The Real ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Have Aliens Already Invaded?

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Battle LA Poster crop The Real Battle: Los Angeles Have Aliens Already Invaded?

While Battle: Los Angeles, the film, opens on March 11th - today marks the 69th anniversary of the “real” Battle of Los Angeles, also known as “The Great Los Angeles Air Raid,” when late-night February 24th/early morning February 25th, 1942 several unidentified objects were sighted hovering over the Los Angeles coastline. The upcoming film is, of course, fictional – but the story was, in part, inspired by the following actual events that took place almost 70 years ago.

In the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, and less than three months into the United States’ entry into WWII, people were understandably shaken, and naturally assumed that they were, once again, under threat of enemy fire.

In fact, the Japanese had returned to our shores the day before with a truncated submarine attack off the coast of Santa Barbara. The physical damage was minimal, but the psychological, severe. It inspired an invasion scare that would inform the events of the next night, and influence the decision to intern Japanese citizens of the United States during the war.

It was just past 2AM in the morning when the sightings began and authorities took swift and decisive action as soon as repeated reports of the unusual activity rolled in from the uneasy citizenry.

Air raid sirens were sounded, and a total blackout was ordered. At 3:16 am, the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing 12.8-pound antiaircraft shells at the objects – more than 1,400 shells were fired over the next 58 minutes as the objects moved south, from Santa Monica to Long Beach.

According to UFO expert Bill Birnes:

Not one artillery shell could hit the craft – out of all the hundreds of shells that were fired.  People outside that night swore that it was neither a plane nor a balloon – it was a UFO.  It floated, it glided.  And to this day, nobody can explain what that craft was, why our anti-aircraft guns couldn’t hit it – it’s a mystery that’s never been resolved.

Take a look at the newspaper clippings following that night below:

Battle la newsclippings The Real Battle: Los Angeles Have Aliens Already Invaded?

Close in on one of the “objects” sighted:

negative battle los angeles 570x460 The Real Battle: Los Angeles Have Aliens Already Invaded?

The next day began a series of fits and starts in terms an official explanation for the episode.

Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, dismissed the event as a “false alarm” due to “jittery nerves,” but when this failed to satisfy the press and the public, the Army responded with a definitive answer that the craft and the battle were real, and the next day, Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson confirmed that.  Santa Monica’s US Representative, Leland Ford, was quoted in the Times on February 27 calling for a Congressional investigation into the incident, but this went nowhere.  In the years since, various explanations have been offered – from Japanese planes to German craft launched from secret bases in Mexico to unidentified aircraft to weather balloons to sky lanterns to blimps.

In the years to come it would become clear that there is no definitive answer to the questions that were raised that night.

Descriptions of the UFOs (sighted) varied widely.  General George C. Marshall, in his initial memo to President Roosevelt regarding the event, wrote that the “unidentified airplanes… [traveled at speeds ranging from] ‘very slow’ to as much as 200 mph and from elevations of 9000 to 18,000 feet.” (The memo may be viewed at  The number of craft reported by observers ranged from 9 to 15 to 25.

As a part of the press day for Battle: Los Angeles Sony brought in a panel of  UFO experts, which included Mr. Birnes, to give evidence about what they claim have been repeated occurrences like the one on the night of February 25th, 1942. It is noteworthy that each of these alleged events took place during war time, and/or on and around a military base. While it is difficult to say if the claims are founded, these men certainly believe what they are saying. It becomes challenging, however, when someone has such a clear agenda prior to the onset of an investigation – it weakens the objectivity necessary for true discovery.

There was, however, some compelling testimony offered from two former Military officers who had personally experienced sightings and unexplained phenomena on the bases they were respectively assigned to. Colonel Charles I. Holt, was present for what he and others reported as a UFO sighting at the Bentwaters U.S./U.K. military base in England in 1980. A site which was, at the time, the largest Tactical Fighter Wing in the US Air Force. Two officers disappeared for over 45 minutes during the initial encounter, Holt himself saw what he described as a bright red/orange sphere with a black center “like an eye,” hovering over a neighboring farm the next night. His story is told in the book Left At Eastgate.

