Creepy Teaser Trailer for Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’

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Red State first teaser trailer Creepy Teaser Trailer for Kevin Smiths Red State

Kevin Smith has spent almost his entire career making movies on his own terms, featuring humor that he finds funny, and often featuring the same characters and actors popping up time and time again (not least of which are his signature creations, Jay and Silent Bob).

While Smith’s next film, Red State, may have still been made on his own terms, it sees him out of his comfort zone and working in the land of horror for the first time.

There’s been a lot of talk around the web about Red State, but today we get our first official teaser trailer for the movie – courtesy of Smith’s own – to give us a taste of what Smith’s first foray into horror will be like. I have to say, the teaser does a lot to diminish the doubts I had about whether Smith could pull off a horror film.

For those who of you who don’t know, Red State centers on a group of kids who are looking for a good time but who end up encountering, “a crazed preacher who gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘extreme fundamentalism’.” It’s based on the real-life Fred Phelps, the founder of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church (click the link if you’re not familiar with them).

Now check out the creepy and unique first teaser trailer for Red State:

According to the trailer, the film will be released sometime in March next year but will get its premiere in a month’s time at the Sundance Film Festival (a perfect place for Smith to first show off his newest creation). Since we’re apparently still a few months off, this teaser does exactly what it’s supposed to do – give us a vague taste of what we can expect without giving much, if anything, away.

Whether the full film turns out to be any good or not remains to be seen, but that teaser is pretty good, in my opinion. I love the lack of music, with Michael Parks’ incomparable voice really getting under your skin as some pretty unsettling imagery jumps onto the screen.

Smith has been pretty vague with plot details for Red State thus far. Apart from that logline above and the fact that it’s based at least somewhat on the real-life Westboro Baptist Church, it’s not entirely clear what the film entails. Along with the teaser, Smith has been releasing and auctioning off (for charity) some teaser posters for the film – but again, they don’t give us much insight into the story.

red state poster Creepy Teaser Trailer for Kevin Smiths Red State

I guess we’ll just have to wait for a full trailer to get a better grasp of what Red State is truly about. But for now this teaser trailer will do nicely to entice anyone who may have been indifferent up until this point.

The film stars Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, Kyle Gallner (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Stephen Root, John Goodman, Michael Angarano (The Forbidden Kingdom), Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) and Nicholas Braun (10 Things I Hate About You).

Red State will premiere on January 23rd, 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival, with a supposed theater release to follow sometime in March, 2011. We’ll keep you posted on exactly when you can expect to see it in theaters.


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  1. If it is inspired by Fred Phelps, it should be called Blue State because the whole family at big time Democratics. (County Dem Leadership, National Convention Delegates and Party Statewide Candidates)

    • GJP,

      If what you say is true, that’s EXACTLY the kind of crap that pisses me off in situations like this.


      • I retract my comment. Westboro Baptist Church is in Kansas, which is a red state AFAIK.


        • But Fred is deep Blue.

      • Vic,

        It’s definitely true. Fred Phelps has tried (and failed) to run for Gov of Kansas as a Dem in 90, 92, 94 and 98.

        I think KS tried to turn the story around to say that Fred Phelps was associated somehow with the GOP.

        I think the truth is more interesting, as Phelps was a Civil Rights attorney until Nov 1977…

        • Nevermind. It makes sense since KS is as Red state…

  2. I’m addicted to the entire SModcast podcast network and I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I’m so happy the teaser has been released! It’s like an early Christmas gift!

  3. I’m sorry I am not on the KS bandwagon – I think it will be stupid. Not a lot of people see the world as KS does and do not find his films anygood but he still has some “cult” following at best.

    • Just so you know, as a Kansas resident I can assure you that the absolute majority of Kansas citizens DO NOT AGREE with Phelps or his policies. He only has about 40 regular followers. Please don’t demonize our state because of this loon.

      • James,

        Dragon didn’t mean Kansas when he wrote “KS” – he meant “Kevin Smith.


