Paul W.S. Anderson Wants Fan Input for ‘Resident Evil 5′

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Resident Evil 5 Plot Paul W.S. Anderson Wants Fan Input for Resident Evil 5

It seems customary these days for sequels to get the green light before the verdict is out on the prior release – as franchise superstar, Milla Jovovich, reveals that director Paul W.S. Anderson is already working on Resident Evil 5.

The fact that a Resident Evil 5 is en route comes as no surprise. After all is said and done, Resident Evil: Afterlife should rake in the biggest box office cash-in of the franchise. It has already nailed the #1 spot in its opening week – a first for the zombie-action series (read our review).

Interestingly, Jovovich told New York Magazine that Anderson intends to turn to his fans for sequel-material. Through social networking sites, the director will take the fans’ wishes into account when developing the story for Resident Evil 5.

At San Diego Comic-Con, it was clear Anderson continues to pump out sequels because he loves the franchise – but he is also very passionate about the fans, desperately seeking new ways to impress them – thus the “revolutionary” implementation of 3D in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Anderson’s wife, and Resident Evil series star, Milla Jovovich is just as passionate about the franchise.  In her excitement, she openly discusses the development of a fifth chapter in the saga.

“This new Resident Evil is the first one to ever open at number one worldwide. It’s the biggest movie in the franchise. So we’re definitely going to make another one. We’ve been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter and stuff, so it’s probably going to be one of the first movies where we really talk to fans to see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It’s going to be a more interactive process.”

This isn’t the first time a production has gone directly to the fans for support. Sylvester Stallone’s new Twitter account has been loaded with questions and possibilities aimed at fans of The Expendables. His account is an open buffet for ideas regarding villains and plot in the development of The Expendables 2.

Sylvester Stallone Twitter Expendables 2 Paul W.S. Anderson Wants Fan Input for Resident Evil 5

Jon Favreau paid close attention to the fans when making Iron Man 2. Studio involvement may have distracted the director’s intentions, but his affinity for the comic-book-lovers has created a more interactive atmosphere in his films.

Paranormal Activity also used the power of social networking – to promote their film through word of mouth. There is no question its success is a result of social media.

If you ever though your input on the future of a franchise was worthless, look again. Christopher Nolan may not be reading the forums to decide if The Riddler should be in Batman 3, but Paul W.S. Anderson is giving you the highest priority in his development process.

So get out there and share the direction you want to see his franchise go in the comments.

Source: New York Magazine

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  1. He still wants input? Here’s the G-rated version:

    “Stop making crappy movies based on Resident Evil.”

  2. you should give Alice back her powers and have her brake out and save hre friends and they have powers to and they start saveing people

    • I agree about alice getting powers and so should her friends

  3. It’s a shame Albert Weskman was killed in the last film. He seemed like the ultimate villain and he did a damn good job in movies 3 and 4.
    I know it’s blatant he was blown up in the ship. However, can we have him in the 5th movie? There must be a way. He was Alive’s equal after all.

    I think the next movie should have Alaska as the T-virus free zone.
    Where Umbrella have been hiding out to develope the ultimate stragedy to wipe out the world wide virus. In the meantime experimenting on their captives, Alice and co. to pursue this venture.

    I think Alice should be captured and hindered in a twist of fate compared to the other movies and by some miracle towards the end, finds away to gain the upper hand against umbrella.

    Either way look forward to the next movie. I’ve been following the movies like a mad lunatic fan for some time now!

  4. I have enjoyed the movies so far, but I think they should throw us a curve ball that none of the games have revealed. What? I don’t know. Anything.

    I do agree that Alice should regain her powers. She had a flash when she touched the blood stained glass so to me that indicates that her mutated cells are fighting off the counter-infection thus allowing her to regain her powers. She can regain them slowly through out the movie until an ultimate epic boss encounter.

    I have two visions of the beginning of Resident Evil 5: Salient? Armageddon? Cataclysm? Rebirth? So many nice names to go with…

    My first vision is:

    The helicopters land, and out pops the clone army of Alice. Each reporting back that they have taken down an Umbrella factory. So there were several missions that the clones went on, all in all taking down as many Umbrella corporation labs as they could simultaneously.

    And so we have an army of Alices back to play with.

    But then what?

    That’s where my thoughts stop for bringing the clones back. They were nice and fun to see in action but too many of the main actress does detract feeling and emotion invested as a viewer into the character.

    So my second vision is the Helicopters land and… rewind super speeds.

    Alice wakes up.

    We do an entire movie of Alice being saved by Leon, the character Leon being introduced to us (those who played the game will know who he is, but the movie needs to introduce him).

    So this entire film would take place over the span of the second and third film – but we won’t know it.

