Recap – Heroes Season One: Landslide

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heroes Recap   Heroes Season One: LandslideHoly cow… Last night’s episode of Heroes title Landslide was amazing.

It was the penultimate episode of Heroes‘ first season, and if that was the next to last episode, I can’t wait to see the final one next week!

Talk about being the opposite of Lost… there was so much going on it made my head spin, but not in a too much, Spider-Man 3 kind of way. Pretty much all the characters appeared as they descended upon New York City, each of them coming super-close to resolving their particular story line.

Possible spoilers follow, so be warned….

Are you still reading?

Last warning, then.

There were tons of suprises in this one (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV episode where so many main characters were killed) and really cool moments, especially one involving good old Hiro and his father, where it seems he finally turns into the man who we saw in the episode that took place five years in the future. There’s great stuff involving just about everyone on the show with the mystery of why Micah was kidnapped revealed, a look at Nathan starting to seriously turn to the dark side and lots of other revelations.

Heroes is hitting on almost all cylinders as far as I’m concerned (I’ll explain shortly) and I’m really happy it was picked up for next season with a total of not 24 but 30 new episodes, which includes a half dozen that are kind of a spinoff covering people with powers who we haven’t seen a may or may not join the main story.

The only thing that has bugged me, and I mean has REALLY bugged me, is the fact that for a long time Peter thought he was going to be the guy who explodes and destroys the city. So maybe one of you fine people can explain to me why in the HECK he was hell-bent on finding Ted… the guy from whom he was going to absorb the power that Peter wouldn’t be able to control and thus bring the prediction to life???

If you were Peter, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to NOT find Ted and stay as far away from him as possible? Why did he go looking for Ted and give Claire a gun to shoot him in case he couldn’t handle the power? Why not just stay the hell away from him?

That was the one thing that seemed really stupid to me this entire season. Other than that: perfect. simple smile Recap   Heroes Season One: Landslide

Your thoughts on this are welcome… maybe I’m missing something?

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  1. I think Peter thought that Ted may have been the bomb, but wasnt sure. You can’t blame him though. I am still not sure who the bomb is actually goignt o be.

  2. It seems pretty certain that Sylar is the bomb, HOWEVER how would he survive to kill Nathan and mimic him as President?? :-)

    He doesn’t have regenerative abilities because he didn’t kill the cheerleader, but then again we’re not certain how the exploding power works. Look at the character Nitro in Marvel’s “Civil War” storyline. He could explode at will and re-form himself afterwards.

    BTW, how the heck do you find my new posts so quickly? 😉


  3. Oh man… you’re RIGHT! Well, heck… that validates that he should have kept away from Ted. :-)


  4. Vic,

    The secret is the combination of google reader and a boring job.

  5. LOL!! 😀

  6. Yea, I’m with Chip. I don’t think Peter was absolutely certain who the bomb was, and I think part of him likely thought he might be able to control it …

    BUT on the whole Sylar does it thing, remember the future episode? In the future episode, it clearly wasn’t Sylar it was Peter …

  7. I think Peter was gambling with the possibility that he could either contain or neutralize Ted with his existing power and Claire would be his insurance in case things went wrong.

    He recently had doubts implanted in his mind about whether or not he, or Ted is the exploding man. He doesn’t know for sure, but wants to do something about it either way. If he can find and contain/neutralize Ted before doomsday, then problem solved. If it turns out he becomes the bomb, he has Claire as insurance. I think it’s probably the smartest move he could have made with uncertain information.

  8. I think the nuclear power comes with an immunity to its effects. I mean, Ted suffered no ill effects from his mini explosion in the Bennett home. Whoever explodes or has the power to explode seems to have an immunity to radioactive effects (heat included).

    Also, best line of the evening: “Your last thought”

  9. Ah… that’s right, Ted walked away from Claire’s house after a decent-sized “boom.”


  10. Peter thought that the reason he would explode would be absorbing so many abilities all at once. Once he saw ted and absorbed that power he realized how he could explode.

  11. Chris,

    Exactly. He’s been worrying about exploding for weeks now and his inability to control the power. That’s why I questioned his decision to seek out Ted.


  12. You got to think about something here. Just because they went into the future and found out what happened doesn’t mean it will happen. Cause if it was going to happen, than we already know and what’s the point in watching to find out who blows up the city? And with Nitro in civil war. He doesn’t reform himself if I think right, he has a kentic or phy field that surronds him when he explodes. So it doesn’t affect him, that’s how Wolverine was about to get close to him without getting fried himself.

    I guess some problems I had was with the little girl. They made her seem like she was the only thing in the world that could defeat syler and all she can do was locate him and whoever else she can at will. I thought she would have some life altering power that would fry Sylers ass in no time flat. And when Syler killed Ted…That really was something else. I mean, right when I felt my HEAD getting sawed open, I would have lit a fuse under Sylers ass and gave him cancer or something before he killed me hahah.

