‘Red Dawn’ Villains Switched from China to North Korea

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red dawn logo tagline Red Dawn Villains Switched from China to North Korea
MGM’s upcoming remake of Red Dawn was supposed to hit theaters in 2010, but the studio’s well-documented bankruptcy saga effectively put all of the projects they had in the pipeline on hold.

Since its recent restructuring, MGM has pushed high-profile projects like The Hobbit, Bond 23, and the RoboCop reboot back into development – but there’s been no official confirmation of when films that were completed before the company filed for Chapter 11 will be released.

Red Dawn will likely hit theaters at some point this year, but the film (which wrapped production in 2009) has one more significant alteration to undergo before it will be ready to hit theaters. The original 1984 film featured a group of  small-town teenagers in America’s heartland taking a stand against Soviet invaders – but with the disintegration of the U.S.S.R. in 1991, producers initially decided that Chinese assailants would be more appropriate for the remake.

According to the LA Times, the filmmakers have decided to change the villains yet again. Instead of the Chinese,  North Korean soldiers will now invade the U.S. in the Red Dawn remake. The switch was made in an effort to give the film greater box office appeal in China – which has become one of the most profitable markets for American movies.

Around the time MGM first delayed the release of Red Dawn, a Chinese newspaper called the Global Times expressed concerns that the film would demonize their state and its citizens (thanks in part to certain leaked images from the set). Evidently, this may have been a factor in scaring off potential distributors who were apprehensive about what effect their involvement with the film would have on future dealings with China.

So without any official complaints from the Chinese government, MGM will spend $1 million to construct a new opening sequence, re-edit several scenes, and digitally change Chinese symbols into Korean. It may sound somewhat ridiculous, but the fact of the matter is that the studio really had no alternative. If the film fails to secure distribution, it could wind up going straight to video – or being permanently shelved.

red dawn 2010 cast photo Red Dawn Villains Switched from China to North Korea

The cast of the 'Red Dawn' remake

Interestingly, the video game Homefront (which was written by John Milius, the screenwriter of the original Red Dawn) recently underwent a similar change – THQ decided to swap out the game’s Chinese invaders for North Korean forces instead.

Even though China currently only permits around 20 non-Chinese films to be released there each year, they’re still the fifth largest box office market outside of the United States. Had Red Dawn opened in its original incarnation, many believe that a backlash would have been inevitable and that the film’s premise was flawed and problematic from the start.

Producer Tripp Vinson believes that the changes will make the Red Dawn remake “smarter and more dangerous”, but I have to admit that the idea of North Korea invading the U.S. seems a bit more farfetched to me. However, this is obviously a business decision above all else and it sounds like without these alterations, Red Dawn might never see the light of day.

Source: LA Times.

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  1. Just how can this movie hope to be relevant after such an absurd change? I bet China STILL doesn’t watch it…

    • I’m not sure if the movie is relevant today either way to use China or North Korea.

      China is a big superpower, but they depend to much on the U.S. for their economy to attack the U.S.A.

      North Korea makes better sense, but I do not know if they have the resources to stage a full on attack/ invasion on the U.S. The U.S. would annihilate them if they did.

      The original movie worked, because of the Cold War. People did not know what was to come of the U.S.-USSR anger between each other. Also, the USSR had a lot that could stage a full on war.

      So I am not sure if this movie is going to work. We’ll probably go see, rent or buy it anyway.

      • Two of the biggest reasons for war in History, land and resources.
        China needs both.

        • Not to mention an overabundance of men with no hope of ever finding marriage partners (since men outnumber women in China by about 26 million). Looking back, wars of conquest were typical solutions to such demographic disparities.

          • Very true.

            Plus looking back at the history of the Korean War, Chinese troops were able to overrun several US positions with just sheer numbers of bodies to make the US forces literally run out of ammo.

            If they are desperate, Chinese tactics have a very different flavor than anything we think of in the West.