    Insert some awesome typical resident evil plot of Alice being saved by Leon from the lab, being hunted, chased, learning more about Umbrella, fighting back, blowing up a lab, gaining an army of soldiers along the way, and by soldiers they could be survivors of any type, military and civilian.

    Eventually all leading to the take down of an Umbrella installation, stealing a valuable information disc of some sort from an AI that was inside the installation and all escaping on helicopters by which point the viewers would put two and two together and realise that they are in a prequel.

    The helicopters would pick up Alice’s call from the ship, to which the Alice that Leon saved would order them to go there.

    The helicopters land, out steps Alice and Leon to meet, Alice.

    To further the twist, some techno-babble would explain how to identify a clone version of Alice, be it a tattoo on the inside of the eyelid or whatever, to which the original Alice from Afterlife would flip her eyelid back to reveal that she is in fact the clone.

    To end the thing on a cliff hanger, Leon’s Alice reveals that they have bigger fish to fry than Umbrella and haven’t got time to argue over who is the real Alice. The disc revealing that the Umbrella corporation isn’t the guys up top. They are owned by a greater corporate being who are using Umbrella to do their dirty work.

    Or something… I don’t know, just throwing my thoughts out there. I kind of like the idea of seeing helicopters landing then the camera zooming out over head looking down spinning around and zooming out to reveal an eye, the eye of Alice waking up on a lab bed again. Confusing the viewers, keeping them wondering what is going on… then introducing the Leon character to save her, giving them a back history, a reason to save her, a flash back even, a story within a story, keeping us wondering how this all fits in to what we have just been watching… to then lead us with a grand epic story to the very start of the movie and end of the previous, to hit us with a bombshell like her not being the real her.

    I’d enjoy it. >_>

    Well that’s my suggestion to the creators if they are looking for input for storylines.

    But for the love of Christ, NO MORE 3D! Seriously, we’re getting sick to death of the 3D gimmick. It didn’t last long in the 1980′s, it failed again in the 1990′s, stop doing it already! FOCUS your efforts on the storyline and forget about the blooming 3D effects. Thank you. =D

    • Oh and I just want to add:

      1. Don’t make the Bosses like Executioner die to damn easily.
      2. Why don’t the Zombies just start eating each other if they are so damn hungry and no one is around for them to eat? It would also put an end to so many of them. Zombies are fine and all but boring… the other mutants due to the viruses are better. Bring more of those in… there is more than just a T-Virus you know… right?
      3. Alice is cool and all but… and I know she’s the main star of the franchise… but… can’t we have her just die or turn into a Boss fight that Chris and his sister or even Leon can kill off? Then those three can continue the franchise…
      4. Action is good and all… but can you make it less Matrix like and more Horror like? I would like the scare factor to go up again. Bring back the horror atmosphere, the feeling of dread instead of the slow down to dodge a bullet, go make a coffee, come back, bullet is still being dodged factor. Thanks. It’s cool, yes, but… boring after a while. I would rather be scared and on the edge of my seat.

      • Oh one last thing from me… music.

        Music can play an extremely big part in suspense, dreading, thrilling, and overall atmosphere.

        Although heavy metal is good an all, it isn’t always the best choice in creating a scary atmosphere. I’m not saying don’t use it, there are places it can definitely be used, but re-watching all your films, I think you could have intensified much of the atmosphere with different choices of music. Just think outside the box instead of just throwing something in from the music charts because a) it might be cool or b) it might make money in a soundtrack of the movie. People will still buy your soundtrack if the music is good. I myself have gone out of my way to buy music soundtracks which are not full of pop or rock hits, instead, full of uniquely composed things that a rare to get.

        Just a thought.

  5. Definitely try to bring back the Red Queen to manipulate or the White Queen to assist Alice & company…or a new Queen!

  6. Bring Wesker back and have his side kick Birkin be with him with the Powerful G Virus. Also bring Ramon Salazar, Jack Krauser and HUNK!!! Everyone love HUNK. Have HUNK vs Leon

    Have for Heros Leon S. Kennedy, with Rebecca, and Barry to help out!

  7. Who is Alice? I have beat Resident Evil;   &code name veronica;  & Outbreak #s 1&2; as well as Survivor 1 & 2, theres never even been a sub character named Alice.(Must have been in your mind while u was hitting Milla’s taco?) Keep the story with real people, ur married she no longer needs to be in the story since you’r getting her paycheck BACK 4 your kid. Even if u don’t what happened to Alice’s LESBIAN tendicies toward Michelle Rodriguez’s character in the 1st movie?How about a nude lesbian scene between her & Ali Larter? That might save the saga. Or how about not killing of the good people like u have; Carlos, L.J. and stop saving unknowns like Boris Kodjoe like u did in #4? I’ll save you’re saga 4 a $100,000.

