Billionaire Wants to Construct Real Life Jurassic Park With Real Dinosaurs [Updated]

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Remember Dolly the sheep? Dolly was born in 1996 and represented a huge leap in scientific research as the first mammal successfully cloned from adult mammary cells. What if Dolly were a 40 foot long Tyrannosaurus rex? Universal Pictures, we have your script for the Jurassic Park reboot.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer wants to do more than rebuild the Titanic (he’s actually doing that), he wants to convert his own Palmer Resort into a real-life Jurassic Park, and to do it, he’s begun chatting with the creators of Dolly, biologist Keith Campbell and embryologist Ian Wilmut.

While Rise of the Planet of the Apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver work away on the screenplay for Jurassic Park 4, a movie that producer Frank Marshall says is coming in 2014, Mr. Palmer wants to bring that idea to life, literally. While Palmer hasn’t directly shared his ideas with the public, a proven source close to him relayed the info to Sunshine Coast Daily, claiming that they want to use dino DNA and cloning to bring the prehistoric creatures to life. According to a spokesperson for Palmer, he’s planning to hold a press conference on Friday and that’s something I’m going to be watching to see if this is truly his plan.

Rumor has it that he’s targeting a wealthy middle-eastern demographic and would fly in employees for their shifts. The source also says he’s very “serious” about it all, which puts a smile on my face, if not for the comedic value of this situation.

  • Good idea: Spending millions on research and technology investment.
  • Bad idea: Thinking you can create and control dinosaurs (also known as “monsters” according to our own Anthony Ocasio).

As Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park said it best: “life finds a way” and there’s zero chance such a park could avoid some major, major issues. For now, let’s look forward to 2016 when the Titanic II sets sail. I hear it’s unsinkable.

This also ended well:

What will Steven Spielberg think of this? Practical effects, right? Real dinosaurs are better than CG ones.

[Update: Palmer denied the claims a on August 1st, staying “It’s just a beat-up of a story and untrue. There was never any verification, the journalist never spoke to me.”

The editor of The Sunshine Coast Daily replied with the following: “Mr Palmer has changed his tune several times on this project and the people of the Sunshine Coast wait with bated breath to see what the real plans are.

“We’ve heard of everything from monorails to highrises to cloned dinosaurs. The rumour mill has gone into overdrive and a lot of those rumours are coming from Clive’s camp.”]



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Sources: Sunshine Coast Daily, BBC

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  1. Taking the Titanic II to Jurassic Park. I love the 21st century!!!

    Seriously, though, where will he get workable dino DNA? I read once that blood cells, from those mosquitoes trapped in amber, don’t have nuclei, and that’s where the DNA comes from.

    • I think I read they can use bird DNA and play with that to “turn back the clock” so to speak.

      • Yes, that’s option #2……tamper with current bird DNA until you find the right “on” and “off” switches (genes) to recreate the dinosaur you want.

    • By breaking apart the bones of dinosaurs (which wasn’t done often, because of their rarity and value) it was discovered that tissue matter from inside could be harness and studied. Still I don’t know if they can develop a clone from this segments of DNA. Plus there is also the issue of what surrogate species could breed such a clone, perhaps crocodiles or ostriches.

  2. Speaking of the Titanic II…somewhere out there, there’s an Iceberg II…

    • lol

    • @DougK Thanks, that made me laugh!!!! And you know, you could be right, look at the big glacier that just broke off a couple of weeks ago!!

      • How much of a replica will it be? Surely he will at least update the navigation technology, lol.

  3. I think the Titanic II is safe because all our icebergs are being taken out by global warming

    • “Climate Change” is the scientifically acceptable phrase nowadays.

      • I think the melting actually leads to an increasing number of ice bergs being created though, in the short term. Just food for thought before you book that ticket…

  4. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have brains.

    • but the CAN buy the best brains with all that money ;)

    • what’s really sad about that is, instead of giving a billion dollars to say, help cure cancer, they are going to find a bunch of crack pot intellectuals willing to take his money to try the near impossible for no good reason other than entertainment.

