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repo men movie poster Red Band Trailer for Repo Men

Today we have a the red-band band trailer for a sci-fi action-thriller called Repo Men. Before you start freaking out: no,  it’s not the sequel to the 80s cult-hit with Emilio Estevez and flying cars.

Repo Men stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as two futuristic agents whose job is to repossess the hi-tech organs of recipients who can’t pay their costly bills to a less-than-friendly company called The Union. The movie is based on the novel The Repossession Mambo by Erica Garcia, who also wrote the novel-turned-movie Matchstick Men.

Of course, a film like this needs a twist and in Repo Men that twist comes when Law’s character, Remy, has an accident that forces him to receive one of The Union’s hi-tech hearts. When Remy can’t pay his own bills for the new heart, the company he used to get his hands dirty for comes after him – including his best friend and partner,  Jake (Whitaker).

I’ll warn you – this red-band trailer shows a lot of bloody action sequences and gives away a fair amount of the plot . If you are sensitive about SPOILERS, you may want to wait for the standard green-band trailer. If not, have a look at Repo Men:

For a hi-res version go HERE.

This film wasn’t on our radar before this trailer dropped, and while the plot looks like a mashup of the classic Repo Man and Minority Report, I like both Law and Whitaker and look forward to seeing them square off against one another onscreen (kind of an odd pairing when you think about it).

Also, the action sequences and set designs look pretty cool from what I saw. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

Repo Men also stars Liev Shcreiber, Alice Braga (I Am Legend) and RZA. The film is currently slated for a an April 2, 2010 release.

What did you think of the trailer?

Source: Myspace via Shock Til You Drop

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  1. I’m sure I won’t be the first or the last to say that the plot is also similar to the rock opera “Repo!” I’m sure this film will have its fair share of flaming of unoriginality, but really, who can pass up something with Forest Whitaker?

  2. I’m just so very happy that it is NOT a remake/reboot of the classic film. I know it was cheasy as all get out, but I love it.

    I loved all of those Michael Nesmith produced flicks of the time: Timerider, Repo Man, and Tape Heads. Super-Cheese 80s classics!

  3. Isn’t this just that “REPO!” rock oprah?

  4. So… they took an old Monty Python skit and turned it into a full length “serious” movie, eh?



  5. Yep it is exaclt Repo a Genetic Opera but slightly changed. Oh Well maybe it it will sitll be decent since it has Forrest WHitaker

  6. Lets PLEASE set the record straight on this, the supposed novel behind this blatant rip off wasnt even published until THIS year. Repo The Genetic Opera has been around since 1999 and Universal is a studio who passed on making the film version because they didnt like the musical aspect. Then they stole most of the ideas from the original project right down to the bar code logo and give us this POS. Its disgusting that they are trying to pass this off as an original idea.

  7. …yep that’s just minority report with REPO! the genetic operas story line… not that original tbh. As long as its put out there that it is a take on REPO! and ppl then take a look at the original musical il be happy. In my eyes not enough ppl have seen REPO!, it’s a fantastic film, good music, good acting, good idea. It’s a shame about its budget but it’s not a letdown because of that, it uses what little it had well. This film unfortunately looks like another Hollywood peace of polish with a good story (taken from REPO) which will be hidden under a lengthy “running away from your old friend wile fighting hundreds of faceless lackeys” scene. When good ideas are dumped under repetitive story lines that have been thrown around for years it does make u cry a lil inside…but saying that, yeah it looks ok. Minority report was good, and so was REPO so both together can’t be that bad can it… look at transformers… cars are cool! Robots are cool!… so cars that transform into robots that look like cars are awesome…then rap that up in lazes and guns and u have a bestselling toy, cartoon, comic, and new wave film. Sooo here’s hoping. Fingers crossed ppl.

    p.s. AVP wasn’t too fantastic as far as combos go tbh…but that’s coz they refused to follow the comics. coz they worked. Not a personal attack coz I really still like the films.

  8. Wait am I the only person that is seeing Jude Law as the new Action movie hero??

    Ok I was laughing the whole time I typed that…

  9. whats with all you people ?

    i just watched terminator 2 and most of the scenes are exact if not altered versions of the 1st one, did anyone complain ? NO

    i dont see why you guys cant just give a movie a chance, maybe you should judge the movie after it comes out, that might be good as opposed to dissing it and calling it trash without having seen it.

    ideas for movies are being copied left and right, no one seems to have a problem with the next rambo being similar if not an exact replica of “hunter”

  10. i would much rather see this than a musical / action film lol!!!

    am i the only one who thinks this looks good?

    anyway, cant wait for this!!

  11. @ red skull
    no your not the only one :D i think it looks pretty decent to, just because its an alleged “rip off” of a “good movie” im not going to prejudge it

  12. Looks decent, will make a good watch, and a musical/action will be new territory before cause I have never seen music+action in one film, and i think it can be exicuted well .

    The plot of Rambo 5 is reverted back him travelling to mexico.

  13. BTW, this movie reminds me alot of Crank high voltage, but a less crazier, more expensive and well acted out one, and Jude Law is remind me of Jason Statham , who are both cool.

  14. Damn!!!

    I likie it!!!:)

  15. its just Repo:A genetic Opera without the singing pritty much

  16. As the Q&A video I posted a link to in my first comment made clear, Repo Men’s plot may have been coincidental but they knew about REPO! long before they started work on the film. In light of this, we can only assume the producers felt it was okay to proceed as their film would be more successful, and even took advantage of REPO! by trying to recruit their crew. the fact is that Repo Men is a bigger budgeted and less interesting version of REPO!.

    Now I don’t disagree that there is a lot of imitation in Hollywood. but that doesn’t mean i have to put up with it. i’m not going to see this movie just like i didn’t go see The Prestige or Equilibrium. it’s up to the moviegoers to improve the quality of cinema by not paying money to see ripoffs, regardless of whether they are enjoyable. go pay money to see Repo Men and you’ll just be telling the big budget studio hochos that they should rip off more smaller, less popular movies.

    save Hollywood. stop going to see bad movies.

  17. sounds like Repo: The Genetic Opera lol… if you like low budget films that revolve around organ repo and feature Paris Hilton check it out… Yes the title says it all and yes it is a musical.

  18. I know nothing about this REPO! or musical opera or whatever. This movie looks interesting to me and I like both actors. I’m in.

  19. Watching this trailer, I can’t help but think of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, which has a scene where John Cleese and Graham Chapman arrive at a man’s (Terry Gilliam) house to collect his organs, because he signed himself as an organ donar. Hilarious.

    This movie could be quite good.

  20. Move on about the opera already. Yes u're cool cuz u know about some obscure musical that nobody gave a crap about. This movie will ultimately do that musical a big favour by people being interested in the source material(even though they'll probably just change their mind after reading that its a fricking gothic musical)

    And because itsnnot original it cant be good? please…wake up

  21. Move on about the opera already. Yes u're cool cuz u know about some obscure musical that nobody gave a crap about. This movie will ultimately do that musical a big favour by people being interested in the source material(even though they'll probably just change their mind after reading that its a fricking gothic musical)

    And because itsnnot original it cant be good? please…wake up