Remake Of Fright Night Is In The Works

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fright night Remake Of Fright Night Is In The Works

At the beginning of this year it was rumored that Sony was looking to do a remake of the 1985 movie, Fright Night, and I was hovering, waiting for the official news.  But alas, they couldn’t find a decent enough script and nothing came of it.

That’s all changed now that vampires are in vogue on the silver screen.  Everyone is turning everything into a vampire.  I’m just waiting for someone to turn Snow White into a vampire and call it an alternate origins movie.  (And we thought it was crazy last year?)

Well the Fright Night remake is in the works – DreamWorks that is.

The original Fright Night was written and directed by Tom Holland and was coined a horror comedy. It was about a teenager named Charley Brewster who discovers that his neighbor is a vampire, and no one believes him.  You couldn’t blame anyone though,  Charley had a very whiney way of conveying his issues.

For the remake, no writer has yet been attached, but the studio says they’re looking to keep the comedy-horror tone while modernizing the effects. That’s intense, considering the effects were not bad for its day.  I think that the effects were good then and they would stand up today compared to most small screen efforts.

frightnight Remake Of Fright Night Is In The Works

Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig of Gaeta/Rosenzweig Films are producing the Fright Night remake along with Michael De Luca.

DreamWorks rarely covers the horror genre and can you blame them?  They didn’t have a ton of success with The Uninvited or The Ruins, but they keep eyeballing the monetary success they had with the remake of The Ring and it’s sequel, both of which grossed the studio $390 million worldwide.  Everyone is looking for that independent mega-hit.

The co-president of production for DreamWorks, Mark Sourian is overseeing the Fright Night remake.

The Conjecture Of It All

In this era of remakes, I’m not sure about sticking to the original outline of horror comedy.  Sure it had moments, but I never saw it with the twinge of comedy.  Are they trying to save face by adding comedy to the label?  The movie had it’s drab moments but the active moments of character confrontations from the film scarred me for life (in a good way!) and I have a fondness for a movie that allows me to watch it again, and again.

To be honest, if they took the tone that The Ring brought us and overlay it on the original story we’d have a pretty intense remake that might improve on the original.  But then would the remake stand out amongst the hundreds of remakes and vampire movies oozing out of the dark shadows of studios these days?  Unless they got lucky, and landed Alex O’Loughlin who not only has vampire experience on his resume, but an incredible range of character delivery skills.

I presume that they would need top notch talent heading the project for O’Loughlin to join.  (I can dream, can’t I?)  No offense to the creative team in place, but I’m not seeing much in the way of experience as they’ll need to follow in their production partners footsteps, that of Micheal De Luca.  De Luca has experience, but if you’ve seen The Love Guru or Ghost Rider, then you see why I’m not holding my breath.

Let’s see if they land a good writer.  Maybe we twist it up and get Joss Whedon on this one? (That’s me dreaming again.)  In the meantime, who do you think would fit the different parts from the old movie, in today’s list of available acting talent?  Megan Fox can play Amy.  All Amy does is get hypnotized and walk around in a trance once the movie gets rolling!  And we’d love to watch Megan do that!

Let’s hear your two cents ScreenRant readers.  That’s what we’re here for.

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Just imagine Megan Fox as that chick is in that picture w/ claws and fangs.

  2. Liked Fright Night. One of first vampire movies I saw I think, and scared me a lot simply because of the idea of one living right next to you!

    Didn’t think of it as a comedy, but sure it had a kind of self knowing tone to it.

  3. I hope the new one has a similar tone to the original.

  4. Yep… when Amy, who had been all cute and demure throughout the whole movie finally turned to Charlie with that morning pre-makeup look, yea… the movie did well by me.

    Keep you eyes out gang, I might be doing another article on the old movie soon!

  5. I loved Fright Night 1 and 2 and welcome another one.

  6. this is noe of My favorite Horrro films.
    and if its done Right then i will not complain as Much.
    Just Because i Loved Roddy McDowell in
    it as Peter Vincent(Vampire Killer!)and i have no idea who could Play him.

    and i agree that the Effects where amazing for both then and now.

    and hopefuly this will for lack of a better word “Take Back” the Vampire Genre. making them Scary again insted of wanting to Lust over them like the Media today has led Every-1 to beleive, get back to Fearing them.

    also how will they ModernIZe the peter vincent character ?
    Because in the Film He is a Late-night old Horror Movie marithon Host ????

    either way i loved the Original a Classic in the FX Much like “the Howling” where as not the best wereWolf Flick,But had wonderful FX.

    and i end this Comment with quote -

    “Welcome to Fright Night……..For Real.”

    i hope to Galactus That they throw this Line in the Film

  7. I dunno, horror remakes have been crappy as of late, even if it is remaking a comedy horror.

  8. I saw Fright Night when it came out and liked it but a remake with Alex? Nah. I’d rather see his talents in something he can really sink his teeth into (pardon the pun) rather than wasting them on a movie like this. Alex has way too much talent to be doing vamp movies unless it’s Moonlight. That would be a money maker. I’d watch a Fright Night remake but leave Alex out of it.

