The Real ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Have Aliens Already Invaded?

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Battle LA Poster crop The Real Battle: Los Angeles Have Aliens Already Invaded?

While Battle: Los Angeles, the film, opens on March 11th - today marks the 69th anniversary of the “real” Battle of Los Angeles, also known as “The Great Los Angeles Air Raid,” when late-night February 24th/early morning February 25th, 1942 several unidentified objects were sighted hovering over the Los Angeles coastline. The upcoming film is, of course, fictional – but the story was, in part, inspired by the following actual events that took place almost 70 years ago.

In the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, and less than three months into the United States’ entry into WWII, people were understandably shaken, and naturally assumed that they were, once again, under threat of enemy fire.

In fact, the Japanese had returned to our shores the day before with a truncated submarine attack off the coast of Santa Barbara. The physical damage was minimal, but the psychological, severe. It inspired an invasion scare that would inform the events of the next night, and influence the decision to intern Japanese citizens of the United States during the war.

It was just past 2AM in the morning when the sightings began and authorities took swift and decisive action as soon as repeated reports of the unusual activity rolled in from the uneasy citizenry.

Air raid sirens were sounded, and a total blackout was ordered. At 3:16 am, the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing 12.8-pound antiaircraft shells at the objects – more than 1,400 shells were fired over the next 58 minutes as the objects moved south, from Santa Monica to Long Beach.

According to UFO expert Bill Birnes:

Not one artillery shell could hit the craft – out of all the hundreds of shells that were fired.  People outside that night swore that it was neither a plane nor a balloon – it was a UFO.  It floated, it glided.  And to this day, nobody can explain what that craft was, why our anti-aircraft guns couldn’t hit it – it’s a mystery that’s never been resolved.

Take a look at the newspaper clippings following that night below:

Battle la newsclippings The Real Battle: Los Angeles Have Aliens Already Invaded?

Close in on one of the “objects” sighted:

negative battle los angeles 570x460 The Real Battle: Los Angeles Have Aliens Already Invaded?

The next day began a series of fits and starts in terms an official explanation for the episode.

Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, dismissed the event as a “false alarm” due to “jittery nerves,” but when this failed to satisfy the press and the public, the Army responded with a definitive answer that the craft and the battle were real, and the next day, Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson confirmed that.  Santa Monica’s US Representative, Leland Ford, was quoted in the Times on February 27 calling for a Congressional investigation into the incident, but this went nowhere.  In the years since, various explanations have been offered – from Japanese planes to German craft launched from secret bases in Mexico to unidentified aircraft to weather balloons to sky lanterns to blimps.

In the years to come it would become clear that there is no definitive answer to the questions that were raised that night.

Descriptions of the UFOs (sighted) varied widely.  General George C. Marshall, in his initial memo to President Roosevelt regarding the event, wrote that the “unidentified airplanes… [traveled at speeds ranging from] ‘very slow’ to as much as 200 mph and from elevations of 9000 to 18,000 feet.” (The memo may be viewed at  The number of craft reported by observers ranged from 9 to 15 to 25.

As a part of the press day for Battle: Los Angeles Sony brought in a panel of  UFO experts, which included Mr. Birnes, to give evidence about what they claim have been repeated occurrences like the one on the night of February 25th, 1942. It is noteworthy that each of these alleged events took place during war time, and/or on and around a military base. While it is difficult to say if the claims are founded, these men certainly believe what they are saying. It becomes challenging, however, when someone has such a clear agenda prior to the onset of an investigation – it weakens the objectivity necessary for true discovery.

There was, however, some compelling testimony offered from two former Military officers who had personally experienced sightings and unexplained phenomena on the bases they were respectively assigned to. Colonel Charles I. Holt, was present for what he and others reported as a UFO sighting at the Bentwaters U.S./U.K. military base in England in 1980. A site which was, at the time, the largest Tactical Fighter Wing in the US Air Force. Two officers disappeared for over 45 minutes during the initial encounter, Holt himself saw what he described as a bright red/orange sphere with a black center “like an eye,” hovering over a neighboring farm the next night. His story is told in the book Left At Eastgate.

