Resident Evil 4 Confirmed? Here’s What They Should Do Instead…

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Here are some screenshots from the game if you’re unfamiliar with it (click to enlarge):

resident evil 5 chris redfield and sheva alomar Resident Evil 4 Confirmed? Here’s What They Should Do Instead…
Chris Redfield and partner Sheva Alomar in RE5

resident evil 5 movie Resident Evil 4 Confirmed? Here’s What They Should Do Instead…
Chris Redfield having his face eaten by a Majini

resident evil 5 video game Resident Evil 4 Confirmed? Here’s What They Should Do Instead…
Working for the BSAA has its perks – Multiple-gun-turret Hummers!

resident evil 5 executioner boss chris redfield Resident Evil 4 Confirmed? Here’s What They Should Do Instead…
Boss fight against an Executioner

Although, perhaps having less horror, more adventure and cool visuals/scenery would make the movie more appealing to the masses as it did to the gaming audience.

Then again, for Sony, these low-budget films are easy to finance, quick to make, and they always turn a nice profit. Money talks!

In the Milla Jovovich franchise so far, each movie has been able to make a little more than its predecessor with the last installment, Resident Evil: Extinction, banking nearly $150 million worldwide.

So, despite claims from those involved that the third installment was the end of the franchise, it’s no surprise the fourth is on its way. This news confirms what Paul Anderson said almost exactly one year ago that he was planning the fourth and in talks with Sony about it.

Do you want a 4th Resident Evil film or should they abandon the current franchise and go instead in an entirely different direction?


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  1. Yeah, didn’t know what to think when the news of it came out.

    The trilogy was below average but the last movie almost made up for it…it was pretty decent.

    As far as making it like RE5, why not RE4? RE5 would just be an action movie. RE4 had everything, action, suspense, atmosphere. It was just all around one of the best video games I’ve ever played (and I played a lot). Few would disagree with that.

    Not sure where they’re going with this one but I’ll definitely watch it.

  2. @ ogb,

    They could definitely do that as well – I only mention 5 as it is the most recent and by far the most successful and widely-played game of the series so far.

  3. The movies are crap and the should have stopped with the first the games are amazing the crown jewel is RE4 for sure and I have pounded the crap out of RE5

  4. @ ogb. Totally agree with you. I really think they should based it on the RE4. I just love every inch of that game!

  5. @ ogb
    Though profoundly surprised at your comment on the trilogy, I also agree with using RE4 instead of 5 for the film pitch. RE5 definitely completely left the Survival Horror genre in vid games and went straight into Adventure-Action with poor legacy controls for the genre. While 4 had great mini-games and cool plotline, 5 was WAY too linear and little to show for (hardly any puzzles in the game, also in 4 at least you would want to try and combine your hunted treasure with other jewels for higher value, 5 gives you none of the option). Although graphics have gotten a huge UP, the game play was slashed down to a sad copy of 4. I would almost call it the Hollywood sequel [RE5]of a video game that received great success [RE4].

    RE5 would make a pretty decent action movie, I agree, but RE4 would be able to bring in even more to a plotline, provided that Hollywood doesn’t skin it to the bones first.

    As for the film trilogy, the first one caught me by surprise in a good way, 2 was bleh, and 3 was OMG what kind of crap is this! They clearly led people into the 4th storyline which, if they decide to still continue with it, would be a bunch of cloned Milas running amock in Tokyo trying to catch a sad representation of “Wesker” and the rest of Umbrella’s founders…

    Nope, not looking forward to the 4th one at all! 1 had a nice little twist in it, decent story development, but that’s it. Anyone involved with making this 4th film should just do what that male lead did in the 3rd one, smoke up a J in a flipped truck, and watch the flames do their work. *all puns intended*

  6. I actually liked all three films and would love to see another.

  7. Why surprised Liam? I think we’re on the same page on the trilogy. I did find it interesting and entertaining. I guess the 3rd one is where you lost it, but I liked it. Although forgettable, all of them, still had a good time watching them (except the 2nd).

    The thing about RE4, I don’t think the storyline would translate well onto the big screen. Kidnapping of president’s daughter? An evil little man? A giant fish?

    It worked perfect in a video game but they’d have to tweak it in order to give it a proper representation on film.

    RE5, as is, would work better on screen. BUUUUT, it would be just an average zombie action movie, which we’re getting a ton of.

  8. How comes they rebooting every franchise but the one who actualy needs it.

    Please tell me 4 will be a reboot without Mila =))))

  9. @ Haggislaw

    I totally agree, I was soo exited when the first one came out and then it turned out to have none of the story or atmosphere of the game…..and the fact the Gearge A Romero was fired from directing the first one after the games borrowed so much from his work = blasphemy!

