‘Red Dawn’ Image: Wolverines Ready to Battle Chinese Invaders

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red dawn logo tagline Red Dawn Image: Wolverines Ready to Battle Chinese Invaders

Back in 2009 MGM hit the ground running with their remake of the classic ’80s invasion film, Red Dawn. At first there was a whirlwind of activity as the studio moved ahead with project  by hiring a director, casting characters and finding shoot locations in Michigan. Fans of the project felt their excitement build as behind-the-scenes pictures and set videos began popping up online – all of which was supposed to culminate with the September 2010 release.

Then the hammer began to fall -MGM had one heck of a bankruptcy hiccup as it went in and out of negotiations with investors and fought desperately to stave off debtors. Eventually though, MGM’s financial situation became too much for the studio to handle alone as it filed for Chapter 11 and then was sold to Spyglass Entertainment last Fall.

During this time, all of MGM’s projects were put on hold, including Red Dawn, which left a lot of fans wondering if they would ever get to see the completed film. Fans haven’t read any good news or seen any new photos from the film – until now. Thanks from a heads up from our friends at Red Dawn 2010, we have the first complete cast photo of the new Wolverines from the Red Dawn remake over at Daily Blam. Check it out below:


red dawn 2010 cast photo Red Dawn Image: Wolverines Ready to Battle Chinese Invaders

Now for comparison here is the entire cast of the original 1984 Red Dawn:

red dawn 1984 cast photo Red Dawn Image: Wolverines Ready to Battle Chinese Invaders

The similarities and differences are easy to spot between the two photos: nine characters compared to seven, three girls compared to two, Urban Outfitter clothing compared to J.C. Penny’s – but are these changes a good thing? Most remake purists (if there is such a thing) were complaining when it was reported the original Russia invaders were swapped for the Chinese and the setting moved from the rural areas of Colorado to the suburban areas of Detroit, Michigan.

Personally, I think change for this Red Dawn is a good thing. The global situation has changed – red Russia is no longer considered to be a hostile threat to America and our own economic situation at home has changed. It makes sense (at least Hollywood sense) that the remaining Communist super power (China) would invade the U.S. (hypothetically speaking of course) and it makes sense they would try to win over the American public with feigned acts of good will.

Red Dawn is Dan Bradley’s first time in the director’s chair so no one can say for sure if he and writers Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia) and Jeremy Passmore have done a good job with all of their changes, but hopefully audiences will get the chance to see for themselves later this year.

Red Dawn stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), Josh Hutcherson (RV), Josh Peck (Drillbit Taylor), Isabel Lucas (Daybreakers) and Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Losers). Hopefully the film will invade theaters in 2011.

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Source: Daily Blam via Red Dawn 2010

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  1. I’m already cringing at the prospect of this movie.
    Let’s all fight that commie yellow menace!
    I wonder how many hate crimes are going to be spurred by this movie. It seems they don’t even have a token “yellow” character who’s American and fighting alongside the main characters.
    Hollywood needs to present some balance. Actually cast people of Asian descent in good-guy roles. Yes, I know, that’s such a HUGE thing to ask, that’s such a monumental task, against every bit of fiber within studio executives. I know, they want to cast white people to play Asian good guys because white people LOOK JUST LIKE Asian people, so it’s perfectly A-OK.
    That’s so GREAT of Hollywood to exploit people’s irrational, anti-Asian, anti-yellow menace fears. They’re going to love seeing good ol’ American kids killing a bunch of nameless, faceless yellow commies. Shooting at swarms of the yellow menace coming to take over and kill the American way of life.
    I can’t wait for a Red Dawn movie to have good ol’ American kids shooting at the actual menace in America: the corrupt, greedy corporations and executives who are shoveled money by the corrupt politicians who receive big “donations” from the same companies and rich execs. Now THAT’S a movie I’d gladly pay to see.

    • Yeah you’re not unhinged or anything.

      • LMAO< I was thinking the same thing lol

      • No, not as unhinged as Hollywood executives who still manage to churn out flop after flop.