    • The film is still going to be bad, change or no change. And just now those Hollywood geniuses figure out that China has a large population (i.e., a large potential audience, meaning potential big bucks to be made)? They need to join Alexandra Wallace in the nuthouse for people who make laughingly bad decisions. :)

  2. Lol this is crazy, I guess its better to piss off the small crazy dictator with his finger on the button then the Chinese, lol

  3. Its funny we didnt worry about the cubans or russians in the first movie, Nor did we worry about what ever other country we have used in any other country, Why now !!!!!!

    • We didn’t worry about the Cubans because we’ve had a trade embargo since The Cuban Missile Crises in 1962 and we didn’t worry about the Russians because Cold War didn’t end until 1989, 5 years after the first Red Dawn.

      There was no market in either country. In China, there is a huge and very profitable market for American movies and we don’t trade with North Korea, so this move makes a lot of sense, money wise.

      • lol right cause the black market good s were not sold over there , and sorry but do you know how many movies even after the fall of the Berlin wall still used the Russians as the Enemies. On top of that im not sure why any cCountry would be opposed to this movie it shows them as having successfully invading the U.S.
        Oh yeah by the way we have still have trade embargos with Cuba, but they still have I phones and Tv which get american broadcasting. hell we have Embargos with North Korea as well.
        However to throw this out there Korea is one of the largest countries for Movie Piracy with over 1 billion dollars worth every year.

        • 1. Movies (goods) sold on the black market “over there” don’t make the studios any money.
          2. Yes… but American’s have become more politically correct since the 80′s. (At least we try not to be blatant in Hollywood)
          3. Whomever is shown as attacking the United States would be seen as “Evil”.
          4. We do have trade embargo’s with Cuba, I stated that.
          5. We don’t have trade trade embargo’s with N.Korea, we are technically still at war.
          6. Movie piracy in South Korea is a billion dollar industry.
          7. Spell check…

          • I think your missing the point, but im sure your are correct, lol. The point is that american movies that depict other countries as the evil despots, piss off Governments, not movie goers in general, And my point about the Black market has nothing to do with The Movie company making money , it goes to the point as to that they still want to see the movies we produce, Cause here is another point, most people recognize the fact that they are only MOVIES. Some movies make statements , do you really think this movie, that is having an issue even making it into theaters, is going to cause this huge upheaval in our relationship with anyone, even if it still had China as the bad guys, so what, Just because this movie isnt using China others still are, both in TV and Cinema. Oh yeah and by the way if we really want to worry about something maybe we sould stop making movies that have Middle Eastern Terroist in it as well, I mean come those guys are really a threat , they blow people up just because they can, so maybe we should stop with portraying terroists as bad guys so we dont piss them off as well, LMAO. oh yeah and I hope no one over there play video games, like COD, Home Front, Battlefield or any type of first person shooters cause then they might get really POed

        • The bottom line (that a lot of people aren’t getting) is unlike with the USSR, even after the Cold War the Chinese have not initiated anything even close enough with the US to justify a film being made that makes them the enemies. The films that refer from the Russia/US conflict is extracting from the past, this film is predicting the future, maybe even a cautionary tale, but a tale that can nevertheless be too dodgy for Hollywood to accuse a neutral country and growing economy/super power of in a corporate sense. This is where Hollywood’s might can fall on itself.

          • Well said…

    • Because the socio-political environment has changed DRAMATICALLY in the last 25 years. The fact that ANY country is shown as a possible invading enemy has been called racist by commenters on this site and writers on other movie sites.


      • Pair that up with the fact that Asian faces are few and far between in Hollywood movies. When they are shown, they are almost always attached to racist caricatures, including that of the nameless, faceless swarms of Asian soldiers here to kill good, wholesome Americans.

        And to those who want to ignorantly say such imagery has no impact on what people think, I point to all the lovely individuals who keep on spouting off that the tsunami/quake/radiation effects in Japan are payback for Pearl Harbor. These people don’t know history, and they don’t even know what happened at Pearl Harbor. Also look at Alexandra Wallace, millions may laugh at her “mistake,” but there are millions of Americans who think just like she does about the “hordes of Asian people” invading her school.

