First Look At Red Skull Costume From Captain America

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captain america movie cast villain red skull First Look At Red Skull Costume From Captain America

We all now know what the iconic star-spangled uniform worn by star Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger will look like thanks to some recent official photos but we still haven’t seen what his arch-nemesis Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) looks like once he transforms into the notorious Red Skull.

While no official stills of The Red Skull from the film have been released yet, as per most comic book movies, images of movie tie-in merchandise have appeared online, revealing what The Red Skull’s attire and face will generally look like.

So far, the response has been generally positive about Evans bringing to life the classic Marvel superhero, Steve Rogers, and the same goes for his WWII Captain America costume and shield. You can’t go wrong with Hugo Weaving – or his powerful voice and on-screen presence – playing the villainous Red Skull, but will the same be said about his look once he becomes the appropriately titled Red Skull?

Here are some images of the overpriced Halloween costumes found at Big Bad Toy Store:

I hate having “first looks” for movies come from mass-production merchandise but the design at least verifies the general clothing design and head shape seen from the concept art of Weaving’s Red Skull (on left below). Note the similarities with his teeth and cheek bones as well:

red skull concept art First Look At Red Skull Costume From Captain America

The mask reminds me of some sort of Nightmare on Elm Street crossover but it isn’t a fair representation of what The Red Skull will actually appear as in live-action.

The images and Comic-Con footage featuring Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt before his makeover came out very well. Everything we’ve heard about the actual make-up and how Weaving plays him is on the up and up, so I look forward to seeing the Captain America trailer.

Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee JonesHugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooperas Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Captain America is of course, directed by Joe Johnston.

Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: Big Bad Toy Store

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  1. Thank god they’re not using a CGI Red Skull unlike GL.

    • eye

  2. Looks pretty faitful.

    Seems Red Skul will be the only part of this film done well. One good casting choice for an entire film and a faitful good physical adaptatio the. Unlike cap who was very poorly cast and his costume is barely at all fathful and only looking moderately decent.

    Can we get a cut of this film with only Hugos scenes and cut the rest of what will surely be crap?

    • Oh, so you’ve seen the movie and as such can form a valid opinion about the quality of each actor’s performance? Well, I’m sorry that you were so disappointed by the experience to the point that you feel the need to ruin it for the people out there that are excited for the film.

      …Wait, what’s that? You’ve only seen a couple of pictures?

      • Rofl how so very sad your life must be if my opinion ruined an entire film for you.

        Please make some friends.

        I don’t need to see it. A bad director, bad scripters and not only mis cast parts but putting bad to only mediocre actors in the parts. Pretty much equals bad films. I don’t need to see any more Uwe Bowl movies to know they will suck and I don’t need to watch any more films with Paul Walker to know he sucks and has bad taste in film scripts.

        I’m very sorry that me being able to form an opinion based on facts I know ruins things in your life. Seek help.

        • then dont see it. if you’re gonna a bash a movie that is in production you shouldnt be allowed to see it even if it turns out well. yeah yeah we get it you’ve got a negative opinion due to not liking the actors and the director, but you dont have to be rude.

          • Magnus give me a break man. Me thinking the film is going to suck should have zero effect on your life I could just as easily say if you don’t like my comments on the film don’t respond to them.

            Saying someone who thinks a film will be bad shouldn’t be allowed to see it is just wrong give me break man. I plan to see it still. Not gonna watch First class or the new spiderman but this film bleeds in to the avengers saga and I’d like to see the build up to the story.

            How is it rude? I’m talking about a movie I’m not insulting you or any other poster on the site I’m saying a movie doesn’t look good.

            Please don’t take my comments on a film so personal unless your name is Joe Jhonson or Chris Evans there no reason for that behavior.

            • no its not rude to me, thats not what i meant. i meant you were rude to vincent haha
              but yeah no i understand that you dont like this movie. sorry i just dont like when people judge so much when its in production, but i understand if you dont like johnson or evans! sorry bout my earlier post, but be a little nicer to the kid! haha

              • Magnus to be fair he was rude and incredibly disrespectful to me. I wasn’t rude to him for the sake of being rude. I usualy don’t start it but I have a hard time resisting when I’m attacked first.

