New ‘Red Dawn’ Images: War Class is Now in Session

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red dawn 2010 cast photo New Red Dawn Images: War Class is Now in Session

The Red Dawn remake has been sitting on the shelf for so long that many likely forgot it even exists (if they ever knew in the first place). It’ll be odd to see the general public react to the (mistaken) idea that Thor/Avengers star Chris Hemsworth and Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson used their newfound fame to team up for a remake of a Patrick Swayze war drama conceived during the Cold War era. But I digress.

Today we have some of the first official images from Red Dawn (2012), and they show the aforementioned young faces – now world famous stars – front and center in the midst of battle.

Check out the images below:

For those too young to remember (or generally unfamiliar), Red Dawn (1984) told the story of high school teens living in a small Colorado town, who look up in the sky one faithful day to see the horizon blotted with Soviet paratroopers. The invading forces attack fast and hard, locking down the town in martial law before anybody can oppose them. With their parents and guardians all trapped in internment camps (or worse), a group of teens (led by Swayze’s character, Jed Eckert) abscond into the woods and form a rebel group called “The Wolverines,” their high school mascot.

Naturally, the whole “Soviet forces” threat has been updated for the remake; the new Wolverines will face the threat of a North Korean strike force – which itself has become something of a diluted threat, what with the recent death of Kim Jong Il (though there is surely  a worthy despot just waiting to outshine him). In any event, the new teenage paramilitary insurgency will be led by Hemsworth, Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki (G.I. Joe 2), Josh Peck (ATM), Isabel Lucas (Transformers 2) and Tom Cruise’s adopted son, Connor Cruise. A helping hand will come from Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Possession), who will play a military officer who comes to aid the Wolverines.

red dawn 1984 cast photo New Red Dawn Images: War Class is Now in Session

The Original Wolverines

Red Dawn could prove to have been worth the wait; stunt coordinator Dan Bradley will be making his directorial debut, but his resume (Bourne 2, 3 & 4; Spider-Man 2 & 3) speaks of a man who knows how to create compelling action onscreen. If there is one area that  this remake could stand to improve in, it’s the action. The original was thrilling for its time, but today’s audiences are going to expect something much more frenetic and visceral. Bradley could be the man to deliver just that. It also won’t hurt having a cast of young leads who have, for the most part, proven themselves as worthy actors in both the dramatic and action departments.

On the other hand, Red Dawn could ultimately become the example which proves that not everything can be recycled (and re-recycled) by Hollywood; some ideas inevitably get mitigated by he passing of time and the changing of circumstance.

Red Dawn will finally be in theaters on November 21, 2012.

Source: USA Today

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  1. I actually never really cared for the original. and not to excited about the remake. might still check it out though because i like some of the actors.

  2. Could turn out ok if they use the same approach as Tomorrow When The War Began (the Australian hit based on the books about a group of teens out camping and come back to civilisation to find the Chinese have invaded Australia and taken over much of it).

    ie make it realistic enough (surprise invasion needs to feel like a surprise invasion) to suspend belief and show a real danger while not attempting a political take on the actions unfolding.

    Have to say though, Red Dawn was released during the height of the US/Soviet Cold War but there hasn’t been that same worry of possible nuclear war or “them pesky North Koreans” to really warrant this remake.

  3. Consider that failed North Korean Rocket launch a couple of months back. Are you aware that the point they “blew it up” is a perfect match for an EMP attack?
    Don’t think about it, I’m sure that would never happen, it’s about as unlikely as some country trying to sneak attack a major pacific navel facility.

    • I honestly never heard about that until now, thanks for informing me.

      • Wow, you’re certainly not in any position to comment on “Those pesky North Koreans” if you didn’t know about the failed rocket launch. Live under a rock?

        • Renaak, I guess you know everything about everything. (facepalm)

  4. People shouting “Wolverines!” that’s all I remember from the original, but I noticed it is available to stream on Netflix. Perhaps I should watch it and then I’ll be ready for the remake.