        These images either give a push to such beliefs in people who are vulnerable to such ideas, or provide support for people who are already knee-deep, or neck-deep in such racist beliefs.

        Ah, Hollywood executives and their racist folly.

        • wow thats pretty bad , I had no Idea that was the thinking behind that , i guess thats why all those martial arts movies are so hated, and that darn anime and manga, man the millions of dollars that americans spend on that is horrible, lol

          i would have agreed with that comment 20 ok maybe 15 years ago, but today really …
          Is there racism in Hollywood hell yeah look how long it took for a Black actor or actress to win an Oscar but jeez, I am the farthest thing from racist but I just have this one comment to make and that is this , Its not so much about whos in the movie, but where its made, You look at a japanese movie, whos in it Mostly Japanese people, India the same, Russia , and so on and so forth its about the numbers in alot of respects. When the Japanese do a western they dont use white people or native americans they change it to fit their movies just as we do, i will argue inequality where ever and whenever cause I do beleive that its very important that people be treated equally but to turn this into a race arguement is just lame

          • @Loco Lobo, yes, race and portrayal in movies are a complicated issue, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all argument. While racism is racism regardless of where it takes place, the specifics can be (and are) different, respective to the place it occurs, and the history and the current state of that place.

            America is a much more multi-cultural place than Japan, or India or Russia. And while, yes, discrimination and racism do occur there, in America, with all the races and cultures here, there is still very much a stubborn and blatant form of racism. Now, I could go on writing a book about it, but I’m going to try to keep it short… I don’t want to make you fall asleep as I ramble on and on! :)

            You may find it lame, but as an Asian-American, I still see that racism is seen as being OK against Asians, and it comes from many different races of people in America, whether they’re black, white, Latino, etc. And partly because Asians don’t protest enough, such racism is poo-pooed by mainstream society. If the same things happening to Asians in America were to happen to blacks or Latinos, for example, it would be front-page news and be on all the networks. But because it’s Asians, it’s not news.

            Asians are now the new blacks. They’re the new minority being targeted in movies as the “enemies.” But because you consider it “lame,” there’s no further point in discussing this with you. It seems you’ve already turned your mind off to the mere possibility of it being true, and you sound like the people responding to the Alexandra Wallace issue who say: “Oh, what’s wrong with wanting people to be quiet in the library?” as if that’s the only thing they can draw from her rant.

        • Yeah, it’s only acceptable to show white middle aged men as the enemy in any movie – that’s the only way to avoid any accusations of racism or religious bias (of course it’s perfectly fine to portray Christians as evil, whack jobs, or something similar).


          • Vic, I imagine you do know that the history of whites (and the current status of white Christians in America) is different from that of racial minorities. But if not, and I can’t get you to realize that race and racism aren’t “one size fits all” issues for all groups of people, then there’s no point in discussing this any further.

            When white, middle-aged men are shown as “bad guys” in American movies, society doesn’t deem them to be reflective on all whites. Whites are seen as individuals, and portrayals of whites in American movies runs the whole arc of experience (from good guys to bad guys, from small characters to main, and is delivered with nuance, subtlety), but a movie such as Red Dawn will provoke and give fire to many pre-existing racist mentalities, such as that we see from the likes of Alexandra Wallace — someone whose racist, ignorant views are similar to that of millions of Americans.

            For every “bad” portrayal of a white guy, there’s hundreds more that portray them as regular, everyday people, or as heroes, as good people who save the day. Nothing near the same can be said for portrayals of Asian-Americans.

            • Bruce Lee
              Jackie Chan
              Jet Li
              Yun-Fat Chow
              Michelle Yeoh
              Ziyi Zhang
              Chen Chang
              Dat Phan
              Jo Koy
              Ken Jeong
              and numerous other Asian actors who are not portrayed as a stereotype or a villain might disagree with you

              • How many of those are Kung fu masters? Idiot. Asian men cast as martial artists is a freaking stereotype, because its one of the only leading roles they can EVER hope to get cast in that is not evil and you bet they will never bag that cute white actress at the end of the movie.

