‘Red Riding Hood’ Trailer and Poster

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Red Riding Hood movie trailer Red Riding Hood Trailer and Poster

Fans that sneak out to see the latest Harry Potter movie this weekend will get a glimpse at another dark, and far more risque, fantasy tale in the form of director Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood.

Warner Bros. has released the trailer and poster for the flick, which refashions the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood as more of a supernatural horror thriller than a mildly creepy tale about a young girl’s misbegotten trip to her grandmother’s house.

Amanda Seyfried stars in Red Riding Hood as Valerie, a lovely young lady who’s “torn” between two gentlemen – and by that we mean she’s in love with broody loner Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), but is betrothed to rich boy Henry (Max Irons). The forbidden romance between Valerie and Peter is made all the more complicated by the presence of a werewolf – which their medieval village has long kept at bay via animal sacrifices. Until, under the cover of a blood red moon, the creature decides to begin feeding on humans instead.

Enter famed werewolf hunter (and flamboyantly dressed) Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), who informs the villagers that the hairy monster takes human form during the day – which means it could very well be a resident of the small town and possibly even (*gasp*) someone close to Valerie herself.

Check out the Red Riding Hood trailer below:

This mixture of contemporary music, broody romance, and ominous visuals in the Red Riding Hood trailer might seem curious (and more than boarderline silly) until one remembers that Hardwicke was responsible for the original Twilight movie adaptation as well. There’s more than a hint of Bella and Edward in Seyfried’s Valerie and Fernadez’ Peter in the footage shown here.

The use of supernatural creatures as metaphors in edgier (re: sexual) coming of age stories that revolve around young adults are all the rage nowadays (just watch the Teen Wolf TV show trailer for further proof) and Red Riding Hood could very well tap into that craze when it hits theaters.

Check out the Red Riding Hood poster below:

Red Riding Hood Poster Red Riding Hood Trailer and Poster

Red Riding Hood arrives in theaters in the U.S. on March 11th, 2011.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. this movie looks terrible… :)

      • in the uk those books have their own section now its called dark romance i want to knock the shelves over every time i have to walk past them to get to the crime or comic section. surely once you have read one youve read them all

    • This Movie looks so stupid,predictable,drawn out,boring!! in a word Horribal!!

    • defiantly agreed with ya

    • WHATEVER if u read the book its pretty cool only thers no ‘love too fair’ scences

  2. Sad to see Gary Oldman stoop to this kind of mediocrity. But I guess everyone needs a paycheck…

    • Agreed.

  3. i dont think this is even a rental lol. the trailer made me chuckle tho so i give it some credit. :)

  4. are we sure this is real?

  5. I’m sure she will bring up Twilight every chance she gets in interviews for this.

  6. so the “dark brooding hot guy” is the wolf??? great now i dont have to pay to see this

  7. This movie looks like crap! I hope they show Amanda’s boobies like in her other movie Chloe, then maybe it might be worth watching.

  8. “Little Red Twilight Hood” it is.

  9. Wasn’t there already a red riding hood horror movie where she turned out to be the wolf or something crazy? I think it might of been foreign like Swedish or something?

    • English (we’re foreign enough though!).

    • @ Steve: That happened in “Trick ‘R Treat” but it wasn’t the core story of the movie.

  10. I might’ve thought this would be interesting if I didn’t think Amanda Seyfried was a terrible actress (Mama Mia, letters to Juliet, jennifer’s body, etc.)

    I’ll wait to read a review before saying it’s a bad movie (seeing that I haven’t seen it yet), but I will say this; SKIP!!!

    • Agreed, she is an awful actress and weird looking too, her eyes are way to far apart, she looks like an alien.

  11. Im going to wait to see this on the big screen lol 😉

    • LOL figures

  12. i really think this will be a good movie as for dark romance novels its what some people are into next are people gonna say scifi books are bad and they want to knock down those shelves too i like dark romance novels i like scifi and i like the celestine prophecy and twilight whats wrong with dark romance novels like really

    • Punctuation. PLEASE. Also, you’re the reason we have Twilight. Ugh.

  13. $10 says it’s the grandmother.

    • ROFLMAO @ James Whatley. 😀


      • 😉

    • $20 says its lil red !!!

  14. Neil Jordan did this 25 years ago with The Company Of Wolves. And much better, I think it’s probably safe to say…

    • Definitely safe to say. Company Of Wolves is a cracker!

      • It worked on so many levels: modern spin on old fairy story, parable of sexual awakening etc etc. Great Anton Furst production design on no budget as well. I’d never seen a werewolf transformation done that way either – bursting out and shedding the human skin like a chrysalis. Symbolic in itself! Alan Moore used the same idea in an issue of Swamp Thing, and I’m pretty sure he lifted it from the movie.