                I suppose the he started it argument is a bit childish though lol even if it is true.

                I have no problem judging a film this early. Look at it this way I have seen nearly every film that everyone involved with this film has done and I feel confident in saying I know what they are capable of. I’ve also read captain America and know what it’s suppose to be I know Rogers looks and personality I know who fits as an actor and who doesn’t. I know Evans limits as an actor I’ve seen his best and his worst most fit in to worst catagory. I also feel comfortable in saying take a look at the writers former credits it’s a bit depressing. Similar situation with the director. Casting a comedic actor with a funny face built for comedy In the role of the most serious and most respected character in the marvel verse is a miscast of epic proportions. Then add that this guy has to stand next to RDJ and Hemsworth and not only lead them as a character but stand equal to them as an actor. That’s just not happening.

                I don’t like the “we have not seen enough to judge ” argument. It never ends. We hear who will write but it’s not enough. They annouce director we don’t know enough. Cast list is released but we still don’t know enough. Story detail leak but we have not heard enough judge. Pictures start being released and yet we still can’t lass an opinion. A teaser trailer comes out and we don’t know enough to hate it. Official full trailer but the films not out yet don’t judge and finally it’s released and your opinion is still not valid because you have not suffered through the entire film yet. This happens all the time look no further than GL for proof people are still trying to say we have not seen enough.

                At what point is a person allowed to say ” I work hard for my money and this looks like crap should I pay to see it? ”

                or are we forced to wait for release then pay to see it watch it and finally we can say ” that sucks wasted my money if only I could form an opinion based on dozens of facts I knew prior.”

                let me ask you this. Would you be watching this if Adam Sandler or Jack Black were cast as cap? What if Brett Ratner, Bay or Uwe Bowl were directing? Wouldn’t you say that’s enough to know you don’t want to see it? I’m sure there are actors you know would be wrong for a part and directors you know suck that you avoid. Think of your most hated directors. Now don’t you usually decide not to see their films for the most because you know you don’t like their work? Isn’t that judging a film before there is a trailer?

                At this point we know alot about the film and I mean alot. Once you know the writers, director and cast you have enough to know you’ll watch it , keep an eye on it or hate it. Especially if you’ve seen most of the films from the people involved. None of them are talented. Some of the supporting cast has talent but they are just that supporting and they can’t hold up a bad scripted directed by a bad director and acted by a mediocre actor he is only good at comedy and couldn’t pull off serious if he was paid to… Oh wait he is paid to.

                Nothing against you always liked you as a poster just hate that argument.

                There are certain actors , writers and directors you lne up to wait for because you know they will put out something great just like there are those you avoid because you know they cling to crap or have limited range. Hating a film before a trailer is no different than being really excited for it with out one. You know just as much as the person who hates it if he doesn’t know enough to think it suck you certainly don’t know enough to want to see it or think it will be good. Just because you don’t like hate, negativity or critisim doesn’t make them any less legitamate than liking , positivity or praise.

                • yeah i agree, some directors and actors are just wrong. and looking at your side, you know the comics and you like it a lot? while i dont care for it at all… i’ve never read captain america at all. but also you cant say at this stage “i’m not gonna pay to see this crap” because you know you will see the trailer and other clips that comes a long that might change your opinion. no i get it, you can have your opinion whether its negative or positive. there are always someone who dont think it’ll work and some think its gonna be amazing. i dont care about the property, i havent seen much of the director or of evans as a serious actor. so it was probably wrong of me to talk about your opinion.

                  the writers arent horrible, they know how to keep the kids entertained! haha but yeah they are wrong for the movie i must say. and the you cant judge cause you havnet see anything is not what im saying. that only goes if you have no relation to anyone working on the movie, and seen a 10 second clip or a picture of it you know?

                  however im keeping an open mind about chris evans and johnson… since i havent watched that much of them, only see him in a comedic role and the wolfman which i thought was entertaining. so im hoping that he can play a good leader and that johnson will do well!

