Chinese Propaganda On the Set of ‘Red Dawn’

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red dawn header Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

If you aren’t aware, one of the most iconic films of the 80′s is being remade. That doesn’t really narrow it down for you, does it? OK, it was one of the most iconic films of the 80′s AND starred the late great Patrick Swayze. Got it now? Well we are down to two, so it’s either Dirty Dancing or Red Dawn. This original starred both Swayze and Jennifer Grey; dagumit! They were in both of those films; OK fine Red Dawn! I’m talking about Red Dawn people!

Last week we brought you some behind the scenes pictures of what appeared to be a Chinese plane after if crashed through a house on the set of Red Dawn. Now, thanks to the guys over at Red Dawn 2010, we have a first look at some propaganda being distributed by the invading enemy forces. I’ve included three of the more interesting pictures and you can go here for the rest of the collection.*WARNING THESE COULD BE CONSIDERED TO BE MINOR SPOILERS*

The first picture depicts China’s attempt to censor big media and the internet while putting down our leaders (current and past). The second is their attempt to brainwash us into thinking the invading army is here to help us because we are too blinded to see the truth on our own – They Are Here to Help. The last is the most chilling to me: it shows how the invaders are being accepted – how some Americans (in the movie) have rolled over and are now “helping” the transition by working in these “Friendship Centers”.

rd11 Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

rd21 Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

rd31 Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

I’ll be honest; my excitement for this remake was about 50% but for some reason these pictures give us a good insight to the script and the direction the writers are going to take. I’d say my excitement level has jumped to 75%. I like what they are doing here. In the 80′s, the cold war was dominate in world culture so it made perfect sense to have the Russians invading.  With the fall of the Russian empire, that threat no longer exists. And, even though I was sure writers Carls Ellesworth (Disturbia) and Jeremy Passmore would go the extremist Islamic terrorist angle, it would appear they thought this through and choose a country that could actually have a theoretical chance of occupying U.S. soil.

If an invasion of this type were to actually happen, this is how I would see it happening – by starting in the mid-west rural areas hit hardest by the recession, trying to win the hearts of disenfranchised citizens with propaganda. Now, before I get slammed as an Anti-American, we are talking about A FICTIONAL MOVIE! I am merely addressing the story arc in which director Dan Bradley is working. I am by no means expressing my own political views on a movie blog; I am not Michael Moore!

Ellesworth and Passmore have set this new Red Dawn to the tune of today’s hot political times, and just like the 80′s original, it has sent a chill up my spine. Let’s hope the acting and action is done in such a way that it enhances that story.

SIDE NOTE: I don’t want this post thread to turn into a CNN vs Fox News political debate, so let’s all just remember this is a movie and keep the comments cordial. OR ELSE. icon smile Chinese Propaganda On the Set of Red Dawn

Red Dawn stars Jeffery Dean Morgan, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Isabel Lucas.

What do you think about the pictures and the current direction of the movie’s story?

Red Dawn will invade your town a year from now, September 24th, 2010. Be ready (Wolverines!)

Source: Red Dawn 2010

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  1. The fall of Rome caused by!???

    1.Economic (lack of circulating currency and trade deficit, and other factors not clearly economic, like environmental change and decaying infrastructure)

    2.Military (citizenship granted to all reduced the incentive to join the army)

    3.Gradual transformation (it never fell or fell to Islam).

    4. Hugh Elton in “Collapse of The Roman Empire” wrote; “the cause of the Fall of Rome lies in financial difficulties peculiar to the West. For those looking for a single cause, the best single explanation would be Poor Leadership.”

    Do you think divisive partisan attitudes whether they be leaning left or right won’t send America to the same oblivion as ancient Rome? The Democratic experiment moves on, will it fissure into a totalitarian dictatorship, and a monolithic socialist state? Maybe will just hang a sign out front Out Of Business: Sold Out. Time will tell.

    Read these;

    “Guns ,Germs, and Steel”
    “Ethics: The Heart of Leadership”
    “Disciplined Minds”

  2. @790

    Yes, that could also be a possible scenario.

    Speaking of these kind of hypothetical situations, Fallout 3′s storyline is exactly about a “Great War” between the U.S./China.

