‘Resident Evil 5′ Casting Roundup Features New & Familiar Faces [Updated]

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Resident Evil Afterlife Featurette Resident Evil 5 Casting Roundup Features New & Familiar Faces [Updated]

The cast for Paul W. S. Anderson’s fifth entry in the Resident Evil movie series – titled Resident Evil: Retribution – is quickly coming together. Many an actor and actress will be reprising their role from previous installments, including (obviously) Milla Jovovich as Alice, Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine, and Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampo, among others.

Anderson will be adding some fresh (acting) blood to the fifth RE flick, which will include a handful of fan-favorite characters who’ve not yet shown up in live-action form – like ex-Raccoon City cop Leon Scott Kennedy and S.T.A.R.S. weapons specialist Barry Burton.

Deadline has confirmed that all of the previously-mentioned thespians are onboard for Retribution – as are Boris Kodjoe and Shawn Roberts, who will reprise their Resident Evil: Afterlife roles as Luther West and the villainous Albert Wesker, respectively. Jovovich also confirmed a couple weeks back that Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller, and Spencer Locke’s onscreen¬†RE¬†counterparts will be involved with the plot of Retribution (though the three stars will apparently not actually be in the film – more on that later).

Newcomers to the Resident Evil franchise include actors Kevin Durand (3:10 to Yuma, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, “Martin Keamy” on Lost) and Johann Urb (the TV series Eastwick, Dirt). There’s no word yet on Durand’s role, but Urb will portray a “leader of the Resistance, who teams with Jovovich’s Alice” in Retribution.

[UPDATE: Milla Jovovich has confirmed (via STYD) that Urb is in fact playing Leon Scott Kennedy.]

Oded Fehr will also appear in Retribution, reprising his turn as former soldier Carlos Olivera from the second and third RE films (Apocalypse and Extinction)… despite the character having (seemingly) perished during the climax of Extinction. Flashbacks, perhaps?

oded fehr resident evil 3 Resident Evil 5 Casting Roundup Features New & Familiar Faces [Updated]

Ali Larter, Oded Fehr, and Milla Jovovich in 'Resident Evil: Extinction'

Plot-wise, Retribution will revolve around Claire (Larter) and Chris Redfield (Miller) – along with K-Mart (Locke) – being taken prisoner by the Umbrella Corporation. It will also see Alice and Co. battling the “bigger, faster, strong” breed of zombies that are infected by the Las Plagas virus – and promises to be the most action-packed installment in the franchise yet.

Anderson is shooting Retribution in 3D – with the intention of using the extra dimension to (likewise) amp up the stylish action quotient even more. Considering the filmmaker now has two 3D projects under his belt – Afterlife and next month’s The Three Musketeers – he should be more apt at utilizing the format in a less blatantly-gimmicky fashion than in the fourth RE flick.

Overall: if you’re still a loyal fan of the Resident Evil movies – and, judging by the box office returns for the last entry, there are still a whole lot of you – then Retribution is shaping up to be the most satisfying installment yet.


Resident Evil: Retribution is scheduled for theatrical release in the U.S. on September 14th, 2012.

Source: Deadline

Update Source: STYD

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  1. looking good!

    • Yeah it is looking except it sucks that ali and wentworth won’t be in it they were both amazing in afterlife but excited to see to see jill and carlos come back!

  2. Sounds great I cant wait =)

  3. Although I to want to see if Ada Wong will make an appearance since her and Leon Kennedy Are vital enemies but in a way im thinking they already have enough characters in the Story so who knows Im just curious to see who is going to Play Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong if she does make an enterance

  4. Warren Miller? Don’t you mean Wentworth?

    • Yeah, I do – sorry about that. :-P

      It’s been fixed.

  5. They should explain what happened to kaplan I mean yea he was tossed out of a train but still

    • Chad Kaplan perhaps is one of my most favorite characters of RE franchise. He stood out among all the casts in the first film IMO. I wish he appeared more on the series, because his “death” in the first film is unclear enough for him to make an appearance in the next films.

  6. Sweet the cast is looking better and better

  7. Would like to see Jensen Ackles as Leon. Perfect casting if that were the case.

  8. Ill watch it cause leon is in it, im a huge fan of RE4. Not holding my breath thou, thought the last one would be good, but it was garbage.

  9. Yeah wonder whose idea it was to get wentworth to play chris redfield.

  10. Alice
    K-Mart……..a lot of characters in this move.

    • Sounds exciting.. but how in the heck are they going to write the Rain character back in?