                • Here’s my question. Sorry to intrude, but, WHO would YOU have in the starring role & who would your choice of directors & producers be? Just curious, man. Don’t attack me. LOL

                  • Sorry, this question was for Daniel.

                  • Richard no worries no reason to attack you. You asked politely and respectfully and I appreciate it.

                    It’s hard to pick anyone. The studio and casting directors get paid alot of money to audition thousands of people and sort through thousands of candidates. I’m a computer nerd who works in security and reads alot of comics/ watches a lot of movies. I don’t get paid for my passion. Also you have to take in to account who would actually do it. I understand that you can’t just say this guy should of been hired. Because maybe who didn’t want it maybe he was busy or it wouldn’t be enough cash.

                    My choices? Honestly right off the top of my head I’d go with Jensen Ackles or Taylor Sheridan.

                    Jensen is an amazing actor who could nail cap perfectly he also has that imposing leader like presence on screen. He’s someone you could believe in the part and take seriously as a leader.

                    Taylor just looks like Cap. Make his hair blonde and he’s done. The guy didn’t even need to bulk up for the part. He’s from Sons’ of Anarchy and his character is actually nick named Captain America because he looks like him and his characters personality is very similar.

                    Director is a much harder choice. I never got a chance to really pick anyone before they announced Joe. Honestly though there are many many better choices. They could of picked someone with at least 2 good films to their name.

          • Alpine,

            You are getting very close to being added to the auto-moderation list with your last few comments.

            Dial it back.


    • I don’t think anyone is asking that it be dire dark and depressing like TDK.

      I’m only saying couldn’t at least be a quality film like TDK? A movie doesn’t have to be dark to be meaningful and truly great.

      Why is everyone so accepting of mediocrity?

      I hate comments that “Of course it’s not gone with the wind”

      I say why not? Why can’t we get quality films? Why can’t more filmmakers take these films to great heights? Any fans of the comics know that these are amazing stories equal to any Oscar winning film but that’s not what we get in the films.

      If the film looks good to you that’s fine. I’m not willing to accept mediocrity of properties I love so easily and this doesn’t even look mediocre to me.

      Evans is not a good actor and his performance in Sunshine wasn’t convincing or in any way good. Not only that he is wrong for the role he can’t convincingly play serious and he has a comedic face built for non serious roles. Not to mention doesn’t look the part.

      Joe is abad filmaker. It’s sad when your absolute best film is The Rocketer a movie that really is mediocrity by definition. The rest of his work is bad.

      Now the writers have written some of the worst films I’ve seen. They could probably write a how to not write a good script. It would probably be clitche and filled with poorly wriiten lines.

      I’m glad it looks fine to you but don’t misunderstand wanting a good film with wanting a depressing film.

      And try to help push comic films toward quality rather than mediocrity. If your a comic or a movie fan at all.

      • its not really the writers fault when the studios say ‘make a family friendly movie so we can make maximum $$$’. almost every marvel comic adaptation has had a ‘love interest’, poor and predictable endings (a fight scene which only goes for a few minutes and a kiss with the love interest exit to credits). the only decent comic adaptations i actually like would be the blade trilogy and kick ass, hulk is only 50% for me and IM one was so so.

        i’m personally gonna give this, GL, spiderman and every other faulty comic movie a chance before i start tearing people apart.

        btw i agree with your opinion on evans, even though he has the physique for capt he doesn’t have the acting capabilities to be such a big character but i guess we’ll have to see the final product (or maybe even a trailer) to pass a verdict.

      • Sorry, I will call the emperor has no clothes on TDK.

        It was a nice looking movie. There were definitely cool scenes and sequences. Some of the dialogue was meh. There were plot holes galore. Gylenhall had a horrible performance, she made Adrienne Barbaux’s performance in Swamp Thing seem like the output of Dame Judi Dench by comparison. Christian Bale’s “bat-voice” was distracting, it was so over the top. Two-Face was basically wasted in the movie.