    • Yess thats exactly rite dreampoppa we need 4 these movies 2 stay 100% originail because after all that what drew many r.e. Fans 2 this franchise it all ties the puZzles, secret passages,the schemes like in r.e.2 how the mayor of raccoon city was tied into umbrella I mean not 2 make it seem that the whole game or story revolved around him but in the games theres conspiracy and not so much of huuuuh im big n bad showdowns with the enemies

  8. Albert Weskman could have survived… much like how Alice created a shield to protect herself in RE3, Albert Weskman can do the same.

    Here’s how I see a replay of the end of RE4 in RE5:

    Albert Weskman looks over at the bomb counting down, his eyes glow red, he kneels to the ground extending his hands to create a shield around himself.

    The ship explodes leaving Albert Weskman within his bubble of protection unharmed.

    I see two possible endings of this scene.

    1) The bubble is thrown into the Ocean.
    2) Albert Weskman, relying on his inner demon has forced a mutation. The bubble drops and out from his back two demonic wings spawn. Albert Weskman flies off out of the scene.

    So to people who say they have killed him off, I believe there is always a way to bring back the most evil villian out there. =)

  9. So I have this opening vision in my head for Resident Evil 5, it starts underwater.

    Camera moves throw the water showing us that the T-Virus has infected ocean life as well, sharks that are undead and other interesting and strange things.

    These images are not just for the oh wow, cool factor, but are just pretty much filler images for the movie crew to get their actors names out of the way.

    Once no more actors names need to be mentioned, the camera can pan up out of the water, revealing the Arcadia ship. Upon it are people dressed in white, fog obscuring them for the most part as the camera continues panning up to catch the helicopter/ship that is escaping.

    Inside the helicopter/ship, Albert Weskman looks over at the bomb counting down, his eyes glow red, he kneels to the ground extending his hands to create a shield around himself.

    The inside of this sunglasses have a read out which reads, “Force Mutation Unavoidable”.

    The ship explodes leaving Albert Weskman within his bubble of protection unharmed, the bubble and the contents which is mutating is projected into the ocean away from the Arcadia at only speeds a bomb could trigger.

    The camera follows the bubble with a mutating Albert Weskman into the ocean but is unable to capture what he is mutating into or how far the mutation has gone. Spinning around back out from the water, the camera zooms up towards the army of helicopters coming in the distance towards the Arcadia ship.

    The camera tilts down as it goes up high into the air, looking down over the Arcadia and the helicopters around it. It continues moving upwards, spinning around, faster and faster until the scene turns into Alice’s eye which blinks.

    Alice seems to be in a bed, we the viewers don’t know.

    Alice’s typical voice over occurs but this time she doesn’t give us a history lesson.

    This time, all she says is, ‘My name is Alice… and I have no idea what is going on”.

    RESIDENT EVIL 5 title appears on the screen.

    ((Below is quick brainstorming ideas and not written out like a script or anything))

    At this point, unaware to the viewers, we have rolled back in time to a previous point in history where Alice, one that isn’t a clone (but you don’t know the other is yet), is being saved by Leon and Jill Valentine. Jill knew something was off with the Alice they rescued in RE2, and went on her own mission to find the real Alice, enlisting the help of Leon, a former co-worker.

    How did Jill know, well we’ll find that out at some stage, but this story would be about that, about Jill and Leon freeing a ‘real’ Alice, and eventually leading back to where the Arcadia and the helicopters are.

    Which of course would lead in my head to the Downfall of Umbrella (some type of epic adventure for Leon and Jill to do), several helicopters being taken by Jill and Leon’s army, hearing a call on the radio about Arcadia offering hope in Alice’s voice, to which these helicopters would have then gone to because the ‘real’ Alice is on the helicopters with Jill and Leon.

    So the helicopters would go to inform the now known Clone Alice on the Arcadia that she is a clone but more importantly, Umbrella has fallen… but prior to doing it, they sold the T and G Virus…

    (oh yes, in RE5 i want the frelling G Virus explained and used)

    …to terrorist organizations that are yet unaffected by these viruses…

    Heading much more in the direction of the RE5 game and keeping Albert Weskman alive for a return in the sixth movie.

    The above are just ideas… I could probably write the script if needed but I don’t think it is needed… the ideas should be enough.

    • And somewhere in the story I think I might have explained that clones of Alice are given a forced lifespan of one year or so. If they live beyond that point, it’s pure luck but eventually, 2 years max, the Alice Clones will just drop dead. So could have the Alice Clone on the Arcadia just drop dead before the credits. Am I evil? O_o?

      Might also have explained that the original Alice’s powers were revoked so she is totally mortal. And that some Umbrella labs were trying to Clone Clones, which then failed and had to be dumped (flashes to RE3 body count).