        • A thousand times more inventive than any of the werewolf/horror drivel we get these days, the oldies are the best. Fact!

          • Terence Stamp as the Devil in a Rolls-Royce – you can’t go wrong with that! Seeing Danielle Dax, the musician responsible for my screen name, turn up as a naked wolf girl was a bonus too…

            • Stamp is always good value.

    • @ The Big Dentist: “The Company of Wolves” is a short story by Angela Carter and is so much better than the movie adaptation. Give it a read if you have a chance.

      • Cheers Jessie, I knew she based the screenplay on her own story, but I’ve only ever read her non-fiction. I’ll check that out!

  15. I don’t think I’ll mind this movie too much. It’s going to be good to prop my feet up and eat some awesome movie theatre popcorn. Plus I think the trailer looks visually good. I like the color blends.

    Anything to get away from the vampire craze is going to be OK by me.

  16. The cinematography looks quite nice, but the choice of apparently inexperienced pop culture young actors, in my opinion, will dumb down something that could have amazing potential

  17. A classic story… ruined.

  18. I don’t know what is more predictable – the storyline revealed by the trailer (visually luscious but I am hoping for a stronger script…?) or the Twilight Backlash.

    Year after Year – the Same ol’ Same ol’

    It is IN and fans go Wild – whether or not they have actually SEEN it.
    Then it is IN to trash it – whether or not they have actually SEEN it.
    IN then OUT then IN then OUT then IN then OUT…ad nausea

    I’m just Happy to see that Artists still have the ganas to CREATE
    while others stand (or sit) on the sidelines content to POSE and HATE
    and SNIPE.

    Even when the Artists MISS (and they do) at least they are AUTHENTIC
    in their Effort and their Risk-taking – putting their Reputations on
    the line each time they Attempt to DO SOMETHING – to make others FEEL

    I like the LOOK of the film (what I can tell from the trailer). I hope
    that the STORY doesn’t get lost in the mix.

    I think that Catherine H. is an amazingly talented Artist-Director.
    She DELIVERED Twilight despite the rantings and ravings of naysayers
    (and a budget vastly disproportionate to fan expectations!)- and took the World by Storm. She marshalled the skills and talents of dozens
    of Artists and IMHO Made the Most out of the Opportunity.

    At the end of the day (and hopefully before we go venting our collective spleen) ask yourself: What did I deliver to the World today? What did I construct? And what do I hope to gain by Screaming Out into the Void?

    If you don’t like a trailer or treatment, can you ADD to the Construct
    w/your Criticism or are you simply looking for lemmings to follow you
    over the cliff so you won’t be All Alone in your ranting?

    ADD to the discussion w/Your Suggestions on HOW it could be Made Better.
    Be as SPECIFIC as you can. Contribute. You have a Unique Perspective and, obviously, a deep-seated NEED to Share. Make it Count.

    Any idiot can SNIPE…but what a WASTE of Everyone’s Time and Effort.
    Lend YOUR Constructive POV to the Collective – cannot Hurt and would
    DEFINITELY be more entertaining than a mindless rant.

    Your Opinion (I Hope) should Count for More….

    Take Care & Be Safe,


    • I Lol’d @ “ask yourself: What did I deliver to the World today? What did I construct? And what do I hope to gain by Screaming Out into the Void?”

      Dude they’re just expressing their opinion, move on……..

    • I thought it was a pretty good movie *have seen it three times* The visuals were amazing. It was a new twist on an old tale (I was even surprised at the end) I also don’t believe Amanda S is a ‘terrible actress’ as I have seen many of the comenters are saying she is.

      I also agree 100% with the in again out again thing *was just talking to a friend about this last night* it seems the second one guy questions the ‘awesome-ness’ of something, an army of lemmings is born, all copying one another to be the be all/end all of collective knowledge of what is a good/great/awesome/terrible ect ect movie. People don’t know how to see for themselves anymore.
      I don’t read reviews until AFTER I have seen a movie so I can decide for myself if it was what I expected, if it lacked something, too much of something, good/bed/terrible acting and/or direction. Things that need to be decided by someone who has actually SEEN it, not just by others who have HEARD/READ about it.

      Just realized how long my rant got lol, anyways, I thought it was a decent movie with alot of wonderful videography and a new twist on a good story :)

  19. Red Riding Hood looks good, I’d see it.

  20. Another politically correct mess of a movie. Please you Hollywood hooks keep your Negroes out of classic European fables.

    • Brooklyn, what on earth are you talking about?

    • Just trolling then. It’s a shame David Beckham’s son hasn’t found anything better to do with himself at so young an age.