        Too many sub-plots that did not add to the story. It also suffered from lousy action scene editing since some of the cuts were so quick, there was no establishment of the stakes or strategy used to defeat an enemy. And the movie could have had a half-hour to 45 minutes trimmed out of it and it would have flowed better.

        From that perspective, I am glad more comic movies are not TDK.

        • i loved TDK
          the acting was good, the joker and two face was portrayed very good and two face was not wasted in the movie. it was an important subplot adding up to the mainplot and it revealed more about the joker.

          if you could name those plot holes that there are so many of and sub plots that didnt add up i would be glad. cause i’d like to know since i didnt find any. i feel that everything that was there was necessary for the movie… maybe some small scenes here and there.

          and i have nothing to complain about the action scenes. i found them to be good and entertaining. it didnt suffer anything from the editing.

          • Magnus don’t hurt your self trying to find them.

            90% of the time the term plot holes means someone wasn’t paying attention and missed something being easily explained or just didn’t get it in general.

            So called Plot holes are more often than not the fault of the viewer.

  3. Looks cheap like the Captain America costume which looks like a quilt blanket turned into a uniform for the war effort. LOL

    • You can’t beat a bit of make and mend lol

    • You are aware it’s a halloween costume yes?

  4. @Danielf

    I can see your point, sorta. So what made TDK “I’m only saying couldn’t at least be a quality film like TDK?” a quality film in your eyes?

    Sorry comic books, any long running one,(stories and characters) are as cliched as you can get.

    While watching TDK did you really sit back and say OMG Bruce is going to die in that fire!!! No you knew the good guy was going to win, the bad guy was going to die and the hero may or may not get the girl.

    What made TDK (at least to me) was seeing Bruce becoming Batman. Wish there was more detective background but meh.

    Looking at CA I see a bright shining symbol of hope for the American soldier and people back home during WWII. I understand CA needs to be the stoic leader and as an actor sense we have not seen CE in that role who is to say he can not pull it off? An actor can only do so much with a role (and writing, directing) that is provided to to him. So unless there was a role in which you saw CE portraying a serious leader similar to CA how can you gauge him for this part? You are only seeing so far what has been given to them. Sunshine? Really?

    The Rocketeer is still one of the best (unknown) comic book adaptations. Cliched? Yeah. Overall for a 1990 Comic Book movie it still stands the test of time.

    Costume? (@Dexter also) What do you expect? Some fancy high tech outfit? This is CA first appearance. To assume they had this form fitting chain/scale mail outfit ready to go is silly in itself. Leather and quilt was good body armor “in those days”. The Ultimate costume is THE way to go for now. Next movie or the movie after (or when he is in the Avengers) or at the end of this movie when they realize weapons etc are changing then they have Stark create an armored body suit (OMG?? connected to the IM armor???) to further protect him.

    Sorry I think this movie will be the closest thing to TDK when it comes to the origin and learning who CA is and what he stands for. If the writing is any good I think Chris will be able to handle it. CA is in some eyes an overbearing headstrong leader, and not until you work with him do you realize why he is the way he is.

    On another note as I was looking at IMDB…. and I hadn’t seen mention of this before (my oversight maybe) UNION JACK??? Coolies…

    • Aknot TDK was more than what was on the surface and that’s the point. When you break it down the way you did all fit in to that simplistic nature even some of the most respected films of all time. It’s not about what’s on the surface. It’s about the depth and meaning behind the story being told. In the end it doesn’t matter if the good guy wins or loses that doesn’t make it great it’s about how they got it’s about the emotion and thought involved. Sure you could mindlessly watch TDK like an action flick but it was a film that brought up interesting questions about personal things and about world events. It questioned politics and life. It wasn’t just an action flick or comic movie. It had substance behind it.

      Also at the end of the film Batman was alive but I think saying the good guy won is questionable? Did he really ? He lost the woman he loved she died. He lost a trusted ally to the darkness and lost a little bit of him self in the battle with the joker he questioned his morals. He lost track of who he was and went to far. He became an outlaw hunted by his best friend. Did the good guy? Not really.