  3. I still love how we can’t watch a movie about a hypothetical situation (there goes that term I “invented” since it seems you don’t understand it) without wishing it would really happen. So I guess all fans of Blade Runner is wishing that we invent expendable humanoid robots that will gain personalities and start killing people. Everyone who liked the original Red Dawn wished Cuba would invade America with Russia backing it. Everyone who liked Terminator 2 is wishing for a nuclear war between humans and robots, etc. etc.

    Just because people want to watch this movie has nothing to do with any kind of secret desire that it would really happen, nor does it mean we believe it is even probable. I’m sure nobody was excited for District 9 because they wished an alien ship will get stranded over a country in Africa. And I’m about 80% sure people waiting for Batman 3 doesn’t really think a guy will dress up like a bat to fly around some city fighting mobsters and criminals with weird nicknames like Joker or Scarecrow…

    But I guess if you have no rebuttal against our actual argument and would rather change the topic to something that’s easier for you to argue against, such as claiming we’re all delusional for thinking China is going to invade us and “wishing” it would happen… hey, they have a name for that, it’s a little logical fallacy known as strawman, or strawperson if you want to be PC, lol.

    But anyway, it’s a pretty poor attempt to divert attention and I doubt anyone here is dumb enough to fall for that one.

    And if you really want to say what I’ve said is wrong, prove it. Because I hope you know that just because you say that what I’ve said has no weight in a matter-of-fact kind of way, doesn’t mean anyone will actually believe it. If what I’ve said is so easy to shoot down, fire away, should be easy right?

    I’m up for a good discussion, but when you try to claim that I’ve said that I hate Chinese people, then continue to waste your time basing your entire “argument” around that point that I’ve never made or even implied, then I can’t even think of a response that isn’t at least slightly smart-ass. Give me a real argument and I’ll take it 100% seriously, I promise. :-)

  4. @Ken j
    So hypothetically ( showing different ways in which the word you invented can be said) speaking if a gremlin appeared at my house… Do the whole “not get it wet” rule still apply like in the movie or does he in real life have a new set of rules…?

  5. Well as far as an economic war, we’re still fighting it. Real or not, every time someone in America gets laid off and given the excuse, it’s the foreign competition, is another casualty of it. It’s interesting that T. Clancy’s “The Bear And The Dragon” hasn’t been made. Of course its story is only average, but who knows how it would play in the Baltic states??!

  6. *gasp* You liked that movie? That means you must fantacize and wish that there would be these gremlin creatures that if you feed them after midnight or get them wet that they will transform and try to kill you… What a weirdo… *shakes head*

  7. @ken j
    i do fantasize that… except for the “them trying to kill me” part. Other then that gizmo’s just cute… plus it could always be an icebreaker with the ladies… “Hey girls want to see my gremlin?”. They’ll have a face full of disgust at first but when i pull out the magical mogwai that is gizmo they’ll all be “oohs” and “aww’s”.

  8. Ok your freaking me out jago…

  9. LMAO!

  10. Well of course your going to be freaked out… your a dude but if just like what Vic was saying about us guys not understanding the womens side in jennifers body i do understand that they do like cute,cuddly things. Even more so if they can interact with you/them… on the plus side it can entertain me by reanacting the rambo movies for me since he liked it so much in “Gremlins 2″. Maybe pour some water on it and have some sort of battle royale and have people betting on them… possibilities are endless… all you have to do is dream.

  11. So jago is a female, how could I tell by the name and gravatar??????????

    I’m the bad guy?

  12. @790
    No… i’m a dude as well… i’m just saying i understand females like small, cute, cuddly things like teddy bears and such. I did say “it would be a nice icebreaker with the ladies”…lol. And why would you be the bad guy…unless you were the one black and white gremlin…i think his name was stripes.

  13. wow this is sooo far off chinese propaganda… now i feel like a “Douche” for straying to far away from the topic. Speaking of that D-word though… funny story… has anybody ever noticed how much whoopie cushions and douche’s look alot alike. Well when i was veerrrrry young…

  14. Gotcha jago, one cool aspect of Screen Rant is that Vic allows us to go off topic,,, ;-)


  15. US do most of invasions in the world nowadays so it’s funny to recreate an old movie when there were 2 superpowers at the time and remake it in a modern one superpower time.

    China has problems controlling and ruling a 1.4 billion population. Adding a few more hundreds of million in a short time is not really viable.

    Fallout 3 also is ridiculous in its history as well.