Official ‘Resident Evil 5′ Plot Synopsis Released

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Resident Evil 5 Retribution Official Resident Evil 5 Plot Synopsis Released

Considering all the plot-related info concerning Re5ident Evil: Retribution (as the fifth RE flick is now officially titled) that’s been leaked by franchise starlet Milla Jovovich and her husband/director Paul W.S. Anderson, it seems odd that an actual official synopsis for the newest installment in the post-zombapocalyptic video game-based franchise hasn’t been unveiled – before now.

Screen Gems has gone ahead and released the official Retribution synopsis; in related news, a teaser trailer for the movie should be arriving very soon (in all likelihood, attached to prints of the upcoming Underworld Awakening).

Here is the official, spoiler-free lowdown on the plot of the fifth RE film:

The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, Alice (Milla Jovovich), awakens in the heart of Umbrella’s most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she once thought to be true. Aided by newfound allies and familiar friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. The countdown has begun.

Based on this storyline summary, Retribution sound pretty straight-forward and basic (ie. another round of Alice vs. zombies, with some (shocking?) plot twists thrown into the mix). However, as die-hard RE fans are undoubtedly aware, Anderson has actually taken fan input to heart and will (at long last) be bringing several beloved characters and popular monsters to life in live-action form, including: Ada Wong (Bingbing Li), Leon Scott Kennedy (Johann Urb), zombies infected with the Las Plagas virus, the disgusting Lickers, and even a big action set piece directly based on one of the more famous ones from the original RE games.

That’s all to say: if you’re still a RE fan (and, judging by the box office receipts for Resident Evil: Afterlife, there are a lot of you) then your loyalty looks to be rewarded, since Retribution should have better action, improved shot-in-3D effects, more interesting character dynamics, and perhaps the best storyline out of any RE flick to date – and yeah, we know the latter accomplishments won’t exactly be hard to manage.

Re5ident Evil: Retribution will be released in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on September 14th, 2012. As was mentioned before, check back on Screen Rant for the teaser trailer in the near future.

Source: Screen Gems

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  1. Can’t wait. Just with they would give us a trailer already

    • yeah been waiting for trailer for awile and cant wait to see jill valentine again =D

      • They’re not having to original actress who played Jill in Apocolypse again because she backed out, so they’ve cast someone else, sorry :/ Was looking forward to seeing her too xD

        • Ummmm it’s he same actress thats playing Jill. Where did you hear she backed out?

          • *The

  2. The thing I never felt comfortable with in the movies compared to the game, is that in the movies, zombies are everywhere, and the human population in in decline and nearly extinct, but not in the games… Overall I like RE movies, I think of them as a more of a “What if?” kinda thing, what if the virus wasnt contained at raccoon city?

    Lastly, question, I havent played much of the games aside from RE5, but when you said “and even a big action set piece directly based on one of the more famous ones from the original RE games.” Which one are you talking about? What game? Was it a boss fight?

    • That’s actually how I see the whole movie series as a whole: A big ‘What if?’ story. it’s most of the reason why I like them.

      To answer your question though,they could be taking a book out of RE: Code Veronica if the movie takes place all over but that’s my guess…

  3. Didn’t the whole world turn into a desert/road warrior thing in the 3rd flick? Can’t imagine humanity or zombies lasting too much longer.

  4. I might complain about it when I see it but it still will kick a lot of ass regardless.

    Hasn’t this ass clown director has killed Resident Evil movie wise enough ?
    OMG THIS IS M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender!
    How do you FUBAR something that’s already been written out & laid in front of you? HOW?!
    Resident Evil was never about 1 person & yet Milla Jovovich keeps popping up why ? because she’s the wife of the director ? Major characters in the Resident Evil game storyline as Jill, Claire, Chris & others has appeared in the Resident Evil movies only to play a bad supporting character to Milla Jovovich’s Alice. The Resident Evil movies has gotten worse to the point where Resident Evil: Afterlife was extremely laughable to where it’s not worth owning.
    Now they’re going to add Ada Wong & Leon to be overshadowed by Alice in this next train wreck.
    I’m sorry very sorry but Paul W. S. Anderson’s ResidentEvil movies are getting my vote & biggest support for movies in need of a remake. And i’ll be so ever thankful when it happens.

    • I’m a huge fan of the RE series, it’s what got me into gaming when I was at the tender age of 9. Since then zombies have become a staple in my movie collection.

      With that said, I disagree with you about these movies. They’ve all been entertaining, they’ve all had zombies, and they’ve all involved the Umbrella Corp. I’m not really interested in seeing movies copying video game plots or events down to a ‘T’ (virus, ha ha). The inclusion of known characters is enough to make me giddy, regardless of the disconnect plotwise from the video games.

      “Close enough” is good enough for me.

      • This movie sucks and the only way i will see it is if Alice dies. Hopefully they reboot the franchise soon and someone makes a more faithful adaptation!