      Did he get the girl? No is it still open that he could get her in the future? Nope she died.

      Did the bad guy die? No Batman refused to kill him. He saved Joker and locked him up.

      Based on your standards for clitche I’d say it doesn’t fit at all.

      TDK was a unique comic film. The only one to truly take the genre seriously with divinity and respect. To strive to be more than just a comic or action film. It was a serious film that asked serious questions with emotional and thoughtful impact.

      That’s what made it a quality film. No other comic film has even attempted to do what TDK actually did with the exception of maybe X2 and that’s pushing it. Iron Man simply shot to be a mindles action flick with loads of comedy. It was an enjoyable film but wasn’t great it didn’t try to be anything other than a summer flick.

      Not to mention TDK has the most talemted cast to grace a comic film. Most get at least one or two great actors but the amount of talent in TDK is amazing.

      • ;) I covered the girl in TDK saying he may or may not get the girl. I was just commenting on your comment of comic movies being cliched…

        Sorry they are and will always be because the source material is cliched.

        Let me make sure everyone knows this.. I liked/enjoyed TDK. With that out of the way there were still leave your brains at the door moments. So to be able to take it seriously (IMO) is a bit of a stretch.

        If you are not asked to do this it is not a comic book movie. Unless of course if the comic book is something like Road to Perdition (Graphic Novel) or of some REAL life associated story.

        Once you call the character a superhero you are permitted (and they do in all of them) to throw seriousness to the side.

        While I appreciate your desire for a serious superhero comic book how far do you go with serious (im taking serious as it being as real life as possible not serious in its overall tone. Most are or try to be at least that) before you take away what it originally was?

        I will always say this about Nolans Batmans and his supposed world. If he was doing it that way why not just make up his own hero and leave the stuff that “I” associated with Batman alone?

        If that is serious “take the genre seriously with divinity and respect. To strive to be more than just a comic or action film. It was a serious film that asked serious questions with emotional and thoughtful impact. ” I dont want it in my comic book movies. Touch on it, breeze over it (no it doesnt have to be WHAM/POW throughout) but it is a comic book make believe superhero. If I want serious questions answered with emotional and thoughtful impact I will watch a Spike Lee film.

        I dont go to a football game expecting to see a basketball game.

        And I take it back…. I would love to see almost 2 hours of a giant slugfest on the giant screen. These 30 second fights are killing me. The Hulk fight with the Abomonation was close and seemed longer then it was just because of the real estate it covered. The Avengers need a 15 minute at the least knock down drag out slobberknocker.

        • Aknot…

          I won’t get in the middle of the debate between you and Daniel F. I WILL, however, point out what you probably already realize…There will not be a 15-minute knock-down/drag-out, epic battle in “The Avengers” because there CANNOT be. It would be too much like the Neo/Smith battle from the third “Matrix” movie. Yes, it was cool for a couple of minutes, but after awhile, people zoned out until the relief of the fight’s conclusion. BTW, I say that because I looked around the theater and SAW people’s faces and have read many critiques claiming the same problem. It’s fair to want a battle to last long enough to feel substantial, but most people (IMO) do not have the inclination to sit through a quarter-of-an-hour, drawn-out slugfest. Unless you’re IN it, it’s boring and stressful to watch (even boxing matches and martial arts competitions involve a lot of dancing around, not just actual hitting).

          • Understandable when it is 1 vs 1. However for the Avengers I think it could be done and be successful. This is of course dependent on the villain(s) etc.

            I look at the Avengers (with Cap at the helm) as a small battle. So while you have your big guns (Hulk/Thor/Iron Man) on the front line going toe to toe with…. Ultron or shape shifting Skrulls or Gamma radiated minions of the Leader, etc. you can have Hawkeye and BW fighting smaller battles trying to get to a certain point/object. With Cap leading them all via comms while with either group.

