‘Red Dawn’ Remake Delayed By MGM Bankruptcy

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reddawn03 Red Dawn Remake Delayed By MGM Bankruptcy

The fallout from MGM’s bankruptcy troubles is getting uglier and uglier. First were the delays to The Hobbit, which was set to go into production this year; that debacle forced director Guillermo del Toro to drop the film, even after rearranging his entire life around it. Next came the news that the next James Bond film would be delayed – another movie set to go into production this year.

Well, the latest casualty of the MGM pooch screw is the Red Dawn remake, which is already in post-production and was set to hit theaters this winter. Cue the widespread groaning.

LA Times reports that despite rumors to the contrary, the Red Dawn remake isn’t going to be hitting theaters this November as scheduled. Due to MGM’s bankruptcy, and the studio’s failed attempts to auction off its assets to new investors, there simply isn’t enough financial leverage to put Red Dawn in theaters. As word has it, the film will stay in the can until MGM sorts out its financial woes, or another investor swoops in to take the film off of the studio’s hands.

This news is surely a shame for those who are fans of the original Red Dawn (a cult fav among commie-haters everywhere) and were looking forward to seeing this new take, in which the small town of Spokane, Washington is besieged by the Chinese invaders.

It’s also bad news for comic book movie fans and the heads over at Marvel Studios: Red Dawn stars Chris Hemsworth, the actor who will light up screens as Thor next year. Seeing Hemsworth play Jed Eckert – the role originally played by late icon Patrick Swayze – would’ve been a perfect jumping off point for the Australian actor to be introduced to American audiences. Unless this Red Dawn situation is resolved, Hemsworth is going to be under increased pressure to prove himself as a blockbuster leading man in Thor. If you’d like a look at how he’s doing as the God of Thunder, go HERE.

chris hemsworth thor movie costume mjolnir hammer Red Dawn Remake Delayed By MGM Bankruptcy

Hemsworth's American debut now rests on Marvel's Thor

Throughout this bankruptcy situation, MGM has been trying to assure skeptics that their upcoming film projects were safe. I for one have never bought that line (rule of thumb: don’t trust broke people) and, cynic that I am, have been expecting a worst case scenario. So far, we are three for three in the disappoint column. Warner Bros. has stepped in to help MGM get The Hobbit in theaters, and I have a sneaking suspicion that with enough commotion from fans (Internet rally cry!), other studios might be inclined to step in and help get Bond and Red Dawn into theaters – for a large share of the profit, of course icon wink Red Dawn Remake Delayed By MGM Bankruptcy .

Red Dawn boasts a strong cast of young up-and-comers, including Adrianne Palicki (Legion), Josh Peck (The Wackness), Josh Hutcherson (Zathura), Isabel Lucas (Transformers 2), Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Losers) and Tom Cruise’s adopted son, Connor Cruise. The script was written by Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia) and Jeremy Passmore, and the movie was directed by stunt coordinator and blockbuster assistant director, Dan Bradley (Spider-Man 2 &3, The Bourne Ultimatum).

We’ll keep you posted about when we might see Red Dawn in theaters (or The Hobbit, or James Bond). If you’re tired of MGM’s money troubles screwing with your movie going experience, let your voice be heard in our comment section.

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Source: LA Times

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  1. Are there any educated estimates as to how long it will take MGM to sort out their financial troubles? Three months? Six months? A year? All this waiting in ignorance is killing me.


  3. heres how it works. MGM should sell the rights to James Bond and Hobbit. That money could be enough to release Red Dawn (since it’s already done) and keep them afloat long enough to produce some small budget films. if the company wants to saty alive, this is whats gonna have to happen

  4. MGM really needs to pull their finger out. I want a new Bond film, dammit!

  5. MGM needs to just sell the two things they are making that are even worth a damn and die a quiet death already. give Sony 007 and give WB The Hobbit, and then distribute Red Dawn. these guys are dumb…

  6. This was the one “reboot”, “reimagining” for which I held high hopes. Thanks again Hollywood.

  7. What’s Disney waiting for just put MGM out of its misery and gobble them up.

  8. Thanks again George W. Bush……..

    • Please tell me you’re joking. Seriously.


      • That evil Bussssshhhhh! Not only did he create racist hurricanes, personally plant the bombs in the twin towers, and hoard millions of barrels of oil in a hidden cave with Dick Cheney, but he just recently caused ole Al Gore and his wife to split after 40 years!

        • I dont understand the rants against bush on a movie site…

  9. I can’t beleive this! Oh im so upset. MGM should sell some of it’s franchises off to other companies so they can get money for this to be released. I’m really excited since I’m a well not anti commie lets just say that shall we?

    And this remake better be good, I just saw Karate Kid the remake and it sucked big time.

  10. awww man! I want Bond!!

  11. I happen to agree with the following:

    1- Give Hobbit rights to WB/New Line.

    2- Since Sony helped make the last two Bonds, perhaps it is time to have Sony such rights.

    3- I never held out much hope for Red Dawn anyway, but if it’s one thing that I truly hate is when finished films sit on shelves. See if anyone is willing to take the film. If not, release the film in No Man’s Land (early quarter 2011) and get on video by this time next year.

