‘Red Tails’ Trailer: An Epic Inspirational War Movie

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Red Tails Trailer Red Tails Trailer: An Epic Inspirational War Movie

It seems that tales of African-American contribution to America’s long and celebrated history are back in fashion at the movies right now. While the ladies have the upcoming inspirational story about social inequality, The Help, to enjoy, us boys have a high-flying war epic about the very same subject to keep us entertained.

Today we have the first trailer for Lucasfilm’s Red Tails, which will mix the technical talents of Industrial Light & Magic with the dramatic talents of some celebrated actors, in order to chronicle an important piece of American history.

If you haven’t heard much about it yet: Red Tails tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen – the first all African-American aerial combat unit, trained at the Tuskegee Institute, one of the first African-American colleges established in America. Because of the Jim Crow Laws, the American military was still segregated during WWII, and the Tuskegee Airmen were treated with the same inequality as many other African-Americans of the time. However, when the Air Force began to lose bomber planes crucial to their missions as a result of a deadly German air squadrons, the Tuskegee Airmen were finally given an opportunity to shine in the fight for freedom. And shine they did.

Check out the first trailer for Red Tails below, courtesy of Yahoo Movies:

The film is produced by Rick McCallum (Star Wars) and Charles Floyd (Jag, NCIS), and is directed by Anthony Hemingway, who has worked as a director or second unit director on many esteemed TV shows, such as Treme, Oz, The Wire, True Blood, Community, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, ER, Criminal Minds and many others. The story for the film was written by George Lucas himself, while the screenplay was done by John Ridley (Three Kings, U-Turn, Barbershop).

The cast is a who’s-who ensemble of familiar faces, including Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Bryan Cranston, Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Tristan Wilds, Cliff Smith (aka Method Man), Kevin Phillips, Rick Otto, Lee Tergesen, Andre Royo, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley, Marcus T. Paulk, Leslie Odom Jr., Michael B. Jordan and Daniela Ruah.

All in all: This looks like a movie that will have a moving and inspirational dramatic story, and some pretty sick aerial dogfight visuals, to boot. Looking forward to this – it seems like the only thing that George Lucas has done right lately. Fingers crossed.

BONUS: Fellas, if your lady drags you to The Help for a history lesson, at least you can counter with a trip to Red Tails. icon wink Red Tails Trailer: An Epic Inspirational War Movie

Red Tails will be in theaters on January 20, 2012


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  1. Wait a second. Didn’t HBO do a highly historically inaccurate movie about the Tuskegee airmen back in the 90′s with a lot of the same cast? I sure hope this one follows real events a lot better and maybe actually has the actual names of the actual people involved.

    • Well this one escaped me. Thanks screen rant, because I didn’t have a clue this movie was even in development. I can finally stop rewatching “Miracle at St. Anna” LOL!

      Time to spam my boys!

      • How was Miracle at St. Anna? It’s on my watch list.

        • The rewatching part didn’t clue you in? I really dig that movie.

          The Italian kid is funny as hell.
          Now all they have to do is give the 761st Tank Battalion their right due since not one WWII film even acknowledges them at the Bulge or rescued the 101st Airborne at Bastogne!

  2. It looks good but i hate to say this, it might not do well due to lack of money put on special effects.

  3. Cuba Gooding Jr. back in the cockpit, huh? Good. Tuskegee Airmen was very enjoyable. I only hope they can capture some of the same magic that film had. Sure, the film could have been a bit more accurate but it still let the public know about what blacks did for this country during WW2. And that speech by Braugher as Col. Benjamin O. Davis was just inspiring; hopefully they will have something similar.

    • lol A bit more accurate? Just about the only thing they got factually right was the guy who was their commander on the African front. I think making it less factually accurate actually does a disservice to the memories of these brave men

      • So unless a movie is completely accurate, it’s no good? Many people saw CA who knew very little about his origins. Even though the film was not completely accurate, it got people to start looking into Captain America’s story. Of course, CA is a fictional character but the same thing can happen with historical films. I knew nothing about the Tuskegee Airmen before the HBO movie but it was done so well that I got interested. Did you like Heston’s Ten Commandments? Well, that movie diverged greatly from the actual story, but it was still an Oscar winner.

        • I said nothing about completely accurate. I said that the HBO movie was almost completely made up except for the basic story. I would be fine with halfway accurate at the least.

      • Like Kayless has said the accuracy of a film that is based on or as a more accurate term, “inspired by” true events has nothing to do with its quality. In some case it can be said that a more accurate film would be less appealing or entertaining.

        Its the films that are %80-%90 accurate whose %20 that is inaccurate is key to the event , which should be of concern especially if those inaccurate parts did not need to be changed to make the movie more appealing.

        Too many people interpret what is shown on TV/FILM as being reflective of life, case in point is the gun rights issue. Many believe that the only persons allowed to carry guns in public are law enforcement and anyone else with a gun is a terrorist in waiting. The fact is that with a few exceptions a citizen is allowed to openly carry a gun. The heavy use of inaccurate portrayal of gun rights in police dramas has helped bring about this false belief that its illegal to have a firearm on you (unconcealed) unless you are law enforcement.

        A lighter hearted take on this same thing is the ZOMBIE angle. i don’t recall where I saw it but aa study or survey was done and a startling high number of persons believe a zombie like apocalypse thru the release of some military virus is a real possibility despite the fact that there is nothing to back this up but movie & TV. The same thing noted that a high number (something like %75 or more) also believed that if a zombie outbreak occurred that it would be necessary to shoot the infected in the head.

