‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’ Trailer & Synopsis: Get Ready to Set Sail

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You know how TV reporter Ángela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) was dragged into the darkness at the end of [REC]? If you’ve seen [REC] 2 you’re well aware that was not the end of her story and thankfully, the continuation of it has absolutely nothing to do with the infection’s attack on unsuspecting wedding guests in [REC] 3.

[REC] 4: Apocalypse is upon us and FilmoFilia.com has the teaser trailer and the official synopsis:

Angela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the fireman, manages to make it out alive. But what the soldiers don’t know is that she carries the seed of the strange infection. She is to be taken to a provisional quarantine facility, a high-security installation where she will have to stay in isolation for several days. An old oil tanker, miles off shore and surrounded by water on all sides, has been especially equipped for the quarantine.

Thanks to [REC] 3: Genesis, director Jaume Balagueró has quite the hill to climb to get the horror franchise back on top. After earning a following with the first film and then keeping the bar high with the second installment, Balagueró’s [REC] and [REC] 2 co-writer/director, Paco Plaza, took over and basically parodied the series with [REC] 3, ditching the found footage shooting style, dressing one of his leads as a knight in shining armor – literally – and giving the filming an entirely misplaced and misused comedic tone. Yes, I’m still a little bitter.

REC 4 Apocalypse Teaser Poster [REC] 4: Apocalypse Trailer & Synopsis: Get Ready to Set Sail

However, now Balagueró is back and based on this synopsis, he seems to be trying to get the franchise back on track. Filming isn’t set to begin until early next year, so this international teaser trailer is just a highlight reel of footage from [REC] and [REC] 2 with the text “You know it and know the place. It’s time to leave,” at the end. (Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for the translation.) After [REC] 3, leaving the place we know sounds like a terrible idea, but thanks to the synopsis, at least we know we’re leaving with Ángela.

This whole oil tanker scenario may be a bit of a stretch and could wind up just being a new setting for the same old carnage, but hopefully Balagueró learned from Plaza’s mistakes. As long as [REC] 4 feels like a continuation of the first two films, offering some of that good ol’ vicious claustrophobic terror we’ve grown to love while revealing more about the infection, we should be in good shape.


Source: FilmoFilia.com

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  1. For some reason I like the REC series WAYYYYY more then paranormal activity, even though they have their differences.

  2. Rec 1? Great. Rec 2? Better than Rec 1. Rec 3?… can’t wait until Rec 4 comes out. Or Rec 3 as I’m calling it from now on.

  3. i hated the super natural bs in #2, they should have just kept the virus as just that and not add religion into the mix. overall it felt like it was lacking something, idk if it was the shifts in perspective (kids and swat) to the lack of scares, but it didn’t feel as intense as rec 1. i personally didn’t mind quarantine either, it was an almost identical remake minus the excessive shaky cam, which allowed viewers to see things better (whilst still maintaining the ‘found footage’ feel).

    haven’t seen 3, but it seems people are 50/50 on that, so i might have to give it a watch sometime, to see what the drama is all about :P

    • Actually the super natual element was introduced in 1. processed girl and what not.

      • “Possessed”.

        Unless you meant the girl had been turned into some kind of food product somehow.

        Haven’t seen the third movie but I liked the first two and can’t wait for the true sequel.

        REC 3 was supposed to show where the virus came from. Did it? I know there’s a reference to the dog from the first somehow being at the wedding or something and that’s how he infected the rest of the building but otherwise, no clue.

        I saw 10 minutes of Quarantine and hated it. Think I saw the dog in an elevator part and thought “nope, don’t like it, stupid Hollywood changes”.

        • I thought the use of the supernatural a bit more original than the simple “virus” used in Quarantine (and it’s sequel). Rec3 did NOT explain the origin of anything. I have seen it referred to as both a parallel sequel AND a prequel, which cannot be. There is an uncle who was bit by a dog he thought was dead and he does start the plague at the wedding but all the reflections of the victims look like the old, deformed Madeiros girl in the first two. I was expecting some more story on how the demon had escaped (the whole point of the second movie as seen in this teaser) Rec3 is just an off-the-rails sequel that needs to be forgotten.