Take a look at Col. Holt giving his testimony in 2007:

Robert L. Salas was the Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander (DMCCC) on duty at the Minuteman Launch Control Facility at Malmstrom AFB, Montana during, what he refers to as, the “Minutemen Missile Shutdown” in 1967. An incident in which a topside NCO (non-commissioned officer) who had no control over the missiles, reported seeing an unidentified aircraft and a “bright light” in the sky. The officers report was immediately followed by an inexplicable, simultaneous shut-down of all the missiles present which effectively disarmed  that defense system. The man who reported the UFO was injured when went to investigate the craft (Salas does not recall the particulars of said injury) and flown off base; Salas and his commanding officer were never given a satisfactory explanation  for the event. He is the author of the book Faded Giant, which details his experience while stationed at Malmstrom AFB.

The particulars of these men’s experiences were enough to give one pause – however there was no one at the Battle: Los Angeles press event who was an eyewitness on that night in 1942.

When asked if he had done research on the historical Battle of Los Angeles in preparation for the film, Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman replied:

Yes, we saw as much footage as possible. You want to draw on the collective consciousness of images that everyone has seen, but the funny thing is, no one has ever heard of that (event) or seen it. Again it’s taking that and saying ‘listen, this was no different that Omaha beach.’ In other words, we take Omaha beach imagery and juxtapose it with Santa Monica; and what’s great is, is that there was a real event that you can extrapolate from. It’s just using stuff in our collective conscious, and juxtaposing that with this real event.

Battle: Los Angeles, the film, seeks to explore what the “real world” consequences of, and military response to, an actual alien-invasion on our shores would be. As a part of the marketing campaign for the film the team at Sony have released a series of videos that imagine what we may see on the news if such a phenomenon were to occur.

Take a look at the “US sightings” and response video below in which the world helplessly watches as the incursion unfolds:

As to the events of the real Battle of Los Angeles in 1942, we leave it to you to decide who was hovering in the skies that night.

Battle: Los Angeles opens in theaters on March 11th.

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  1. not a fan of the US government and i hope i never have to deal with them or anyone associated with them (like the CIA or FBI) ever in my life. i really feel sorry for those who believe their pissant government is actually fighting for the ‘good of mankind’ and actually cares for its people.

    • @jwalka – as opposed to say who – Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Germany? Thanks all the same but I’ll take my US government (flaws and all) over any of those other regimes any day of the week.

      Oh let’s not forget – China, North Korea, Cuba, Mexico, Pakistan, France, Greece. Yeah I think I’ll stay right here in the good ol’ US of A!

      • Here here, And My father is a retired Fed, some people should really come out of their basements a little more often, or at least change their foil hats, I think its seriously effecting their brains.
        I love conspiracy nuts, lol.
        OH and By the way this was a great article. really enjoyed reading it lots of good stuff here.

      • right on man, its refreshing to see a pro American stance for once.
        what most of these hate mongers who voice their disdain for the US seem to forget is that its their government that gives them the freedom to voice those opinions in the first place.
        not saying were prefect by any stretch,
        just saying I’m very happy, and blessed to be here.

        anyhow, on to the movie.

        I really enjoyed this article, i caught the TV spot for this early this morning on TV, and was instantly interested in the movie even more. I wonder how many other films out there are biased on some real event that would shock us?

        • Thats one of the down side of having a free society, everyone has the right to speak their minds be they pro American or not. Its when people don’t stand up for America that I worry about the state of the nation. I refuse to go to any country that is not a stable and democratic based government. You will never catch me in Mexico, or South America, let alone China.

          • China actually has less invasive as well as more common sense airport searches than the US does.

