Chinese Propaganda On the Set of ‘Red Dawn’

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red dawn header Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

If you aren’t aware, one of the most iconic films of the 80′s is being remade. That doesn’t really narrow it down for you, does it? OK, it was one of the most iconic films of the 80′s AND starred the late great Patrick Swayze. Got it now? Well we are down to two, so it’s either Dirty Dancing or Red Dawn. This original starred both Swayze and Jennifer Grey; dagumit! They were in both of those films; OK fine Red Dawn! I’m talking about Red Dawn people!

Last week we brought you some behind the scenes pictures of what appeared to be a Chinese plane after if crashed through a house on the set of Red Dawn. Now, thanks to the guys over at Red Dawn 2010, we have a first look at some propaganda being distributed by the invading enemy forces. I’ve included three of the more interesting pictures and you can go here for the rest of the collection.*WARNING THESE COULD BE CONSIDERED TO BE MINOR SPOILERS*

The first picture depicts China’s attempt to censor big media and the internet while putting down our leaders (current and past). The second is their attempt to brainwash us into thinking the invading army is here to help us because we are too blinded to see the truth on our own – They Are Here to Help. The last is the most chilling to me: it shows how the invaders are being accepted – how some Americans (in the movie) have rolled over and are now “helping” the transition by working in these “Friendship Centers”.

rd11 Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

rd21 Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

rd31 Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

I’ll be honest; my excitement for this remake was about 50% but for some reason these pictures give us a good insight to the script and the direction the writers are going to take. I’d say my excitement level has jumped to 75%. I like what they are doing here. In the 80′s, the cold war was dominate in world culture so it made perfect sense to have the Russians invading.  With the fall of the Russian empire, that threat no longer exists. And, even though I was sure writers Carls Ellesworth (Disturbia) and Jeremy Passmore would go the extremist Islamic terrorist angle, it would appear they thought this through and choose a country that could actually have a theoretical chance of occupying U.S. soil.

If an invasion of this type were to actually happen, this is how I would see it happening – by starting in the mid-west rural areas hit hardest by the recession, trying to win the hearts of disenfranchised citizens with propaganda. Now, before I get slammed as an Anti-American, we are talking about A FICTIONAL MOVIE! I am merely addressing the story arc in which director Dan Bradley is working. I am by no means expressing my own political views on a movie blog; I am not Michael Moore!

Ellesworth and Passmore have set this new Red Dawn to the tune of today’s hot political times, and just like the 80′s original, it has sent a chill up my spine. Let’s hope the acting and action is done in such a way that it enhances that story.

SIDE NOTE: I don’t want this post thread to turn into a CNN vs Fox News political debate, so let’s all just remember this is a movie and keep the comments cordial. OR ELSE. icon smile Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

Red Dawn stars Jeffery Dean Morgan, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Isabel Lucas.

What do you think about the pictures and the current direction of the movie’s story?

Red Dawn will invade your town a year from now, September 24th, 2010. Be ready (Wolverines!)

Source: Red Dawn 2010

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  1. They certainly did their research to bring the feel of the movie to our era. I am highly anticipating this film, as long as they did their research on how teens interact today and how they would go about fighting for a country that seems to be out of touch with them and they are out of touch with as well.

  2. I’m liking this. So, when will the Chinese release date be?

  3. This is only logical, the Cubans invading the USA would be a complete joke… I think normal citizens with firearms would repel them just fine… Oh wait, that was the point of Red Dawn!! lol

  4. Ooh, this looks cool. I’ve always been a big Cold War aficionado, and I love how this captures the feel of Soviet propaganda while still being modern. They’ve got my ticket. WOLVERINES!!!

  5. Enticing!

  6. didnt like the first one very much but i wanna see it again with the whole RIP Patrick Swayze…its interesting who they picked to be the bad guys this time! did you know “Red Dawn” was the first pg13 movie???

  7. Chinese occupation, obama fascism,,,
    Hmmm,,,,, I have to rethink this whole takeover thingy.

  8. Ken, all you would need to thwart a Cuban invasion would be a dozen food trucks and some pickup baseball games. ;-)

  9. LOL @ 790

  10. lol the posters are right though, we dont really live in a democracy. and we do have deceitful leaders and our countries are run by greedy corperations lol the only non factual thing on the posters is the “we are here to help” lol.

  11. We live in what’s known as a representative democracy and is, in fact, better than a true democracy. A “true” democracy means that every bill, every law, every little aspect of government life is voted on by the citizens. Now you know with that much voting, first of all, it’ll be a task just to get people to show up at the polls. And if you think the government took long to do anything now… And lastly, you see how dumb the masses are, do you REALLY want them to make EVERY little decision? 80% of the people don’t really understand politics to begin with…

  12. 80% of the people don’t really understand anything.

  13. ZzZzZz…

    A film that promotes xenophobia. Awesome. How times have changed since the Cold War.

  14. PG – How is that xenophobia? I am SO looking forward to your response.

  15. Hmmm… let’s see. A film depicting foreigners, the bad guys, invading and taking over your country and promoting propaganda. Very xenophobic if you ask me.

    I’m not knocking your post, man. I’m just knocking the movie. Films like this in itself are hypocritical, as they’re no different than the propaganda it’s in fear of inside the story of the movie.

    I know with the current shakeup around the world and political landscape in this country that there might be an audience for a film like this. But you have to ask the question, does something like this offer anything of substantial substance to the masses, especially with such a politically charged story? Or maybe it’s just a popcorn flick where Commies are blown to bits. Whatever. Not my cup of tea.

