its preceding franchise installment, Resident Evil: Extinction. Afterlife also marked the franchise’s first jump into the realm of 3D and was applauded for actually shooting the film in 3D, rather than post-converting the entire thing.

Like the video game franchise, which set new sales records with its last installment, the Resident Evil movies are basking in the same success. Sony Screen Gems is determined to bring back Alice (Milla Jovovich) and co. and have announced the Resident Evil 5 release date for September 14, 2012. While we sill don’t know officially whether or not Anderson will write and direct, we expect him to be involved and for the primary cast to return.

Since Paul W.S. Anderson took advantage of key elements of the Resident Evil 5 video game, likely taking advice from me (although not really), they’ll have to mine ideas from somewhere else or get creative with the story and villains. Unless of course, they have access to Capcom’s conceptual art and designs for the still-unannounced Resident Evil 6 game…

Resident Evil: Afterlife concluded with Alice, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) and K-Mart (Spencer Locke) heading out to sea on the Umbrella research ship with the survivors they rescued. Perhaps the next film will start with them finding land to setup a village and we go from there or start from that specific moment as the enemy helicopters close in. Or, could Resident Evil 5 be a reboot as reported back in 2009?  Either way, the fans support Resident Evil and want more.

Resident Evil 5 is now officially scheduled to hit theaters September 14, 2012.

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  1. These films have sucked and effed the characters so hard.

    • couldn’t agree more.

      Writer: so we have four characters left to throw into the script. where do you want them?

      Director: At the most random place in the plot as possible.

      • they already made a good resident evil movie its called 28 weeks later with jeremy renner as chris redfield… (hah)

  2. I watched RE:A again on BD, and actually enjoyed it more this time, and I’m pretty excited for this film.

    • dude why? if youve seen the first one youve seen them all its the same rehashed plot over and over. alice save some people, fights some zombies, theres a mystery, and she fights a t-virus mutated antagonist. its literaly the same thing over and over.

      • *sigh* saves* they really need an edit button on this site.

        • But Duuuuude…. its Milla Jovovich!!!!! :p

          • who cares, if he likes it, he likes it. I personaly thought the last one was too rushed but it was what I expected from these movies and P W Anderson. I think what I liked was that they attepmted to depower Alice, the creature design for the Hammer man was pretty cool and the 3d was actually much better then most of the other 3d movies Ive seen.
            I think a reboot would be great and that they really do need to have Leon and Clair, and stay true to the original Game.

  3. I love this franchise. The games, the movies, the animated movies and the card game. Milla kicks ass.

  4. please stop giving a decent game a bad name.

  5. I watch these films because i love anything zombie-related but for the love of god put some effort into making the next one GOOD. We get it, these are fun, brainless action/horror flicks but 4 is ENOUGH. Make a good one or instead, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, reboot the franchise and make it true to the games.

  6. I’m calling ninja hybrid zombies for the enemy in the new one. That or the stay-puffed marshmellow man. I mean if we can’t have ghostbusters 3 and all.

    lame lame lame

  7. i love the live action Resident Evil films and cant wait for the 5th film to be made. hopefully its not a reboot cause i want to see what will happen after the events in Afterlife 😀

    • I agree. With them ending “Afterlife” with a cliffhanger, the least they could do is give us one more movie to wrap up the series, instead of a reboot.

  8. all this does is scream win. RE:A was epically hilarious, especially in 3D. Not only did they not explain 85% of the movie, they completely screwed the beginning of a 5th movie. ::SPOILERALERT:: I mean how can they get away on that slow ass freighter with all those gigantic war helicopters closing in on them with Jill Valentine ready to bust a cap in their asses. I mean, they have to really ret-con something brilliant to get out of that mess.

    • this is how that will work , the choppers are going to land they will search the ship and alice and people will escape on the choppers , cause the boat is actually filled with zombies and the chopper crew will be busy with them

  9. I love all of the Resident Evil movies (some more than others). They’re just pure fun. If you go into a RE movie looking for Oscar-Worthy material, you are nuts!

    I wish they’d make RE5 (the movie) like the video game of the same title. RE5 (the game) was great.

    • Plus, I’d love to see N’Gai Croal’s reaction to a bunch of African-American zombies being shot up by a bunch of white people. Lol watch the racism controversy poor in.

  10. i hate these movies and hope they stop making them, and will not ever watch the next one. i however will watch a remake if its a horror film instead of action and is story driven and directed by someone like chris nolan. if not my resident evil fan days are over.

  11. If this isn’t a reboot I will be pretty pissed. Regardless if the past movies were good, they shouldn’t have even called the movie series Resident Evil, because the relationship between the game and the movies is so far off it is almost laughable.

