‘Resident Evil 5′: Paul W.S. Anderson Directing, New Characters, & More

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Resident Evil 5 Retribution Resident Evil 5: Paul W.S. Anderson Directing, New Characters, & More

When Resident Evil movie franchise mastermind Paul W.S. Anderson signed on to direct Pompeii earlier this year, there was reason to wonder if he would pass on helming the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution (a.k.a. Resident Evil 5).

Anderson has now been confirmed as both writer and director of the film, which will reportedly see Milla Jovovich’s Alice joined by a few familiar faces from the original Resident Evil video game and computer-animated movie universe – who have not shown up in live-action form before.

BD Horror News has confirmed that Anderson is directing his own screenplay for Retribution, like he did with the first and fourth Resident Evil movies (he scripted and produced the second and third films). Just like last year’s Resident Evil: Afterlife, the new installment will be shot in 3D.

Jovovich previously revealed that Retribution would see Alice travel to Japan in her continual fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation and its zombie spawn. No other significant plot details have been revealed about the film, which begins production this upcoming October.

One note of interest: earlier this year, Sienna Guillory revealed that she would be returning for Retribution as Ex-Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) member Jill Valentine – who was revealed to be a mind-controlled pawn during a post-credits scene in Afterlife . However, BD has been informed that the part is actually going to be recast.

Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine Resident Evil 5: Paul W.S. Anderson Directing, New Characters, & More

Who will play Jill Valentine in 'Resident Evil 5'?

While there’s been no official confirmation yet about whether or not Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller will be reprising their respective roles as Claire and Chris Redfield in Retribution, it would appear that Anderson is taking fan input to heart – by bringing onboard a couple of fan-favorite characters for the fifth Resident Evil flick.

One such fellow is Leon Scott Kennedy, who (in the Resident Evil 2 video game) had just begun his career as a cop in Raccoon City when the T-virus outbreak occurred. He also showed up as a secret government agent in the Resident Evil 4 game and appeared in the CGI film Resident Evil: Degeneration. A newspaper clipping claiming that Leon had been killed in the line of duty was shown briefly during the end credits of Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Obviously, there’s will have to be some retconning done in Retribution to account for that potential plot hole.

S.T.A.R.S. maintenance and weapon supply man (and good friend to Chris Redfield) Barry Burton will also be making an appearance in Retribution. There’s no word yet on what role he or Leon will play in the plot of the film – or what actors will be playing them – but expect that to change in the near future.

Resident Evil 4 Clips Resident Evil 5: Paul W.S. Anderson Directing, New Characters, & More

While Resident Evil: Afterlife was generally considered to have fallen short of being a great adaptation of the popular video game series, most fans agree it was a move in the right direction. Plus, seeing how it netted almost $300 million worldwide in theaters, there’s clearly still an audience up for watching Jovovich and Co. kick some serious zombie butt. It helps that Retribution actually has a chance to become the best entry in the franchise yet (not all that difficult a task, but still…).

Resident Evil: Retribution is slated to hit 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on September 14th, 2012.

Source: BD Horror News

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  1. I for one LOVE these movies, and I love the games as well, been playing them since the long box original version on the first incarnation of the Playstation Console…they are great fun, and to me, so are the films.

    • Same, but I was a bit disappointed with the last movie. Well, I enjoyed it for the most part, but I had some major issues with it, such as the final fight (it was more of a skirmish, and felt rushed).

  2. I wish they would scrap Milla’s character and use Resident Evil 4′s backstory/setting for the plot of the new film.

    • with ya there

  3. cant wait for this to come out!! =)

  4. These films need to make like Tupac and get shot…

    • naaaa, each RE film in entertaining and each have a unique feel to them. They are not winning any oscars but they are highly enjoyable!

      • Alpine I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think all the resident evil movies are amazing and they all have a unique touch to every movie. The videogames are awesome, but I don’t think the movie should be exactly like the videogames…. the 4th res evil sucked with the slow motion. No 3d please! :(

    • This fan disagrees….

