Paul W.S. Anderson Wants Fan Input for ‘Resident Evil 5′

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Resident Evil 5 Plot Paul W.S. Anderson Wants Fan Input for Resident Evil 5

It seems customary these days for sequels to get the green light before the verdict is out on the prior release – as franchise superstar, Milla Jovovich, reveals that director Paul W.S. Anderson is already working on Resident Evil 5.

The fact that a Resident Evil 5 is en route comes as no surprise. After all is said and done, Resident Evil: Afterlife should rake in the biggest box office cash-in of the franchise. It has already nailed the #1 spot in its opening week – a first for the zombie-action series (read our review).

Interestingly, Jovovich told New York Magazine that Anderson intends to turn to his fans for sequel-material. Through social networking sites, the director will take the fans’ wishes into account when developing the story for Resident Evil 5.

At San Diego Comic-Con, it was clear Anderson continues to pump out sequels because he loves the franchise – but he is also very passionate about the fans, desperately seeking new ways to impress them – thus the “revolutionary” implementation of 3D in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Anderson’s wife, and Resident Evil series star, Milla Jovovich is just as passionate about the franchise.  In her excitement, she openly discusses the development of a fifth chapter in the saga.

“This new Resident Evil is the first one to ever open at number one worldwide. It’s the biggest movie in the franchise. So we’re definitely going to make another one. We’ve been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter and stuff, so it’s probably going to be one of the first movies where we really talk to fans to see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It’s going to be a more interactive process.”

This isn’t the first time a production has gone directly to the fans for support. Sylvester Stallone’s new Twitter account has been loaded with questions and possibilities aimed at fans of The Expendables. His account is an open buffet for ideas regarding villains and plot in the development of The Expendables 2.

Sylvester Stallone Twitter Expendables 2 Paul W.S. Anderson Wants Fan Input for Resident Evil 5

Jon Favreau paid close attention to the fans when making Iron Man 2. Studio involvement may have distracted the director’s intentions, but his affinity for the comic-book-lovers has created a more interactive atmosphere in his films.

Paranormal Activity also used the power of social networking – to promote their film through word of mouth. There is no question its success is a result of social media.

If you ever though your input on the future of a franchise was worthless, look again. Christopher Nolan may not be reading the forums to decide if The Riddler should be in Batman 3, but Paul W.S. Anderson is giving you the highest priority in his development process.

So get out there and share the direction you want to see his franchise go in the comments.

Source: New York Magazine

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  1. im not sure how to respond lol, i want it all!

  2. i mean if anyone..i wanna see Leon, and Krauser in it

    • yes and krauser too, any characters from the game are welcome in the movie.

    • Leon would be a plus, a huge plus.

      “Well, in Resedent 2 didn’t a news report say he died?”
      Answer: Yes. And they were wrong! Mistaken identity! Leon (and perhaps Krauser) have been duking it out with zombie hordes but have been under the radar!

  3. i really would like to see Leon Kennedy in the 5th movie. He is my favorite character from the game and i would love to see him in the live action movie. I think it would give fans a greater appreciation for the franchise.

    • 2 and 4 are my favoritres from the game series, im replaing 4 right now, blasting everything away with the rocket launcher :)

  4. I didn’t like RE:A, but I’m willing to give another film a chance. I’m mostly interested after seeing that stinger during the film. I can’t really think about what I want to see at the momemt though.

  5. If Paul W. S. Anderson wants some improvement for this line of Resident Evil movies he has, he needs to really quit having his wife monopolize the screen time. Alice is such a spotlight-hogging Mary Sue.

    It’s come to a point where the secondary characters (who, were primary characters in the game-universe) are standing around going “Where’s Alice? We’re doomed without her!” It’s a modern example of Poochie the Rockin’ Dog, except Poochie’s character had enough dignity to know when enough was enough (i.e. right after his first appearance). Alice has been in four movies now, three more movies than she should have been in.

    Why not a total continuity reboot, with a different director? It’s not like the whole movie-universe Resident Evil mythos is particularly compelling. I would take it back to the Spencer estate from the first game, tone down the action and replace it with atmosphere. Resident Evil would work well as a straight horror movie. But I suppose it’s too late for that, now that they’re up to game five in terms of cameo appearances.

    • Yes, YES please. I love Alice, But she Grates my nerves because shes so heroine of the hour. I loved that the battle with Wesker took place with Chris and Claire as opposed to little Miss Perfect Alice. It’s Annoying…

  6. I want more Chris. Wentworth is too good of an actor to be brushed aside. The Claire/Chris dynamic needs to be fleshed out. A Leon cameo would be nice, but I don’t want Chris/Luther to die to make room for him either. Keep Alice as a human, Milla rocked in this one because of her human abilities.

