Simon West Will Direct ‘Red Sonja’ Remake; Amber Heard May Star

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It’s been a while since anyone has talked about the Red Sonja reboot/remake. Robert Rodriguez has long since abandoned it as a possible directorial effort; his proposed star and former fiancee Rose McGowan ended up joining Conan the Barbarian instead; and last year’s rumors about Megan Fox starring turned out be nothing but hot air, not-so-shockingly enough.

Now producer Avi Lerner (who’s involved with the Conan reboot as well) has spoken out about the fiery-haired warrior’s next cinematic outing and says that it has a director in Simon West (Con Air, The Mechanic) and a possible starlet as well – in the unexpected, but pleasant form of Amber Heard.

Red Sonja was based off a character created by Robert E. Howard, but her first official appearance was inĀ Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian comic book series.The character was given the film treatment in 1985, and was played by Brigitte Nielsen as a busty fighter on a quest for revenge against an evil queen. Arnold Schwarzenegger costarred in the film as Lord Kalidor – which admittedly is confusing, since Red Sonja supposedly takes place in the same fictional prehistoric world as Schwarzenegger’s Conan movies. But moving on…

Lerner informed Empire that the Red Sonja reboot is a priority once post-production has been complete on the 3D Conan reboot, and before a planned sequel gets underway. The producer also admitted thatĀ “an English guy named Simon West” is attached to direct the pic, which will mark West’s second action film revolving around a weapon-wielding bombshell after the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider adaptation.

Amber Heard in Drive Angry Simon West Will Direct Red Sonja Remake; Amber Heard May Star

Amber Heard in ‘Drive Angry’.

Amber Heard – known to some as the pair of legs that keeps showing up in the previews for Drive Angry 3D – is apparently one of Lerner’s choices to possibly star in Red Sonja – though he admits she’s not yet aware of that fact. While the blonde and streamlined actress isn’t really at all a physical match to play the red-haired and muscular character, the idea of Heard donning a chain-mail bikini for the part probably won’t upset too many fans.

When one also considers the fact that the original Red Sonja movie was a box office flop and is widely regarded as an unintentionally hilarious fantasy action/adventure pic, it becomes difficult to argue that a reboot would be treading on sacred ground.

Brigette Nielsen in Red Sonja Simon West Will Direct Red Sonja Remake; Amber Heard May Star

Simon West will be re-teaming with his Con Air leading man (and Heard’s Drive Angry costar) Nicolas Cage for the upcoming thriller The Medallion, and will likely get to work on Red Sonja thereafter. That’s assuming that the Conan reboot does well enough in theaters this fall for his female compatriot to get another shot at having her own hit film franchise – and chances are good that it will.

Would you see a Red Sonja reboot/remake with Amber Heard?

Source: Empire

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  1. so, does that mean the Robert Rodriguez/Rose McGowen version is out? I had not heard that it was going anywhere, but I had not heard it was canceled.

    • Yes, you’ve heard it right! Guess Amber heard ya!

  2. Just reread.


  3. Anything that replaces Rodriguez as a director is good in my book, he has proven himself to boast much and produce little. Not to mention that Rose McGowen is NOT Red Sonja, she is too old to play the role.

    Amber Herd has the body for Sonja but does she have the ability to handle the sword and the “Red Hair”. If they dye it as bad as they did Kirsten Dunst in Spider Man it will look ridiculous.

    Are they taking the Sonja from Howards rendition, or the Marvel version?

    • “Are they taking the Sonja from Howards rendition, or the Marvel version?”

      Of course they’re taking the Marvel version. Howard’s rendition was a 16th Century Russian swordswoman who participated in the Siege of Vienna in a historical story, “The Shadow of the Vulture,” where she wore the same clothes as the male soldiers, and had none of Red Sonja’s backstory.

  4. howards rendition, and its not so much her looks that worry me cause she is hot , but her acting talent, which isnt so impressive. I also agree with aleric , can she handle a broad sword and a horse. I’ve seen her get physical, but can she really sell a sword fight?

    • Completely agree. The original failed for the same reasons……..Neilsen could not act and handled a weapon like an amateur who took a class (and yeah the script wasn’t great either ;)

      At least with this remake there is room for improvement and it really can’t get any worse than the original.

    • Amber Herd? Come on, another hot girl with big boobs to play a warrior woman? What a joke, I’m sure there are actresses that look like they could actually pick up a sword, these stick women look foolish playing these kind of parts. Of course I’m sure the only point is to get as many teenage boys in the seats as possible and make some quick bucks off a couple off forgettable movies!