Take a look at Col. Holt giving his testimony in 2007:

Robert L. Salas was the Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander (DMCCC) on duty at the Minuteman Launch Control Facility at Malmstrom AFB, Montana during, what he refers to as, the “Minutemen Missile Shutdown” in 1967. An incident in which a topside NCO (non-commissioned officer) who had no control over the missiles, reported seeing an unidentified aircraft and a “bright light” in the sky. The officers report was immediately followed by an inexplicable, simultaneous shut-down of all the missiles present which effectively disarmed  that defense system. The man who reported the UFO was injured when went to investigate the craft (Salas does not recall the particulars of said injury) and flown off base; Salas and his commanding officer were never given a satisfactory explanation  for the event. He is the author of the book Faded Giant, which details his experience while stationed at Malmstrom AFB.

The particulars of these men’s experiences were enough to give one pause – however there was no one at the Battle: Los Angeles press event who was an eyewitness on that night in 1942.

When asked if he had done research on the historical Battle of Los Angeles in preparation for the film, Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman replied:

Yes, we saw as much footage as possible. You want to draw on the collective consciousness of images that everyone has seen, but the funny thing is, no one has ever heard of that (event) or seen it. Again it’s taking that and saying ‘listen, this was no different that Omaha beach.’ In other words, we take Omaha beach imagery and juxtapose it with Santa Monica; and what’s great is, is that there was a real event that you can extrapolate from. It’s just using stuff in our collective conscious, and juxtaposing that with this real event.

Battle: Los Angeles, the film, seeks to explore what the “real world” consequences of, and military response to, an actual alien-invasion on our shores would be. As a part of the marketing campaign for the film the team at Sony have released a series of videos that imagine what we may see on the news if such a phenomenon were to occur.

Take a look at the “US sightings” and response video below in which the world helplessly watches as the incursion unfolds:

As to the events of the real Battle of Los Angeles in 1942, we leave it to you to decide who was hovering in the skies that night.

Battle: Los Angeles opens in theaters on March 11th.

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  1. You Beat me to it Vic!
    I was just abouto mention that Superb Mythbusters epidode, ne of my favorite .
    And when they bounced that signal off the relector The astonauts left on the moon,
    Thats undeniable proof of something everybody should already know.

  2. Getting your info from mythbusters, is as reliable as getting your info from NASA,,,

    Problem I have with NASA, ah they lie all the time. There’s no doubt the footage was faked, the cameras wouldn’t work on the luner surface and Nixon didn’t want anything to upset the “live feed.” I’m sure by now, we have means to get to the moon, the military has triangle shaped flying ships that can traverse space.
    However I highly doubt they would ever let that out. I do recall reading that Japans latest probe had a hard time locating the remnants of the Nasa equipment left behind.
    Gary, certain bloodlines contain unique dna. Supposdely the greys are using those bloodlines for “various” reasons. Food being one. There’s been intel that when synthetic plasma was invented the overall number of abductions decreased. Supposedly synthetic plasma was primarily developed for just that reason.

    Our military works with the greys. The greys are a dying breed bent on trying to create new physical bodies to inhabit. At least that was part of the agenda I read about.
    Is it true or false? Tough to say,,, however theirs tons of whistle blowers that have come forward on their deathbed and some that were killed getting this info out.

    • There’s no arguing with you and therefore no POINT to arguing with you on this. Mythbusters broke down each supposed piece of “evidence” item by item by item yet the response is “there’s no doubt the footage was faked” instead of giving (fantasy) counter arguments to each of their points. Yeah, best to ignore actual evidence.

      The crucial point where these conspiracy theories that refuse to die fall apart is the assumption that thousands of people connected to [insert conspiracy theory item here] ALL remain silent and in agreement, especially on an event that took place over 40 years ago.

      I suppose there’s no actual space station in orbit and that the space shuttle isn’t really on its last mission.