      Explaining that it seems that only the first clones of original Alice seem to be able to last the distance (aka main Alice Clone star in RE3 and RE4.

      In the end, we should be left with one, mortal, un-cloned Alice that we can either kill off and let the other stars continue the story, or have he pregnant with some form of mutation growing within her that in the end, will be a boss to kill and tear Alice apart when it come out.

      These are just ideas to kill off Alice… O_O… I don’t think the director will do that though… but just in case… =D

    • Damn, I should stop turning movies off when the credits come up…

      I just rewatched RE4:Afterlife and after the credits is another scene with Jill Valentine under the control of an Electronic Bug.

      I wish movies would STOP doing that. If the movie is over, roll the credits, if not, then don’t roll them.

      Ok, this scene, she is apparently on one of the aircraft with a platoon of Umbrella soldiers and heading for the Arcadia.

      So this would have to be worked into my story above if they decided to use it. I would have Jill do what she and Leon is meant to do as previously mentioned and then half way through some how was taken and turned via one of those electric chest bug things… or, it turns out it is a Jill Valentine clone… but I am personally getting sick and tired of clones… or if it were me writing it… >_> … <_< … I would say Leon and Jill found the electronic chest bugs, and how to disable them or reprogram them to do no harm when wearing them. Then as part of their larger plan to take the aircraft from Umbrella, they used the electronic bugs to fool Umbrella and thus manage to muster a fleet… so the scene could begin as foretold:

      Jill Valentine: "Deployment in T-Minus 57 seconds. When you hit the deck, you watch your formation, take no prisoners and shoot to kill. Total enemy numbers are unknown but will include prime targets and Umbrella fugitives Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Project Alice. So people, whatever's waiting for you down there, just know one thing… … you're going to be in for the fight of your lives."

      Jill pauses… and begins to chuckle.

      "Seriously, you guys really aren't ready for just me, let alone all of them."

      Jill pulls out her guns and shoots every last one of the Aircraft personal in two fluid simultaneous hand movements.

      Turning around to look at Jill before his neck was broken would be the cockpit aircraft pilot.

      Jill pulls off the electronic bug, sat down in the cockpit and put the pilots radio headset on.

      … or something like that. =D

  10. I liked Ricardo Irving in Resident Evil 5 the video game! We got to get him in the movie, he’s hilarious. Here is a little intro video from the actor who played him. It would make the new Resident Evil movie so awesome if we got him in it. If you haven’t played the video game yet… and you don’t know who he is… then you’re not a true Resident Evil fan.

    Matt Gibson

  11. First off I want to say I LOVE Milla, not just for this series but 5th element. ok now that my geekness is out of the way. here is pretty much the things me and my friends who talk about the movies, games, etc. feel. First we want the scaryness back. the first movie, and 3 games were Horror, not action alone(and yes capcom this is aimed at you too.) when you have zombies, mutants and the like it’s either scary,campy or just plain bad. We really want the Horror element back into this.
    Secondly, when you throw in new monsters executioner, the creatures who’s face split open, etc. have them at least show some surprise. In the 4th movie it was like they just popped up unexpected and it was normal. uh how about at least a good “WTF?”
    Now as for the plot everyone’s gonna want wesker. He’s a staple in the series everybit as iconic as vader for the fans. Also the REALLY annoyed me in the 4th movie. its the zombie apocalypse, wesker removes her powers and she says “Thank You”. uh…no. How many times would she have died w/o her powers? how many other people would of died w/o them? maybe if you don’t go with the Alice on the ship is a clone thing you can have her realize how important her powers are now, and what they mean to her for saving her friends. This could lead to her trying to actually recover her powers.
    I think a sea monster on the ocean is a good thing, maybe a mutated octapus or something to attack after the copter lands, attacks everyone causing chaos letting Alice and her friends escape, but not all of them. This could trigger the ” I could of saved them if I had my powers” moment as they escape. I’m not trying to write the script, just toss you some ideas.
    Characters I’d love to see would be krauser. He’s just a nasty piece of work and I think you could work him in there pretty easily on one of the copters, with a intro of him talking to jill once the copters land. He’s close to as powerful as wesker and you could go into his mutations without having to mutate wesker. this would allow people to see more of the mutations that can happen as well as build hype for when wesker finally mutates. Also Rebecca chambers. She was a good char. with a sweet disposition, so very diffrent from most of the cast you have and could add some character depth to the story. ok so this turned out longer than I expected so here’s a summary. MAKE IT SCARY!! GIVE ALICE HER POWERS BACK! Krauser and Rebecca. Sea Monster. Acknowledge new monster types. O and Wesker isn’t dead. we all know it, and a small cameo of him being picked up by a escaping umbrella copter Would build plenty of HYPE for a part 6! Thank you for letting me rant. ~Dabeler P.S. Thank You again Milla for helping to make this series memorable

