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repo men2 Repo Men Spoilers Discussion


While we have a Repo Men review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the film without worrying about ruining it for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. simple smile Repo Men Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. Ummmm……..

  2. Ummmm……..

  3. In regards to #1, this might be weak reasoning, perhaps Jake only had enough money to cover for Remy after getting the commissions on so many of the other “clients” that were hiding in the building where Remy was taken down. I believe he even mentions the commissions he had just taken should cover the cost of the M5 and heart on Remy.

    #6 I really enjoyed it, though Screen Rant readers seem pretty split, so hopefully cult classic.

    And yes Predators looks epic, hope it turns out to be solid.

  4. I still don't understand why he all of a sudden couldn't open people up, but would still kill people in self-defense; did it have something to do with this artificial heart? I know his wife wanted him to stop and this was going to be his last job but he didn't hesitate before the jolt from the defibilator. And I also realized Jake had modified the unit when he went into the trunk; you could tell by the look on his face. And when they explained what an M-5 Neural Net was, I immediately said he's going to be in some virtual reality. Predictable.

  5. I really enjoyed this movie, but that ending killed me. Definitely would enjoy to see a sequel or at least a directors cut with a different ending.

  6. You didn't like it when you found out the last 25 minutes weren't real? I thought it was cool.

  7. Kahless

    it was because every time he went to cut someone he thought of himself getting cut open I assume.

  8. I was not happy with the ending at all. I actually was confused at first until I figured out what parts were not real. The movie was awesome right up until this realization… I would not watch this movie again but i can't say i hated it. I enjoyed it very much… until the ending…. OH, and what was up with the sex -scene of them cutting each other up that wasnt actually a sex scene? That was just Effed up.

  9. I don't think it was a sex scene, unless I missed something, but they were getting intimate while cutting each other.

  10. Hi all! I highly recommend Repo Men.
    Here's why I liked the movie: it sticks to its motto that “there's no way out of the system” and in the end it really is true. The main character is still in the system in the end. It reminds me very much of the book “1984” by George Orwell. There the author says that the control is absolute and the book stands by that thesis to the end. And this film does that, too. If the man were to run away, it would only make the film weaker, not stronger.

    I thought that the acting was only ok – except for Leiv (he's always great :).

    I'd love to see this team make a good adaptation of “1984” – most filmmakers are too optimistic and rosy to do that, but I think these guys just might pull it off.
    PS: I liked the “Lung Boy” taking his smoking break moment! Did anyone else find it as funny as I did?

  11. Agreed, Repo! is very good.

  12. So like, if you want a cult classic, dump Repo Men all together, and watch Repo! The Genetic Opera, which, yes, did come before the book Repossession Mambo, which pretty well copied Repo!

  13. I didnt enjoy the twist. Does anyone know of a sequel in the making?

  14. I don’t understand why the reviews for this film are so negative, I thought it was pretty awesome.

    I didn’t like the ending, but at the same time it wasn’t a badly done ending..

    To clarify, I wanted the happy he got away ending, but at least the ending was well done and truely took me by surprise and made sense and wasn’t completely stupid…

    Cult classic for sure.

  15. also, did anyone else, right after they explained that the difibulator was faulty and before you found out that jake rigged it,think “why does he have to pay for the heart? Wouldn’t he get a big ass cash settlement or at least a free heart for getting hurt on the job?”

    That bothered me throughout the whole movie…

    • @ Muerte: That’s SO funny that you mentioned that! My boyfriend thought the same thing. A few minutes after the hospital scene he said “yeah but he got hurt on the job b/c the wiring was faulty”… workman’s comp, right? Guess not lol In the end, I chalked to Liev Schreiber’s character (being a slime ball and all) using the incident to make another “sale”.

      I understand the ending for the most part… Remy has brain damage from his fight w/ Jake and Jake will continue to pay for Remy’s new M5 (b/c it’s his best friend and he’s guilty?)and the “happy ending” was all in Remy’s brain… Here’s where I’m having some trouble (and would LOVE if someone could clarify for me!!):

      1) Didn’t Beth’s character shoot Jake w/ the tranquilizer gun before Remy got hit in the head w/ that hook?? I’m almost positive that happened in “reality”, before the whole dream sequence… and if that’s what really happened, how the hell did she end up knocked out sitting against the wall if Jake was unconscious?

      2) (again at the end) When the medic says there’s a survivor (aka Beth) and Jake says that he’ll take care of it… does he mean, like, “take care of it” as in he’s going to repo her organs next?

  16. @dazed and confused. 1. if I recall properly there’s a part during the fight scene where Beth tries to intervene and Jake hits her, sending her crashing along a table and hitting her head. most likely they want us to assume that Beth never did recover from that fall, although I agree with you it does seen to have occured in reality. 2. I like to think that Jake would have recognized Beth as a person that remy really cared about. and I’d like to think he’d have done her well. however considering the whole second half of the movie didn’t actually happen, jake probably wouldn’t have been aware of their relationship and is clearly still devoted to his job…so ya…

  17. what would have made a better ending is if remy, Beth and Jake did blow up the machine, but the blow knocked out both and Beth and remy (Jake would somehow evade the blow or come out lucky). then Jake, still devoted to his job, decides to blame the explosion and the bosses death on remy and Beth and then decides that instead if killin the two of them he would publicly “honour” the boss by sending both Beth and remy to the dreamland (to test the new net5 product or watever it’s called). that way both Beth and remy end up happy, Jake continues with his job, and all the people past their due dates would be liberated through the explosion of the system

  18. I can’t believe all the negative reviews! I thought this movie was amazing, it was really well done, and action packed but they held a great story all the way through.
    People complain that the alternate reality ending was cheap, a rip off, lazy, whatever.
    People are mad b/c they spent the whole movie wanting Remy and Beth to overpower the system, and they thought their beloved characters had succeeded.
    BUT, if the ending had ended all chummy and perfect, I guarantee many people would go, “huh, okay movie”.
    People THINK they want that happy ending, but I for one was very glad to be tricked at the end, and found the whole idea quite clever.
    Besides, whether you liked the end or not, the director made that twist to get emotion out of people. So if you loved the surprise, or got pissed and felt cheated, I’d say he did a wonderful job.

  19. I loved this movie and yes, I wanted the end to be real, but it was shocking and emotional, which is what we all want to feel when I movie is over! And OMG Jude Law looked gooood!!!! Plus, totally awesome soundtrack! I loved the music in this movie! I’ve already downloaded it!

  20. This movie hit me right in my face!

  21. Sorry for bringing up an old discussion, but I have a theory, ya’ll remember when Remy’s wife kicked him out? She probably also took all of the money (if any) they had in the bank, which is why he couldnt pay for the heart. Assuming he had enough to pay it a few times over considering he is one of the two best repo men in the union.