        How is this dangerous? Several decades back the world went into panic over a prank, the war of the worlds broadcast with Orson Wells. Now imagine some mistake like that taking off today but with zombies instead of aliens and happening during some large real outbreak of something like a new flu strain. There are people who would be programmed (by TV) enough to shoot someone in the head.

        In closing it is not the content that is way inaccurate that should be of concern but the one that is just a little inaccurate and in key points that you should be weary of.

  4. this looks amazing

  5. I am all about seeing this movie, since it is the only time Hollywood is pro-military. I am glad they didnt get a revisionist like Spike Lee to direct.

    The only problem I see is this:

    “The story for the film was written by George Lucas himself, while the screenplay was done by John Ridley”

    Who really believes Lucas wrote the movie and didnt have someone hand him a story and he simply erased their name and added his own?

    • I do. Can you prove otherwise?

  6. You forgot to mention one of it’s best stars, GERALD MCRANEY.

  7. Looks pretty dope :).

  8. How can anything about war be inspirational?!

    • For blacks it was very inspirational. In the HBO movie Tuskegee Airmen, my favorite scene was when one of the pilot’s planes malfunctioned and he had to set it down. They had to land in a field with a black chain gang. The white guards said, “It’s some of our boys”, meaning soldiers. The pilots exited the planes, took off their head gear, and one of the chain gang said, “They’s colored flyers”, at which point he smiled and was given hope. Another inspirational scene was Braugher as Benjamin O. Davis talking to the men of Congress. He said that these men had the hope of an entire people, and he wondered if any one of them really knew what that meant. War is hardly something to proud of but these men showed that blacks can be just as good at flying as any race. The HBO movie was definitely inspirational to this black man.

      • Good to see that you’re speaking in cinematic terms. I just don’t like seeing the words “inspirational” and “war” in the same sentence. Even if it is about equality. Race, color or religion have no real importance to me when interacting with others. We are all humans and respect should be inherent. It irritates me when war is being used as an instrument for something positive.

        • War is seldom inspirational, but there are exceptions. I would say that the Civil War, although extremely tragic, was inspirational for the blacks of the era. The American Revolutionary War formed a great nation. I can name others but you see what I mean. The lives lost in these wars can be a blot on the human condition but it can also server as inspiration. Slavery was a horrible thing that happened in my country but because of it, I and my parents are in a free nation. I know some of you are athiests and agnostics but I will tell you with all forthrightness that I truly believe God had a hand in the good that came out of such tragedy. Right now I salute all the men and women who gave their lives for freedom and justice. War isn’t something to be proud of, but courage and bravery is.

          Sorry about the rant. This is something dear to my heart.

      • Right On and I’m a white male.

    • Look at the story being told, not just the setting.

  9. Historical nitpick: the Air Force didn’t exist in WWII. It was the US Army Air Corps.

    • It was the Army Air Corps before the war, then became the Army Air Forces sometime during the war, then the US Air Force after the war.

      • No, not so much. The Army Air corp was the Army Air Corp all through the war and was split off into a separate branch of service in the late 40′s. I have never heard any reference to the Army Air Force…instead of the Army Air Corp during the War…and I actually payattention to such things.

        Not that it is really any big deal of coarse. ;)

  10. Well I’m shamed to say I don’t remember the airman’s name, but some time ago I got the chance to fly simulator against one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. Even as a senior citizen that fellow STILL knew how to fly and fly damned well! Kicked my ass, handily and repeatedly, and I habitually made good marks there. The game/sim was Warbirds and the shop was a place called The Otherside.

    As to the previous post asking how anything about war could be inspirational… Aw the hell with it. It ain’t even worth the export to TRY and change that mind. Kudos, Kahless, for trying.

    • Thanks Tim.

  11. Trailer looked cheesy as Hell, especially the opening narration. The trailer promises a pretty heavy-handed theme and sub-par characterization. I liked it better when it was GLORY (I’m serious, I loved that movie). This feels like a retread that no one will want to see.

    • Man i have to disagree with you on people not wanting to see it. I think a good bunch of people will see this movie,well for one, i am an African American myself, not trying to brag or boast or saying i no more, im just saying Blacks will go see this movie because of the history that the Tuskegee Airmen had WW2. I think its gonna be great, looks well. And i dont know why people are complaining about George Lucas having a hand in this film, i think he’s great and glad that he does.

      • My big butt will be in the theater when this comes out. George Lucas writing it isn’t a problem; I’m just glad he isn’t directing it.

  12. I’m surprised at some of the criticism here… I think the trailer looks visually stunning. Characterization is obviously not the 1st selling point in the 1st trailor of this sort of film (is this just presumtion based on Lucas’ involvement?)

    I like the visuals presented, the story idea, the actors chosen, and i think there’s a lot more potential yet to be seen. I’m definitely interested in this one.

  13. Will there be aliens?

    • Yeah, Nazis. :=D

  14. On one hand: it’s about time someone made a truly epic film about the Tuskegee Airmen (the less said about the HBO movie the better). On the other: George Lucas is involved. As long as he sicks to his true talents (producing and marketing), the film has a shot at quality.

    I just hope nobody repeats that “never lost a bomber to enemy air action” thing. That’s a questionable stat, and no Tuskegee pilot ever made that claim. Also, I hope Eleanor Roosevelt gets a shout out. There might not have been any Tuskegee Airmen without her support.

    • I could be wrong…it has happened at least…three times…;)…but I think they never lost a bomber to GERMAN FIGHTERS. Not much they could do about flak. Of coarse it might be that they just never lost a bomber. Never heard this questioned before.