      • I think it is just one of Alice’s Flashbacks that bring Carlos And Rain Back Into This Resident Evil Because They Obviously Died From The Previous RE Unless The Umbrella Corporation Has Something To Do With It.

  11. …movie I mean

  12. Ok first off let me start by saying this will ruin the beginning to end factor. THEY ARE GOING TO THE PAST PEOPLE!!! No onwe wants to see the charactors magicly revived or ack in to play after they already died because we all know what happens to them (Rain, and Carlos) Honesrly if I were to ever watchthis movie I think I will wait for it to go to redbox for a dollar because that is all its worth to me at this point.

    • I’m guessing the returning characters will be shown in flashbacks.

    • OK if u seriously dont like this movie series and u think it is a bad idea what they r doing, then DONT WATCH IT AND DONT POST RUDE COMMENTS ON HERE!!! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR UR WHINING AND I DONT SEE U PPL COMING UP WITH ANYTHING BETTER!!!!!!! Me, i cant wait till the 5th movie and just bc it doesnt match the games, WHO CARES! IT DOESNT HAVE TO, THINK ABOUT HOW THESE COMMENTS HURT THE DIRECTOR’S FEELINGS U JERKS!!! :P

  13. but if its just a speculations then good for you hopefully this will not happen to the fact that the dead charactors are back…

  14. 4 was terrible, they should reboot this mess, director and all. i wouldn’t even call 4 an action movie b/c it hardly had any action in it, plus it was all a chaotic mess (executioner not being explained, the virus evolving from what i recall wasn’t properly explained either). i didn’t even end up watching it all (same deal with 3, turned it off after the telekinetic bs).

    what i dont understand is how they can get an zombie movie with mutants wrong, even if they didn’t have the characters from the game in the movies, it would be pretty hard screw it up. the only reason these chaotic train wrecks have been making as much as they have is b/c young teens jump at anything with:
    hot women

    • Ok attention to detail is something you need cause at the end of two you see Alice use telekinesis powers and do they explain the executioner in the video game resident evil 5 no and anything can have a mutation even a virus just because you fail to pay attention is your problem not the directors

      • They don’t have to explain everything it should just be common sense!!!!

    • hey zombies,hot women,blood/gore,guns and the like is wat sell so forgive the director4 tryn2 make profit. these movies have been border line sci fi genre since #1 strict n lame rules of old school zombie flicks DO NOT apply so skys the limit n i recon the director did ok wit #4 considering the huge leaps that were made in the time2 cover it

  15. it wont happen, but…
    the best new Resident Evil movie would be a stand alone based on the plot of RE4 which was arguably the best RE game since the original

  16. I enjoy these movies as a guilty pleasure, guess I am glad to see another, but seriously I would so much rather see them reboot it and follow the games at least somewhat.

  17. Well this article is incorrect… Claire (Larter), Chris (Miller), & KMart (Locke) will not be back for this Retribution film. They’ve all been abducted by Umbrella & are imprisoned. Maybe if there’s a RE6, then they’ll be back. I for one am puzzled on the fact infected/dead characters from the previous films are coming back, that doesn’t add up to me. If they’re clones or ghosts then it’s not a good idea, only flashbacks make sense. But I did see a video of Michelle being fitted for a harness which means action scenes. Still if not flashbacks, then the whole idea of the dead heroes returning seems ugh. If that’s the case, what’s the point of the zombie apocalypse? When you can just go around bringing ur dead/undead friends & family back alive & to the human condition. Wouldn’t it mean they have a cure, & if that’s it there would have never been a film after RE2

    • My apologies about the casting mistake – it’s been corrected.

  18. Wish they hadn’t of killed off Oded Fahr’s character, he was one of the bright spots of the series.

  19. I liked the last one so I will be watching this one.

    I hope Jensen does get cast.

    • Jensen is a ‘No’ for this film, which is too bad he’s a great actor. He can’t do this movie due to the fact he’s obligated & busy filming Supernatural

  20. The 2 photos posted on the article is very funny…

  21. Great update.

    I think some of the old characters will be back in flasbacks.

    I hope Resident Evil 5 has more action scenes, more scary scenes and maybe some great fights.

  22. This is all so exciting to hear, and I’m definitely ready for a 5th Resident Evil Film!

  23. I’m so happy that carlos is coming back i love him.

  24. I was placing my bets on Maggie Q to be casted as Ada Wong but sadly, the role went to Li BingBing. I love Maggie Q, I think she can kick some ass, like in Nikita. But still, I can’t wait to see Milla in RE: Retribution.

  25. resident evil!!! is the best movie in the world!!! ooohh yeeess!! i love resident evil!!!

  26. i love Ali Larter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!