Official Look at The Red Skull in ‘Captain America’ Movie

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captain america movie cast villain red skull Official Look at The Red Skull in Captain America Movie

[Be sure to check out the Captain America: The First Avenger trailer!]

Easily the most anticipated of the 2011 Super Bowl Movie Trailers, the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger debuted with a blast and the ripples  are currently being felt all throughout the Interweb.

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out the Captain America Super Bowl TV Spot first!

Whether you bought the sight of Chris Evans as Captain America, thought the tone of the movie felt right (or not), or got pumped at the brief moments of action we did see, there was one moment in that trailer I know all you Captain America fans spazzed for: the first real sight of Hugo Weaving in full makeup as The Red Skull.

We were promised that this Captain America movie would deliver an appropriately scary and menacing version of The Red Skull, and from the screen shots below I think we may in fact get just that. Check out Hugo Weaving in full-on Skull makeup:


Notice that the Skull is peeling off a mask of some sort -  most likely the “face” of Johann Schmidt, his pre-Skull identity. This would suggest that Hugo Weaving will go through a significant portion of First Avenger sans his Red Skull makeup, “wearing his normal face” as Schmidt until he finally reveals his “real face” in his climatic showdown with Captain America (Chris Evans). Just a guess, but one I’m willing to hedge my bets on.

As for the makeup work – what can I say? They did a pretty great job. The Red Skull looks like…an actual red skull and the whole thing looks pretty menacing on a guy like Weaving, who I’m sure is going give us a quality villain in this film.

Again, if you haven’t seen it, check out the Captain America Super Bowl TV Spot.

Also be sure to check out the rest of our 2011 Super Bowl Movie Trailers.

Captain America: The First Avenger will be in theaters on July 22, 2011.

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  1. Looks great. Hugo would’ve been a godd Sinestro though.

  2. i feel like such a nerd because when i saw the preview i actually got the glimpse of him and paused it on my dvr haha

  3. This movie is gonna rock! Did u see Steve Rogers all frail and skinny then boom! Chris is jacked up son! Ready for this and Red Skull looks awesome!

  4. I’m super excited for this movie. Everything I’ve seen so far looks pretty solid… I think this will be a great adaptation of the comic, and the best addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe…I hope anyways…

  5. Must admit I like the look of Red Skull from what I saw.

  6. I had to apologize to the other people I was watching with because I yelled at them to “Shut the **** up!”. Totally worth it though, hahaha!!!

  7. Wow, Red Skull looks great! The trailer was awesome. I was about to press pause as soon as they unveiled the Red Skull but then I remembered that I didn’t have DVR. =( But I’m glad they had the screen captures here so I can take a better look. Trailer was great, I’m even more excited to watch this film now.

  8. Frank Langella suffered a serious sunburn!!!

    • THAT WAS ROFL WORTH! nice one

  9. red skull looks great, trailer certainly is full of action, which is what johnson said it the final product would have. i just hope they dont side track to much with the whole avengers crossover stuff it will ruin a great origin movie.

    • I don’t think there will be much crossover since you so rightly said this is an origin movie, I do believe it will end with Cap being frozen though so that after Thor and Iron Man 3, they can begin the Avengers film(s) I don’t think there will be many crossover issues (if any)

  10. Only part of this film I think will be good is Red Skull great actor and he looks fantastic.

  11. wow i cant believe ppl are actually liking the movie so far. everything looks like a cheap movie. but thats my opinion.

    • Woah. What’s your problem? Do you have nothing better to do than criticizing our enthusiasm for the trailer?

    • I think people are actually liking the trailer so far. The movie is not out yet. :-)

      • After seeing the trailer now about 5 times, I´m beginning to like it. But like Mr.Bronson said: a few scenes DO look cheap.

        • what scenes? i think all the ones you get to see in there looks good

          • The scene where he´s running through enemy fire reminded me of that one fan made trailer I saw on youtube. As well as the scene where he rides the motorcycle. And the scene where they break in the door (especially with that red background) look mega cheap. But that´s just my opinion. I´m still gonna watch the movie though. I don´t judge it by 30 seconds of footage.

  12. Okay at first I was kinda like meh that’s not Red Skull, cause before we only saw pics of Weaving and that was it. Now I have to change my tune a little cause I’m rather impressed by the skull makeup. I have no doubt that Weaving will be great as always but, I do hope he shows us the skull earlyer then the showdown. However I will always be a DC fanboy.

  13. It looks like a Captain America movie so far, so I’m jacked. Hugo Weaving does look very much the Red Skull.

    Nobody will mistake it for just another WWII drama movie.

  14. I wonder who the Skull is impersonating?
    Looks like he is ripping off a Rubber Mask.

    • Gary

      he looks like Jim Carrey in The Mask.

    • How did you expect him to look? Like an actual skull? That would have been believable… they have to make some sort of compromise for live action.


      • I was just saying that it does remind me of Jim Carey in The Mask. I’m not poking fun at the look or anything. I like it as it looks real to me.

        • Jake,

          Actually I probably should have replied to Gary. :)


          • Vic, I actually would have liked to see a “real” Red Skull. Just imagine Nolan´s Two-Face but with his whole head burnt. You know what I mean?

            This is a bad example, but it´s the best I could come up with:


            I know the pic sucks (I´m not a pro), but you might get my point.