      No doubt someday in the far future some people will be saying that gasoline powered vehicles never existed and that it’s a myth that anything could ever be powered by a black liquid that comes from the ground.


  3. 790, theMythbusters witnessed a signal coming back to Earth from The Moon.
    And you yourself said we left equpment on The Moon.

  4. First of all, Nasa is a false front western town. They’re nothing more then a disinformation organisation.
    Gary, the footage from the first mission to the moon was staged. Sure I believe we sent probes that deployed equipment, and I believe we have other ways to travel there now, but the original first mission was filmed on Earth.

    Not saying that we haven’t been there but the first moon mission was all staged.

    I’m aware of the Van Allen belt and its hazards but those I truly believe have been delt with.

    You know one problem they had to fix about humans in space is the magnetic field delemma. Once humans leave the field of Earth poles the brain is effected and can’t function. They had to create ships that would duplicate that field.

    The triangle ufos that people see all over the world are ours.

  5. Gary, another aspect of the value of specific dna, can be seen as our medical establishment wants to obtain everyones dna and place it into a national database.

    They will of course use the excuse that its to help people or its for national security. More bs.

    Everythings connected. (Imo)

    • Thanks 790 for your support.,…yet I am labeled the Nutjob. You try and share information that has been researched….. and even the truth about Tesla, which anyone can find if they dig a little. I really thought more of this forum. I honestly did.

  6. Tv is a powerfull tool. It can make people believe in things.

    How many people saw Dick Clark in Times Square last new years?

    It was filmed 2 weeks earlier in a sound stage near Burbank Airport.

  7. Why is it no one ever comes up with anything but space aliens?

    I think it’s more likely they are time travelers. The greys are us somewhere in the polluted distant future. They abduct isolated people as to not mess up the timeline too drastically and they conduct experiments because they need to solve some medical problem in the future that is wiping them out.

    Or they could be from a parallel dimension. Or a local planet or moon that is no longer inhabitable. Lots of options other than traveling the impossible distances between stars.

  8. Or they could be space nazis!

  9. Tesla DID invent the technology for wifi and free energy back in the 20′s.

    His technology would have changed the world, and the bankers didn’t want that.
    Vic, do you think if a cure for Cancer was discovered it would be used and cancer would be a thing of the past?

    Where’s the money in that? Tesla’s technology was free, he developed a way to use frequencies to do this. It wasn’t profitable and it along with the engine that runs on water were surpressed.

    Greed and profit, are the reasons.
    If anyone doubts this I can provide links.

  10. Wow! I’m reading a lot of meaness here over CONTRAVERSIES! Come on guys! You believe we didn’t go to the moon? Ok, I do, so what? You believe Nicolas Tesla was murdered? So what, I believe the 87 year old certifiably insane gentleman died of natural causes. What does it matter? Can we get back to talking about the movie, please?

  11. Tesla was struck by a car and later died from his injuries.

  12. Don’t let it bug ya Tim, I get this all the time.
    I have to say, its going to get real here very soon for those that don’t pay attention.

  13. What do you meanh 790?

  14. Dollar crash, Gary.
    Nwo,,, becoming a reality.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    • 790,

      On THAT point I don’t entirely disagree. But right now I think gold has climbed WAY to high to get into it.


  15. Dont worry, you are.
    And I mean that in a reassuring way.

  16. As far as the movie goes ,
    I think that I will see it .
    It looks like the aliens have a very organized plan.
    It will be interesting to see something like this from the perspective of the soldiers on the ground
    I also like the idea that the media is covering this like any other story, and then they discover how dangerous it is.
    Looks like an entertaining film.

  17. Our “federal”-reserve-note isn’t backed by gold…
    Gary what reassures you?

  18. My own personal belief that things will get better for both the U.S and the world , even thoughit may take years to get there.
    IF I allowed myself to believe it was all over,
    I just couldnt function from day to day.
    Hey at least the movies are getting better .
    Next week, we are out of Feburary,
    and we can start seeing the good stuff.
    Oscar nominees notwhitstanding .
    There were some good picks this year.
    Following Battle L.A.,
    We have The Lincoln lawyer.
    I am looking forward to that one .
    So, as long as there are still the occasional good movie coming out of hollywwod, there is still HOPE!