            So I believe it could be done for 15 mins…. Its easier (IMO) to do it with 5-6 characters you can bounce between unlike (I agree) the Neo fight even though first time it was pretty neat…

          • I just saw the latest episode of the Avengers cartoon and it was nearly all knock-down-slugfest, and I loved it. Of course, this was a cartoon; a live action movie would probably be, as you said, stressful.

        • Aknot we will have to agree to disagree because I litterally disagree with absolutely everything you said 100%.

          I’m gonna shut up because it actually offended me a bit because I’m a passionate movie and comic fan and you’ve shown zero respect for the genre I love. Don’t bother responding I’ll just ignore you. Comics are more than just some clitche story telling and they are more than dumb action like what you enjoy so much. They have always been about something more. If you can’t accept that fine, but don’t bash something that so many people are so passionate about. If you can’t see the deeper story I feel sorry for you.

          I’m done

          • So you state dont respond I will ignore. Nice converstationlist. Comics are nothing but 100% cliched. Heck I will give 95% cliched.

            The same TYPE of stories and events are played over and over just with slightly different angles enough not to make it exact.

            Where am I bashing it? Im giving it my opinion. You know just like you and your opinion. Problem with you that I see is no one elses (or ones the disagree with you strongly) opinions matter.

            Here I will quote someone else in this thread changing it to fit this:

            “Me thinking the film is going to suck should have zero effect on your life I could just as easily say if you don’t like my comments on the film don’t respond to them. ”

            Me thinking comics are cliched should have zero effect on your life etc.

            Dont feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for yourself that you get so bent out of shape over something like a person disagreeing with you. What happens when people talk ill of your favorite sports team? You cry? Put a hand up and walk away? Never speak to them again.

            SOME comic stories are more some writers have done great stuff with the properties and certain story lines. However that comes along every once in awhile. The rest is cliched. I feel really sorry for you if you cant see that. Or maybe you just feel certain stories are great where as I dont.

  5. Well regardless of all other opinions I will be there opening day. I don’t really care too much for Captain America but I will be there. Then I will bash.

  6. This is the first time I’ve realized that Hugo Weaving’s facial structure is really perfect for the Red Skull. Hopefully they don’t ruin it, like Spider-Man did with the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe’s face was equally just as perfect.)

    • Agree.
      I wonder if they’ll save money on dialog tracks by stealing his lines as Megatron from Transformers. Ya gotta save money where you can.

      “Bring me the CUUUBE!”

  7. @ Daniel F

    Remember how you were implying i hated Nolan’s Batman films because of certain things i didn’t like about TDK?

    • WallyWest

      Actually it wasn’t because you liked certain things. No film is perfect I even dislike certain things about TDK.

      The reason I implied it was because you bashed TDK every chance you got everytime anyone mentioned it or Nolan. You’d insult him and TDK. Never did you simply say you liked it or what you liked about it you just always bashed it and talked it down as if it were crap.

      Anyway whats your point? Would of liked it had you typed a bit more instead of making me probe for the point of your comment.

      • @ Daniel F

        My point was simply i wouldn’t bash a film till after i saw it. And ive said good things i liked about TDK before, only in different articles & perhaps you didnt see them. And what what i said about Nolan that i remmeber were based on comic facts & was no different from Tim Burton Burton because i know directors always change things around from comics to film. I can’t help it liking Batman Begins little more than TDK but thats just me.

  8. Holy crap, the skull has ears?

  9. Red Skull looks AWFUL, but I have faith in Hugo Weaving. I’m liking what I’ve seen of the film so far, but I’m on the fence about Marvel’s films after that POS IM2.

  10. I have to admit, I’m not all that familiar with any of the characters in Captain America, I wouldnt have picked Evans for the role (I have nothing against him, he’s simply wrong for this), but Hugo Weaving is a reason to watch a movie for me. The guy is a fantastic actor, and Joe Johnston got a great performance from him in The Wolfman.
    I’m not going to judge the look of this character on some concept art and a halloween costume.

    • Danielf dislikes your post

      • LOL.