    Hopefully they get rid of Alice and put in the true characters and let them shine. The Chris, Jill, Wesker, and Claire I have seen so far were a complete and absolute joke.

  12. This is great news. I love the movies and I love Milla, Ali Later, Sienna and Redfield. The 4th was the best movie by far.

    This won’t be a reboot, it will continue the story. If you don’t like it, too bad! I’m still watching!

    Also, you forgot the real ending, which was Jill Valentine (As Wesker’s new subordinate) leading the Umbrella fleet to kill Alice and co. Wesker didn’t die either. The next installment with definitley see Wesker and Jill as the villains, several new Umbrella monsters, and an epic fight scene between Alice and Jill Valentine.


    Of course, I hated it until I realized I was taking myself WAYYYY too seriously.

  14. I enjoyed all four films, but I thought the last one got out of hand. I mean, Zombies that swim? WTF???? Plus, the new monsters were created JUST for 3D.

    • Agreed mate.

  15. sickkk love the movies games are awesome cant wait till this comes out

  16. Everyone talks about how they want a reboot that actually sticks to the stories of the games.

    That would suck, and here’s why. The first film would flop, because it would be two hours of people just walking around a mansion reacting to every creepy noise they hear, looking for weird shaped keys, and every so often fighting a zombie. Then at the end of the film, give us something more when they face Tyrant.

    The movie would flop because people aren’t going to sit through a movie of people just walking around a creepy mansion.

  17. I love resident evil 4. I have all of them movies at home and I really do hope they come out with resident evil 5 and keep the same characters in it. When I saw afterlife I couldn’t believe that I saw zombie swimming that was crazy And coming out of the ground and the walls man that was so freaking good. I love zombie movies and I had all the games. I just want to thank the director and actress and actors that made this film possible and please come out with part 5. Thank u. so mote to be

  18. kids these days 😉

  19. :-) I love resident evil 4. I have all of them movies at home and I really do hope they come out with resident evil 5 and keep the same characters in it. When I saw afterlife I couldn’t believe that I saw zombie swimming that was crazy And coming out of the ground and the walls man that was so freaking good. I love zombie movies and I had all the games. I just want to thank the director and actress and actors that made this film possible and please come out with part 5. Thank u. so mote to be

  20. Honestly, i think wesker should’ve turned into that giant thing he turns into at the end of res. 5. although they may have that in the next video, cuz we all know, wesker can’t die just like that. They need some bigger, badder monsters.

  21. i’m glad Jill came back. i just want them to explain where she has been all this time.

  22. I’ll be okay with another movie as along as they finally bring in Leon Kennedy!!They’ve had almost everyone else and created new characters but no Leon. I think it’s his turn to help.

  23. I liked the first movie, the second one because of that huge zombie thing who used to be her friend (which was pretty darn creepy looking), and even liked the movie she realized she was a clone (or was being cloned?).

    But that last one, number 4, was so bad that me and my son both shook our heads and gave up watching half way through. It’s that bad.

    Milla is hot, no doubt. Something about that little chick just does it for me, but it isnt enough to carry my butt into a theater or buy a DVD anymore to watch another installment like the 4th. Im shocked it did so well and brought in tons of money, because it really is one of those B movies that is so riddled with cliche circumstances it was almost a parody of itself.

    Again, Im not looking for oscar material, lol, Im not even expecting that much at all – except to have the next one please not feel like a straight to vhs puppet master 12 type of bilge.

  24. I thought Afterlife was the worst installment thus far, I utterly hated it, it was barely a Resident Evil film at all. The only reason it made any money was because it was in 3D.
    If it had been 2D only its box office would have been around the $175 million mark.

  25. Afterlife was horrible.

    Let’s get back to the quality of the first film where the FX weren’t so obvious and overused. And the audience didn’t fall asleep after the first five minutes.

    • I agree! It seems like they were more focus on the 3D effect and slow motion shots! Acting was bad and the plot was horrible! 1 and 2 was good.

  26. They need to get back to basics, like using the creppy mansion from the game RE 1.

  27. Why is even called Resident Evil? The movie has nothing to do with game.
    All P.W. Anderson is doing is polluting the purity of the story to create employment for his has been WIFE! Let it die already!

    • The should just call it Alice and the Zombies.

      • Alice in Zombieland (bad joke).

  28. I hope they dont get rid of Alice and her current friends at all! I hope in the forth one Alice and Co. shut the Umbrella coreration down for good and make a fresh start to the world, everyone going from country to country and killing all zombies!

    The world needs to come back same with human life! Humans cannot lose tbh!