Red Band Kick-Ass Trailer for Hit-Girl

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kick ass hit girl costume Red Band Kick Ass Trailer for Hit Girl

She had her own poster debut last week, she may be the star of one of 2010′s coolest movies and now she’s got a red band trailer all to herself; It’s Hit-Girl!

Hit-Girl, played by Chloe Moretz, is arguably the most extreme of the characters in Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.’s popular comic book series, Kick-Ass, and from what we’re hearing from the screenings for the movie, she brings the most memorable and impactful performance.

As I mentioned before when discussing the Hit-Girl poster, I caught up in the series the other day and in it, her character definitely brought in the highest kill count. Her Kick-Ass trailer will definitely shed light as to how and why this can be.

Hit-Girl is the daughter of Nicolas Cage’s Big Daddy character who raises her unlike any other girl. Watch and enjoy courtesy of Empire Online:

I can’t wait for this movie and it’s one of Screen Rant’s most anticipated movies of 2010.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn, Kick-Ass stars Aaron Johnson, Mark Strong, Xander Berkeley and Christopher Mintz-Plasse alongside Nicolas Cage and Chloe Moretz who you just met.

What do you think of Hit-Girl now?

If you missed it, check out the full Kick-Ass trailer from November.

Kick-Ass opens in theaters on April 16, 2010 and we’ll be there.

Source: Empire

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  1. Wow. Just awesome!

  2. this is gonna be epic…superhero / comedy …gonna be great….the action is gonna be awesome

  3. Goosebumps. Literally.

  4. wowza man this looks awsome.

  5. i remember when the director said that this girl is the REASON to see this movie… i now see why. cant wait to see this movie now!

  6. Dam, now that’s first trailer that actually surprised me. IMHO better than the Avatar trailer.LOL.

  7. F**KING Wow !!!!!
    I can’t wait to see this one !!!!!!!

  8. I don’t mean to be the prude in the bunch or the wet blanket, but is nobody else just a little bit disturbed that to make this movie someone had to coach a little girl to say #%nt? Just so some of us could have a giggle at the innocent looking girl use language that’d make a sailor green?

    I don’t normally feel compelled to speak out on these things, but when kids are involved… I just seriously doubt there’s a responsible way to have a kid do these things in a movie.

    Yeah, the action was really well choreographed, but that seems relatively unimportant in the larger picture.

  9. Eh… the action looks good, but I didn’t think it looked so funny. I don’t think little kids cussing is grade A comedy material, but maybe it’s just me…

  10. @jerseycajun

    Oh, it gets worse, trust me. Usually that stuff really bothers me as well (as regular readers will know) but frankly with this movie, if you want to enjoy it you just have to accept it as part of the character. Otherwise don’t even bother going to see it.


  11. Vic,

    No, not going to see it, never was, certainly not now. I just think that for such a thing as a piece of entertainment, there really isn’t a good excuse to further spoil childhood innocence.

    I’m gonna say something controversial now: I think it’s actually exceedingly selfish to use kids this way – for the parent and the audience member who sees this trailer and pays money to see more. If that sounds judgmental, then I plead guilty with pride. Some things are worth being judgmental about. Kids are not in a position to make adult decisions yet, so either the parents or guardian has helped put her in this position, then we (the general audience not anyone in particular) turn around and throw money at it.

    There are enough childhoods Hollywood has messed up without so visibly doing it in front of the camera. Now we’re paying to watch them do it.

  12. LOL ive seen crappy youtube clips from comiccon of some of those scenes.

    I can’t stop laughing, i think its all the cutesy music. But I really can’t wait to see this movie, it looks better and better to me every time I see it.

  13. SWEET!!!

  14. WOW!!!!!!!!
    IM2 and Kick-Ass are gonna dominate 2010
    Amazing, the movie keeps getting better and better

  15. @jerseycajun
    kids uses that kind of language on a daily bases.
    but then again. i dont think this movie is for kids, so i wudnt worry about 8-year olds going to the cinema to watch this.

    looks hilarious and awesome btw. seeing a kid do that shocks me, but in a funny way:D

  16. The kids across the street speak worse than this, it’s truely foul. But that’s a reflection of parenting and economics. kids today hey.

    I was however shocked to hear Hit Girl say those doozies. Wow…

  17. @Magnus

    So, if it was your son or daughter, you’d have no qualm whatsoever encouraging it? Saying “kids-these-days” as an excuse is kind of weak considering how enormously coarse and degrading the language is.

    By the by, I was that girl’s age in the mid-80′s, and the word ‘$!nt’ wasn’t even made aware to me until college.

  18. I also don’t buy the ‘reflection’ deal when it comes to kids. If you care about kids at all, why reinforce its cultural acceptance and widespread use as legitimate by paying money to see it as a source of humor?