    I personally liked Mr. Linderman. Even though he had evil tendencies, I trully thought his power was the best and more practical. He healed a woman that had paralyse. The only person you could compare him to was Jesus, ya know? But anyway, I got alot more, but I don’t want to make this any bigger than it already is.

  13. “Just because they went into the future and found out what happened doesn’t mean it will happen.”

    Ah, now that’s the big question on the show: Is the future pre-written or can you change your fate? :-)

    “I mean, right when I felt my HEAD getting sawed open, I would have lit a fuse under Sylers a$$…”

    That’s an excellent point, but if I recall correctly (I already deleted the episode) Ted seemed to be distracted by the fact that he was in a LOT of pain, and didn’t have time to realize what was happening.

    “I personally liked Mr. Linderman. Even though he had evil tendencies, I trully thought his power was the best and more practical.”

    Well, I don’t know about comparing him to Jesus based on just his power, but the thing I liked about Linderman was that he had shades of grey: He seemed to be bad in that he believed the ends justified the means no matter how many people had to die, but it at least seemed that his end goal was noble.

    However… was it? We don’t know for sure. After all, he WAS a mob boss in Vegas, and for all we know his entire plan could have been to make a fortune based on what he knew would happen. For example buy puts on insurance company stock or those based in NYC, or he could have had a hand in companies that would benefit massively from the rebuilding effort. Or he just wanted to be the man holding the strings to the President of the United States. :-)


  14. I don’t know guys. It’s not like this show’s actually good or anything. Ho ho, just kidding.

    Here’s my thought on the topic of “da bomb.”

    He killed “alot” of people.

    Maybe he killed a super who could change powers with someone. That explains how he switched places with Nathan in the future.

    (Supporting Points.)

    – Peter dreams of himself in the position of others (his brother flying, especially) so maybe that’s why he thinks he’s the bomb.
    – Nathan wouldn’t be able to handle the over-load of the power switch, having been surprised, not being Ted, and not being Rogue, erm… Peter, who has been teaching himself to control the powers, so boom.

    I don’t know. I’m not at all looking forward to the next episode. Means it’s the last one. Means it’s over. Means I’m bummed out. Ho ho.

    .. :: Alex K :: ..

  15. “da bomb” refers to Sylar. … Edit?

  16. We’ll have to see if the finale lives up to everyone’s now very high expectations! :-)

    I’m also curious which direction the show will take next season…


  17. I think the show could very well *let* the bomb go off (but I think Sylar will be toast, thus at least altering the future to the extent that he won’t be able to become president – the worst possible outcome).

  18. I love a show that has so many “what ifs” but that actually ANSWERS them in short order (Hello? “Lost”?).


  19. Two things: 1) I got the impression from the preview for next week that it WAS Peter who lit it up (quick flash of him saying to Claire “This is the only way” and then charging up). Maybe he does it to stop something he sees happening in the future, but the impression I got (and from the future episode) was kinda he did it and he did it on purpose. When he sees Sylar again in the future, he had no problem lighting back up.

    2) I think the little girl was so important not just because of the fact that she could locate Sylar but also because she carried a virus that would prevent someone like him from using his powers.

  20. Someone correct me here if I am wrong, but wasn’t DL (Nikki’s man) IN the “bomb dream” Peter had? It had Parkman in a police suit and Claire in her cheerleader outfit? What else could have been wrong about Peter’s dream? Tim Kring said there were a LOT of clues in Peter’s dream…

    Vic, I’m glad to see you found this show. I’ve been on this one since last fall. In terms of moving ahead, you are right. The first few episodes seem like they happened two seasons ago already…

    Also, did you catch the tag number on George Takei’s limo? :)

  21. Zipper, I’ve been with the show since the first episode, I just haven’t posted about it much.

    I didn’t notice the tag, no. I really shouldn’t delete these shows from my Tivo box until after I’ve watched them a couple of times. :-)


  22. His tag was NCC1701. :)

  23. Cool. :-)

  24. I believe that the future was already changed by what Future Hiro has done. Remember in Future Hiro’s original timeline Sylar had the ability to regenerate but when our Hiro went there Claire was still alive. Somehow the changes in the past do not completely alter the future. Also, Hiro moves in and out of time but he doesn’t know what changes have been made. He didn’t know Claire was alive until he was told. Future Hiro seemed surprised when his younger self came to the future. If he had already done that he would have been expecting himself.

    Future Sylar, killed the shape-shifter chick, Candice, Nathan and DL that is how he had their powers. He found out their whereabouts from Parkman and Mr. Bennet. Remeber, Future Hiro said I only need the ones I sent to you, Candice, DL and a couple of others. It has been stated that Sylar is definitely in Season 2 but I believe it is Future Sylar. Think about it, Future Sylar didn’t know Hiro could move through time and now he knows. Future Hiro is now dead and his body and more importantly his brain is available for Sylar to “see how that works”. Present Sylar will be killed just as Issac foresaw but Future Sylar who is even more powerful will use Future Hiro’s powers to come back to the past.

  25. Dude, you’re making my head hurt. 😉