Red Dawn Remake Finally Gets A Release Date

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red dawn 2010 cast photo Red Dawn Remake Finally Gets A Release Date

The long stagnating Red Dawn remake looks set to finally see the light of day, with a designated release date on the horizon. According to Box Office Mojo, the film will hit screens on November 2, 2012 – three years after filming wrapped.

A big black cloud has been hanging over Red Dawn in the form of the MGM bankruptcy saga, but, as reported here in September, independent distributor FilmDistrict struck a deal to finally get the film into cinemas, not matter how long it takes.

The film is the first foray into directing by former stuntman Dan Bradley, who once donned the hockey mask to play Jason Voorhees in Jason Lives: Friday The 13th: Part VI.

The movie is, of course, a remake of that cult classic from 1984 starring the late, great Patrick Swayze and a more innocent-looking Charlie Sheen (in his film debut) as the leaders of a bunch of teenagers who fight back when their small town in Colorado is taken over by Communist troops from the Soviet Union and Cuba.

It was made when the world braced for all-out warfare between the US and the USSR, at the height of the Cold War – when such an invasion on American soil didn’t seem that ludicrous. Nowadays it is a different story.

While the Red Dawn remake will follow very closely in the footsteps of the original, this time around it is the North Koreans doing the invading of the only genuine superpower left on the planet – after filmmakers had originally slated the Chinese as the villains of the piece, but changed their minds in order to give the movie more appeal in the increasingly lucrative market of China.

The likes of Thor himself Chris Hemsworth (taking on Swayze’s role), Adrianne Palicki (briefly, Wonder Woman), Josh Peck, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson will be doing the retaliating as the American teens.

Upon release on November 2, 2012, Red Dawn will be pitted against the comedy My Mother’s Curse and Pixar’s animated Wreck-It Ralph.

Time will tell if Red Dawn is worth the wait. But at least it’s not yet another alien invasion movie. Right?

Source: Box Office Mojo via Collider

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  1. Bout friggin’ time this movie got a release date..if it went much longer the cast would be getting ready to retire soon..

  2. Dear God… from the looks of that cast photo, it looks like a cross between Soldier of Fortune and the latest J. Crew catalog.


  3. It looks like the cast from the TV series “V”.
    I hope they don’t make it silly, or stupid, as some of the people in Hollywood have done to other remakes.
    Or having one guy shooting at a 100 soldiers and knocking them all down while they shoot at him and miss.

    • Too late

  4. Great news.

    Let’s hope this remake works out well, I mean also The Cabin In The Woods is getting a release date on April 13, three weeks before The Avengers is released but not only that, Joss Whedon also written the script for The Cabin In The Woods so if that movie turns out to be great then it is great news for The Avengers.

    First The Cabin In The Woods and now Red Dawn, it is going to be a amazing year for Chris Hemsworth hopefully.

    Great news.

  5. The remake is already available under the title:

    Tomorrow, when the war began.

  6. WOLVERINES!!!!!!!

  7. @Behemoth: That is the Australian rip off not remake.

  8. North Korea invades the US, seriously????? That’s just lame! Has Hollywood run out of originality that they have to try and remake everything now?????

    • No they caved into Chinese pressure, its going to be seen in as few theaters as possible.

  9. @Watchmen83

    You missed the subtle sarcasm.
    There is seriously no point in re-making this move as another version is already available (and is just as lame and plausible as the original).
    The studios got lazy. They are sitting on piles of good scripts, but instead they opt to make remakes (because it’s safer).

  10. They Changed their MINDS!! First they shot the whole movie with the Chinese as the bad guys, then after the Chinese had a fit about it, they CGed all the China emblems out and put in North Korea!

    I predict $10 Million Domestic and a quick drop off. This is going to be the Bomb of 2012.

  11. Since producer Tripp Vinson has said
    “If you’re a vegetarian, Red Dawn probably ain’t for you.”
    I guess I’ll never know if this movie is just kind of dumb, or incredibly stupid.
    Of course, it is refreshing to know there’s at least one producer in hollywood who doesn’t want me to pay him to watch another awful remake.
    Thanks, Tripp.

  12. Seeing that their number one concern was market appeal overseas instead of using the more believable invader, I dont have any illusions that the rest of the decisions involving story or acting quality is going to be a priority in this. It’s helmed by a first time director too (a stunt man no less).

    The original wasnt a masterpiece but it was enjoyable, besided adding a few smart phone situations while in the woods I dont see much “updating” to be given to the story.

  13. North Korea invading, well, ANYTHING is just damned impossible and ridiculous…caving to Chinese pressure turned a lame premise into the biggest joke for 2012 – outside of the “all-encompassing” gender and racial quota for the cast. That cast picture looks like one of SyFy Channel’s lineups.

  14. I remember Tripp Vinson also saying that the “changes” made to the film wouldnt eliminate ALL references to China, but give North Korea a larger role in the coalition that invades the USA. Just who all is in this so-called coalition. We know North Korea,and the Russians(Spetsnaz) are involved. Just what references to China wont be eliminated. Is China still involved. (spoilers) I do know in the original version that both the East and West coasts of the USA are invaded. Only with full backing and support by the Russians could this scenario be even remotely possible. Tripp Vinson needs to be clear about exactly who all is in the coalition that invades.

  15. I loved the first one! Going to be a tough remake I think!

  16. I am of the opinion the remake is going to be as exciting as a limp bizcuit! It’s going to suck so bad they’re going to have to hire thousands of fictitious fans to hang outside movie theaters for the premier. Most likely, they’re going to have to beg fast food restaurants to plug the film- I’m going to buy a ticket (that’s right- pay twelve dollars) and let rip a very sarcastic laugh at every “serious” scene- I’m going to sit in the back so my voice carries. I may even volunteer to babysit that day and let the baby cry throughout the whole film- naaa, I won’t go that far. Hmmm?