    • @VampireWicked. I disagree with you 110%. I could care less the movies dont follow the video game story line to a T. That would be boring. And Alice is a GREAT character! The RE series has 4 movies that are unique in thier own way. And they also get better and better. They will not win an oscar’s or anything but they are pure fun and entertainment (not laughable IMO). If you dont like them, dont watch them. Like the article says: There is a HUGE fanbase for these movies. I am one of them. I say keep bringing them Paul and forgive VampireWicked for calling you an assclown. :)

      • The ResidentEvil movies aren’t my cup of tea.
        They don’t have to follow the games step for step word for word but at least they could be more horror & alot less horrible.
        I find them to be like very bad John Woo flim with zombies thrown in the mix.
        I found the beginning of ResidentEvil Afterlife where Alice becomes human again then the aircraft she’s on crashes & explodes directly into a mountain & she comes out without a scratch very laughable & i won’t deny how awful it was by saying ResidentEvil rocks.
        Actually I found the last two ResidentEvil movies is as corny as the Charlie Angels movies & i think Paul W. S. Anderson is a drunken assclown that’s making each ResidentEvil movie worse as it goes along.
        I hope these movies get rebooted with so much speed it causes a sonic boom & the shock wave obliterates Paul W. S. Anderson’s ResidentEvil from memory.
        The christmas fruit cakes of movies
        1. Resident Evil: Afterlife
        2. Resident Evil: Extinction
        3. Charlie’s Angels
        4. Batman & Robin
        5. Batman Forever

        • Vampirewicked and likeminded trollers: Right in the RULES for commenting it says “No profanity or personal attacks”. Please do everyone a favor who has the misfortune of scrolling through your posts to be a peach and learn to read before you write. Cussing out directors is both A. use of profanity and B. a personal attack. If you truly do not appreciate this or other game-inspired movie franchises, then go back to your mothers basement and return to your game console playing the originals that you worship and rudely elevate in the face of professionals in the movie industry. If you INSIST on sharing your narrow-minded opinions with the rest of the fanbase on movie website forums; please do so respectfully, by following the simple – one sentence rule line – and wash out your filthy mouth before posting. Thank you kindly,

        • you sir, are immature. that is all c; get out kid. nobody cares what you think of the RE movies we just wanna enjoy them without idiots like you trying to either “troll” or actually insult other people ( i cant really tell which one you’re doing) get out of here you “clown” c;

          the movies don’t have to follow the game storyline.. thats what makes them original. and scary or not..they’re still good horror/action films. and really? insulting John WOO? you really are a disgrace. His films are great too!!

          • sorry by the way to “fangirl” not trying to attack anybody but this guy just deserved it! lol

  6. Ok here is how ALL the RE series are:
    The Resident Evil book series are about only Alice and her problems with Umbrella.

    The Resident Evil video game series are about the famous characters we know and love and how they face Umbrella and have all their own personal reasons why to do so. Chris Redfield, Leon S Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Wesker, Nemesis and Tyrant, ETC, our loved ones.

    The Resident Evil movie series are about Alice meeting all the characters we know and love and how they fight Umbrella together. Also the movie concludes the sequel of the “loved character” that was featured to the continuing story-line to the game . Example: Resident Evil: After Life continuation is Resident Evil 5

  7. This news pleases me.

  8. I do have to ask, does it annoy anyone else when studios try to be “hip” and put the number within the words of the title. Example: Re5ident Evil: Retribution, or the tentative title for Tron Legacy was Tr2n, and Spider-man 4 was doing the same thing before it got canned: Spider-m4n.

    I’m not gonna freak out about this or anything, but it does get somewhat annoying and is actually quite ridiculous. Anyway, just a little nitpicking on my part.

    • I believe the movie “se7en” was the first to do this and it just became a trendy but now cliche crutch for graphic designers to use (or now overuse)

    • 1 kn0w what y0u m3an. 1 h8te that. :-D

  9. I dont need the flicks to be more like the video game but more like an a tuslly horror/zombie film. These movies are trash.

    Less running on walls more running for your life.

  10. Lol @Ghost was about to say something about that. No doubt theres some marketing spychology behind it. My assumption is that the presentation of a sequel’s number in a non traditional way may act as a device to obtain more attention and give the impression tothe general potential customer that there might be more to this sequel as its not “playing by the rules”. I’m reaching perhaps, but guarranteed somewhere in Tinsle town somebody did a focus group and found that there was more interest or appeal for the movie because of it. Like all marketing gimmicks they do get played out rather quickly so I’m sure they’ll replace it with something else in thr next year or two.

  11. This series really needs to be rebooted and follow the story of the video games but for now I will look forward to seeing what they have done in the fifth movie.

  12. Do not follow the games, takes away all the shockvalue and you already know what’s going to happen considering you’ve played the games. I would not go pay to go watch them if they did it that way. No point going through the same events just from a video game to a movie. The “what if” scenario suits it good. Besides if they did make it just like the game, people would still cry because they would have to change stuff (like the doors, why can’t you just kick down a locked door?) they could change it to some type of metal door that can’t be kicked in, but over the top fans would cry over that too, and people running around going (I need a Heart shaped key to open this door that I could kick in and save the time) just wouldnt sit right with audiences.

  13. The movies should have been survival/horror like the games (RE5 not included), not action/adventure. Alice as a character was lame, especially giving her psychic powers. It would have been better if they had made the movies about one of the characters in the video games. The last thing, which is very important, is that these movies and the lead actress are horrible; the only reason that most people watch these movies is because it’s named after the games, which is unnecessary.

  14. Spoiler Alert

    Wait, I’ve got it. There is a super secret Umbrella corp. base on the moon and this is Alice’s last hope to escape a living dead planet! The answer was in the last sentence…….”The countdown has begun”. Moonraker meets Zombie Apocalypse!

    Sorry I ruined this for anyone ><

  15. Is luther in this or did they forget about him

    • he’s in it.

  16. Ok, someone please explaine what is happening in this movie im so cinfused i cannot take it anymore.

  17. i think its awesome that leon and ada r in it. and so what id chris claire and jill were in it the movies and games bounce off each other thats what makes them so intersting and cool!