      • We already have more than enough human beings on this planet. Way more. If we cure cancer there will be even more people swamping Earth, which will make all our problems worse (resources etc.) and cause a lot of pain, suffering and death in the long run. We are out of dinosaurs, though. ;)

        • PCBD. Population Control By Dinosaur. We know what you’re up to Clive! lol

        • Patrick, I hope that you or anyone you love never has to fight cancer. What an insensitive thing to say.

          • Actually, I lost a good friend to cancer and my grandma conquered it twice. I guess the tongue-in-cheek point I was trying to make was: who are we to get high and mighty about how he spends his money? After all, we are commenting on a site that is all about companies that spend billions of dollars every year to produce entertainment, so that the producers and actors can make money for their fancy villas cars or yachts. If that isn’t acceptable for you get started by spending your movie ticket money to cancer research if using the money for other things is so bad. But I’m pretty sure you won’t do that. ;)

            • High and mighty? It’s called being purely selfish vs being selfless.

              Yes he can do whatever he wants with his money there is a point where you have to weight frivolity against more altruistic endeavors.

              And comparing the average person with a small disposable income against someone who can quite literally burn it and not blink is hardly fair. If I could afford to contribute I would but the fact is, I can’t and still afford to exist. Now if this billionaire can claim the same problem then your argument holds water but we both know it doesn’t.

              Just so you know……it’s sites like this that help me determine with select movies I will and won’t be seeing to spend my limited entertainment budget on.

              • My main point wasn’t your money but that movie companies spend billions of dollars on entertaining you instead of putting it into cancer research, which you don’t seem to find objectional. Being okay with the one and not being okay with the other is mere hypocrisy.

                • *objectionable

                • One is done because it’s primarily a BUSINESS. Pure research is notorious for not having a financial return which is why it needs people willing to give with no expectation of any financial return (March of Dimes, MDA Labor Day Telethon, etc).

                  And please lets not get caught up in the minutia. Yes, there are drug companies that make millions on drug patents, etc. If a cure for cancer also happened, the inventor would also become instantly rich beyond belief but that is not what I’m talking about here which is investment without return.

                  It’s apples and oranges and I would hope you understand the difference.

              • The top earners do pay almost all of the income taxes in this country, so I don’t have any problem with billionaires doing something like this. He is under no obligation because he makes so much money. Most do give to charities, and that is great. This may also benefit us some other way. What if a cure to cancer is discovered by studying dino genes?

        • …guess you dont have cancer…

          • Even if I had it, I wouldn’t demand billionaires putting their money into cancer research if they don’t want to.

            • Demand? Where did I demand anything? All I said was, it was a frivolous waste when there are so many better ways to spend that money.

  5. They don’t need brains when money can buy people.

  6. It didn’t work in the films, so how will it work in real life? But if it does, then yes, I want to see a real life T-Rex. I just don’t want to run for my life..

    • Borrow from Zombieland……

      #1 rule – cardio
      #2 rule – never go anywhere alone
      #3 rule – always wear your best pair of running shoes.

      follow those three rules and you will be pretty safe :)

    • From the above link’s article…”The Roslin Institute, which stunned the world when it created the world’s first cloned mammal with Dolly, says resurrecting dinosaurs would be difficult because a suitable surrogate to carry a baby dinosaur would be hard to find.”

      Umm, I thought dinos were hatched from eggs? Even if you needed something large enough to carry the eggs, ostriches would probably work since they lay large eggs.

  7. Oh, no and I bet they’ll say “Well we’ve cloned only all females” Not figuring in on how some reptile species can reproduce a-sexually, especially females.

  8. Not like it would ever happen in our lifetime.

  9. did I just read this ? “Billionaire Wants to Construct Real Life Jurassic Park With Real Dinosaurs”

  10. I don’t see issues if this ever became a reality. In the movies the dinosaurs were suppose be a new type of monster. Therefore they were given unnatural attributes and human traits. If the cloning of dinosaurs is achieved, than the creatures would ultimately be just animals. Although big, they would still act like any type of beast,like tigers, wolves, elephants, or rhinos which can be confined in artificial habitats successfully.

    • But the point is, no one has any idea how they would behave or what their intelligence levels would be. I’m not saying they could open doors but some were smarter than others.