            • thats a really interesting take on what he should look like. And for someone that isn’t a pro it does get your point across, but I think we should wait and see the origins of Red Skull and what direction they take it in before we criticize his look in this film. Just my 2 cents

  15. Hate to be a party pooper, but I wasn’t all too impressed by the Captain America trailer. I was expecting fireworks, but felt like I was left with a bucket of damp firecrackers.
    Red Skull looked cool, for that quick glimpse of him, but almost all the movie trailers shown during the Super Bowl weren’t the spectacles I expected them to be. Although the ones for Rango and Pirates of the Caribbean were fun.

  16. I was very skeptical of this dim till the teaser trailer. I’m sold mostly. I wanna a full 3:00 minute trailer still!

  17. It is a mask of the face of Johann you can see the ear in the first picture. But I liked the trailer I just hope they aren’t going for comedy. I mean, “How do you feel?” “Tall”? Really?

    • yes, there cannot be a moment of comedy in this movie, or else i’ll be mad. and he said “taller” and i dont think it was meant as a full on comedy scene. perhaps a light smile

      • I think when he said “taller”, he really meant it. How would you feel after a two minute process going from Frodo to Schwarzenegger? When all the people around you are all of a sudden one head smaller than you?

        • yeah exactly

          • I guess, I thought that too, what would I have said to a question like that? It’s a good point and I can stand some comedy but Captain America was a serious guy not Jokey McJokerson.

    • why does a one liner mean comedy, its called levity, you take a serious situtation and add a little humor to defuse it, people also make quips when they are nervous, its a very human interaction, and i dont think it makes or marks a movie as a comedy.

      • That is what I was meant. And it was a short clip with very little dialogue. One line most certainly does not mean a full blown comedy but then again there was not much talking in the trailer.

  18. The Red Skull looks like a cheap plastic mask. If he’s peeling off a human face mask then I have to say that’s just ridiculous because the Red Skull head is HUGE. It looks like low budget cheap prosthetic make up layered on too thick over the actor’s head. They should’ve gotten the team responsible for Dark Knight’s Two Face. That was done right.

    • Looks good to me……..

      What would the age-restriction have been if they went with a something as gruesome as Two-Face in Drak Knight?

      • That would be quite awesome, actually.

    • I get that you dont like the mask but , just out of curosity, you would have done what , he looks like the Skull from the comics, cause if you wanted something a little more life like, you do know this is based on a comic book and a guy with a little red skull , more then likely doesnt and couldnt exist. I mean you do know that , right? Oh and by the way the two face make up was some of the worst cgi / make up, I ve seen , and it was one of the worst parts of DK. I mean dont know many that liked it, it looked just plain bad. So I can see where your coming from if you liked that

      • Two face looked good to me…i dont see how it was so bad. and i also like the red skull look.

      • @ Loco Lobo

        I thought Two-Face in TDK looked little better aswell closer to the comic book character counter-part than what Tommy Lee Jones did. But thing was about it was him being scarred by fire that badly & live walk outta a hospital due to a injury like that. How many fire victims with half a face burned would really look like that. Know what i mean?

        • Wally

          I saw a video of a girl who was in a car accident hit by a drunk driver and the car went up in flames and she lived. She actually looked worse than Two-Face (no offense to her, brave and strong to live through it) and similar at the same time. Not as large of a hole as Two-Face had around the jaw and cheek area but close.

          • Dude!!!

            • Sweet?

              • DUDE!

          • @ jake the snake

            Did it mention how she was in the hospital for? I mean in TDK Harvey was in there for what, 2 days maybe? of-course its just a movie but i was pointing out in real-life someone would be in the hospital longer than what we seen Harvey supposely in for. I didn’t mind how Harvey got scarred in TDK because i didn’t mind how he was scarred in Batman:TAS.

            • I suppose she was in hospital a bit longer, because she wasn´t kidnapped by the Joker.

            • Wally

              the girl was in the hospital for a few weeks. i realize the movie had Two-Face in and out even though they gave no real timeline but it had to be done that way for the movie.

  19. Seen the trailer & the picture of Red Skull looks great. Can’t wait to see this film. And from what i seen from the trailer of Evan’s Steve Roger’s transformation before & afterwards looks just as great so i can’t wait to see what’s in store in the film. Frank Langella’s Skeletor, eat your heart out.

  20. Definitely looks like the Red Skull from the comic books to me. :-)

    • @ Magnetic Eye

      Same here. Better work on Red Skull than the 90′s film i must say.

  21. I wonder what the origin will be of the Red Skull….
    Wasn’t he supposed to be the opposite of Cap but the experiments deformed him?
    I know there are some more origins of the Skull…

    • I’d guess its some sort of military experiment gone wrong.
      Judging by the war-time setting.

  22. Im convinced Weaving will pull this off. I can hardly wait!

  23. I am loving every bit of this

    • same here

  24. Loco Lobo or whatever

    Two-Face makeup and cgi was great. don’t know what you were looking at.

    And Red Skull looks awesome in this.

  25. Can’t effin wait!

  26. Pretty freak’n sweet.

  27. He better use his Megatron voice or else this will be too awesome.

  28. I just noticed something. The writing on the wall in the background. They spelled “Plattform” with only one t. That may be correct in english, but since everything else on that wall is written in german…

  29. my best bet for Red Skull’s origins will be that he is the Nazi’s attempt at the Super Soldier Serum that goes right and wrong at the same time, making him stronger, but deforming him at the same time. Thats my 2 cents anyway. Cannot wait for this movie!!!