‘Real Steel’ Trailer Mixes Family Drama and Robot Action

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real steel theatrical trailer Real Steel Trailer Mixes Family Drama and Robot Action

Usually we’re pretty unified in regards to our respective tastes amongst the Screen Rant staff, but every now and then a film comes along that splits us right down the middle.

Director Shawn Levy’s (Night at the Museum) upcoming sci-fi/drama Real Steel has been one such divisive film: half of us feel believe the director’s promise that the movie is a mix of action and genuine heart, while the other half believe (as many causal movie goers do) that this is simply ‘Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots: The Movie.’ (Better get used to that joke, you’ll be hearing it A LOT as this film makes it way to theaters.

The Real Steel teaser trailer didn’t help matters much – it basically painted the story as being about a washed-up boxer (Hugh Jackman) who uses a robot fighter to take his last shot at glory. When you think about it like that, those’Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots’ jokes suddenly seem valid.

However, today we have the full Real Steel theatrical trailer, which finally offers a look at dimensions of the story that were altogether missing from the teaser: namely the relationship between Jackman’s character, Charlie Kenton, and his estranged son, Max (Dakota Goyo). As the trailer below reveals, it’s Max who actually dreams of creating a champion robot fighter, with Charlie using his fighting skills to help make his son’s nigh impossible dream come true, while also bridging the divide between them. When you take that human story into count, suddenly there’s more to this film than initially meets the eye.

Check out the Real Steel theatrical trailer below:

Switching topics (slightly): It’s long been a complaint amongst fans that Michael Bay’s Transformers movies have lacked the necessary heart needed to bolster all the robot mayhem and cheesy humor. If anything, Bay’s films have used the human protagonists as a way of cutting costs on CGI effects – a price tag that would be much higher if the Transformers films focused more on the robots than the humans.

That said, Real Steel faces a danger of its own: that the father/son drama at its core will be uninteresting or flat, punctuated by brief respites of robot action. On the other hand, similar to early impressions of J.J. Abrams’ upcoming sci-fi/drama film Super 8, Levy may have a story on his hands that is genuinely engaging, fun, and even moving – in the same vein of classic Steven Spielberg sci-fi/dramas (see: ET).

One thing’s for sure at the moment: news that a sequel is already being developed certainly suggests that the studio believes that Levy has made a worthwhile film. I guess we’ll know for sure if the drama and action work cohesively when Real Steel is released in theaters on October 7, 2011.

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  1. It’s a lot better than the first trailer, I’ll give it that.

  2. looks pretty good

  3. Well, it actually looks kind of interesting. It makes me feel more positive towards something that sounded really dumb when I first heard about it.

    That Parkway Motel shown in the trailer is on my way to and from work every day. When they were making they movie they put that cool looking retro sign on the top of the dingy little motel and it was an upgrade! But then they took it down when they were done. What? There gonna use it on a different Parkway Motel? At least it would’ve kinda made up for the traffic for those couple of mornings.

    Anyway, I really like Jackman and the trailer was kind of Rocky-Transformers-The Champ, so now I’m thinking it might be worth a look.

    • Krebstar is a dork. It should be “THEY’RE”. I hate that. Phonetic, stream-of-consciousness rambling is hard to overcome.

      • Do what?……………

  4. I’m only seeing it for Evangeline Lilly and the concept.

    • Yeah, that too.

      You guys in Tinsletown or the Big Apple might be used to this stuff, but sitting in a traffic jam in the middle of Groveland, Michigan because a movie is being made is annoying, but learning that Evangeline Lilly is in it and not catching a peek while sitting there? That is pure, unadulterated evil.

  5. Elements of this look soooo much like Battle Angel Alita! James Cameron has had the rights for that for far too long without doing anything with it. Now this has stolen it’s thunder.

    • Well it’s based on the short story “Steel” written by Richard Matheson in 1956. It was then adapted for an episode of the original Twilight Zone titled starring Lee Marvin in 1963.

      • Thanks for the info. I’m actually a big fan of Battle Angel Alita and am just worried that when/if it eventually comes out people won’t find it fresh or original.

        Having said that, this looks like it could be some fun, a bit cheesy, but may be surprisingly enjoyable.

  6. After Lost began, I thought Evangeline Lilly had a promising career ahead of her but she has barely done anything in the last seven years.
    I hope she does more mainstream films from now on. She is an underrated actress and should have joined the A-list years ago.

    • You mean other than LOST, right? Most actors do very little else when working on a TV show because of the shooting requirements and maybe taking other roles during season breaks. LOST has only been off the air for a little less than a year which means she was ready for something new 18 months ago and this has been in development for a while so her total downtime was what, 6 WHOLE months? Please.

      You also ever think that maybe she is acting as much as she wants to?

      • Actually she said she was done with acting during the last season of Lost. I guess she changed her mind. But I agree that just because an actor takes a break doesnt mean they are not offered work.

  7. A million sci fi bbooks out there and they make a movie about a toy.

    • It’s actually not a movie about a TOY, but a movie based on a the short story “Steel” by Richard Matheson.

      Richard Matheson (author of I Am Legend) wrote a short story in 1956 titled ‘Steel’ based in dystopian America involving robots taking over the sport of boxing. This short story was adapted into a famous Twilight Zone episode in 1963 called ‘Steel.’ Mattel adapted the short story into a two-player action game Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Dreamworks Pictures wrote a screenplay based on the original short story between 2003-2005 and took it with them when they split from Paramount in 2008. The film comes out October 7, 2011. So yeah…it is loosely related to the game, but only by the source short story. ;D

  8. This has the recipe of soooo many other movies. this is so uncreative. I’m not saying it will be bad, i will probably watch it sometime and it will be entertaining. But i don’t think this will be a movie to remember.

  9. Looks really good

  10. This looks really good. And my girl from LOST, Evanglene Lilly, is in this to my suprise. Unless another trailer comes out that changes my mind I will see this in theaters.

  11. I hear there is a new law that every movie-trailer must begin with a “boom”/”thump”…

  12. “If anything, Bay’s films have used the human protagonists as a way of cutting costs on CGI effects – a price tag that would be much higher if the Transformers films focused more on the robots than the humans.”

    Then perhaps Bay shouldn’t have made the Transformers look like they had 4 billion parts and stuck with an updated version of the original design. Or adding lips to an iconic character for no reason than the fact that he thinks a robot needs lips to talk. That is the type of things they waste money on then blame the high cost on the movie or subject matter. I call BS on that, Bay knew he couldn’t sleep with an Autobot so that is why the humans have a bigger role.

  13. this trailer seems to add a little bit of needed depth so this movie looks pretty cool

  14. That kid ruined the trailer, he sucked.

  15. Interesting and finally something new.. but we’ll see how it turns out.

  16. This looks like a kid’s movie. It’s “Timmy And Lassie”, but Lassie is a robot. This should’ve been a Vince Vaughn or Jack Black movie, not Hugh Jackman. I’ll pass.