      • Intelligence levels can be estimated by skull size and shape of cavity. Therefore now days there is a good understanding of behavior based on their characteristics. So depending of which species it is, it can be assumed if they are migratory or not, sight hunters or scent hunters, and many other details like if they were ambush predators or pack hunters.

    • Uhhhh … how about confining a tiger that is 18 feet tall?

      • Obviously the real issue is the introduction of new ecological species into our ecosystems, once they inevitably circumvent their means of containment and migrate. As Malcolm explains, and as we know from history, such introductions to chaotic systems can yield drastically unpredictable results.

        Don’t worry about Bird Flu. Get ready for the T-Rex Virus.

        • Why would a virus transfer across 200 million years in spliced chimera DNA? And surely they could remove any trace of it before cloning. If anything it would be cruel to the dinosaurs as the common cold would likely be lethal.

          • No it is more about the dinosaurs contracting existent viruses, the virus mutating as it interacts with the dinosaurs immune system, and then being passed on.

            Like the Hendra Virus here in Australia, first documented cases in 1994, where a bat virus transferred through a horse to a human can be fatal, those who survive are severely decapacitated.

            Hence the ‘Bird-Flu’ reference. You have heard of that, have you not?

  11. If you got the money to build a ship that is indeed sinkable, and still have enough to build a park full of dinosaurs, which is almost certin to be a big mistake, why not just do something good like cure world hunger. never mind, because then he wouldnt be able to collect 10x the amount of money back. instead he would only gain global respect, and thats not worth crap. lol. And yes, I would be one who goes to see it, even if i had to rob a bank. lol. cause lets face it, dinosaurs are cool, and respect means nothing in the real world, atleast to adults it doesnt.

  12. as long as they dont have the island run by only 4 people durring a hurricane, they should be fine

  13. Except that he has categorically stated that this isn’t true. It’s a nice story but the science doesn’t back it up nor does the man involved.

  14. How, in any way at all, is this possibly a good idea?

  15. Where would they get the DNA from exactly?

    In the film it was fossilized amber and a mosquito full of blood, one, the chances of finding something like that are astronomical. But the main issue is the case of fossilization, the blood, the insect, the tree sap have become a mineral formation. You can’t get DNA from a rock, no matter what organic material it used to be hundreds of millions of years ago. It’s like trying to DNA test a diamond.

    • Now Sam, don’t go raining on everyone’s parade with facts and such! :-)

      • Sorry. Won’t do it again :)

  16. saying this is a bad idea because of something you saw in a movie is like saying cruise ships are a bad idea because of what happened to the Titanic. Bad stuff happeneds. Planes crash, sharks attack people, and drinking causes liver disease. But thats not gonna stop anybody from flying to Florida, swim at the beach, or go to the bar with some friends. The movie took some unrealistic risks to make sure a conflict happened. In a real world situation this would be no different than a regular zoo, only bigger cages. The scientific reasons alone are enough to make any scientist jump on the chance to work on this project. So lets learn from Jurassic Park so the dinosaurs dont get out.

    1. tracking devises on all animals
    2. a security system not run by a single guy. With cameras, guards, and back up generators.
    3. don’t mix with frog DNA (idk how mixing repitle and amphibian works anyway)
    4. Use concrete walls instead of wires
    5. Dont evacuate the island when a huricane comes, esspecially when there are still tourists on the island

    if it were possible, it should be done, but probably as a scientific research facility and not an amusement park

    • To be done safely it must be completely quarantined from the outside world. Forever. No transfer of even bacteria. And in the event of a breach, the self destruct should be instantly triggered regardless of human casualty.

      Anything less is completely irresponsible.

  17. In my opinion, if it’s possible to make a real Jurassic Park, people should do it.

    You don’t have to make big, dangerous dinosaurs, you know.

    I would, however, require a Tyrannosaur be made. And securing it wouldn’t be that hard. All you need is an enclosure wall capable of handling any possible stress the animal could apply to it, and a moat surrounding the enclosure deep enough to disable it but not drown it just in case. Also, this moat would have to have vertical walls instead of a gradual slope.

    As far as the Titanic, the History Channel has recently conducted an investigation into the Titanic and concluded that it was actually an extremely safe vessel.