  12. I can’t wait for Resident Evil 5 to come out, I just wish it had more Zombies than the last one. This movie has been steering away from the whole zombie theme, when it comes to the game play so I hope the movies don’t go through the same phase,

  13. seriously, don’t bother! the 3rd movie was not good and the 4th film was horrible. this franchise should be shelved for a few years and perhaps rebooted with a better budget, core writers and/or director, sorry paul w.s. but AFTERLIFE was garbage. nothing really happened, it was a weak story in between ridiculous, over the top violence. i’m not a big fan of the RE property, the games were not cool and apres the 2nd film, the fun was gone, there was no intelligence in the story and the action sequences became repetitive with gratuitous violence, it just got obvious and dull. by looking at the filmography of mr. anderson, it is obvious you love doing bad sci-fi films, i mean death race and predator vs. alien??? none of your films do well in the box office. do yourself and your lovely wife a favor…stop this. don’t get stuck in this tired franchise, it’s gone on too long already.

  14. Does Paul have a twitter or any kind of contact? if so, please elt me know on twitter (

    A fan since 1996, I love the core of the series and the good old days.

    If I got to talk to Paul, Id have a tun of info for him, but i will keep this simple.

    -HUNK(mr.death) from RE2, bringing him in (never showing his face is a MUST) will do great, perhaps not even ahving him talk, just him and a strike team operating in the background and him doing his thing, the only survivor. The fans dont even have to be concentrated on him, but longtime fans will be going crazy.

    -Leon S. Kennedy. Everything this guy touches is pure gold, get a solid actor who looks like him and let him unleash. I would preferr a change of story though, its obveously not possible to have him as a first day cop or a presidents daughter protector, perhaps a prisoner. have him start out as a completely solitary and badass character. Tactically smart. Write it as if it was canon Leon, rogue and captured after the canon RE world went to s***.

    -Ada wong, play RE2, shes a great character, incude her.


    Ive been PISSED about Ashford since RE:apocalypse. Birkin is easily the best character in RE history. have him be responsible for the posession of the virus from Ashford that happened years before RE:Apoc and him continue his own research, similar to what happened with James Marcus in RE:zero. this is where the G-Virus comes into the story. Hunks team ordered (by wesker if hes back? or even by jill) to take the virus. Birkin gets shot up on one side but retains one vile of the G virus, Injects into heart ULTIMATE RE FANGASM COMPLETE. He then becomes the main threat in the movie, mutationg and multiple encounters just liek in RE2

    Paul… if you read this… Base this around the G-virus like I said above. You should really bring RE2 flavour into this game. By far the ebst in the series by the hardcore fans. Just get somebody to teach you all about RE2. Ultimate movie would follow.

    -HORROR MOVIE- the first movie had a real sense of lonliness and icolation. I want this to come abck at least in one act of the movie. Have them trapped once again, a facility owned by umbrella (birkins test labs). Have long silences, sewers, labs, vent crawling, train lifts, emergency elevators, escape trains, AIDSPRAYS as a cameo. Just really make it terrifying when Birkin rips through a wall. If you follow mutation progression on the same scale as RE2… id watch this movie every day for a week. Make us scared.

    Enemies- Bring back the licker(re2 licker). Mr.X, crimson head zombies from RE1 remake, NO HUNTERS, they suck and would be too much to film and still be taken seriously.

    KEEP ALICE HUMAN- amazing job on making her human rather fast. I was extremely happy. My main gripe with the others re-apoc and re-extinc is that a random not from the canon was jsut all=powerful. Making a human-esque struggle with her character is extremely important to keeping fans of the games on track. to be honest, RE5(video game) was hated by most hardcore RE fans. Its all MK 1,2 and 3 for the fans who can even say they are hardcore.

    Anticlimatic with character deaths- DONT BE AFRAID to kill characters. “no country for old men” is a perfect example, provides shock and a feeling of emotional robbery if Leon just dies or Chris Redfield gets a hole punched through him by wesker or his neck broken by Jill. I would be very happy to see deviation from the typical “strong rise to all main chars surviving” path that everybody uses.

    heres hoping you get this Paul, 15 year fan and counting,

  15. to matt:

    dont know where to find your comment but I read it.

    What YOU need to realize is that paying tribute to the fans isnt all thats required to make a succesfull movie. RE: Afterlife may not pay tribute to classic fans. But it took what happened in Apoc and extinc and turned it on its head. Made Alice human again and eliminated the single greatest insult to the RE universe.