              • They were all portrayed in stereotypical ways. The fight against stereotyping that Bruce Lee was waging against Hollywood still exists today, some 30 years after his death.

                Lee, Chan, Li, Chow, Yeoh, Zhang, etc., are all (or were, in the case of Lee) pretty much limited to martial arts roles.

                Dat Phan and Jo Koy are stand-up comedians. I’m not seeing how that really relates to Hollywood.

                Ken Jeong plays some of the most stereotypical roles around. People pretty much laugh at the funny Asian guy. What makes him bad is that he doesn’t have to do so such roles at all since he’s a medical doctor in real life.

                All my life, I’ve been following portrayals of Asians and Asian-Americans in Hollywood and on TV and most still fall into stereotypical territory. Things are somewhat better on TV though, but by small, tiny steps. Asian-Americans are still marginalized there though.

                You have yet to name a person of Asian descent who is not placed into stereotypical roles when roles come around (a rare occurrence in Hollywood). I know of a very few — only need one hand to count them. But you really need to dig to find them.

            • BS, first off, whites have a very bad name and for good reason, Most serial killers Are white men, most Corperate theives and big wigs are White, whites through out history are racists, and self serving. Then there’s the government , which has been mainly run by white elitist. This country is made up of every culture and creed , yet the people in the middle east consider our country the GREAT WHITE SATAN. Rasism goes both ways in fact it goes every way, but heres the thing with that we are all HUMAN, and unlike what you stated no one is looked at as indviduals, please if that was the case we wouldnt even be having this conversation, cause it would nt matter and like I said before IT’s A MOVIE !!!!!!! and probally not even a good one and conversations like this only push people to go out and see it.
              Oh yeah and one more thing the whole comment about Asian Americans , seriously pisses me off , cause alot of great “Asian American” i personally like to think of them as Americans give their lives heroically every day, hell look at the Japanese people over there right now , their country is destroyed , yet they havent looted or taken advantage of those in need they are helping eachother they are all heroes and a helluva alot better people the some whom live here who at the drop of the hat would be out there taking everything they could. They are a people of HONOR and they should be admired for their strength and compassion for eachother.

            • Great, here we go again, what started out as a great topic to talk about, some of you bring up racism, like your some sort of racism cop. Nobody should fear putting any race or religion as a villian in movie or book. Get over it.

              • Steve M, why don’t you get over the fact that not everyone agrees with you, nor do they have to?

                Why be so sensitive to dissenting opinions? If the issue arises in Hollywood (and it arises often in studio decisions), I and other people who recognize the racist patterns shouldn’t not be afraid to raise the issues.

                Why are you so sensitive to hearing about it?

          • LOL ty Vic, lol

    • The Russians or Cubans were not buying US Government debt at the time.

      The Chinese hold the purse strings now. Anything the US or the Chinese do to sever the economic game of twister will bring down both economies and cause both populations to riot in the aftermath.

      • You mean unless we reneged on our payment and China came to collect what we owe in terms of land and resources? That to me seems more plausable.

        • So true. That could have been an intriguing plot motivation for “Red Dawn”- kind of like a nation of repo men.

          • Of course, if the US reneged on payment, the Chinese domestic market does not have enough buying power to take up the slack yet.

            Within weeks of a US bankruptcy or devaluation of currency where hyperinflation was possible would cause riots in the streets in China. So much of China’s wealth is tied up in our currency, investments, and enterprises engaged in US trade. It would all be worthless. Literally the PLA would be asking where their paychecks were before putting down the food riots in their own streets, if the PLA did not get the correct answer they would probably stage a military coup or allow the civilian population to overthrow the politboro.

  4. The North Koreans couldn’t even invade Canada… Oh well at least it sounds like this movie will be coming out this year.