  4. I drive by the compound several times a week because of work. (other than the stupid upside down flags there is nothing ‘out of the ordinary’, We will drive past the protesters several times a month (mostly because the have a regular protest at a church across the street from Family Video), They also protest at every premier of the local civic theater (we have a very active high quality civic theater – major shows and smaller interesting stuff like Rocky Horror and Evil Dead)
    I also have a friend who lost a foster child back to the crack mother (then the former foster suffered more physical injury a their ‘real home’) because one of the Phelps Daughters has the contract ‘representing the child and natural parents’ granted by the Democratic controlled County Commission here in Shawnee County.

  5. As if priests weren’t scary enough…

    • The Westboro guy is not a priest but hey you get a fail for a lame attempt at humor. BTW do you get a kick out of sliming thousands upon thousands of priests for the sins of a few?

  6. Now that is a CREEPY teaser, and Michael Parks is THE MAN.

  7. The trailer was OK, but what really cought my eye was that creepy poster *shudders*

  8. I’m not sure why but that teaser trailer just scared me to death and I liked it.

  9. Despite not liking Kevin Smith’s work i find myself looking forward to Red State. Visually and acting wise it looks quite good, and horror and christian fundamentalism are such an obvious pairing i’m surprised how rarely they hook up.

  10. I’m going to go ahead and put myself on the chopping block here because I’m sure what I’m about to say will piss a few people off and inspire scoffs from others.
    I’m an unashamed Christian, and while i do understand that there are HORRIBLE zealots in just about ANY religion out there its just kind of odd to me that the “crazy Christian” plot line gets used a heck of a whole lot.
    again, don’t get me wrong, i know this kind of idiocy does exist.
    I just wonder what sort of flack Mr Smith would get if it were a film about oh, lets say Muslim extremest.
    not trying to piss in anyone’s cheerios or inspire a rash of “Christian’s are idiots” comments. lets please not go there.
    Just food for thought.

    • Well said. There’s a double standard for Christianity and Muslims. I don’t label all Muslims as terrorists because A) They’re not B) I don’t like it when all Christians are viewed as zealots.

      It’s hard to judge a movie, based on a trailer. That being said, I do fear that this will just be a reason for Kevin Smith to get on his soapbox to preach the evils of Christianity. Of course he could also be taking a hard line look at the Fred Phelps of the world. Which would be fair.

      Waiting to see the finished project before offering a strong opinion, would also be fair.

  11. how do you know that the westboro baptist church is not telling you the truth ??
    why dont you learn about them
    you are such cowords in that since
    you are all judgementle
    they have a right to free speech there selves

    • And spellcheck!

  12. Will be interesting to see when Hollywood and or KS goes have Radical Islam. Not quite brave enough eh?

    Hell the Muslim girl from Harry Potter is beaten and NOTHING..even you haters of Christians who post here…NOTHING. Wimps.

  13. I do find the focus on fundamentalism funny. After all looking at history even Muslim fundamentalists aren’t that scary. The American military has killed and tortured more people in the last 10 years than the Islamic militants they were supposed to be chasing have.

    Still, Kevin Smith like most of his kind goes for the easy laughs.

    • Jason,

      Yeah, you must have taken a REAL close look at that history.


      • Tell me Vic, how many people have fundamentalist Islamists killed in the last 10 years?

        We’re not talking about the historical wars of Islam which were no better or worse than most contemporary wars and pale in comparison to wars fought for secular reasons in the twentieth century.

        The specific comparison is the kill tally of fundamentalists compared to the death toll inflicted by the American military. Even conservative estimates place the American total in the hundred thousands, I don’t recall any estimate of deaths specifically caused by “Islamic fundamentalists” as opposed to warring factions within Islam (it’s a fine distinction, but in my opinion an important one) that comes close.

        I write as someone who myself originally over-estimated the Islamist’s capability, but I realise now that no group ever won a war through suicide tactics. Just look at the Tamil Tigers.

        Shocking as those tactics are to us, they lack sustainability. Once a man blows himself up, he can’t be used again.

        Of course, as you already know, there’s a world of difference between Christian Fundamentalists (especially if we include the writers of The Fundamentals) and the group designated as Muslim fundamentalists, despite the way nut jobs like Sam Harris try to link them.

        Kevin Smith is looking for cheap laughs, and seems ready to skewer an easy caricature (ironically one from the seldom mentioned religious-left). Any expectation of a fair and reasonable portrayal is bound to be disappointed.