            Don’t fall for the rhetoric tossed about when talking about certain countries. Go and see for yourself be fore you judge.

            • Santa – So because China doesn’t have as intrusive searches as the US that makes them a better country to live in? You’re kidding me right? How about the fact that ALL (that’s right) A-L-L media is controlled by the Chinese government and if you publicly oppose them they will put you in jail. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask last year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo what it’s like to live in China – he’s in jail for opposing the government BTW.

              Oh yeah, if something on the internet offends the Chinese government then they’ll just turn off access to Google FOR THE ENTIRE EFFIN’ COUNTRY! Tell me…which part of that was “rhetoric” in your eyes? Hmmm?

              • Thanks Paul, you saved me the time and effort jumping all over that one. I just scratch my head wondering how some people form their perspectives.

    • @jwalka
      It’s strange you say this because there are some governments that would be coming for you just because you said that. Our government is not perfect, and it’s getting worse, but I do believe it is the best on the planet.

      If aliens did come here, I doubt we would stand a chance if they became hostile. The ability to travel at or near the speed of light, and to develop a mechanism for shielding against debris and radiation, would mean they are probably as far above us in technology as we are above the apes.

  2. I just find UFO’s and anything of the sort, intriguing. Good article man.

    • yh the article was pretty interstin

  3. In total agreement. I love America & being an American. This movie looks very promising. Every bit of video or pictures I see about B:LA gets me very pumped. Plus its coming out March 11th, which is my birthday so that’s a plus!

    • I love this country too, but I hate the gov’t.

      • The government is only what the people vote in. If you hate the governement then change it, we all have the power no matter how much they like to pretend they control us. And army of one million can not stand aganst 300 million people.

        • The problem is that politician are all FULL OF SH*T. The “promise” one thing, and do another. It’s that reason that I don’t even waste my time voting anymore.

          • Well maybe if we had more than a 30% turn out rate at elections and people actually educated themselves about candidates and issues we wouldn’t have the issues we have with gov’t.


            • I’m talking about both Democrats and Republicans. We are basically choosing between the best liar.

              • That is why during the last presidential election, I sent e-mails to co-workers showing ALL candidates running, not just Dems and Reps. I, for one, did not vote for either one of those parties.

              • Iknow im not on o many of your facebook pages but , I use it as a forum to talk about things that bother me with politics , just like I do on here. Speak your mind,tell people what you think but just do one thing and thats , use the facts , research what you are passionate about and talk about it.
                hell alot of you guys and gals are great at speaking your mind. Now just do it in other forums. I run my own company so it affords me the time to write and read up on alot of stuff. I see something I dont like or is bothering me I write about it. IT SPARKS AWARNESS EVEN IF IT IS JUST TO YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK. With awarness comes discussion and with discussion comes ideas and possibly change. It took a hand full of people to stand up and speak their minds and others followed , they came together to form a more perfect nation, One That I am proud to live in.

              • That’s fine. Choose the best from whichever side. Just choose.


            • Here here Vic,

        • The us elections are totally rigged. We just do it with more authenticity.

          And how do you call a 2 party system ruled by billionaires a real free choice?

          • hmmmmmmmm………

          • I usually get annoyed with your conspiracy theories (no offense, just being honest), but I have to agree with you on that. The whole system has become corrupt.

            • prove it

  4. This is scary LOL

  5. For some reason, this article reminds me of the John Belushi movie “1941″.

    • That’s because the Santa Monica event was what inspired Speilberg to write 1941.

  6. On the subject of aliens.

    I’ve accepted that they do exist. My research has led me to believe, for the most part they come from under the surface of Earth, not space.

    Sure some craft come from space, but the greys and reptilians all originate at this time under ground.

    Let the bashing commence!!!