  19. Gary I can’t live in denial,,,

  20. This movie looks totally awesome! Can’t wait to see it!

  21. No, they didn’t do any research for the film, because it is just another anti-extraterrestrial propaganda movie! I would know, because my book is in the library and on Amazon and they haven’t read it! Why all of a sudden are there three movies about this event, and none of them have anything to do with anything?

    • “anti-extraterrestrial propaganda movie”?

      Uh… OK.


  22. @Terrenz Sword, (personally, in my opinion) I believe the powers that be are prepping the population to accept an alien invasion.

    This invasion will be staged (fake).

  23. Sure Vic, look at all the alien invasion flims coming out these days. Not to mention all the material on tv. “V” ,Torchwood, The Event. Its all based on an evil slant of alien invasion.
    In a way it is propaganda, what a perfect way to unite the world under a fake alien invasion. They have the technology and control of the media at their disposal.

    After millions of people see films like this, they will be conditioned to the idea. Like the core point of the film, Inception.

    Once you place an idea in somebodies head, it becomes very powerfull. Even at a subconcious level. Remember the studios work in lock step with tptb.
    Strange days are comming. :)

    • I find it interesting to hear the idea that portraying alien invaders as bad guys bothers you. Seems… out of place.


  24. I’m not sure if your talking to me Vic, but I’ll respond to your last comment as if you were.
    (Imo) Alien lifeforms already control this world. Call them satanic, reptilion, whatever. They have made deals/infiltrated and work with the highest levels of worldwide governmnents.

    Do I trust those beings, No.
    Unfortunitly we as a population are controlled by them. Meaning that if a “real” peacefull alien race came here (earth) it would be attacked and used to stir up fear within the population.

    As long as the military industrial complex (mic) comtrols the media that’s the deal your gonna get. The worldwide elites that run the countries will stop at nothing to protect what they got going on.

    Being a Christain Vic I would think you can gleem some relavance to this. If the “good aliens”, ever come back they will be treated as hostile. I think you know what I mean. Our entire culture is luciferian at this point. Or for lack of a different term, antichrist.

  25. Pardon my misspellings. :)

  26. I was just watching The History ChannelAnd they said that next week
    New footage of Battle:Los Angeles will be shown during the next new episode of Ancient Aliens.
    For some reason, that struck me as funny.
    If there was some sort of attack in the L.A. area in 1942,
    It was probably The Germans or The Japanese.
    That would certainly explain the secrecy.
    I dont really know what happened.
    But just because Something is unexplained and POSSIBLE aircraft is unidentified doesnt mean Extraterrestrials are involved.
    As for the portrayal of Aliens on film,
    It makes sense to me the portrayals are somewhat negative.
    Peace Loving Alens would make for short and boring films.
    I laugh that ieven wrote that
    “Potrayals of Aliens are somewhat negative.”
    They are MOVIES and thus not meant to be taken seriously.

  27. Gary there was ET and Close Encounters. Both had a positive alien vibe.

    Here’s another link that discusses the original BLA sighting.

  28. You have a point 790.
    Let me put it like this,
    It takes an exceptional filmmaker to produce epic family films about
    positive Alien encounters .
    And both those films you mentioned were directed by a truly exceptional storyteller.
    Thanks for the link.

  29. Ironically Gary, that truly exceptional storyteller went on record back then stating that he wouldn’t be interested in making a film about aliens invading earth.

    He’s currently in production on an alien invasion tv series and of course War of the Worlds came out a few years ago.

    Remember those aliens were hiding underground. :)

    My point,,,, Speilberg knows what’s going on behind the scenes of “reality”. It became clear especally after the film Munich that he’s privy to world secrets.