Resident Evil 4 To Kick Off New Trilogy

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resident evil 4 Resident Evil 4 To Kick Off New Trilogy

You can’t keep a good zombie down.

We knew that Resident Evil 4 was in the works, currently titled Resident Evil 4: Afterlife, it has a release date of September 17, 2010

However, we now know that the new film will be shot in 3D (isn‘t everything these days), franchise star Milla Jovovich will return along with original Resident Evil writer/director Paul WS Anderson who bowed out of directing the two sequels, although he did pen the scripts.

Speaking to Shock Till You Drop Anderson said:

“I always envisioned Resident Evil as a trilogy of films and we’ve been very lucky where it’s a trilogy where the audience has built and built. I wanted to kick off a brand new trilogy. I’m really excited we’re doing it [in 3-D] and we’re using the same camera system [James] Cameron used for Avatar. There are a lot of exciting things about this one. I don’t regard it as Resident Evil 4, I regard it as a re-tooling and rebirth of the entire franchise.”

Over the last decade or so director Paul WS Anderson has become something of a whipping boy for critics and fan boys. He’s directed a wide variety of high-concept genre films such as Kurt Russell’s Soldier, Death RaceAlien Vs Predator and Mortal Kombat that have failed to meet expectations due to their source material. The Soldier script was set in the same world as Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Having said that I find Soldier to be a guilty pleasure and feel that Russell delivers a fantastic performance in the film even though he only has a few lines of dialogue.

The Resident Evil films, while not exactly high art are diverting enough popcorn films and when compared to other game adaptations they seem like high art. A 3D zombie film would also be interesting with their penchant for out-stretched arms, so maybe this will be one to watch next fall.

Resident Evil: Afterlife starts shooting in Canada on September 28, and it will be released on September 17, 2010.

Source: Shock Till You Drop and Bloody Disgusting

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  1. I hope they make the new Resi movies more like the game. The first 3 films sucked, in my opinion. And nobody likes a fast zombie.

  2. I have to own up to finding the films are real guilty pleasure. Partly, I have to confess, because of Jovovich. But it takes a really bad zombie film for me to dislike it.
    As far as game to films go they’re certainly the best of a (massive) bad bunch.
    Not sure about the retooling though. The last one only came out a few years ago, could just make it a sequel and take it in another direction.
    I’ll definately go see this.

  3. Any chance of Leon making an appearance? This is RE4 so it would be kinda fitting.

  4. 1st RE: 6/10
    2nd RE: 3/10
    3rd RE: 3/10

    It is not just my opinion, but rather the majority of the world’s that these movies suck. The first was fair, but not even that good. The next two just had some cool scenes and that was that.
    If they come out with a sequel will I watch it? Sadly enough yes.
    For some reason as stupid and as bad as these movies are I keep ocming back, maybe it is the mindless mutilations I dont know know what it is.

    But a new set trilogy with Jovavich might work. I would prefer that they keep the plot closer to the video games of RE 1,2,4 and Veronica. All of those had great storylines and would make for a decent flick. We need to have a darker nighttime element and explorations of creepy mansions, sewers, and train systems. We dont need a mob of zombies and big fight scenes but rather big scares. It would also be a good idea to have the whole puzzle thing in the movie by having people have to solve puzzles to get into different areas.
    The movie should try and generate the sam etype of feel as “Quarantine” did. I felt that Quarantine was a GREAT movie and everything that RE could have been if done properly. Stick to those guideline and maybe this one will be a better success

  5. I liked them. I loved the aspect of the fast zombie. I like it when they try and make it a different story from the rest of the genre. I am looking forward to this, but the 3D thing is getting overplayed. Stick to the cartoons for now.

  6. Can I get a “WHAT WHAT!” for calling the 3-D earlier this month after the announcement that the 5th game will be done in 3-D as well?

  7. “He’s directed a wide variety of high-concept genre films such as Kurt Russell’s Soldier, Death Race, Alien Vs Predator and Mortal Kombat that have failed to meet expectations due to their source material.”


    Explain how MK failed to meet expectations? The “source” material was a fighting game with almost no story. He turned it into a kick ass movie.

    Soldier and Death Race were also very entertaining and engaging movies.

    Aliens vs Predator, while entertaining, were pretty crappy.

    Event Horizon was also pretty damn good.

    Anderson has become the “whipping boy” for critics and he does not deserve it.

  8. The first one I liked, the 2nd was just OK, the 3rd I wanted to forget.

    MK game did have a story. Each character had a backstory why they were in the tournament. While I did like the movie, Sonya Blade should have been played by someone else (someone with martial-arts skill). I also liked the first AVP; the 2nd was crap. Event Horizon was just Ok for me; it could have been soo much better. I agree about Soldier and Death Race.

  9. I know what you’re saying but a couple of paragraphs of “story” on each character isn’t saying much. I just think credit should be given to the writers/director for creating a pretty good story.

    Sonya Blade, I agree. Although I would rather have SB from MK1 than the soccer mom from MK:A.

    AVP were entertaining. Not great movies. I liked them (1st one was way better).

    I really liked Event Horizon. I think it’s an underrated film

    Anyway, my point is that people are too harsh on Anderson.