    If you had any understanding of films, you would understand that having Leon and claire just running around shooting zombies or chris and jill using helmet keys on doors for 2 hours inst going to sell very good at all. Look at movies like “house of the dead” and be thankful. Paul is a great mind. Watch “Mortal Kombat”. Its that Resident Evil is a hard series to make interesting to a broad audience. To want a big budget film is to understand that certain elements of what we love about the game is going to change for the worse to appeal to more cliche audiences.

    If your such a concerned fan, you should be attacking Capcom for the pieces of s*** were RE4 and RE5 based in the games universe. That directly insults the canon of the story and willingly throws all plot development to s***. Look up the RE4 beta versions. PURE GENIUS. Then they put more pressure on Shinji Mikami to appeal to a broader audience and make more of an action game. The movies do nothing to the game, but RE4 and RE5 single-handedly destroyed the canon. Wesker goes from somebody behind the scenes pulling strings to a full frontal terrorist bent on global domination. Id be defending my canon if I were you, not attacking real fans for being greatful that Afterlife took a STEP in the right direction.

    Why not argue with Capcom that Irving is Literally a rip-off of William Birkin? that the uroboros Lake monster is literally a next-gen RE4 lake monster? That theres no fear involved with RE anymore? crap puzzles? No backtracking? Linear ruling? Bitorez Mendez – Mr.X?

    Defend your Games Canon, Not the retardation that catalyzed and followed Shinji’s Departure From Capcom.

    R.I.P. Resident Evil, RE1-CVX…

  16. resident evil 5 would start off were the 4th flim left the umberlla corpation would deploy the soldiers and alice and her team would try to defend them off but their are to many of them so they take one the airplanes in the boat and fly off while lots of the non infected people get tooken from the boat on to the umberlla corportion planes. then alice and her team try to go to the corportion to save the people they took. now back to alice while on the airplane they are shut down by umberlla corportion while they were aproching the umberlla corption and then on foot they run in zombies they have to kill and new character like leon, rebecca and many other new charcter then they have to fight their way through the street to reach the umberlla entrance (once in the umberlla corportion this should lead to how resident evil 1 was scary and with little space to move about to give a scare)once inside the corportion is filled with zombies because they brought in a infected person they found luther west, while jill is being protect by umberlla officers. once they reach the end they must fight a umberlla bio weapon created, once they killed the bio weapon they have the final face off with jill (this should be good fighting and last longer then what albert wesker lasted in resident evil 4) (i dont want to end the resident evil franchise but i would make the end were alice goes up to umberlla corportion super computer and launches nuclear weapons on every country to kill all the zombies and end the infection once and for all, while the bombs are being droped they stay alive (alice and her team) since their in the safested place on earth they live and they start to build the world slowly but together and the movie would end. ( I would call the movie Resident Evil V: Armageddon (an all out war)-saying for the movie)(i would like the movie to have good action and to be a horror movie like the frist resident evil movie, bring it back to were it all started.) (i have many more ideas but this was a quick though of how the movie should be like)

  17. OMFG! just say when the release date is already kant wait!!!
    and u should give alice her powers back but not her FRIENDS!!! that would just make it lame…. cuz alice is the main character!!
    and maybe show that guy she kissed in resident evil 3

  18. william birkin needs to be in this freakin’ movie!

  19. Bring back marco beltrami & marilyn manson for an awesome soundtrack & movie score…include survivors of S.T.A.R.S. like jill valentine & rebecca chambers or characters we care about when they die…look to the first resident evil movie for inspiration!

  20. Include more characters from the resident evil game…definitely include the element of horror and action, more zombies, S.T.A.R.S. survivors, scientists working on a cure to save humanity not just for military applications, a holographic queen to assist our heroes…with a very good script, maybe Isaac Brooks could be lured back to reprise his role of Dr. William Birkin…when the time comes possibly plan a 2-part conclusion (like Harry Potter) and have a cure to save the world, and show alice & survivors across the planet rebuilding a new world…