    • 790 – You are a hot mess brother. lol I’m not gonna bash you for having an opinion (albeit odd)on the subject of aliens. Heck, I think we’re not alone but I can’t prove it. I also believe in God which sounds just as crazy to other people; so you’re entitled to your own view on things. You won’t hear any bashing from me :)

      • Paul, once I figured out death, I moved on to aliens.
        I’ve spent prob 16 years researching them.

        One of the main reasons the population is being kept in the dark about them is because it would radically change the way people think.
        After a while the people would realise they don’t need government controlling them.
        If alien technology was deployed it would ruin our economy and social structure. If the people learned that we all come from a creator, the worlds religions would crumble. And they would again loose control of the masses.

        • Don’t be so quick to believe every “new revealed truth” you here. There are a lot of truths in the UFO field, depending on who’s telling it. I know the accounts you’re speaking of, I’ve been a UFO enthusiast since the 80′s. I’ve collected a library of media and stay current on credible researchers and radio shows, The Paracast is my favorite. The only conclusion I can come to is this: The phenomena is real, that’s it. Stick to credible researchers and keep an objective skepticism on all the information you gather. Until the phenomena chooses to reveal itself to the masses, we will never know.

    • Actually, I have put another theory out there, and that was before I heard of a movie that also had this as a premise. I have believed that, instead of aliens coming from other planets, that these aliens were actually humans from our future. To me, that was more plausible than aliens from another planet where they would have to travel for years (4 years at light speed from our nearest neighbor) to get to us.

      • Kahless, aliens don’t travel using lightspeed. That’s only on tv. (Imo)

        Aliens travel by bending space, they can also use that technology to time travel. So once you’ve mastered bending space you can travel anywhere anytime. (Imo)

        • worm hole theory , by bending space you can punch a hole to the other side , Basically folding space. lol its a great theory and it didnt take me 16 years to figure it out I just watched 1 season of Stargate.

    • 790 I agree with you….My father for instance was an aircraft mechanic in WWII on air craft carriers and spoke of this event in 1942 and thought it was true beyond true. ( plus he would talk about throwing these giant flying pieces of metal with bailing wire and rope to hold them into place for another bombing mission and fly them to test if his repairs would even work)much like the “moon” landing by humans for example. He could never figure out how just 20 some odd years later we supposedly landed on the moon. We would build the models, do physic experiments and test the theory. Hmmm, not possible despite some of the NASA retoric and shows like the dreadful Mythbusters who just prove the fluff and not the science of the real truth. The proof is overwhelming but many just believe what the government says, and those who decided to speak out were elimmanted…( Gus Grissom one of many)
      But much like you said about the elections….anyone who actually believes Bush won the first election, let alone the second has their head in the sand and should realize this Government lies to us all the time, and have always done this. I love this Country and am a Patriot plus one of my Sons did 3 tours in Iraq fighting an illegal War about oil….yet Chaney can commit TREASON and get away with it. Bush brought the World’s economy to it’s knees and I lost 2 careers because of him and with no fault of my own. Two GIANT Global companies in turmoil…one being Sony.

      These events really happened in 1942 but the majority of the general public just believes what they are told… the Government.

      Can you imagine what this world would be like if Tesla had not been murdered by our Government?

      The same people think the horrific “American Idol” is actually real. ( even after is was exposed several years ago as a blatant fraud.)

      “The Truth is Out There” 790 for President….2012!

      • Haha Tim, by the time I was groomed for the presidency I would have had to sell my soul and answer to satan himself.
        Hey you know why we’re really in Iraq and want to get into Iran is for what’s buried under those countries. We needed the war to gain access. Our satilites found some “stuff” there and we want it/dont want them to get it first. .

        • Well since “Satan” does not exsist….I think your right on track. 2016 perhaps? ( btw….I cannot drink tea, unless it is from the UK and never have parties anymore as well.)

          • “Satan’s greatest accomplishment is convincing people he doesn’t exist”



      • Wow. Will the Bush bashing never stop? He hasn’t been president for over two years. Get over it. I mean, the economy is in turmoil, socialism is rising, the “poor” as a class is rising in numbers, shouldn’t you be happy being the nice compassionate closet liberal I believe you to be?