      1 was good,
      2 is my favorite,
      3 is ok
      4 is back to good

  5. Man I really wished they’d stop, the story in that has been established in the games was great already. To change it and include “Alice” is beyond me. Story is completely out of whack and I guess if my significant other was the director I’d get to be in every movie too…

    • Stories established in the games I mean*

      • Capcom wouldnt let the story from the games or the characters be used in the first movie

  6. If they must make another, get Jensen Ackles for Leon.

    • YES

  7. WHY WHY WHY Don’t let captain slow-mo direct another one.

  8. I doubt they’ll recast Sienna Guillory. Milla stated that she was the only Jill Valentine and so did Paul Anderson.


  10. Huh, I thought I read on a different article that said Anderson WASN’T going to direct this one, just write and produce. Odd.

  11. Sienna Guillory tweeted that she is still in Resident Evil 5

  12. If we have leon and barry in the next movie… I will deff be up to watch it. I’m excited to see the new movie even though res evil 4 really disspointed me (really short movie, barely any 3d, and the death of the giant ax weilding zombie was a huuuge dissapointment) but I do agree it was a decent step in the right direction. Make sure leon is played by a prettyboy though! That’s how he looked in degeneration haha.

  13. I wish they would kill of the made up character Alice! I do like Sienna Guillory does look like Jill Valentine.

  14. I dont understand does that mean that Sienna Guillory will not reprise her role as Jill Valentine? It doesnt make sense they better not recast her because 1.) She is Hot to play Jill Valentine 2.) she is the perfect character for that role and 3.)If they recast her the movie is going to suck without her..I was expecting Jill and Wesker Battling it out with once again Chris Redfield and Milla lol..I really hope they do not recast her that will be the biggest mistake they will ever make.

  15. Again Sienna Guillory confirmed she is still in Resident Evil 5 on twitter

    See for your self on her twitter page.

  16. It is going to be entry it the resient evill film series and it will be truly great zombies film of all time.

  17. It’s about dang time they get Leon in there!!! I to am getting tired of Alice, sorry Milla, you’re great and all but yawn… More so since they have not put her into a game, not even a tie in cameo. I say make Leon the main character and have Alice secondary. Also I want to see a much better non talking Tyrent monster. And the hunters too. oh and lastly ease up on the damn slow motion!!!! It’s tiresome!!

  18. I would like to see Matt Schulze play Barry

  19. Is it confirmed that there re-casting Jill?

    • They should definetly cast Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 5. If they werent going to cast her why would they show her at the end credits for AfterLife. It would be stupid and a mistake to totally re-cast a character that has been missed in both Exinction and AfterLife. The second Resident Evil movie “Apocolypse” was made better and more exciting by Sienna Guillory (JIll Valentine) being in the movie. Why all the hype just to cast it all down.

  20. What about our mastermind Albert Wesker? Any word if he will be making a re-appearance?

    It was awesome news to hear he was going to be having a larger role (finally) in Resident Evil: Afterlife, but it was such a let down to see he hardly had any screen time. To make things worse the majority of his time on screen is spent getting shot by chris\claire repeatedly and getting blown up. I just think its a huge waste to not incorporate him more into the franchise.

    I know this will never happen, but is it to much to ask for to get a short film featuring the first mansion?

    • *The mansion from the first RE1 video game, with also the same plot\characters. Now that would be awesome.

  21. give us some jumpy sceneslike the first two games, and i’m in.

    • Because they will make money unfortunately, but I agree with you whole-heartedly.

    • I agree get rid of alice already she killed all the r.e. Movies man.

  22. i loved the slo mo! It was a throw back to the games when they would show chris redfield’s rocket blowing up a tyrant, or leon’s hollow point making a mess out of some monster. The last movie was definitely a step in the right direction with the characters introduced and where the story is headed

  23. It is great news that Paul W.S. Anderson is directing Resident Evil 5 but I hope Jill Valentine wouldn’t be recasted and that Sienna Guillory repirses her role.

    I think Jensen Ackles or Jeremy Renner would be great as Leon S. Kennedy.

    Maybe in this movie, Alice gets killed off so the audience would be shocked just like Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea and then no one is the main lead where anyone can get infected and turn into a zombie.

  24. I stopped playing the games after RE3.

  25. Jensen Ackles or Jeremy Renner. Did you say chris redfield and Leon S. Kennedy?

    • Jeremy Renner is too high caliber for this series now. And that Miller dude is already Chris Redfield.

  26. Yes, keep it coming,