  10. Death Race was awesome, mostly because it didn’t even try to be a remake. As far as the RE movies go, I like them. Definitely feel the second one is the weakest by far, but at least Jovovich is back. That’s what really had me worried; that they were just going to drop the cliffhanger ending of 3 in favor of following Ali Larter’s character.

    3D worries me, though. We haven’t even seen if it’s going to work for Avatar yet, and while I have enourmous faith in Cameron’s ability to work with those new cameras, the same cannot be said for Anderson at all.

    And as much I love Resident Evil, we don’t need six movies… Four’s even pushing it.

  11. wait!!! Wait!!! Wait!!!
    Hold the Disemboady voices & Crazy gun fights.

    did the “MAD MAX”-ish movie that was the 3 film in the series end with a Sh*t Load of Mila J. Clones threating wesker who is a millions miles away in japan.

    so are we gunna be seeing a Lot of CG-mila Copys Jump’in around Japan ????

    i really wish they follow the Games abit more.
    i mean im intriged by the Alice Character, but the Had theTYRANT in the film, but the tyrant was in the 1st game, yet he’s the 3rd movies big villan ?


    Romero’s Script for the 1st resident evil film was way better in my opinion.

  12. Fast zombies make more sense depending on how far into decay they are so maybe a combo of slow and fast zombies would work. As for mr Anderson GET THE HELL OFF OF VIDEO GAME SCRIPTS AND KEEP YOUR DIRTY MITTS AWAY FROM ANY MORE ALIEN VS PREDATOR FLICKS.

    AS for 3D I wear glasses so I can’t really get the full 3-D effect that much. Since anderson is behind this it will come off as a crappier version of My Bloody Valentine 3D. I really have no idea why Paul WS (Willfully Sucking) Anderson tends produce one good or decent flick then slide back down the ladder to WTF ARE YOU DOING STATUS as far as directing and writing goes.

  13. Why do they instist on ruining great video game stories? The original had great horror movie written all over it!!!! Go back to the drawing board and “reboot” the damn thing!!! I just hope they dont ruin the Dead Space movie, it could use a little more then Resident Evil for movies sake….BUT NOT MUCH!!!

  14. I agree with Huggybear, so far they have been poor compared to the games.

  15. @tasouli
    i agree with you about following the games, i think they should make a movie only about 2 with just leon and claire. and then one based on RE4 with leon goin to that village. i love mila in the movies but i think that the new movies should be based on the games

  16. personally i feel that pwsa is a great writer and better director, lets face it death race was great, the soldier i saw for the first time last night and it was brilliant, resident evil (2002) was a hell of a movie, great action, awesome storyline, clostraphobic type setting, although it is similar to the first resident evil game, game = mansion, movie = hive, both had labratories so it was very close.

    maybe anderson has done something, like a side story for the movies, say claire and leon did escape raccoon city on the train line, wesker and chris were in the spencer mansion.

    Wentworth Miller is a great choice for chris redfield, but for all those wondering, he wont play the resident evil 5 version of chris, he will play the one from the first 2 games chris was in.

    Jensen Ackles is a maybe choice for kennedy, ali larter is coming back (although i thought claire should be played by kristen bell), wesker has changed actors from o’mara to another guy who looks the same, which will give us something to look forward to.

    i like the setting, L.A. post apocalyptic, chris redfield, alice, claire redfield, billy coehn, and remember the black guy from outbreak files 1 & 2, well boris kodjoe will be playing him.

    i love resident evil and the films have all been off the game mark, but very entertaining, if it was exactly like the game then what would be the point in watching it, because we would already know what happens.

    re1 – chris, jill, barry, rebecca and billy survive
    re2 – leon and claire escape on train
    re3 – jill escapes by helicopter
    re4 – leon kills salazar, escapes on jetski
    re5 – chris kills wesker, escapes on chopper.

    re1 movie – alice and matt survive
    re2 movie – alice, jill, carlos, angie, lj survive
    re3 movie – alice enters umbrella corp.

    thats why the movies are so good, because they are amazingly newer, like i said if they were exactly like the games then we would already know what happens.

  17. And the Harry Potter Movies are a huge flop because everyone already knows what is going to happen… rotflmbo XD
    Many have no clue what the games are truely about, a movie following the games closely would let them know (and thus they would truely understand why the gamers felt royally screwed by the movies and dare I say agree with them), and the fans of the game… much like the fans of the novels of Twillight (gringe =.=) and Harry Potter, would throughly enjoy a Resident Evil movie given the same care in sticking to the true story and feel of the games.
    That being said… the first movie I loved and I felt it could still fit into the realm of resident evil, thou not perfectly, but it hit the right survival horror notes. I could not wait to see one of my favorite characters in the second, Jill Valentine. Then I saw it >.< The problem with the movies… other than the fact they have nothing to do what-so-ever with Resident Evil… they screw with our much loved video game characters making them nothing more than fowl mouthed canon fodder. These movies are carrying the Resident Evil name and clearly not living up to it, not even in the smallest aspect. The movies are fine as popcorn fluff goes, but after the first movie Resident Evil should have been pulled from the titles and all the video game characters should have been left unused and far removed. Don't slap a horse costume on a mule and tell a cowboy “This is one fine steed” and not expect to get an old fashioned butt whuppin.