          • I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! The supernatural aspect is a fresh idea rather than use the same ole same ole reasons. Who would ever have thought a virus – or whatever it REALLY turns out to be – cld be responsible for this kind of thing? ORIGINAL for a change! I think REC3 was TOTALLY OUT TO LUNCH, I HATED IT! It didnt belong in this series AT ALL – in fact it took what was the first scary movie we\ve had in a REAALLY LONG TIME and made it into a joke. I sure hope they learned their lesson and can cont on for awhile with fresh stories. And BRING BACK the found footage, LEAVE IT THE WAY IT STARTED!

    • What do you mean they shouldn’t have added the paranormal aspect in REC2? It WAS part of REC, so how could they just leave it out when it started to explain what was really happening? If they left it out of 2, ppl would wonder why they brought it up in the first one to begin with… I know I would have.

  4. You’re all in trouble as for the fourth movie they just said it won’t be a found footage movie at all. Which is stupid cause that’s the style that made people to even watch it.

  5. As far as I am concerned this ‘series’ ended with the original [REC]. I want to believe Angela died (despite liking her A LOT) because it made a better film. Also, I liked to think that it was only mistaken for possession and it was a virus, thusly rendering any religious elements only assumed, and bot actually confirmed. Anyway, adored [REC] and would love to see more of Ms. Velasco in more cinema. Other than [REC] films, obviously

    • actually it is not just a virus,it is to do with religion as when the infected hear passages form the bible they all react differently and begin to stop and communicate

      • I also like the spin on the zombie franchise. Mixing the supernatural is an original idea. If you go back to the first REC it all started with the catholic church trying to find away to cure possesions. So in solving a problem they created one.

  6. Rec [3] was utter s****/Rec [2] and 1 were
    Good hope 4 is hand held cam

    • Me too, The 3rd one was less scary.

  7. U know what makes rec great. .. Doesn’t stick to formulas. .. rec 3 was ace.. I loved the change, stopped things getting stale…

    • I agree with Andy. the Rec series has to be one of the most thought provoking and original in the horror genre in the last twenty years. I thought Rec 3 was very interesting in it’s analysis of social structure in modern Spain and was a great contribution to the series as a whole. Cannot wait for the final part!

  8. Seriously though? F these found footage movies…this crap doesn’t scare me…it just gives me a massive headache. And I dunno what ya’ll are smoking…but REC 3 Genesis owns all of you bitches!!!! How could you not love a pissed off bride running around with a freakin’ chainsaw fighting off the infected zombies!! I mean how the hell is running around while holding a shakey ass camera scary? Not to mention during the whole movie you can’t even see wtf is even going on half the time. BORING!! So, basically horror fans these days care more about cheap watered down thrills instead of bad ass gore scenes?! END RANT. Lol

    • Thats exactly what it was, a pointless rant. A useless opinion from somebody who clearly doesnt know what a great horror movie is. That has seriously got to be the worst opinion i’ve ever read from somebody, on anything, ever. Do the world a favour and stop watching hjorror films, you’re better suited to romantic comedies or chick flicks.

    • Thats exactly what it was, a pointless rant. A useless opinion from somebody who clearly doesnt know what a great horror movie is. That has seriously got to be the worst opinion i’ve ever read from somebody, on anything, ever. Do the world a favour and stop watching horror films, you’re better suited to romantic comedies or chick flicks.

  9. Rec1 and rec2 are good rec are s*** and i think rec4 is good.

  10. Its looks great and all that but I don’t understand the language, so there’s really no point in even going to see it or rent it. Its a shame they could not make an English version.

    • I think the word you’re looking for is subtitles.

  11. Rec 4 wasn’t found footage either. The series died.