  16. Oh no, presenting the possibility of foreign invaders is such a horrible thing. We should let our population stay complacent and think that we were handed this country on a silver platter and that nothing needs to be done to keep the country safe since every country is on the “honor system” to not mess with other countries even if they think they have the military strength to overtake them…

    Don’t worry though, this movie is being directed by the second unit director to Lions for Lambs and the writer of Michael Clayton, most likely they’ll change the story so that the invaders actually are the good guys and the armed resistance in the USA are just a bunch of ignorant uneducated rednecks that cling to their firearms and religion…

  17. It would have been more ballsy to have UN forces invade.

    I wonder how there going to market this film in China. A comedy, instructional (what not to do in case we invade) video?

  18. ^ Like I said, there is an audience for this kind of hogwash out there.

    Yes, this movie totally would not offend the millions of Chinese living here.

    “Oh no, presenting the possibility of foreign invaders is such a horrible thing.”

    But what do movies like this accomplish by depicting these scenarios? That the Chinese and Red China are evil? Arabs are all terrorists? Muslims are all lunatics?

    Ken J, obviously you do not appreciate it when Americans are portrayed badly in films, so who is to say that non-Americans shouldn’t also feel the same when their own ethnicity and culture is shown in a bad light?

  19. “A film depicting foreigners, the bad guys, invading and taking over your country and promoting propaganda.”

    Wow, yeah – because that’s NEVER EVER happened in the history of the world. Oh, wait, it has. But surely it will NEVER EVER happen AGAIN, right? Because we’re all so inherently good and learn the lessons of history. Oh, wait, we’re not and we don’t.


  20. Just like the original film PG, Red Dawn is a pro American recruitment film…

  21. @PG – I’m glad you have your own opinions and thank you for sharing them on our forum but I have to say you couldn’t more be off. The only ones here that are evil are the Red Chinese. Not every Chinese. You are asking us NOT to lump all peoples together with one extreme but you do it by lumping US together.

    THIS IS A MOVIE!!! Pure fiction, the Communist Chinese would never invaded America under the guise of military help. Not even under the current administration would that be allowed to happen. I may dislike a lot of things about our current leadership but I would like to think that foreign invaders on American Soil would be a common point of thinking for all parties involved.

    I would suggest you stick to a good art house flick, a Michael Moore or Bill Maher film to suit your film needs. No sense coming in here and bashing those of us looking forward to the film because you disagree with it’s story.

  22. That’s a little harsh Paul I didn’t think PG was bashing anyone he just had an opinion.

    Everyone needs to chill out. So what if PG’s got problems with the story.
    Last thing I want to read is everyone agreeing on every thread. Conflict and disagreements are what makes for a good reading on blogsites not conformity.

  23. @790

    Hopefully it is, but like I’ve mentioned, the people behind the film has me worried…

  24. What part worries you Ken, I didn’t get that one?

  25. @ Vic

    I like how your site is well moderated against personal attacks, but was that snide, smart ass reply necessary? Way to draw fans to Screenrant. I’m a big fan of this site and this is not what I had expected. But whatever… this is the Internet after all and YOUR site.

    @ Paul Young

    I think you should re-read my comments. I even specifically said I wasn’t bashing you, but the movie instead. So not once in my previous comments was I bashing anyone for their movie tastes.

    You’re right, Red Dawn is a movie. Fiction. China would never invade the U.S., which is EXACTLY why this movie promotes xenophobic and war mongering attitudes. If the story had been more connected to current U.S. foreign affairs, like with the Middle East or N. Korea, then there might be some weight behind the movie.

    Also, just because a movie is a MOVIE doesn’t mean it shouldn’t conjure up emotions or certain opinions from its audience. Isn’t the point of film making to do just that?

    Lastly, what difference does it make if it’s just RED Chinese and not Chinese? The enemy in the movie are ALL CHINESE. I doubt many Chinese Americans would look at that and think it’s of no big deal just because they’re from the country all the way across the world and of another government. Do you not think they won’t still identify with the culture and ethnic background being portrayed in the movie? It’s all the same, man.

  26. @ 790

    Cheers to that!

  27. @PG

    OK, I guess I could have backed off on the CAP button, but honestly that’s how your comment came across to me. Folks on the Left have the polite condescension down to a fine art so now I guess I’m on the lookout for that. But just because all of a race, nationality, etc isn’t “bad” it doesn’t mean that no one in a group isn’t bad. That’s like the point you brought up about Muslims – of course the vast majority are good people, but that doesn’t change the fact that virtually every war or major conflict going on in the world involves Muslims as the aggressors. So portraying a group of them as villains isn’t a stretch.


  28. @790 – Thanks for calling me out :)

    @PG – I meant no personal attack on you in anyway but after reading my comments again I can see how they could be taken that way. In a face to face conversation my tone would have been easier to detect.

    Sorry bro for jumping all down your throat. It’s not the 1st time I acted like a tool today so I’m 0-2 it would appear (all though my wife probably has a better score on that than I do).

    I will however, respectfully disagree with your points. I think that’s fair enough for me to say and leave it at that. Truth be told, we’ll all just have to wait for the film to come out to see what happens, Until then it’s all just personal opinion anyways.


  29. Turn of a friendly card Paul,,, :-)
    This remake will be something all have to see,,,
    On a side note,,,
    “Pandorum” its really good!!! Don’t waste your time with Surrogates this weekend.