    It also just so happens that if you were on a sinking ship in deep water with adequate lifeboats, the Titanic is PRECISELY the ship you WANT to be on!


    Because the Titanic is the only passenger ship that has sunk since 1900 that didn’t list over to the side. The f****** Titanic stood upright for a long time. If the Costa Concordia had been in deep water, there would have been serious problems due to this phenomena.

    Also, its hull was extremely heavy duty. A small section of it weights over 300 pounds. There was a theory that the rivets were defective. They tested them. Turns out the rivets were stronger in tandem than this f****** tank-like hull! They concluded that the hull broke due to, quite simply, sheer over-whelming force. Nothing would have withstood what that ship went through.

    By the way, you all need to read Michael Crichton’s book Jurassic Park. It’s much better than the movie. It’s much cooler, much more scientific, and much more violent. He actually shows you actual lines of code representing the “data” of the genetic code, and also includes this thing where the amber mosquitoes weren’t enough so they were grinding up dinosaur bones to try to extract further DNA. Even this wasn’t enough, so they had to splice in genetic code from compatible contemporary animals (they say our genetics are what, 2% different from apes, right?), which is where that f***-up involving the hermaphroditic frogs comes in.

    Also, that spitting dinosaur in the movie blinds Nedry, then thrashes him inside the car without you being able to see anything. In the book, it blinds him, disembowels him, tears him up, and then crushes his head between its jaws. Oh, and it’s 12-14 feet tall instead of 4.

    There’s also grenade launchers! :D

    • Books are always better… I saw the film first and was disappointed when I read the scene with the packs of little ‘scampy’s’ taking out that one guy. So I was happy to see them shown in the second film after that.

      Also, the books portrayed a lot more of the Dino’s escaping their original island, even attacking infants in their cribs if I remember correctly. Definitely more violent.

  18. Oh by the way!!! The sequel, The Lost World, is the BEST DAMN SEQUEL EVER WRITTEN!!!!

    Don’t read them out of order though!

    • Agreed, well maybe not “ever” though.

      ‘Prey’ was a good Crichton read that I would love to see as a film, and also ‘Next’, that was great.

      • I thought Next was one of the worst books I have ever read. I burned my copy afterwards, no joke. Ghosts came out like the Ark of the Covenant.

        Prey on the other hand, was excellent.

          • correction – certain things ‘for certain people’.

    • The book was certainly a million times better than the dreary film. If it had followed the book, it would have just been epic, only the trailer scene with the baby T-Rex made it through.

  19. I don’t think anybody’s going to be laughing when poor Habib ibn OilBillionair gets chomped by a T-Rex

  20. Why would he do that? Hasn’t he seen the movie?!!!

    Haha, this project will probably end up a failure and a huge waste of money though.

  21. Funny story for when Hollywood plans to reboot the franchise,lol. Say the guy makes his dream come true, will only rich people be able to afford to visit or everyone from middle-class? Plus he should take notes from the first film & novel just incase so the Dinos don’t eat the tourists.

  22. I have a feeling Universal is behind this, and it isn’t real.

  23. Dinosaurs really?? BAD BAD IDEA… not that i think it will work, but if it did.. Did they learn anything from the movies??Can not be controlled…. but well.. that will be the end of the world.. Apcolpyse by dinosaur. LOL :)

  24. This is absolutely bonkers-crazy…
    But I like it!! ;)

    Still, there’s better things that that money could and should be used for. Chances are this’ll bomb big time and then all that money that could have been used to cure diseases, feed the homeless and sick, build hospitals and schools, etc. hell, just HELP the world in general would be wasted…

  25. Wow! That is so awesome. This is one of the best ideas ever. This will create worldwide interest and intrigue. Millions of people will be chomping at the bit to get a glimpse of the creatures…from the comfort and safety of their homes. I, for one, would be the guy watching the YouTube video of the guy being eaten by a T-Rex because he tried to feed it a french fry. This is a show to catch by video only. Pass the popcorn folks!

  26. Next on Clive Parmers list of things to do.

    Create Skynet.

  27. Wow, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. I always wondered if someone would have the guts to do something like this. The world’s curious and it’s time to find out. BTW, it was Michael Crichton who wrote the book and it was MUCH better than the movies. And I loved the movies.