  9. I’ve enjoyed the Fright Night movies since the 1980s, and I guess it just doesn’t shock me any more when a remake it announced. Most remakes are poor imitations; it’s rare one will be as good or better than the original.

    That poster art for the first FN has always freaked me out, too! :)

  10. Thank you for the great comments about Alex O’Loughlin. He IS a very talented actor who Hollywood is just discovering. He’s filming a movie right now called The Back Up Plan with JLo. Looks really good. But Alex would look good in anything with anybody! He did an awesome job as Vincent in a guest starring role on Criminal Minds episode called The Big Wheel. Thanks again for the lovely comments about Alex.

  11. Yes, anyone would be lucky to be able to cast Alex O’Loughlin in their movie – but as you said, not going to happen with this one. Alex is a star and I can hardly wait to see him accepting his first Emmys and Oscars. If you have only seen him in Moonlight, do yourself a favor and buy his other work on DVD – The Shield, season 6 – and his movies, like Oyster Farmer, FEED, Mary Bryant, etc. Alex was a leading man in Australia, and now he is on his way to the top here in the US. I feel so lucky to have discovered him on ML, and now I am looking forward to his new show this fall, Three Rivers, and his new movies, WhiteOut and The Back-Up Plan. Did you see him as “Vincent” on the 4/29/09 episode of Criminal Minds? Only Alex could make a serial killer such a sympathetic and downright lovable character!

  12. Yes! I would love to see a remake of the original Fright Night. The story was Original, the special effects were very good, and the characters kept you watching all the time. The music would captivate the mood of the film and the actors on screen. I think it would be fun to see a good director take this film and bring it forward to 2010. To use the original music would be Cool. I watched this movie with my Dad as a teenager and now I could take my daughter and her Grandpa to see the remake together:)

  13. You’re not being very imaginative at all. First off, contrary to popular belief, Joss Whedon sucks it.

    Secondly, Megan Fox has already done the creepy chick thing in… whatever that movie is that will suck but will be big bank because half the male population will go see it.

    And lastly, while I liked Alex O’Loughlin’s Mick St. John in Moonlight, there again: been there, done that. We’ve seen him as a vampire. The way you have this ‘dream’ remake playing out just feels stale and self indulgent.. Put a little effort into this, will you?

  14. Oh look… a fan!! LOL.

    Thanks for the advice… I’ll try to “Imagine Greater” next time!

  15. What a good sport you are! I LOL at your reply :D I guess I was a little indignant there, I get preachy sometimes.

    Feel free to rip me a new one on my rinky-dink blog sometime :)

  16. “For the remake, no writer has yet been attached, but the studio says they’re looking to keep the comedy-horror tone while modernizing the effects. That’s intense, considering the effects were not bad for its day. ”

    That might be it’s down fall, Hollywood just does not get it, CGI FX are OVERRATED they will make the film suck, and I don’t mean blood.

  17. heres a better idea a prequel to the original fright night movie where it explained on how jerry dandridge became
    a vampire by his sister regine from fright night part 2
    and see charley brewsters ancesstor as a commoner and miller
    and amy petersons as an vampiress an great idea for a movie .

    frankie smales

    (fright night fan)

  18. I think a prequel is a much better idea than a remake… then again, almost any other idea is a better idea than remakes.

  19. I just saw the movie again, for Amy I would cast Alexa Davalos (Angel, Chronicles of Riddick). A former model, daughter of an actress and has experience in action roles. For Charlie I would cast Elijah Wood from Lord of the rings. For the vampire slayer I would cast Jim Carrey and for the vampire I would cast either Julian McMahon, Neal McDonough or Adrian Paul.

  20. Ok guys, how can a remake done by Hollywood benefit the vampire genre? It can’t but I would love to see Hollywood try. Everytime a remake happens it simply does not deliver. This just shows how film today is suffering from originality. Remakes! A remake needs a fresh director with unknown actors who have seome average talent. The only known character that should have a known actor casted, should be Jerry Dandridge. Megan Fox? As beautiful as she is, she will always be known for Transformers. She’s not an Amy.
    I’ve watched this movie over and over again since I was 7. I’m now 29. This movie for myself has not lost it’s touch.
    The movie is goign to need a raw edge to it the way Casino Royale re-ignited the Bond genre. If a remake can maintain the original purity with a new modernized & edgey look, this will work.