        To be fair, I’m not sure I said that much he would disagree with.

        • “I’m not going to judge the look of this character on some concept art and a halloween costume.”

          • Lol INk I actually don’t have a problem with the look. If you read my comments the look of the characters is just about the only thing I didn’t hate on.

            I said Red School looks pretty faitful to the comics and Cap looks mediocre. I mostly like the costume just the helmet and the fluffy ness of it bother me.

            I just don’t like the people attached to the film other than Hugo. The costumes look decent though.

            • Ahhh the ever classic Daniel vs. Aknot battles, how I have missed those!!

    • Dr. Sam,

      You dont know any of the supporting characters or any of the characters? How well do you know CA?

      I would also venture to guess your knowledge of CA is based on the mainstream Marvel line?

      Seeing the shirtless CE hearkens back to what Steve looked like after the SS formula kicked in. He has the looks.

      As for CA himself we dont know if they are mismashing the mainstream with the Ultimate line etc so it is hard to say what CA will be written however I think Chris Evans could pull off either one or a mixture of both.

      Both have CA as someone that WANTS to support their country cant and ends up supporting it the best they can. The mainstream is more lighter in the way Cap carries himself, addresses the troops etc. He is a leader but leads in the “American” way, apple pie and baseball. The Ultimate line from what I can remember (please someone correct me) is almost that way except he would cram the apple pie down your throat and beat you with a baseball bat IF you deserved it .

      So while they are both leaders they lead and carry themselves in different ways.

      I still think Chris can pull it off. I see both Caps in him and while he is a comedic actor (so to speak) there is no reason he can not learn to be a semi hardass/leader type person.

      To me it will be based on what they give him. The naive guy that wants to support his country, getting super powers, only to find out the ugly side of war changes him…making him that leader realizing that mom and apple pie isn’t all its cracked up to be….

      • I have never really read any CA stories, I completely stopped reading Marvel about five years ago, So I only really know Cap from the few Avengers stories I have read.

        There are two things that make me want to see this movie, Joe Johnston, because he made The Rocketeer whic is one of my all time favourite films, and because seeing Hugo Weaving playing a crazed Nazi is worth the admission price alone!

      • If I recall correctly from the Ultimates annual a few years back.

        Captain America addressing some terrorists.

        “You know who I am, you know what I can do. Surrender, or even your own mothers won’t recognise you.”

        Needless to say, they surrendered.

  11. Wasn’t this artical about the Red Skull Halloween costume?

  12. I myself was disappointed how Two-Face was introduced in the 2nd half of the film only to be killed off at the end. I was like oh jeez when Batman fell off the Batpod in that one scene, among others.

    • IMO, Two-Face served his purpose in the film, and that was to be The Joker’s “ace in the hole”.

    • Two-face was a secondary villain, expanding his story would have detracted from the Joker. One thing comic movie directors can learn from Nolan’s Batman films is that they can have multiple villains, but one has to be the main villain.

  13. Holy Moley, this version of Cap’s uniform is pretty darn cheesy!!
    He looks like Rick Moranis in an SCTV parody bit!!!!
    What the heck happened to the streamlined, cool uniform that was only the standard flagship look for Cap since the 60s?
    This schmatta looks like some kid’s made-up halloween costume!!

    • Have you ever seen a real human being in a spandex outfit?

      Don’t go there… just don’t go there.

  14. cap fans will most likely hate it because theres so much marvel has to cover with cap in ONE film. (origin, love, sidekick, villians’ origins, howling comandos, Avenger set up, and WWII) marvel shouldnt have push the avengers film for such an early release. 2015 would have been better. let cap and thor get two films under their belt before having everyone mashed together. to round out each character’s personas. i hate having to compare dc to marvel, but we do learn alot more about batman in TDK. on a lighter note i love the hydra coat from the concept art. i hope it makes it to the film.