      • A rational argument of why this film is racially insensitive and really shouldn’t exist makes him sound unhinged? Nah, you’re probably just too dumb to get it. Seeing the blatant displays of sinophobia just means he can see the obvious. They clearly had no regard for the feelings of ASIAN AMERICANS, seeing as all Asian, American or not, can only be the enemy in movies such as this. There’s no possible way not to take offense to something like this which is all the more conflicting for fans of the actors or MGM who were rooting for its recovery.

    • Does the term knee jerk come to mind Michael? Your reaction is why Hollywood has become the Liberalist studios in the world, too afraid to offend anyone.

      Sorry dude but no ethnic nationality has the right to only be the good guy in any role.

      Me personally I see the former Soviet Union as still a potential adversary. Unlike China only Russia has been in constant war with most of their satellite states for the past ten years and no one seems to notice. Anyone heard of Dagistan? Didn’t think so. The concept of a united more economically stable Soviet Union is still a possibility.

      • Aleric, you’ve been watching too many 80′s/90′s action flicks. Cold War is over. Russia is not the enemy anymore. Get with the program.

        Also wouldn’t hurt to take a look at America in the same context i.e. going to war wit Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan.

        • Obg, just curious did you mention Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan because they were all false flag invasions?
          Also, its not impossible to consider an invasion from China. With the Solar cycle altering the weather, combined with upcoming food shortages. Clean water and crops will be fought over, even more so if there’s a global economic falure.

          Chinese military outnumber us like 100 to 1 in terms of manpower. In a ground conflict, they would absorb huge losses without any sign of slowing down and they have sattilite weapons.

          If they ever did attack, they would have to somehow shut down or confuse our defense grid and take out or air force. Just long enough to EMP the nation. If they could take out our power grid, they would be able to invade. The only thing that would prob stop them would be for us to EMp them as well. If they had troops in Canada and Mexico they could invade from all sides. Its doable, as well as a huge gamble for China,,,

          I’d say the plot is a tad more believable they say, 2012,,, :)

          • I agree 790.

      • see people like u and the rest of humanity r the reason for me to use my invisibility for crime u donkey
        actually if there was a bottom that pushin it could lead to end the world i’d have push it

      • Of course, you don’t seem to have any problem with racists or racism, only a problem with “liberals” who have reasonable and logical ground to protest racism.
        You sound like one of the many who attack the messenger, and basically want to allow people to be racist and be allowed to freely perpetuate societal racism.
        For the record, racism does exist, and Hollywood perpetuates it.
        The early script for this Red Dawn remake had an Asian-American character, Erica Yu. Well, guess who’s playing Erica? Yes, a white actress.

    • LOL. Dude, take a breath, relax, and go curl up with your Michael Moore DVDs.


      • haha good 1

      • priceless

      • Michael Moore is too conservative for my tastes, Vic! :P

        • Yeah… THAT’s scary. 8)


    • Jet Li, Jackie Chan, the Japanese guy in The Last Samurai. I would like to see more Asian actors (Donnie Yen for instance) play in American movies but Li and Chan have been in numerous.

      • Yen and Li would light up Chan so fast in real life.

        • I hate these arguments but Li would not “light up” Chan. Li does Wushu, a non competition martial art. Chan trained in many MANY martial arts, including the practical and most efficient ones like Boxing and Judo.

          Same thing with Yen, who started out doing Tai Chi (lol) and Wushu and later concentrated on Wushu. He has been incorporating MMA movies in some of his latest films but he has said he just did it to make fights more realistic, he’s still dedicated to Wushu and Kung Fu.

          To summarize, Yen and Li are both primarily Wushu guys. Wushu is a “demonstration” martial art. There’s no sparring, no full contact competitions, nothing. Chan is also a master of Kung Fu and Wushu but he has a background in boxing and kickboxing, both of which are full contact.

          • Actually if you want to be specific, Chan got his start in Chinese Operas, not martial arts… That’s mainly where he gets his flexibility from.