    4- Pick up small budget films and release in limited markets. Pick a horror on hopes of franchise.

    I want MGM to survive somehow. I just do.

    • I actually don’t mind seeing finished films sit on shelves.

      We all know that Red Dawn is going to get released, sooner or later. But there is a very real threat that The Hobbit and Bond 23 won’t get made at all. I wish they were also sitting finished on shelves, nice and safe, waiting to be released.

  12. MGM have been hit pretty hard by illegal downloads because so much of their income comes from their back catalogue, you know when you see those massive boxed sets of all the James Bond films for like 200$, these days people just download those films for free. The fate of MGM shows that studios can’t just ignore the fact that people DO download movies. No use bitching. Develop new funding models, perhaps in co-operation with governments, and most of all learn how to release lower budget movies with elements which will actually attract people to the cinema, like a good story and acting.
    Of course 3d movies can help get people in to cinemas, but people are gonna get bored of that eventually. Make some good movies! People will watch them, and pay too.

  13. This makes me sad.

    I definitely was intrigued at the Red Dawn “remake” or whatever you want to call it. And what is even worse is the fact that they were in post production with the film which translates into they were basically finished. I truly hope that MGM can get it together and either sell the rights to these films or just get enough money to finance them. I really want to see all of these films

    We all know for a fact that The Hobbit will make money. And a TON of it. And James Bond will always make money because well, it is James Bond. And the Red Dawn “remake” may not make as much as The Hobbit or Bond but it would definitely attract fans of the original and new fans. I also really wanted to see Chris Hemsworth in a role before Thor.

  14. Shame about Bilbo Baggins, on the other hand who needs yet another remake? Tolkien is popular enough for the property to move to another studio, but hopefully Red Dawn will be forgotten in all the chaos!

  15. where’s the obama bailout when you need one?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking … the problem with this studio going to auction , is that about 60 % of the classic stuff filmed in history goes with it. And if they do get sold off , I doubt we will have the quality of film we exspect from the hobbit after the three we just had. It just disgusts me. And since these idiots all ganged up with the MPAA and made copyrights so lenghtly they let people copyright things to death so no life can be breathed into their old franchises without insane lawsuits. Or , they say … Oh we have 2 writers who write everything … if your name isnt writer a or writer b we wont bother reading your script …so here we are with nothing to produce to afford to make the properties we do own into great remakes

  16. I would relly like to see the Red Dawn remake. I don’t understand why they won’t release it, i think it would be great. Maybe it would wake up more people at what is happening in our world!

    • maybe thats what they are scared of..

      • AGREE!! It better be out there!

  17. Im glad this movie may possibly never be finished or brought to the light of day.

  18. Now 3 movies (actually 4cause of the two hobbit movies) that I have been wanting to see are on hold cause of this crap….I dont care if they get bought up by Disney, Sony, the Pac-10 just someone come in and help these movies get made and released….

  19. dang I was looking forward to the Red Dawn remake. love the original. *shrugs* guess Ill see it when/if it comes out.

  20. guess MGM wasn’t to big to fail.

  21. Red Dawn should be released. For entertainment purposes. And also to make more people realize just what a threat China is to the United States.
    I know alot of folks think China isnt a threat at all, but seriously do some research on China’s growing military capabilities. They already have the largest army in the world. They have nukes. They have cyberwarfare capabilities(they have hacked into the pentagon before), they have the ability to destroy our satellites in space, they have been conducting joint military exercises with the Russians,(wonder why), not to mention the US is in deep deep debt to China, not good. People should check out the Chinese Military parade from 2009 on youtube, China is now working on upgrades to their naval forces, while they dont have a aircraft carrier yet, they do have a large number of submarines, battleships,destroyers etc. also the Chinese air force is nothing to underestimate. China also has the chemical, biological and EMP weapons. To sum it all up China is a very BIG threat to the United States. Could China invade the USA, well maybe.

  22. I was an extra and a stand-in on Red Dawn, and I’m disappointed to hear about this film being postponed! I watched some of the scenes being shot on set and I hope that it will make it to theaters. I mean, IT BETTER! Hopefully Warner Bros. will swoop it up. I saw the hard work put into this film while I was on set. It deserves to be in theaters!

  23. Iwonder for months and months now. Is there anyone, anybody, among all these billionaires and multi billionaires of the United States, to have
    the courage and feelings and save MGM -the once mighty American Studio-
    buying it, paying its debts and finding some of the best, the most capable
    persons in the industry to run again the historical studio PROPERLY?
    Why such cruelty, such misery and indifference for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer?

  24. At the official Red Dawn site, there is an article about Edwin Hodge talking about going to do some ADR (additional dialogue) for the Red Dawn remake. Could this mean the film is not going to be delayed after all.
    Also rumors of Spyglass Entertainment merging or buying MGM.

  25. There is word on a paper back novel coming out October
    26th, 2010 titled Red Dawn, the author is Peter Telep.
    Wonder if this is any indication if the movie will be released
    this November. Well we can all hope.

  26. didn’t any one ever hear of the old expression..’if you want to make money you have to spend money?.’