    • No they dont , why is it that there is always someone out there that thinks they need to jam all that down our throats, Thats just dumb its called pacing and no you dont have to tread into all of the history of Cap, you dont, you can’t, that is what cut away scenes are for, throw up abunch of news articles displaying all of Caps Achievements, keep certain things limited , other things can be implyed, not everything has to be played out on the screen, we are mostly intelligent people, lol mostly haha, we can connect the dots on our own, at least I hope one could. Make the movie enjoyable , be respectful to the characters and the source material, tell a great story make it intelligent and dont dumb it down, use good FX, too many good movies have been ruined by bad effects, and I think everyone will walk away happy.

    • I’m loving the look, and the cast certainly looks great. Yes, Jones looks hot as Frost. I’d love to “thaw” her out.

      I’m still not very interested in the movie, and I’ll mostly wait for DVD to watch it.

      • monster seriously i thought you would be like WTF , you think they look good, maybe its me but i think they look like crap

        • I’m surprised I like the look too, but it’s not enough to make me forget about the continuity issues lol.

  15. This really takes me back to the 50′s, when I first came across a classic Captain America comic! I wish they would bring back the lone Ranger as well!

  16. Wow. This article certainly did stir up alot of STUFF. Anyway, I like most of what I’ve seen of Cap., looking forward to the movie.

  17. Hugo Weaving is a wonderful character actor. From his characters in The Matrix to Lord of the Rings to Megatron in Transformers. He does not disappoint.

    He’ll be great as the Red Skull. I haven’t been the big Captain America comic book collector, but I have always loved Marvel Comics. I will most certainly be there when this movie comes out. I can’t wait for the Avengers either.

    Although I find it sad that they cannot stick with a permanent actor to play Bruce Banner as we see the third movie Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers. Oh well I’m sure it will be a fun movie. Thanks for the pics.

  18. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far. I’m digging the Ultimates take on the Marvel U. I’m pulling for this movie to be totally sweet. Good or bad everyone is going to go see it to find out, so it should make good $$. Hopefully enough to keep Avengers on track.

  19. Mark so I dislike a film so I’m pathetic ?yet you personally insult me going on a mad tirade about me because I don’t think this looks good and yet your not? Examine your self a bit there buddy.

    Also only forum that would allow me to post? Have you ever used the Internet before ? There are a lot of forums and websites that allow posting. It’s a common thing now here in 2011 welcome to the future.

    Try to avoid insulting people for having an opinion and posting on a site especially since you clearly have an opinion an posted on this very site.

    There is something about something calling something else black.

  20. I originally wasn’t excited for this. Mostly from my belief that any one actor should only be a single hero from DC and Marvel Each. It goes along with the Secret Identity bit. (Disclaimer to the next sentence: I don’t like Tobey MacGuire as Peter Parker, I’m just illustrating a point) Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Tobey is Peter Parker. If Tobey is also Cyclops, then, it’s almost like Spider-Man is Cyclops. So when Chris Evans was announced as Cap, I was unsure. For those who don’t remember, he played Johnny storm in the Fantastic Four Movies you’re trying to forget. But the more I see of the film, I get more excited. I still think the helmet looks retarded, but oh well. As for Chris being a comedic actor, let me tell you this. His comedy isn’t slapstick. It’s witty, and about delivery of lines. Doing that sort of comedy and succeeding is VERY difficult. Much more difficult than being in a dramatic role. Comedy isn’t some easy go-to medium. If it were, there would be more B-Movie comedies than horror movies. There aren’t, in case you don’t know. Aspiring Filmmakers do horror, because it’s easy, and most people know how to look scared.
    And the once-king of Comedy, Jim Carrey, who WAS slapstick, still does great in drama. Namely, Eternal Sunshine of a spotless Mind. Comedic Actors who do dramas usually tear the roof off that sucker. Because it’s harder to be funny than to be action-y.
    And I only know a few directors by name, so I won’t comment on the writer or director. I am just standing up for Chris. They’ll have to show him acting as Cap in the trailer tomorrow, so I’ll judge on if he sells it then.
    Until then,

    • Whoops. Wasn’t on the page I thought I was. lol.