  5. Changing it like this puts it on the level of a Syfy channel B movie. We’ll be lucky if this is even released on DVD.

  6. *cough* Homefront *cough*

  7. If it was not timely to use the chinese as the attackers then it should have been shelved. The original is the best the cast fit it perfectly and they had Patrick Swayze, and that other guy whose name I wont mention when he was excited to act.

  8. Finally, Hollywood realizes that it is bad business to release a film that insults its customers. All it took was the Chinese feeling insulted by it. I guess it was too late for Green Zone and Red State is already coming, but maybe their change of heart will prevent such train wrecks in the future.

    Seriously though, it’s a hard sell that North Korea could invade the US. Homefront has the most plausible scenario and that’s still implausible by half. Whatever happened to having one consistent vision and seeing it through until the end, sink or swim? Now it turns the whole film into a bit of a joke.

    • No wonder why so many flops emerge from Hollywood’s WEALTH of ideas. It’s hilarious how people who are paid so much money, and are dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars, don’t even seem to know their own business.

      It seems that many of us peons who get paid pennies to work know more than they do. Honestly, what did it take for them to figure it out. An Alexandra Wallace-sized epiphany?

  9. If the N Korean Army could even make it here they would more then likely surrender and ask for asylum…

    They are absolutely no real threat to our nation. Might as well have Greenland as the villians.

  10. It would be believalble I guess that a handfull of high schoolers could take out the N koreans.

    Just leave out some food and clean clothes. :)

    This film should just be scrapped.

  11. It actually is more logical to go with North Korea then China considering the current economic conditions globally. Assuming I correctly understand the scenario used in the game, in the HOMEFORNT game its a few years in the future after an EMP device has gone off and wiped all of North Americas digital anything and sent the US back to Third World status. This premise is NOT at all hard to believe considering our current economic situation relative to the rest of the world.

    If something happened to push America into a second or Third world status like an EMP or more realistically the crash of the US dollar from losing its status as the world reserve currency, life would go on but we would be open to more aggressive countries attacks especially if those attacks were targeted as in the game and by more aggressive countries looking for some kind of payback. China would bean likely candidate for this unless we attacked them for they are heading towards being the leader in the world in production and economy making them the defecto replacement of the US. Currently China produces/exports more than it imports and like the SU was in post WWII, China is the world’s creditor owing few countries (if any) very little and being owed a lot by many especially by US. Attacking the US in a post crisis situation would start them down the path to being the bully of the world, something the US is perceived as by much of the rest of the world. I doubt China would take that risk. A smaller country with less to loose however like North Korea is an entirely different manner.

    Despite current economic conditions our country is plentiful in valuable resources form farming land to fresh water and even oil. If we crashed to a 2nd or 3rd world status there is great incentive for someone like a North Korea to take its shot at grabbing some of that with a partial invasion. It’s unlikely anyone would come to our aid except for very close allies/countries like Britain and Canada however they too would be in an economic downturn from our own crash since our economies are so connected; a benefit of being a “global” economy. And you can bet no other countries would help including the ones we supposedly helped set free like Afghanistan. We would be at it alone and with things in a chaotic mess it would be very difficult to properly defend this very large land mass we call the United States of America especially if by the time this happened the government had successful brainwashed enough of us into believing that private ownership of firearms is not needed and or not Constitutionally protected.

    Personally I believe the HOMEFRONT game and now the RED DAWN remake hit dangerously close to a plausible scenario of future events. Don’t let the fact that someone having made a movie about this or a game mean that it can’t happen. Sometimes the real world imitates art.

    • @Blue: No way in any alternate world scenario would it make sense for North Korea to invade the US. They could not even invade Japan effectively without wiping out most of their military. Too much geography to cover and to much of a population disparity for Nk to even be a remote threat to the US, even with an EMP.

      Now China on the other had is a very credible threat. They do their saber waving at the Russians and India every few years claiming that both have their land. They also put down the Jasmine protests, the Tibetan protests, Tienanmen Square, the Falun Gong, and their Muslim minority in the West despite complaints from certain corners of the world.