    I think they should reboot using his script – soooooo much better.

    If any film needs a sequel it’s Silent Hill, base it on the second game and they’ll be laughing! that will be the benchmark for videogame movies if they do that right, a mature, thought provoking story

  10. I think they should make Resident Evil 4(the game) into a movie. It had suspence awesome action and at times scary…they could up the scares keep the action and add great special effects and dialogue. I mean I dunno it could work…I get the kidnapping thing and the little man are far fetched but its a movie =p I seriously think it would be big….think about it because this series has turned into sifi action anyways…and like everyone points out has nothing to do with the games =p that’s just my opinion on the topic

  11. I liked the first and third film. The second film jumped the shark bigtime when she jumps through the church window on the motocycle. Lol bad,,,
    The Matrix/type path this film is headed down is kinda amusing. These films strike me as the female version of “Die Hard meets Dawn of the Dead.”
    Mila is way hotter than the smirky wise cracking Willis…

  12. Matt: Finally! I thought I was the only one who liked the trilogy lol

  13. @mariokilledpeach

    I hate it when people bring up the Romero script and say its soooo much better than what we got. In retrospect, yeah, it seems better because it actually has some familiar characters in it, but if that had been made instead of the Milla Jovovich vehicle, just as many people who be complaining.

    Not one character from that script is anything like their video game counterpart, the scares are cheap, and the story deviates nearly as much as the final product. It takes place during the day, for crying out loud.

    However, I wouldn’t be opposed to a proper reboot, as long as Kristen Bell gets the Jill Valentine role.

  14. since i’m a RE fanatic.. i’ll watch this, better or worse :)

  15. I loved the trilogy and would definitely go see more, especially if Milla continues on as Alice.

  16. oh man just have this movie havcing alice somehow meet leon cause we know the movie story arch cant be changed and theyre probably heading to kill wesker and oh yeah bring in chris too soo he can kick some ass :D

  17. @Rob

    You said on page one…

    “Since several of the video games that this franchise is apparently based on are actually good, why not make a movie like one of them and put that brand name to some good use?”

    Are you serious, please name a video-game movie that has followed the actual game and has been good or successful(in any way)

    I loved the franchise it’s based on Resident Evil but it’s not dumb-enough to steal what’s already been done and re-doing it for the screen, It’s Fresh, Original and Creative so as-long as some people here don’t have their say and Uwe Boll isn’t attached then they will still be Fresh, Original and Creative, so I and the true fans will continue to go and see the RE Movies.

    With that said for the reboot(hopefully in the distant future) which seems to be happening more and more, I hope they call it “Bio Hazard”.

  18. Bio Hazard.. sounds great title for reboot.
    as long as they don’t speak in Japanese :D

  19. @ Josh R

    Some good points there dude, some of the characters are different to how they’re portrayed in the game. I have to disagree though on some of it though…..(spoilers) zombie sharks!, the tyrant!, Albert Wesker being the devious bastard that he is!, things were different to the game but I think that people would have been more forgiving if George made it, not only because it was George but because it’s a better story and it’s an adaption so it’s going to deviate.

    Point taken about the daytime though! And Kristen Bell as Jill would be awesome

  20. @ aGeneral,

    These movies are not good. Some of the games are.

    They’re all called Resident evil, but the movies don’t follow the games they’re based on. So instead of continuing on with the way they’re going, why not try making one based on one of the best RE games – Isn’t that a better idea if they’re making another movie anyway?

    Video Game Movies suck, but good ones will eventually come with 30-40 major video games currently in development. A few of them will actually break the trend and it’ll start a whole new genre of films similar to what Comic Book movies are doing now.

  21. OK First off name a movie/video game that was BIG- TRON. need I say More??? Second they combined resident evil with parasite eve for crying out loud, come on ppl get it together plz. now the direction they took with res one and three are good but 2 was a little bit of a stretch but one did try to stay within the games outlined. I would definitely love to see Alice meet Chris as well as leon.

  22. no, stop now, all the movies were horrible. Nothing along the game lines save for horrible actors who are supposed to take on the game characters, dont speak like em, act like em, look like em, dont even make me feel like its a horror film, its f class horror, the only scary thought is that they want to rape the series even more with another movie.

  23. @ Joey

    THe first RE was good, 2 was crap, 3 three was crappier. Like I said Paul Anderson needs to pull his head out and write something good like he did Event Horizon. Id hope they just have a new RE story or make RE4 based off of RE4 the game, but we all know that wont happen.

  24. Great post