    • I remember in Scrubs they talk about it… That’s about it. I was born in 82. :)

  5. It was a town in Colorado, not Michigan. It would be nice if it didn’t suck. But, really? North Korea as a villain – I don’t see it.

  6. It’d be more believable if they’d stuck with the Chinese as the invaders, as per the original synopsis. North Korea could barely invade itself these days.

  7. In the original the U.S.A. is attacked by Soviet & Cuban forces. You have to lived during the time to know the fear of war with the soviet union was a constant issue.

    Given that China has never attacked anyone historically they’ve mostly had to defend their homeland I doubt the Chinese would be a viable enemy for the story either. What they should’ve did was have the U.S.A. erupt in another civil war.

    Imagine if during the original Bush vs. Gore run for presidency both claimed to be president and refused to step down then rallied the military to back them up.

  8. Wow I actually forgot all about this movie. I was excited for it when I first heard about it (what was that like 3 years ago??) but now my excitement has been greatly reduced. Hopefully a good trailer will inspire some confidence because I like the cast and don’t wanna see this flop hard.

  9. LOL I also forgot about this film, hopefully a good trailer will make me go see it …I doubt it

  10. New Hollywood game plan:Do a movie on the cheap loaded with young, up and comers, then hold it until some of them become popular. I wonder if any of these folks will do the press tour and premier for this?

    Up next, the Breakfast Club….

    • Sadly I wouldnt be suprised if that happens. If ANY John Hughes film especially The Breakfast Club gets remade, I will boycott the film. No actor or director these days can match the heart and performances of the original.

  11. Red Dawn. Granted they can’t really use a post-cold war Russia, or the other country “red” brings to mind (Japan), I would find it straining suspension of disbelief to think North Korea could take and hold anything in America… even nail salons. They should have gone with China, as that would be more believable, but I suppose they felt that would cause real world diplomatic issues considering they down have to fire a shot or set foot on American soil to own us. All they’d have to do is call in the note. That being said, holding such an investment interest in America and being owed so much makes it hard to see them letting North Korea make a move like this without smacking them around themselves.

  12. who will play a military officer who comes to aid the Wolverines.

    • Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as it says in the article. 😉

  13. The original “red dawn” scenario was that Russian aggressively expanded its sphere of influence, NATO folded, wheat harvests around the world failed and a communist coup in Mexico. Sounds pretty far fetched doesn’t it. The Russians send in special forces using disguised airliners, and regular forces through Alaska and Mexico. Sounds pretty far fetched doesn’t it. Cuban-American saboteurs pretending to be loyal Americans took out key installations, helping the surprise attack. Sounds pretty far fetched, doesn’t it.

  14. Red Dawn worked in 1984 due to the world circumstances. Most of us knew that the “Russian threat” was a valid possibility. The world is much smaller now with the internet and social media. I will wait for the movie for final judgement but it seems to me the movie will fail just because it wont be believable.

  15. I’m not excited because the North Koreans are not capable of invading and occupying the United States. China is, and was the original bad guys. BUUUUUUT they cater to the Chinese so no.

  16. Even tho the original Red Dawn was not a great flick it is still memorable. I have little faith in Hollywood remaking 80’s movies. Each time I hope that I am pleasantly surprised but end up disappointed. We’ll see.

  17. The original Red Dawn is one of my favorite war movies. We’ll just have to wait and see about the remake.

  18. Every time this awful trailer comes on in the theaters [3 times before Looper ] I cringe, look away, stuff my face with popcorn, or take a quick power nap. Seriously, despite the article’s high praise for Bradley, nothing short of a miracle; not even decent dialogue, which, if anyone has seen the trailer is highly improbable can save this from being a cold war disaster. I can only imagine Thor got a hefty paycheck for this because this may go down as one of his *ahem* lesser film choices. Stellar cast, Cool story bro!

    • I agree. And the more I look at the younger kids under the age of 20. The Justin Bieber generation…………. I shake my head in shame as to how low we’ve sunk. This movie will either be a flop or a comedy because of how unrealistic they portray the youth of today being heroic.