            He does know many forms of martial arts, but so do Donnie Yen and Jet Li. And while Wushu is a “demonstration” martial art, it is rooted in real practical fighting. Proof is in how quickly Donnie Yen was able to pick up Wing Chun for his role as Ip Man.

            Ask my opinion, if Jet Li and Jackie Chan were to fight, I personally think Jet Li would win. Jackie Chan simply started learning martial arts at a much later age than Jet Li. Li was basically raised on martial arts, which is how they did it originally in the temples and what-not…

            • Ken, I agree with you there. Chan ust uses too many gimmcks for me to believe in any type of realism in his movies.

              • @Anthony

                I hope you’re joking. If not, then go and watch old Chan movies and old Donnie Yen and Jet Li movies. Chan used practical martial arts and practical fight scenes (fighting more than one person at a time, getting hit flush, etc.) while 90% of Yen’s and Li’s movies had them flying around on wires. Chan got famous for taking actual risks and not using gimmicks. Even when he used “wires” early on, he would use it to pull the stuntmen to the ground or into a wall to make the hit seem that much harder.

                • @ogb

                  Uh, you realize they are movies right? Watching them in movies will not tell you anything about how they fight in real life. Of course Jet Li and Donnie Yen did a lot of wire work in their movies, that is the style of movies most popular in China… I’m judging them by looking at many different angles, first and foremost for Donnie Yen is the fact that he was able to learn Wing Chun in such a short period of time for the movie in itself proves he is a very talented martial artist. You can’t really pick up new styles and techniques unless you have a very firm grasp in the fundamentals. And things like that don’t just come to you while you’re sipping coffee in a coffee shop… Jet Li was basically raised in martial arts, all he knew growing up was martial arts, and that was because of the Chinese government wanting to use him as kind of a pro-China PR man since martial arts movies were becoming popular. Jackie Chan got his start in drama, sure he’s worked very hard in his martial arts and I don’t doubt his skill, but if you think about it, the true martial artists are the monks, and they are born and raised into that martial arts lifestyle. And I believe you really need that in order to be really excel in that. And out of those three, Jet Li is the closest to having come from that history. And Donnie Yen’s martial arts talent cannot be denied because it’s been confirmed by many martial arts instructors from all over China. Jackie Chan is the least proven in my opinion because the only martial arts you really know from him are what we see in the movies. Although in some of his older films he would really spar with other martial artists during the movie shoots, but haven’t seen any of that lately…

            • @KEN

              I never said Chan got started learning martial arts, I know he got started at Peiking Opera (sp?).

              As for Wushu and Wing Chun, again, these traditional martial arts are outdated. Martial arts evolved more in the last 20 years then in hundreds of years prior mainly because of MMA (and Bruce Lee was one of the pioneers of the movement). Martial Arts like Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Wushu were exposed long ago as mostly useless in a real life fight. Bruce Lee himself saw the limits of Wing Chun and started cross training, even learning grappling with Gene LeBell (sp).

        • I like Yen’s style on screen the most but in a real fight I haven’t a clue who would win. If they went back to 1972, Bruce Lee would kick all their butts. :-)

          • Bruce Lee all the way!

      • I think The Last Samurai would have actually been a good movie if there were no Tom Cruise character, and Ken Watanabe’s samurai leader character were the center of the story.

    • Angry much? Jeesh.

      “I wonder how many hate crimes are going to be spurred by this movie.”
      You lost any sense of rational thought right there.

    • I think that first post counts as a hate crime spurred by this movie!

    • Get a Life dude.

  2. how do u get all that from just 1 picture mike?

  3. Red China? Please! They may own this country but physically invade us? C’mon!Then again at this point in history, there really is no credible threat to invade the U.S.

    • I don’t know… Canada is in a good position and they have red on their flag………….

    • T.

      I guess you haven’t read about China’s massive military/naval build up. But yes, a more credible threat would have been Islamic extremists, although that wouldn’t translate to fighting a full blown invasion because they’re style is isolated members blowing up innocent civilians.