    • agreed, i like alice better er because she is human. That’s what made all of the characters as wonderful as they were in the videogames. they were just ordinary ppl, doing extraordinary things

  7. Good to see Paul W.S. Anderson wants input from the fans, fairplay!

    i have two ideas:

    Since Afterlife finished with Jill Valentine obviously under the influence of Umbrella, the fifth film could take on the plot of the African set videogame, but continue the story with Alice and Claire Redfield (as they never featured in RE5) Jill Valentine, Wesker, Chris Redfield and introduce Sheva.

    Or,introduce Leon Kennedy, and set the film in the mountains like Resident Evil 4. Leon Kennedy and Alice break into Umbrellas research facilty to rescue Chris, Claire and help Jill Valentine and then make it a survival flick as they battle to get of the mountain and out of the infected wilderness.

    • an on-screen battle between Leon and Krauser would be awesome

  8. i would love to see more characters from the RE game series like Leon Ada ect. plus please bring the zombie slayin bk along with the urobros ideas and please please please please please dnt mk the bad guys so easy to knock off like the Executioner

  9. Use other viruses besides the T-Virus. Let’s see The Progenitor Virus and Dr. James Marcus become involved. Bring in Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen to accompany that. How about the G-Virus with the Birkin family? Leon and Ada? These are big elements, I know, but they’re devices that could make for a good PLOT if used appropriately.

  10. Just saw RE4 and damnnnn! It was so much like the games I thought I was trippin. I’m really disappointed though that Sienna only got like twenty seconds worth of screen time. The character of Jill is right up there with Alice and Claire. For the next movie I would just LOVE to see a battle between the three of them (Alice, Claire, Jill); I’d have a damn heartattack.

  11. Such a laundry list of things!!! Where do I start?

    1. Keep the scare factor but pump it up a bit. Action is fine to have, just keep it scary.
    2. Explain the Majini!
    3. Chainsaw Majinis please!
    4. More than one BOW. Zombies are cool but having more than just one special BoW would be great. I’d say an Uroboros Monster, the U-8 monster. Have at least one EPIC fight with a big monster.
    5. Keep it 3D. It’s a great addition to the series.
    6. Let other characters give the final blows to a monster, not just Alice.

  12. kill alice off cuz shes gettin really boring put leon in as the main man would kick ass or have em both in but i think alice should be killed of personally

    • no no no no no no she cant die the movie would really suck

  13. I would love to see more of a scare factor. I remember growing up and the game scaring the hell out of me and i want to see the in the movies. Give me more alice with a relistic type scenerio. Give us more of a good story like the dark night but be sure to keep the action coming. RE4 is my favortie (next to extinction). Keep it up. The more scary action and great plots/themes the better

  14. When Chir sees JIll have a flashback of the mansion from the 1st re game and make it good please. So a part of the game is actually in the movie

    • *When Chris sees Jill have a flashback of the mansion from the 1st re game and make it good please. So a part of the game is actually in the movie

    • that makes absolutley no sense… chris wasn’t part of the S.T.A.R.S. Team in the movies, although they did keep his military background, he was not part of the S.T.A.R.S. team. And secondly it was already Printed that Jill’s Partner in S.T.A.R.S. was Leon S. Kennedy.

  15. I did not like Afterlife as much as the previous 3 films. The first three were so much better.

    I would like to see Alice get her superpowers back again, even it’s just for a moment before she becomes human again. I love Alice as a strong heroine. Please show us more Alice strength, one way or another.

    Milla is a goddess and she really makes those movies!

    I know that there are gamers who dislike her, but there are also true Alice-fans who loved the superpowers and all. There could be a reason (like an Umbrella attack or something) that would require her to inject herself with the T-virus and regain her superpowers for a while. That would be so good.

    I love Claire and Kmart. Please, don’t kill them off. More Milla & Ali ass-kicking, please!

    I know Jill is under the control of Umbrella, but please don’t kill her off. Make her be the baddie (with Wesker, if he survived) but then have Alice, Chris and Claire save her. I’m sure they could make Jill go back to her normal self.

    And please provide explanation for the few plotholes that RE4 had, e.g. Where the Axeman came from (?), Why the Zombie had tentacles (the manjini?)…

    • I like those points. I think Alice should always have her powers, it makes her that much better. And when you have great characters like Alice, Claire, Chris, and Jill you should never kill them off. The audience starts to build a relationship with these characters and then they get killed off, makes for a bad movie.