      • Tim, can you say what elements of a manned Moon landing you don’t think were possible forty years ago, or still aren’t possible now? I’m genuinely intrigued. My father was also an aircraft mechanic with the RAF in WWII, and my brother is a physics professor, just out of interest.

        Tesla murdered? Took them long enough, didn’t it?!

        • The Big D:
          There are several hundred instances and facts….but let me yell you what my Pops was into.
          The distance that Man allegedly had to travel to get to the Moon was the equivalent of 30 Earth diameters. Now compare that with the greatest distance that Man has travelled since then (in the Shuttle) which is 400 miles. That is the equivalent of just 1/2 an inch from the Earth compared to the distance travelled to the Moon. Hmmmm.

          He was a big fan of Von Braun and I have a copy of Dad’s book. Conquest to the Moon” ( along with orginal volumes of Baum’s Oz series, but that is another topic)
          Von Braun said in his book ‘Conquest To The Moon’ (published in 1953) that it would be impossible to send anyone to the Moon because of the sheer size of craft needed to do the trip. In fact, taking Von Braun’s calculations into consideration, a spaceship that needed to travel that distance would have had to be 266 times bigger than the Saturn 5.

          Also consider the recent announcement from NASA that it would take scientists 15 years from now to design and build a craft to go back to the Moon. Why when we have allegedly been there 6 times already?

          J. F. Kennedy announced in 1962 that Man would travel to the Moon by the end of the decade. Just 7 years later Man allegedly did just that. But more than 35 years later in a World that is vastly technologically superior to the 1960′s, why would it take over twice as long to do the same thing today? Hmmmmm.

          Big D…..Radiation: That problem alone…..
          Did you know that the US Government tried to blast a hole in the belt 248 miles above Earth in 1962? During Operation Starfish Prime a Megaton Nuclear Bomb was used to try and force an unnatural corridor through the Van Allen Belt… Unfortunately, the radiation levels actually got worse, not better. What they created was a third belt that was 100 times more intense than the natural belts, and as estimated by Mary Bennett in ‘Dark Moon – Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by 2002 this artificial zone will still have 25 times more radiation than the other 2 belts. There is no agreement to how wide these radiation belts actually are. Dr James Van Allen, the discoverer of the belts estimated that they were at least 64,000 miles deep, but NASA say they are only 24,000 miles deep. Each Apollo craft spent approximately 4 hours within the belts.

          So to what lengths did NASA take to shield the astronauts against the radiation? Its accepted that a minimum of 10 cm width of aluminium would be needed at the very least to keep out radiation. However the walls of the Apollo craft and capsule were made as thin and as light as possible and as a result the craft initially could not carry enough air inside to withstand the equivalent to sea level air pressure. NASA had to reduce air pressure inside the cabin to cope.
          Here are the official stats from a NASA website: (

          Then we have the film…..( never mind the fact that Hasselblad admitted his cameras used on the moon COULD never work…period in such a hostile location….he came clean and died several days later. My Dad was an amatuer photographer, this drove him crazy.

          One of the worst sun flares ever recorded happened in August 1972, which was between the Apollo 16 and 17 missions. This single flare would have delivered 960 rem of virtually instant death to any astronaut who was up in Space, and yet all of the Apollo astronauts were carrying out their missions in what amounts to nothing more than a thick linen suit. These pressure suits may have helped protect the astronauts against heat or micro meteorites, but certainly would not have given any radiation protection. By the way, there is no known method of registering when and how strong Solar flare activity will be. The radiation would have greatly affected the film that was shot on the Moon. Physicist Dr David Groves Ph.D., has carried out radiation tests on similar film and found that the lowest radiation level (25 rem) applied to a portion of the film after exposure made the image on the film almost entirely obliterated. Why didn’t that happen to the Apollo films? Hmmmmm.