  5. I’ll look it up, but I’m pretty sure REH’s version is not a sword slinging barbarian woman. I believe marvel “tweaked” the character to include her in Conan’s universe. ( a very entertaining and I believe, a very successfultweaking). If this movie gets done, they should cast a busty, true redhead. After all, comics are a visual form of entertainment.

  6. REH never rote about Red Sonja, though his character from “Shadow of the Vulture” Red Sonya was used as here prototype, wikipedia has an article on her here

    Still I love the marvel and Dynamite Entertainment comics and she has very deep and rich catalog of stories to draw on, and who doesn’t like a Barbarian Girl in a chainmail bikini?

  7. big sonja fan. hope things move along on this. if it depends on new conan, not too sure then. that trailer i saw looked terrible. only rampant nudity of slave girls can save that one. oliver stone wrote arnie’s first conan which is why it was good, story was solid.

    this chick is hot but acting with cage will teach you nothing other than it’s good to be a coppola. she’ll be hot in chainmail but doubt her bony @ss could lift a sword, let alone swing it.

    • after second look, bony not appropriate, would definately check her out in bikini. but still….not too sure on this chick just yet.

  8. Can we please get a taller actress nothing worst to watch than a 5’1 to 5’8 girl fight a 6’4 man and win with pure strength and a little sword skill. Brigitte wasn’t a good actress but she looked the part. Red Sonja can not be baby faced, she has to be statuesque and cut with a little muscle mass. If Jessica Biel was taller her body type is perfect. I think Evan Rachel wood with a little muscle wouldn’t be bad. She has acting ability a chiseled face and I could do some evil things predisposition. Also nice to look at!!!

    • I agree, If she looks fantastic and has enough muscle to lift a sword and can do some good acting then I say she is in. I hope they find someone.(Remember how Sandal Bergman looked in the first Conan movie, physically fantastic and muscular at the same time, I hope they get someone like that (she was also a body builder). I am a die-hard Red Sonja fan and although Brigette Nielson fit the physical part I hope they do something as good as the Conan Movie with this character, not a cheap B-Movie, but something really great. I know she will be the Hyrkanian Red Sonja from Marvel’s universe, but I also think there is something to the Red Sonya of Rogatino from Shadow of the Vulture by Robert E. Howard (the original story the character came from). I wish them the best with the movie and I hope they make some well thought out choices for the character. Entertaining but well done also. And yes, the chain-mail bikini can still be used it is what Red Sonja is (and the sword, red hair, all talk, all action).

  9. Another thing I have noticed is that people comment on the chain bikini. If you as a man or woman dislike to see an attractive woman in anything scantly clad than this is not the genre for you. This is supposed to be an entertaining not to serious kind of movie. You should probably watch Little woman or something along the lines of Emma where woman are buttoned up to their throats sit around gossip and sip tea all day long!!!! I personally as a straight woman don’t mind watching half naked attractive girls fight and beat man as long as the fight scenes seem plausible and if the movie is not badly done. Makes me think I could take my husband ;p

  10. Has there ever been any women like Bridgette, who has stood next to Arnold in his prime and looked so magnificent? She looked every inch the part.

    For all the jokes about the original and negative reviews, the music was excellent, the sword play was believable and the sets were superb. There are many individual components of the original that are underestimated in my opinion. It is a 1980s camp classic and should be viewed with this in mind. It is memorable and what else is there in the same genre and period to compare it against?

    Does Amber have what it takes to be Sonja? She is very attractive and good in her own action scenes but compared to Bridgette? In my opinion I am not convinced. I think the roll should be given in the same manner as the original was given to Bridgette, there must be another 21 year, 6 foot, model warrior women out there somewhere?

  11. They should get Natassia Malthe to be Red Sonja. She played good with a sword in Bloodrayne. Movie sucked tho.

    • Personally… Amber may be good looking but she doesn’t have what it takes to be a sword swinging warrior woman. I have been a sword and sorcery fan since the 70′s. Conan, Kull, Red Sonja etc. I have read the comic books and the novels. I would choose someone who has the prowess. Someone who has the physicality to adapt to the training quicker with the background she already has: Gina Carano. With her experience in MMA and Muay Thai, I think she would be the ideal choice. ” ‘Nuff Said”