      China does not care on one hand what the world thinks and they also have a different mindset when it comes to sacrificing troops to achieve strategic ends.

      • Sorry Vic if this comment ends up adversely affecting Screen Rant’s SEO on Baidu because of all the “forbidden” references in my last comment. :)

      • I have to agree. The main reasons neither Japan or Nazi Germany could stage a land assault on the North American mainland was because of:
        1. Distance from their home bases. Too far for any kind of logistical support.
        2. A heavily armed civil population. One Japanese general was asked why there was no land attack on the west coast. He said too many people (civilians) had guns. Their forces would not have survived off the beaches to face hundreds of thousands of private gun owners. Think about that the next time you hear of a politician calling for gun-control.

        • exactly, well said, there would be more likely hood of us being invaded through mexico then by any other country. In fact the only way the U.S. is likely to fall would be by Civil War.

    • Really?? NK can’t even feed its own people and are stretched so thin with their resources that they can’t afford to transport troops the length of their own nation. How the hell are they going to get troops to the other side of the world and hope to supply them?

    • It’s not possible, ask anyone with a history degree and a knowledge of current events, Homefront’s scenario is extremely implausible at best.

    • Ever heard of NATO?

  12. BlueCollar, what would the N Koreans endgame be?
    Once they’ve let’s say taken out Yuma Arizona?

    Then what? Wait for additional troops? Create a landing zone for their mighty air force?

    There’s no attack strategy that they can pull off against us. They don’t have the equipment or means to take over anything.

    If there’s a gun show going on in Yuman they’re all dead.
    I mean this is as lame as possible.

    • After Yuma, you have Albuquerque, but make sure you take a left

      • I live in Albuquerque. If the North Koreans want it, they can have it.

  13. Make it a comedy,,,
    The N koreans invade only to loot every BestBuy and Supermarket they can find.

    The fate of the nation hangs in the balance of a lone group defending the last Wallmart.

    • Co-sign! Hahahaha

  14. More fail ideas from Hollywood. I bet half of the people who came up with this idea couldn’t find Korea on the map.

    • Add to that comment tell the difference between North and South Korea. With that game and now this stupid movie coming out, I feel the worst for South Koreans, because stupid people will group the two together.

  15. What a joke!! They don’t want to take a jab at the Chinese, but are more than welcome to at the North Koreans.

  16. I 100% cannot understand how NK could successfully invade the US. There are absolutely no way NK could stand up in a fight for the next 30 years. Their economy is pretty much the definition of shambles, their military is built on old hardware, and we have allies pretty close to them.

    That being said, I wouldn’t really mind if they didn’t say the change would make the movie smarter or more dangerous. This scenario is impossible, so it’s not smarter. This is a move made out of fear of not making as much money as possible, so that throws dangerous right out the window.

    • Yeah, I know nothing about the plot details and since they’ve changed it from China to Korea, then Korea-specific plotlines won’t apply (like they managed to develop a nuke but have no way to fire it across the ocean to get to us and have to deliver it some other way).


  17. No to mention due you think China would just sit there while there p*ss*ss little neighbor takes over the US?

  18. Ok I’m gonna add to the info of why this is BS. And to think I wanted to see this film but not any more.

    Reasons Why North Korea Cant invade America:
    1. They cant feed themselves.
    2. Before the could get to America, they would have to take South Korea, Japan, many of the islands in the south pacific, etc. There is no way. They could not build a top tier Navy, or Air Force even with Chinese help to take on U.S or U.S. backed armies.
    3. Even if they make a nuke, 1 nuke against 10,000 is not good odds.
    4. The U.S. would have to be hell for over 50 years (explain down below).

    Reasons Why China would be better but still not plausible to invade America:
    1. Yes they have millions of people, and they have a good navy (note good) but their air force just now got a 5th generation jet, while America has a lot for a while now.
    2. Like the Japanese, they wouldnt invade because of everyone owning guns.