  21. We Want “Leon S. Kennedy” To Be In It
    The Fans so as i want him… Hes the Only character Missing

  22. From what I read on previews websites is that Director Paul W.S. Anderson will be adding some new characters to the next installment of the movie; Resident Evil 5 (Leon S. Kennedy will join the cast of hero’s phasing the horror being dealt in stopping the powerful Umbrella corporation). I want to say, Bravo Mr. Anderson for bringing Leon character to life in the big movie screen because I as numerous “FANS” of the franchise of RE have been waiting to see his character emerge. I personally been waiting since I heard you were making another anticipating Resident Evil movie “Apocalypse” of 2004. Mr. Anderson if you are truly going to bring this character to life then you should be aware that Leon past from a familiar character of the RE game should also belong in the movie (Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 video games). Both this characters are like “two peas in a pod” that belong together. I implore you to continue the cycle of keeping these two characters intertwine with one another. You can make it as a tribute to the “FANS” of the game. I’m sure that everyone is going to get a kick of seeing the sexy seductive devilish woman Ada Wong to join the mix of the popular RE movies. Anyhow, who else do I want to see in the next installment of the movie is of course Milla Jovovich reprising her role as the bad ass kicking slayer that walk on this side of the earth; Alice, Sienna Guillory as beautiful/sophisticated/sexy but don’t get on her bad side; Jill Valentine for the love of “GOD!”, Wentworth Miller the strong/heart of the team/never lets you down; Chris Redfield, Ali Later as hot/intoxicating/crafty/with a spark of a wild side; Claire Redfield, and Shawn Roberts as the super power hungry villain you love to hate Albert Wesker. Also, more incentive characters would be William Birkin a great addition to the cast and Barry Burton from the video games. Also you should think about adding Sophie Vavasseur reprising her role as Angie Ashford of the reason of what happened to her? Was she captured by the Umbrella or another competitor corporation for example do I dare to think “TRICELL?” (Resident Evil 5 video game). Is she being experimented with the T-Virus, G-Virus, or Veronica Virus, was she killed, is she safe, or missing and off the grid from everyone? Mr. Anderson, you can give an explanation as a vivid dream from Jill on what happened to her or if you want put her on the movie as part of the cast and not just as a recollection from someone mind, but I would like to know what happened to her. Also I would like to know what happened to Jill on the time during “Extinction”. Was she captured during that time frame or was it before movie number three? Oh, make sure that Wentworth Miller bulk-up for this coming movie because Resident Evil 5 the video game (Chris character has muscle on top of his muscle). Please don’t miss understand because I truly believe you selected a great actor for portraying Chris, but PS3 and X-Box consoles made Chris bulkier and harder to capture his essence. Anyhow, I said what I needed to say and I hope that you Mr. Anderson will take what I mention as a consideration. I have no problem in giving you some more input if you’re interested. Well it’s late, going to get some ZZZzz. Good night to all.


  23. I wish there was someway to bring back members of the Alpha military squad as clones…I connected with Rain, One, Kaplan, JD, etc and miss their kick-ass characters! Milla needs a strong actress like Michelle (Rain) to fight the zombies. Why doesn’t Umbrella stop trying to control or kill Alice instead of trying to work with Alice to defeat the virus and save the planet?!


  24. I heard that this movie will set before the events in the first one and Jill would be the main character.
    So Leon has to be here (Jensen Ackles)and according to the Racoon city times from RE:Apocalypse’s promotional newspaper, he should be “killed” so he comes back in the sequel of Afterlife and brings Jill back to normal.

    I sent an e-mail to Milla jovovich’s website for her an Paul Anderson to give them ideas for the 5th movie , but I didn’t know that it would be a prequel.

    I will post it after this one Tell me what you think.

    I hope my english is correct.

  25. Here are the ideas I sent to the Milla Jovovich website before I knew the 5th movie would be a prequel.

    1- Jill’s come back gives you the oportunity to explain what happened between Apocalypse and Extinction (how Alice ,under umbrella’s control, killed Angela Ashford leading jill to leave the group because she didn’t trust Alice anymore).
    2- You should explain what happened between Extinction and Afterlife too. Alice and the White queen were supposed to create an antivirus to destroy all the undead.
    3- I know that Leon.S.Kennedy will be in RE5 and as many fans must’ve tell you, Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) would be a perfect Leon. Don’t forget that (acording to the promotionnal Racoon city times) Leon and jill know each other and jill thinks that Leon’s dead.
    4- Ada Wong and HUNK have to be part of the movies.
    5- You should introduce Ricardo Irving from RE5 but only if you can have Alan Groves for the role. This character is so funny and strange.
    6- The Régénéradores from RE4 are the most scariest monsters in all the Resident evil games to me, and I really think it would be good to see them in one of the movies.
    7- In Afterlife, we can see that wesker knows the Redfields. How ?
    8- The Umbrella’s hired men keep working for Wesker even after the apocalypse. Why ? (Maybe he keeps them and their family safe or something ?).
    9- The disturbing Ashford twins would be perfect to be opposed to Alice’s survivors group and Wesker’s Umbrella group. Here is the story I imagined for them.

    Alfred and Alexia Ashford are actually Angela’s older brother and sister.
    They want to kill Wesker because they know that Umbrella is responsible for the death of their father (Charles Ashford from RE: Apocalypse).
    They want to kill Alice as well because she is the one who killed Angela (even though she was controled by Umbrella).