      • I don’t know, a Chinese invasion seems more likely than an Islamic Extremist invasion unless it’s Iran. Personally I like the change, which will be one of the few times you’ll hear me say I like a change in a remake of a classic.
        One reason is because if it did happen China is fixing to join the USA as the only country with a 5th Generation jet fighter.
        Hope this movie comes out this year.

  4. LMAO, jeez besides the fact they didnt have a picture with any asians in it, my problem would be that this cast just does nt inspire confidence in the calibur of acting, if you look at the original, we have Swayze, Howell, Sheen, Grey, Thompson and Powers Booth, this movie was load with the popular actors of the time , here we have a mish mosh of tv actors that really havent impressed me in anything they have done, except Chris Hemsworth. This was one of my favorite movies of the 80′s and it was very well done, I’d hate to see it completely defiled, now that being said im not sure you can call it a remake, Id rather say it was a reboot or a completely seperate installment.

    • Right on Loco, glad someone caught this too. You never know though, maybe this movie will provide an opportunity for breakout performances for some of these unknowns.
      As for the larger question/logic behind the invading forces, China may be the logistical commanders, like the Russians were in the original and they may use Al Queda-esque operatives as the initial wave from the south, like the Mexican army was in the original. I’m actually a lot more interested in this movie now.

  5. Could the lack of original story telling be part of the reason they filed for bankruptcy?

    This movie was iconic with regards the to the tension that was palpable between the US and the USSR.

    This came out around the same time The Day After did and both movies (well one was a mini-series) played to everyone’s fears about our world war three.

    This remake has no fear to play upon…

    Unless they want to do a Red Dawn that was about lending and borrowing and trade imbalances. Then yeah, that might be a little more accurate. The poster could feature an accounting sheet with lots of negatives in red at the bottom.

    RED DAWN – The Deficit

    Oooooooooo… scary…

    • The Day After scared the beggeezus out of me.

    • They’d ALMOST have been better off making this an alien invasion version of Red Dawn. ALMOST.

  6. Wait a second everyone… I think Michael R has a point here. Maybe his point is that “greedy corporations” is just as vague and parnoid sounding today as “red menace” was during the cold war.

    “Who’s our enemy?”
    “uh, THEY are”
    “Who’s THEY”
    “ummm, they… just they”

    Michael surely wouldn’t be saying that corporations (fictious entities organized to limit the liability of its members to induce investment and ingenuity for the good of all society) would be an enemy, right Michael Moore, I mean, Michael R?

  7. Does anyone know the release date of the original? It seems like it was winter because i rememember running home afterwards and we all put on what white clothes we could find and played guns in the snow and yelled WOLVERINES!

    man that last scene where patrick swayze is carrying charlie sheen and he has a final shootout with the commie, that was great. What was that gun he used?

    • If you believe Wikipedia, it says
      August 10, 1984

  8. Yeah, this movie does not need to be made. But why China? Why not Al Quaeda or North Korea? Make it a smaller event like the terrorist takeover of a building stopped by a teen group of John McClanes.

    Oh wait, that’s a terrible idea. Yeah, this movie should not be made.

    • Actually it’s not a terrible idea, Al Quieda does terrorist attacks not invasions. North Korea is to small and the only thing they cab do is sed a nuke at us, S. Korea, or Japan. China is the only one that is a real threat, as they have been building up a huge military force, they own a huge part of our debt, and they could back up N. Korea of something happened with them.

      If someone says why not the Russians? They aren’t in a position yet that they can be like their former selves.

      This is the problem when it comes to making movies about alternate history and stuff is that people will critizice it for being racist, stupid, etc…if you don’t like the idea then dot watch it, as shocking as it seems you don’t have to watch or badmouth a film because of a change, as in this case from the Russians as a bad guy to the Chinese as the bad guy.