  16. And please provide a follow-up to Extinction’s suggestion that Alice’s blood is the cure…

  17. i think he should try and get some talent as a director, and make a film that is actually good. Could be a good start.

  18. I love the Resident Evil movies and my girl Milla is the best. I loved the fight scene in the prison shower with Alice and Claire. I think more action like that is the way to go. But whatever you guys are doing is working, I’m loving them all!!

  19. Sweet, here are some of my suggestions for the next movie:

    There should be a Wesker/Jill plot to the next movie. Jill should be the main villain, since in RE4 they showed her under Umbrella’s control. It’s also pretty obvious that Wesker survived, so the two of them should be the main baddies.

    Add some more scares and thrills. Action is good, but Resident Evil should stick with the horror trend.

    Have a smoother story than Extinction and Afterlife. There was barely ANY story in Afterlife, so they should try and explain some of the plotholes.

    And since Leon was Jill’s partner in Apocalypse, have him survive and make an appearance. A Jill/Leon fight would be epic!

    Go back to 2-D. They did a good job with the 3-D, but the movie itself was fuzzy and it only really came in handy during a few action scenes.

    • Was Jill the girl with blonde hair at the end of the movie? I don’t remember her in RE4. In the 2nd movie Jill had short dark hair, right?

      • Jill was not in Enxtinction, but it’s the same girl that played her in Apocalypse. She has blonde hair now, modeled after the RE5 video game character.

  20. My input… DON’T DO IT!!!

  21. 1- Buy a Playstation
    2- Buy Resident Evil
    3- Put the game in the Playstaion
    4- Select new game
    5- See what Resident Evil is for real

  22. OMG! That was Jill? I didn’t put that together at all….. I was wondering who that was…… Nice touch. As far as the next one, I know Paul loves his wife, we all do, but I agree with making some of the other characters have just as much screen time. Most of us, started the games with Leon, and know him the best, so definitely bring him in! Keep Chris and Claire and Alice…. Maybe do with Alice what they did with Han Solo… Ya know capture and freeze her and take her out of a big portion of the movie. But in the end ya get her back. And keep the action, but work on the horror atmosphere that is starting to become missing. Scare the hell out of us, not just give us eye candy! Looking forward to the next movie, and Thank You Paul for caring about the fans!!!!!!!!!

  23. No, thanks. No more sequels Thank you.

  24. The top five things/characters I would like to see in a fifth RE film:
    (no order)

    1- Leon S Kennedy.
    That appears to be across the board. Either his demise (which was mentioned in the news in RE2) was incorrect and he was presumed dead.

    2 – Jill Valentine
    perhaps with the strengths Alice once had and/or turned. ‘Tis a great cliffhanger/starting point for the next film.

    3 – Wasps/ Queen Bee
    just because I want them

    4- Ada Wong

    5- I don’t mind the 2-D, but by all means, keep it in 3D.

  25. to me these films are not Resident Evil films yes their cool but they just added the name of the games to it so it would do well and just added certain things from the games into the film.

    for me to be really happy about a Resident Evil film they have to be way scarier coz all 4 films have not been scary at all but they replaced the scare factor with the action factor which is cool but they need to keep to the games and have more scares and more suspense.
    then they need to base the story on the games (the first game would have made a proper SCARY film).

    as much as i like Wentworth Miller he was not a good choice to play Chris Redfield (plus he was pretty much just like Schofield in Afterlife lool)
    i would have chosen someone like Justin Hartley to play Redfield based on how he looked in RE5.

    but seeing as none of this is ever going to happen unless they remake the films id say KILL Alice at the start of the next film and just have Chris and Claire as the main characters and bring in the likes of Jill(well more of Jill) and Leon along for the ride and as someone said they need to make the big fights last longer and give them more suspense and thrill.
    they should definitely give the main characters a bigger and harder thing to kill coz so far they’ve all been pretty easy.
    the only thing i liked about Afterlife was Wesker the guy who plays him did a decent job but he needs to work on the accent a lil bit but other then that he was cool.

    oh i also think they need to stop Paul W.S. Anderson from writing the next film, they need to bring someone in who will be able to mix horror with action coz so far its been all about the action which is getting pretty boring.

  26. This franchise needs to be YANKED back in line with the Resident Evil games, and it seems like that means giving Anderson the heave-ho. Better do it now, and avoid the Christmas rush.

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