  17. I don’t know why people are fretting over this remake so much, the original film was far from a masterpiece and had alot of areas that needed work, I for one am really excited to see this film, I don’t see anything wrong with the cast, they look fine to me. I’m not crazy about the villains being changed either, but if they weren’t changed this film still probably wouldn’t have a release date, none of the other major studios wanted to touch this film because of the Chinese thing, so putting in North Korea was pretty much the only to make sure that this film would get released at all, it’s a small price to pay to actually see the damn film.

  18. Homefront: The Movie

  19. What a joke, North Korea attacking the US,the only way this could ever happen is if China backs them as they did in the Korean war. How does Hollywood think their their audience is a bunch of brain sucked, mindless, complacent sheep? Wait, that just might be right. Sorry!

  20. Hmm … I see varying opinions on the movie. The original, yes, could have been a bit better, but remember the year it was made … special effects now are WAYYYY better.

    But WHO can top Patrick Swayze, the divine dancer from Dirty Dancing? I love men who can dance and since most won’t even try, well, it just makes Patrick look even better! LOL

    As for an invasion … yes, I think it could happen this way as it’s quiet/silent but it would probably happen at night when no one was really awake and then all kinds of chaos would happen!! In actuality, I find it rather scary as it would only take a couple of planes (probably with actual flight plans and posing as charter planes or some such) to start something like this. Terrorists come through Mexico and other ways all the time … the drug smugglers are actually using planes now as the border patrol can’t control or catch them!


  21. Basically they have changed the whole movie around where the lead invader is North Korea and the North Koreans are backed by the Russians and Chinese.
    So in effect China is still in this movie. Tripp Vinson had said that not all references to China could be changed. Three Invaders.In the original script both the East and West coasts of the US are invaded in this film its obvious that Russia and China are involved, how much of that will still be said in the movie who knows, North Korea would be part of the invasion forces on the West Coast aka Spokane, Washington. This film will still be worth seeing. Just remember its NOT just the North Koreans, its also mother Russia and Communist China backing them.

  22. I find the idea of North Korea invading the United States laughable at best. China or Russia would have been much more realistic. This film will be a flop. North Korea could barely feed its people, they have no navy, and a small air force. Their population is around 20 million people. Their Army is around 1 million men. How would a small country such as NK invade and occupy a much larger country like the US. I am told all references to china have been removed. Yes, china did back NK in the Korean War but the chinese got their butts kick even a Chosin which yes, the X corp retreated abliet most intact but not after destroying 8 out of 12 chinese divisions committed to the battle. Even china doesn’t have a large enough navy to transport the men required to invade the US. Yes they can fire Nukes but the US has more than enough Naval Power in the pacific to sink any invasion force that tries to cross the atlantic. I guess this film takes place after the movie Battleship. Better yet, the NK are the enemies in Battleship and this Red Dawn remake would be the sequel. That would make it more realistic.

  23. Hollywood is out of ideas and here is why (oh by the way, I wonder who they vote for)


    Nightmare On Elm Street
    Friday The 13th
    Dirty Dancing
    Spiderman (which was done 10 years ago)
    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
    ..and now Red Dawn.

    And why was 21 Jumpstreet made into a comedy?

  24. Wow. That looks much worse than the first one. Thank god we’ll never be invaded by North Korea, because under their dictatorship, we’d probably be forced to watch this POS.

  25. Paul S pretty much nailed it. I’d have an easier time believing in 4-story sentient robots from space than North Korea invading America. They’re a broke joke half-country that’s a threat to absolutely nobody except South Korea. And it’s all because the producers caved to a bad case of Chinese butthurt. pretty brutally dissected their plot thusly:

    “You see, the actual North Korea is a country of 24 million people with a GDP roughly equal to North Dakota’s. It’s an impoverished, even starving, prison state that lacks modern weaponry and any ability to deploy forces globally. If preview clips posted this weekend are any indication, the movie magically gifts North Korea with a huge fleet of long-range transport planes … because it has to. Of course, how these planes get past the U.S. military’s 3,000 jet fighters is anyone’s guess.”

    And good observation on the cast. I must be freaking blind, I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out…the black and hispanic token cast members are painfully obvious.

  26. They changed the premise from the Chinese invading the United States to the North Koreans because the film makers didn’t want to insult China. Then why are the film makers insulting the United States, or even worse why are they insulting our brave men and women who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq by portraying the US a country who can’t beat a half starving country like North Korea. The movie trailers talks about the invasion of North Korea being possible by a new weapon the North Koreans have. Perhaps they got this weapon from aliens that visit North Korea. What an insult. Shame on you MGM.

  27. wow really i mean this is just bs you can not remake the movie that made charlie sheen famouse and not cast him in… and guys? the cold war is over we are allies with russia now and they could suppress nk easily and then europe and america would all come over and start tag teaming china so yea russia hold em down and we beat em up. either way this would not be possible due to the fact if nk or china started anything even N.A.T.O. would get in on the fun. so yea everyone holds them down and we fart on their face. that last sentence was a joke but china and nk wouldnt stand a chance considering russia isnt comunist anymore. oh whoops sorry canada forgot to let you in on the fun go ahead finish them off.

  28. Guys…it is entertainment..dont over think it…just enjoy the remake! :)

  29. Saw the original and cant wait to see the remake!