    Of course, we’ve got our priorities straight. We have to have our entertainment no matter what, I suppose. We demand it.

  19. @ jersey

    It’s a movie. The girl is getting paid. She and her parents seemingly agreed to it – and if they hadn’t, some youngster who comes from a…less refined background to begin with would’ve been like “@#$%! I’ll do that @#$%!”

    Is it right? Don’t know if it’s worth a judgment in this case. You would be assuming too much (did the girl have to ‘learn’ to say that stuff, for instance). And it’s pretty much personal preference whether you watch it or not.

    IMHO, this all goes back to that fundamental question of acting and what the boundaries are. Jodie Foster once played a whore as a little kid. She got award nominations. We can argue about how right or wrong that was all day. Foster herself might have an opinion on how right or wrong that was, now that she’s older, IDK.

    Sorry it disturbed you though. (Gotta watch out for those red-band trailers! They get a bit raunchy!)

  20. no i wud ofc not want them to say it. i’d raise them different. but this is 2009.. the bad-mouthed words come in every form. i mean if ur a kid, u wud hear these kinds of words in school, on tv, and loads of other places. its inevitable. kids dont have to know what it means to use it and they dont see the harm in it either. and the older u get, the more cautious u get when using it. i dont really see the problem in kids knowing some bad words. its how ur raised to use them.

    it is not used in our regularly daily speech. no one says “hey whats up c$nt?” well there are probably some exceptions there.

  21. It might surprise people here, but I am looking forward to this movie!!!

  22. They’re getting paid is the same excuse you can use for prostitutes. Right or wrong? Wrong for my as yet to be born kids, but then the yahoos on Xbox Live talk like that on a daily basis. Yeah it sucks. /shrug

  23. Haha this movie is wild! A little kid kicking ass?

    I’m pretty sure there are way worse things than a kid running around with CG death. Like the movie is going to turn her to a life of debauchery. Lindsy Lohan didn’t make any crazy movies with swearing and choreographed killing. Look how she turned out.

  24. Is it too late to do some re-shoots and cast an actual “actor” in the role of Big Daddy?……PLEASE!!!!!! THanks Cage, once again your inept timing and horrid screen presence plus cartoon voice FORCE me to avoid a film I would actually like to see. HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. @jerseycajun

    I totally get your point of view, I really do. And while my wife would disagree with me, in this case I’m going to have to side with Kofi (are ya shocked, Kofi?). :-P

    The actress is 12 and she was on a movie set reading lines from a script. I have a 13 yo daughter and while she does not utter a foul word, she is aware of many of them (not all, I’ll wager). But speaking them as part of a role in a film, if her parents have explained things to her (I have no idea what sort of parents she has) is different from her using the language on her own every day.

    When I was about 10 I was a foul mouthed little monster, dropping cuss words every chance I had (don’t recall why, but I was raised in northern NJ).

    Also as pointed out, this film is not meant for kids to watch (although I’m quite sure there will be idiot parents bringing little kids to it).

    For what it is, it looks like a fun flick and I’m going to set aside my chagrin at a 12 yo girl saying *c*nt and c*ck in this movie. We’ll see if when I actually see the film if it ends up bothering me.


  26. I’m so tired of every one being so censored these days. WWhen it comes to t.v, if you don’t want your kids seeing it, don’t let them watch it. Don’t go and complain to the FCC so that they ban it or censor it for the rest of the world.

    When it comes to child actors doing things in roles you wouldn’t expect a child to do, so be it. If Bill Cosby made another “Kids say the darndest things” it would be “Kids say the most F**ked up things”. Kids are growing up faster than ever, sex and pregnancies at as young as 12 and you think so curse words is terrible? Kids these days learn more graphic and terrible things just by watching the daily news, learning about history in school (Slavery, war, etc) and simply going to school.

    Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Put ear muffs and blindfolds on your kids when you send them to school or better yet home school them. The world has changed, people have changed and kids are growing up faster than ever. Either accept it or go and live on Waltons Mountain.

  27. To all those complaining about the “foul” language, read the source material (the comic).

    Childhood being “lost” due to foul language and violence is just silly.

  28. It’s a rated-R movie and while I understand the concern, there are movies where children play kids who are bullied, beaten, murdered, raped, on drugs, etc. in realistic and awful scenarios. This is a comedy where she’s a dressed up action star.

    If you censor this, you need to censor a big portion of reality. Then what’s the point?

    The idea of the character in the book is to emphasize how extreme she is and how different an upbringing she had. I noticed that no one raised an issue about the fact she’s an assassin and shot/sliced-up a dozen people…

  29. @rob

    good point, ppl are more concernd abt a 12 yr old with a foul mouth than a 12 yr old murderer

    well, talk about priorities