    Wesker always wanted the T-Veronica virus that the Twins develloped. That’s why he ordered Isaacs to find and kidnap Angela to exchange her for the T-Veronica, but Isaacs ordered Alice to kill Angela (Resident evil: Extinction the novel) and told Wesker it was an accident.
    Now that Angela was dead, Wesker thought he would never have the T-Veronica because Alexia (who tested it on herself) was too powerful.
    Then he asked Isaacs to bring Alice to him (he wanted to inject her blood to his body so he wont turn into a zombi when he’ll inject the T-virus into his body) but she was already gone.
    Wesker injected the T-virus anyway, even without Alice’s DNA but his body accepted it giving him superhuman strengh, speed and red demon eyes but he couldn’t fully control the virus, he needed Alice’s DNA anyway.
    After the Apocalypse, Wesker ordered Isaacs to find Alice and to use clones of her to create a virus to domesticate the zombies.
    He wanted to use the domesticated zombies to attack The Ashfords’ mansion and the get the T-Veronica virus in case that Alice would’ve died during the Apocalypse.

    Wesker needs to control the T-virus so he can face Alexia Ashford and steal the T-Veronica from her.
    He intends to inject the T-Veronica into his body so he will become a “GOD” and then spread it among the survivors and the zombies to create a new Génésis (like in RE5)

    - For the last movie of the franchise I think a final fight between:
    Claire, Chris, Jill, Leon and Ada VS HUNK, Alfred Ashford and Monster Alexia.
    Alice VS “GOD” Wesker.
    During the fight, Alice realises tha she can’t defeat wesker so she injects the T-Veronica into her body and as there is no cure and the virus is taking over her she decides to keep Wesker inside the Ashfords’ mansion while Chris, jill and the others are leaving.
    After they leaved the mansion, the nuclear self-destruct system blows up killing Wesker and Alice.

    Now that everything is over, Chris, Claire, Jill, Leon and Ada spread the “Super anti-virus” that Alice and the white queen created after Extinction.
    As a new world is coming, they become heroes and Alice has became a legend “The woman who gave the world another chance”
    This last movie should be called Resident evil: Regenesis

  26. I would LOVE to see Ricardo Irving in this movie! Allan Groves did an incredible job bringing depth and a memorable quality to this character and I know that there are many others besides me who would be fascinated to know the story of this mysterious “businessman with standards”, so PLEASE, bring Irving to the big screen!!

  27. seria bom se Paul anderson juntasse elementos do 1° filme com o próximo:
    como Alice se infiltro na Umbrella, onde que Jill, Claire e Leon entram na história.

    Bom não tenho muito o que falar sobre o 5° filme, mas tenho já escrito a continuação do Resident Evil afterlife. se quiser saber a minha versão da história de continuação, me procure pelo msn.

  28. Looks like the Paul man is cooking up another batch of the RE series. Good for him! This video game adaption to film has been the most successful of its kind and I believe the only adaption that has grossed higher margins with each release (now if only others could be so successful!). With the additions being consider there are some major factors Anderson should implement when making these installments for of the next movie; number one, as a dedicated fan and a professional in the business this film needs to rekindle its synchronicities with what I know the fans want. In other words Anderson needs to take the core script of what started this franchise and incorporate more of the original storyline and plot that can be found well displayed within the video game and Capcom series. So without further adieu I present my MAIN character suggestions for the 2013 release of the highest grossing film in the RE series (this is not all as I too would like to have some element of surprise).

    #1-Leon Kennedy (the protagonist) This goes without saying. Very grateful to see him the past series Apocalypse to the new 2012 Damnation.
    #2-Milla Jovovich & Sienna Guillory – Glad to hear that both of these main characters HAVE confirmed their reprising roles for 2013.
    #3-Ada Wong- The is another character that is a must, With the addition of Leon this add-on is essential and will create great praise from the RE community!
    #4-Ricardo Irving-The most memorable villain in Capcoms most recent release. Irving has a great role that ties him in perfectly with Ada and the rest of the cast. UPDATED-It looks as though earlier posts on this thread suggested that Allen Groves (the original game character) may be accepting this role (holy Sh*# this could be exciting ;)
    #5-William Birkin – This would be fun to see some twist with his inclusion (debatable).

    Honestly the above characters I feel would make it precisely where it needs to be to both top box offices, and be highly fan-worthy. I am glad to see the Anderson’s taking the fan-input approach. This should confirm successful in 2013. Exciting stuff! Kudos to the RE vision!! Can’t wait…..

  29. Don’t Make it. Reboot the entire Series and Make Leon Kennedy the Main Character. or if they really are going to make this. Kill of Alice.

    Question: What is Umbrellas Endgame? The world is overrun with Zombies and there is only a handful of ppl left? what is there left to gain for Umbrella creating these monsters and destroying Mankind?