    Reasons why America wouldnt be invaded:
    1. We have one of the best, if not best Armed Forces in the world (even better when politicians arent in control ala ‘Nam).
    2. Like stated above we have more 5th generation jets than China, and even more 4th and 3rd behind that. To rule the land you must rule the air.
    Lets say they did invade any army would face ours and a militia.
    3, If they invaded it would have to be down the road after lets say an emp or falling dollar.

    I’m leaving alot out but all I’m trying to say is they should have kept the Chinese. They are more plausible, but false political correctness and wanting to make money is ruining this film.

  19. North Korea invade the U.S.? So this is not an action movie, more of a comedy? What would have made this movie some what better than the original is have where the allied countries of the U.S. (i.e. European Union), turn against it. Now that would have been a fight, probably resulting in nuke confrontation.

  20. With ideas like this how long before MGM files chapter 7 again?

  21. This whole thing sounds worse than the issues with Men in Black 3.

  22. Personally, this is a good idea cause after seeing The Karate Kid (another movie that somewhat involes China) I felt that it was racist for the Chinase to be the villians. Also, after the tsaumi/eathquake shouldn’t you give a little grive for them.

    • That’s cute that it takes a Hollywood movie set in China to sway your opinion on the Chinese. BTW the tsunami happened in Japan, which is a different country. Maybe you should have watched some of those other Karate Kid movies.

  23. We are killing each other over land and resources, and were racsist too.
    Listen to yourself,,, get a grip on your reality. Seriously if we are killing each other isn’t that actually more serious then our political correctness?
    I’d say at that point political correctness has failed…
    Btw! The quake happened in Japan. Totally different group of folks.

  24. This is so STUPID, changed it to North Korea, what a joke,
    I was interested in this film but no more. China is a economic
    and military power, North Korea is a joke. It would have made
    more sense for China to be the invader. But I smell politics,
    we wouldnt want to offend the Chinese now would we. LAME!!!!!
    Might as well put this film in the straight to DVD category.
    I wont see this crud in theaters. MGM you SUCK. way to sell out
    and cater to the feelings of communist China. I hope no one goes
    to see this film.

  25. Like North Korea has a chance in HELL of invading America? Russia, yeah that made sense. China? Yea, they have the sheer numbers to be a potential threat but North Korea??? Sorry but you might as well have made the antagonists from India, THEY would make more sense.

  26. considering that China only allows 20 foreign films a year to be screened, I doubt RED DAWN would even come close. And if it did fall into that list, Chinese folks would get a big kick out of seeing their soldiers round up Americans and put them in concentration camps.
    The China scenario _could_ happen. North Korea can’t even test-fire a missile successfully, into their own bay.

  27. The best thing for MGM to do would be to release Red Dawn with China as the Invader here in the US and Europe and release the North Korea version in China and other asian markets. I can say for a fact the North Korean
    version wont make a dime here in the US. People have waited forever for this film to be released and MGM pulls the rug out from the American viewers so the folks in China can feel better about themselves. This is beyond stupid. Anyone with brain one knows North Korea doesnt have a dogs chance in hell of invading the United States. China being the invader makes the most sense, they are both an economic and military superpower. North Korea is a joke, they couldnt even invade South Korea
    much less the United States. American viewers should really let MGM know that we dont want the villian to be changed to north korea. the website Red Dawn 2011 has a poll about which villian would you rather see China or North Korea and so far the votes are heavy in favor of China. MGM you are making a big mistake changing the villian this late in the game. I say again the best thing to do would be to release the movie as is here in the US and Europe and release the north korean version in China and other asian markets. The opinions of the american viewers should count in this matter. The north korean version will bomb here in the US.

  28. Changing the villian from China to North Korea

  29. They should have just changed it to Native Americans or maybe some red skinned alien invaders. Would have made more sense.

    North Korea doesn’t even have the capability to reach the U.S. with an invasion force big enough to do anything.

    The China thing made sense in that they came to help because we owe them a crapload of money.

    Once again political correctness raises it’s ugly head. They are determined to make us all nicey nice even though we have repeatedly told them we are a bunch of mean nasty s.o.bs and like it that way.