  9. I am just SICK of Hollywood’s apparent infection with ‘remake-itis’. Did we really need to see this show updated? Do something original dammit and stop dragging the original shows through the mud and regurgitating these horrible remakes!

    • How about a civil war in which the red republican states invade the blue democrat states and the wimpy peace loving liberals find they have to man up and actually fight for what they believe in or face living in a republican dinosaur world.

      • You had me up until “dinosaur world.”


        • Had to add that because the sequel would be combined with a Jurassic Park sequel and an Avatar sequel so you could have blue aliens vs red raptors. They would kill each other off and the independent grey Megashark would rule the world.

          Hm. Perhaps I shouldn’t post when I’m full of cold medicine.

          • LOL @thandrale.



      • Of course the fact the liberal blue states would fold faster then the French army in a major world war eludes you right?

        Liberal blue states would be too busy trying to setup a protest and handing out fliers to even notice the red states taking over. On the plus side, the blue states would have all the actors and musicians living there so there’d be plenty of entertainment for their “troops”.

        • Methinks the French Army of WWI would have something to say about that crack. :p

          • HEH the French were an easy target. I should have said “quit faster than the Jacksonville Jaguars in December”…I think that would have been a better analogy :)

  10. It’s a film that’s playing on the (very real) paranoia that China will (in several decades) become so powerful as to be able to take America over.

    But, guys, get this: IT’S JUST A MOVIE.

    If I remember correctly, there were no hate crimes after the First Red Dawn against Russians, or against Islamic Americans after every season of ’24′.

    So, yeah, trying to read some larger political or moral philosophy in a movie like this…is why more people need to pick up books and start reading.

    • Kofi – where is the “Like” button? I want to “Like” this comment :)

    • Kofi, you always make sense. :) Keep up the good work sir.

    • Wait a minute, no one told me logic was allowed on these posts! 8-)

      Great post, Kofi.

    • It may be “just a movie” but media imagery does indeed influence how people perceive the world around them.
      Whether it’s the same stereotypes pushed through the “news” or on TV shows and in movies, they all either perpetuate people’s already prejudicial thinking, or they plant such seeds.
      Just look at how skewed news channels are. They’re more propaganda than news, and people eat it all up without questioning it.

  11. I’m going to say that as long as America keeps borrowing money from China in order to buy products from China, this movie has an extremely unrealistic premise.

    Suspension of belief only works so far.

  12. why is this being remade, again?

    I could understand it original being made, what with the cold war and all, but what has China done to make them villians to us? (The actions against their own people are irrelevant)

    • I’ll still see it, I just don’t get the point

    • Tainted food, lead paint toys, internet attacks, Korean war, buying up all the oil. They kinda sneak around and do stuff behind the scenes.

      Most heinous of all they banned google for a while. For that they must all die. Or so the heads of Google say.

      • Nuh-uh, everyone knows Google does no evil.



        • Speaking of Google Vic, I’ve been getting an annoying pop up here on SR about downloading Chrome. It happens most everytime I come on SR…

          • I get that too. No close button on it and locks up the site. You can just click on the site underneath it and it goes away but it’s still very annoying

          • Does it? It’s only supposed to come up ONCE per month…

            You don’t clear your browser cookies every time you shut it down, do you?


            • Yes Vic, my browsers are set to autoclean when I close them. It’s really no big deal. Just thought I’d let you know before you got all kinds of mess from others here, I know how nitpicky they can be lol.

            • I tried setting it to “keep until expired” but this made the ad come on and stay on. Clicking on the site underneath didn’t make it go away.

              Also tried blocking cookies for this site and it came on on every page every few minutes. So went back to “clear cookies when Firefox is shut down” and it’s back to coming on once on the main page and going off when you click on the site underneath.

              • My regular browser setting is “keep until expired” and everything works fine.

                If you clear your cookies every time you shut down the browser, then you’ll get it every time you reopen.

                In any case, it’s running only through Friday.


                • Thats what i thought Vic, no worries either way. :) I just don’t like a lot of internet clutter on my PC is all.