        • Jason,

          Seriously? Have you not heard about the genocide going on in Darfur and other African countries? You know what the news NEVER mentions? The religion of those doing the murdering of Christians and others over there. Take a wild guess.

          Go do a little research on Christians being killed, persecuted and tortured in the Middle East, my friend.

          Oh, and lets not forget the hundreds of thousand of Kurds murdered in northern Iraq by Saddam, and the Muslim on Muslim killing that’s going on between different factions in that same country.

          I would just like a little equal treatment is all I’m saying. If a Christian so much as sneezes wrong, the media are all over it like white on rice – if an Islamic extremist kills someone, their religion (and the fact they’ve done something in the NAME of that religion) is barely mentioned, if at all.

          Best regards,


          • I grant your point Vic. I am aware of the situation in Darfur, as well as less obvious occurrences in places like Indonesia. However those aren’t the militants that American military are fighting.

            I did exclude warring factions within Islam though. How many of their own they kill is completely unimportant to me.

            Islam, in the form of fundamentalist militants, is not a threat to the West. The greater danger is taking those seen as non-fundamentalists into our countries where they can become part of the overall culture and change it to match those countries they came from.

            If I recall correctly people taking the oath of citizenship renounce all allegiances outside America, but the Muslim must (if he or she is a good Muslim) maintain their loyalty to the house of Islam. Because Islam is a religio-political system it cannot, as Christianity does, divide its allegiances between the kingdoms of this world, and the kingdom that is not of this world. To the Muslim they are one and the same.

  14. okkkkk trailer was weirdd

  15. He said it is inspired by a “Phelps like figure”, meaning someone who uses religion to inspire fear and hatred towards others. 10-15 years ago Smith probably would have referenced David Koresh(Waco). It’s a work of fiction people, relax and hang up your political ideologies when you watch movies, they are supposed to be fun! I’m really excited about this film after viewing the creepy trailer and due to Richard Kelly’s quote off of Wiki:

    “I have never seen a filmmaker reinvent himself the way you just have. I won’t say anything else because I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s really really exciting. If the movie ends up playing at Sundance, I might actually come up to just see the audience’s response. I can not wait…”

    • acslaterson,

      I’m withholding judgment and will be open minded until I see the actual film. I was actually a fan of Smith’s “Dogma.”


      • Dogma was a very good film. I remember how much The Catholic Church opposed it, and it was not even close to the film they made it out to be.

        Serendipity (Selma Hayek) had a great line in the movie about how people treat going to church as an obligation, rather than a privilege.

        Plus, the Buddy Christ statue was just plain funny.

  16. Isn’t film just wonderful? i really do love the fact that movies spur on thoughtful conversations, one of the reasons that i like coming to this site so much.

  17. Now this was a well done trailer. Who knows if the movie will be good but the trailer was effective at being strate creepy… Kevin Smith doesn’t have any experience with these kinds of movies but it looks like this has some potential. I’m hooked :)

    • It just shows that he is willing to branch out of his comfort zone. I think thats an awesome thing.

  18. If I knew nothing about this movie and I saw this trailer in theaters, I would never have guessed that this was a Kevin Smith movie. Can’t wait.

    Also, I don’t think Smith is trying to push any left or right winged politics with this movie. It’s more of an attack on egomaniacs who abuse people’s faith in a religion, in this case Christianity, and use their influence for selfish and harmful ends. The message can also be directed towards Islam, etc.

  19. I’m just rooting for a good Kevin Smith Film. Not since “Dogma” have I liked anything he has done. “Zack and Marie” and “Cop Out” where such let downs. I’m pretty sure “Jersey Girl” came out after that to but I’m willing to drop his worst film If I am grading on a curve….

  20. Interesting debate here. If “Red State” is good, it’ll be quite an artistic turnaround for Smith. My guess is he’s shot, creatively speaking. I hope I’m wrong.

    The “Red State” title certainly raises the hackles of both conservative and fair minded folk.

    I think the really scary part here is how defensive Smith has become, and how he won’t screen his films for critics and won’t do press beyond interviews he has control over.

    If I made a terrific film I’d speak to everyone and anyone about it. And, frankly, the press has been mostly kind to him over the years – especially since he’s really not an A-list filmmaker. He’s more of a cult figure with a potty mouth that’s honest and refreshing.