Red Band ‘The Happening’ Trailer Wants To Prove It’s Rated R

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the happening girl Red Band The Happening Trailer Wants To Prove Its Rated RThe early word (granted, based on just ONE review) is that Shyamalan is not breaking his losing streak with his latest film The Happening. has managed to get their grubby little hands on a new trailer for the movie and I’ve embedded it below.

Be warned that the trailer below is a “red band” trailer and contains images that viewers may find disturbing.

I don’t know if it will be any good and no, I don’t know if it has a twist ending as all of Shyamalan’s films have had to date. After a while if you expect the twist is it even worth doing? To me, with the way it’s shot in a muted fashion as far as colors and performances, the trailer almost has a “Faces of Death” vibe to it.

Considering the imagery in this trailer and the fact that it’s restricted, I certainly hope that means the movie will be rated R this isn’t another one of those weird things like they did with Beowulf where they distributed a restricted trailer for a PG-13 film.

The Happening opens on June 13th.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. looks pretty creepy

  2. Iiiiiiiiiiiiii’m sorry but, really… M. Night Shyamalan is soooooooo overrated!!!!

    Sure I like one or maybe two of his films, but come on, he’s NOT THAT SPECIAL!

    I have a special hatred towards him now because I know he’s going to direct one of my all time favorite cartoons, making it into a live action film. Sure, I’m going to watch it… if he DOES a good job then all is forgiven, but till then, he’s just getting really old with the same old stuff and usual spins on stories he makes.

    Worst thing is that he HAS to be in every movie he makes. I’m sure he’s in this one too.

    BUT, he better not be in Avatar The Last Airbender or else!

    Sorry for all the fans of MNS, but I just think he had a really good start, but kept on doing the same thing. Where he fails for me is obvious. After 6th sense, he should have done a few other movies that didn’t use the same old twists in the endings. THEN, come back and do some of those again. Now, people go and watch his movies and expect to be wowed. But in all fairness his first major letdown for me was the crap circles film… umm oh yeah signs I think it was called. The story just wasn’t that good. He should have either stuck with a very traditional way of telling the story and making it almost retro style, or come up with something a little more unique regarding the story and punch line.

    Nope, MNS for me is very over rated as a director. Now giving him Avatar is a BIIIIIG deal. I mean it’s an amazing story with such elements that screams to film that movie in nothing less than on an epic scale. AND IT’S A CHILDREN’S MOVIE!

    So how will he do in that genre? We’ll see when it hits the theaters. I hope he’s going to prove me wrong. But lately, his movies have been less than worth watching for me.

    Lady in the water or lake or whatever it was called, was just too cheesy for me and in no way exciting or even mystical enough. I mean it’s bad when you’ve figured out the entire movie scene by scene almost mid way through. That’s just not good.

    Again, sorry for all the MNS lovers, but he really needs to step it up in Avatar and this movie, once again rides the same formula as always.

    I’m not saying it isn’t going to be good… I’m just saying, his style is too predictable now and very much expected. Time to shift gears.

  3. I’m a big fan of Avatar too and forgotten about him doing the movie version of it. Yeah, not keen on that either.

    Agreed on early work, and I liked Unbreakable a lot, but agree with Vic, if you’re looking for a twist, then it isn’t much of a surprise.

    Agree, Stephen, going away and doing something different would have helped him, and other directors too. No matter how good it is, if you keep doing the one thing, it suggests you are limited.

  4. Steven,

    I happen to like Unbreakable too!! :)

    The thing is, that it didn’t catch me at first, till my dad saw it and he’s a bit of a comic book fan so he caught all the right elements at first go. But then I saw it with him again and it turned out to be one of my favorite films form MNS.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s ok as a director, he does have all the basic traits down and he does well in the visuals, it’s just, that he’s falling at a massive speed downwards ultimately ending on the B-List of directors soon if he doesn’t do something new and different.

    I have a tendency to get allergic to all the hype they put on people when they over expose them, and promote the living daylights out of them. Do you remember what they did with American Beauty & Sam Mendes?? Good lord… It was like all directors collectively died in Hollywood and was reborn into Sam Mendes.

    They made such a big deal about that movie that it was just sick. The best part of that movie for me, was the score by Thomas Newman and the poster to the film.

    By the way I’m listening to Indiana Jones 4 score and so far it’s brilliant. Which strangely fits with my theory on why the new Star Wars scores were so off and could have been a 1000 times better. Let’s just say, Spielberg understands what scores do for films and Lucas doesn’t. He butchered Williams’ score so badly in the new Star Wars that even the extended 2 disc edition didn’t make much sense. The themes were a mismatch and often didn’t feel like it belonged to the Star Wars universe at all.

    So, ultimately the reason why Star Wars 1,2 and 3 has a less than attractive track record in the musical section is because Lucas simply couldn’t guide Williams back to where the original Star Wars was born and given the soul it has in the old ones. Lucas wanted something new and he forced so many stupid tracks into the film that at times it was just horrible to listen to… (Remember the last track played in Star Wars Episode i? (Augie’s Great Municipal Band)

    But this Indy 4 soundtrack not only feels like Indiana Jones and belongs in the Indy universe, but, by listening to the score it actually makes you picture the scenes and have Indy jumping around, doing his business.

    This score is a very good addition in the already wonderful Indy saga. Will the movie be good? Hmm, the score hints to that yes..

    oooooh wait I am listening to the track The Spell of The Skull, and oh my… oh my!!! It’s got an homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark!!! PERFECT!!! I am guessing that it ties in with Marion and their first encounter or something… I’m loving this new score!

    Go get it people… I’m so glad I got mine early!!! :)

  5. That trailer didn’t really say much. I guess the man being run over by a tractor made it restricted.

  6. Totally, utterly, completely, absolutely agree on hype. The more I am told this is a must see, or the next big thing, the more I will be set against it.
    When something great truly comes along, you don’t need to over sell it.

  7. I never thought I would say this, but the ONLY thing this film has going for it is Mark Wahlberg. I couldn’t stand him as a musical act, but I think he’s pretty damn solid as an actor. I’m actually going to watch “Shooter” this weekend. MNS, I like 6th Sense and Unbreakable, but the rest are horrible. The Village was one of the worst movies ever made. This CAN’T be worse than that!!

  8. MNS has to be aware that his last films have been a disappointment. I would hope this knowledge lights a fire under his @ss and makes him bring together the elements that made us all watch 6th Sense more than once. There are a lot of directors that get trapped in a genre. If his genre is suspense / horror, so be it. Even he must be aware that an audience is going to demand more and more each time, as lateral movement will get you nowhere with most audiences. I’ll watch the film simply because I tend to like films where vast portions of the population are wiped out by something. I’m curious what this particular “something” is. I’ll pay my money to see it on the big screen when it comes out.

  9. Not going to comment on the movie itself, but the trailer is probably restricted because of the clip where the dog tears off a dude’s arm. Blink and you will miss it, but it’s pretty graphic.

  10. John “Kahless” Taylor,

    you guess it was the tractor running over the guy that made it restricted? about the guy’s arm being ripped off? the guy slitting his wrists?


    anyways, this trailer makes the movie look better because you can’t tell its this dark from the regular trailers

  11. I guess I missed those clips. I’ll have to watch it again.

  12. Ok, just saw it again. The scene with the dog ripping the man’s arm off was soo fast, I did miss it the first time. The scene with the man cutting his wrist, I didn’t even realize he was cutting his wrist at first. Another scene, where the woman stabs herself in the neck, could have made it redband as well.