  21. I think that this would be a great remake. I loved the original, and I hope that the writers chosen for this remake still stick to the comedy and the horror. I suggest that may be the girl that plays Amy should not be Megan Fox. She had already been in Transformers, and Dreamworks should give another actress a chance to hit it big. I think may be someone like Danielle Panabaker, Sara Paxton, or Ashley Green from the Twilight movies to play the part of Amy. The person who plays Jerry should be really good looking and most definitely be talented enough to play Chris Sarandon’s part. The person who plays Charlie should be someone who’s willing to do all the things that William Ragsdale did for that movie. He was really great. All the people doing this remake have a lot to live up to. And I AND my mom are expecting this remake to be good, and hopefully better than the original.;)

  22. I’m back again! I just wanted to say one last thing. I hope the special effects will be better. The special effects were good for that time, but now they somehow have to
    make the effects go with the movie and make it seem real, like the original. I’m looking forward to the remake, and like I posted, me and my
    mom will be watching!;)

  23. I like the idea of a prequel as Frankie Smales suggested.

    Or as a real mind-blower, how about a sequel? I’m sure William Ragsdale would be up for it. It’s not like he’s in high demand these days (unfortunately).

    One glaringly obvious ingredient which made the movies such a success, that Hollywood would of course overlook, was the chemistry of the original casts. William Ragsdale IS Charlie Brewster, in my book, and always will be. Amy was an ‘average teenage girl’, definitely no Megan Fox. Imagine a guy like Charlie Brewster snagging a hotty like her. NOT LIKELY. To cast someone like her would leech all believability out of the story.

    Twilight has degraded the vampire movie genre into a angsty mopey teen puppylove free-for-all. But maybe Hollywood could grow some balls and imagine something a little bit outside the popular formulaic story, but still be lucrative.

    How about a middle aged, divorced, working dad Charlie Brewster with a couple kids. Say a teenage daughter and a pre-teen son who’s inherited his dad’s appetite for vampire literature. Maybe Charlie has hidden what transpired when he was a teenager to protect his family. His son could stumble onto some questionable characters, believing them to be a cool, a fringe group: maybe goths or vampire ‘role players’.

    Father Charlie finds out too late that his son gets drawn into their world. He starts to investigate and realizes that the head vamp is his old HS girlfriend Amy who was turned vamp by, IDK, maybe Gerry’s cousin (LOL). She’s come back to exact revenge on Charlie (through his son) for killing her immortal love Gerry before she even knew he was her soul mate.

    Unfortunately Roddy McDowell (RIP) can’t reprise the role of Peter Vincent. Maybe earlier in the story Charlie learns of the passing of Peter and it gets him thinking of all their vampire killing days. He could find through the course of the story that Amy killed Peter Vincent as part of her master plan to make Charlie suffer.

  24. Oh, by the way, I have to respond to my original post. Since watching ‘Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog’ I can no longer state, in good conscience, that ‘Joss Whedon sucks it’.

    Dr Horrible is delightful.

  25. I am really really concerned about a Fright Night remake because I consider myself a FN expert, obsessed fan, and really picky. To me nothing will compare to the original. I’m a writer (not published) and have done my own remakes and sequels for fun. I love the idea of a sequel but a remake makes me shiver in my boots. They definitely need an excellent selection of actors and actresses to pull this off. I’ve got my own ideas on that.

    I personally would pick someone such as Billy Zane or Gerard Butler to play Dandridge. As for Charley, some kid on a soapy looks remarkably like young Will Ragsdale and a pretty good actor to boot. For Amy, you definitely need someone who can pull off the innocent girlfriend; Megan Fox is too much of a sex kitten in a man’s eye unless she can tone it down. Now for Peter, I love Malcolm MacDowel from the Halloween remake; why not another MacDowell (with a different spelling). Evil Ed, that’s tricky, the kid from the FN rip off (Never Cry Werewolf) played a good rip off of Evil Ed.

    Well, from my stand point.. I’m not gonna be impressed unless they stick with the guidelines of the original and don’t rip the original’s script to shreds! I pray they respect Fright Night!

  26. Hehe, someone already turned Snow White into a vampire, –though not in film. You have Neil Gaiman to thank, lol. The story can be found in Smoke & Mirrors, called Snow, Glass, Apples. Check it out! Oh, and keep hoping they make it a movie. It would RULE!

  27. The person who said cast megan foxx? she did a movie like this and it it was called Jennifer’s body remember it bombed? I think a girl like Elizabeth Dushku could work remember Amy was wholesome then turned HOT, they don’t to cast pornstar turned SLUT HOEBAG with lots of makeup on…The movie is by far my favorite next to part 2 both movie captured the imagination, My only concern is that Hollywood uses to much CG for stuff now and it would just kill the movie if they used stylized makeup FX’s with subtle hints of CG would work but I dunno..TOUCHING A CLASSIC CAN BE BAD especially if they penn a really bad script! YUCK


  28. I loved the original, they gotta get Christian Bale to play the Vampire and Michael Douglas to play Peter Vincent. Maybe Shia Lebeauf to play the kid next-door??

  29. I loved the original, they gotta get Christian Bale to play the Vampire and Michael Douglas to play Peter Vincent. Maybe Shia Lebeauf to play the kid next-door??