                  • Sure. Cookies don’t take up much room, and if you’re that “clean” about it, this is what happens sometimes.



        • That’s what makes me suspicious.

  13. I fear with the casting, it’s already too late. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong, but this is a remake that shouldn’t happen.

  14. This is gonna be dumb.

  15. This as bad as making a remake of Escape from New York….Scratch that they already are :(

  16. WOLVERINES!!!!!!!

  17. @Michael, your perceptive yet you don’t get why this feel good military film is getting the remake treatment?

    The MainStreamMedia rules with fear. Its more along those lines then trying to stir up racism.

    Our leaders, see china as something we should fear… Just another distraction to keep people fighting between themselves. liberals, neo cons,,, It keeps those folks stuck in that reality. A reality they control through outlets like CNN, ABC, Wall St Journal. Etc. The same outlets that redicule other media outlets as conspiracy.

    Classic double-speak. Anyone get the movie 1984.

    • Yes, I agree.
      The media’s good with spreading fear. Fear makes people consume, which is what the corporate-run media wants.
      News channels seem more worse now than ever. Just about every story they do is promoting some sort of product, brand name or entity. So, even if it’s a negative story about some celebrity, that still counts as negative publicity.
      Yes, ultimately, it is fear — but fears also spurs racism and hatred, of people or things that others don’t know about.
      So, for people who already hate Asians, and are holding China accountable for all of America’s economic problems, this movie can feed those fears, can feed that hatred.
      And whether people know it or not, media images do affect how people perceive the world around them.
      Asians are barely seen or covered in the news, and in those rare times that they are, it’s almost always a negative situation involved, such as an Asian guy molesting someone.

      • The rejection of truth, also plays a heavy role in the MSMs fear agenda…
        The rejection of truth seems ubiquitous in America today. When did it start? Maybe when Abraham Lincoln turned the Constitution on its head and–at bayonet point–turned republicanism into nationalism; maybe when Woodrow Wilson rejected thousands of years of human history and turned America’s sound money system over to the corrupt and illegitimate Federal Reserve; maybe when Wilson created the monstrous Internal Revenue Service; maybe when the 17th Amendment was adopted; maybe when the American media convinced people that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; maybe when the American people (including the vast majority of pastors and Christians) turned their backs (and their hearts) to the Branch Davidians, who were murdered by federal agents outside Waco, Texas; maybe when so-called “conservative” Senate Republicans deliberately chose to cover up President Bill Clinton’s criminal conduct; maybe when the powers that be began demonizing anyone who dared to question the “official” story regarding the events on 9/11/01; maybe when a vast majority of Christians and conservatives blindly followed and actively supported the unconstitutional, un-American policies of President George W. Bush. They supported Bush when he threw off Western Civilization’s time-tested Just War doctrine (and replaced it with an unconscionable Preemptive War policy), and, again, when he officially began turning America into a police state by creating the Department of Homeland Security, implementing the Military Commissions Act, introducing the Patriot Act, and dismantling Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus. Whenever it started, the sad reality is, America has largely become a nation of truth-rejecters…
        Chuck Baldwin
        PP.com 1-7-11

        • Conspiracy theorize much?

          • @DJ

            Welcome to Screenrant. Met 790, our local conspiracy nut :)

  18. Anyone calling me a conspiracy nut is absolutely what my last comment was about…
    Keep denying the truth guys, @ogb I couldn’t give a rats a3s whether you agree with me or not,, :)

    • Whoa, calm down buddy. I didn’t comment on what you were saying at all…I didn’t bother reading what you wrote either because I know your MO. Just introducing DJ to you and the reputation that you have on this board. No need to get hostile.

      • We’re all gonna stay civil right guys?

  19. @DJ Kuul A, did you and have a argument before about how Tupac was a messiah?

  20. Lol ogb, “no need to get hostile,,,”

    Anyone reading these comments can see where this is going.

  21. LMAO wow one black guy and it where again detroit LMAO