          Did you know that two years before the Apollo 11 mission, its lead scientist Dr. Werner Van Braun made a trip to Antartica which is a prime area for collection Moon rocks? Hmmmmm.

          During Project Apollo, six highly complex manned craft landed on the Moon, took off and returned to Earth using a relatively low level of technology. An 86% success rate. Since Apollo, twenty five simple, unmanned craft with increasingly higher levels of technology have attempted to fulfil their missions to Mars. Only seven succeeded. Russia have, and continue to have unmanned craft launch into space. Their project worked more towards first sending an unmanned lander to the Moons surface to collect samples, take pictures and measure radiation levels. Why did NASA not even send an unmanned craft to the Moons surface before risking human lives? Basically, The mission was a cold-war bluff to get the soviets to think that we were more advanced than they were.

          As a lighting designer, the horizon problems, 5 different light sources as detected in the footage and pics ( NASA says there are only the Sun and Earth) have intriqued me. I have been working on this for many years after my Dad died.
          But the Australia broadcast of the event,the recent topigraphical maps of the missions that proved it was filmed on Earth, Japan’s mission a couple of years ago…I could go on and on….and on.

          Did your Dad ever speak of strange lights in the sky? He was a straight laced, right winger. But he saw some crazy stuff and was told just to “shut up.” But so did his buddies. He died over 20 years ago at age 78. He wanted to write a book about this and what he had seen in WWII, alas…all I have is his old papers and research.

          BTW Tesla is my hero:
          Nikola Tesla was a threat to the established scientific and political order of the day. His free energy technology would cause the government to lose control over the people by removing the need for fossil fuels. J. P. Morgan arranged for Thomas Edison to steal Tesla’s alternating current technology and claim it as his own. They burned his Colorado Springs, Colorado laboratory to the ground. The media was told to trash Tesla’s free-energy car, and the government rejected Tesla’s free-energy system for home lighting and heating, and his technology to stop all war!

          Tesla lost J.P. Morgan’s funding for his research, lost his assets, and died a lonely and penniless man. He was murdered (shot) by the Edison/Morgan Cabal and his research both destroyed and buried from public knowledge by them and their stooges.( this was also in Chris Nolan’s film “The Illusionist”)

          • Your first paragraph: I don’t see what point you’re making there. Comparing the Apollo missions with the Shuttle is like drawing an analogy between a scuba diver and a deep-sea submersible. One is clearly not meant to meant to be in the water for any great length of time at any great depth.

            Wernher von Braun’s Conquest Of The Moon was about just that, not its impossibility. The fact that he was positing this in 1953 with a systematic analysis of the stages needed to achieve a manned landing on the Moon show that he considered it achievable – and within a comparatively short period of time – not the opposite. Where are you getting this “266 times bigger than a Saturn 5″ figure from?

            Fifteen years to design and build a successor to the Saturn 5 sounds more than generous in the current economic and socially-indifferent climate. To build something 266 times bigger than that (which is what you’re claiming would be required) would take somewhat longer, I’d imagine.

            Kennedy made the announcement you mention in ’61, not ’62, and if you count Apollo 11 as the first manned mission to the Moon then you’re forgetting 8, which circumnavigated it, and 10, which was the dress rehearsal, and came within nine mile of the lunar surface.

            Okay, the radiation thing. The Van Allen belts are the result of solar radiation becoming trapped within the Earth’s magnetic field. They consist of an inner, more intense layer, and an outer, more diffuse layer, with a safer zone between them. They don’t lie evenly around the globe, and the “solar wind” distorts the shape of these layers, compressing them on the dayside and drawing them out on the nightside. The flight paths of the Apollo missions were calculated to carry them through the thinnest parts of this flux, and were through the high-risk zone in approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours; not long enough for the astronauts to have experienced lethal doses of radiation. You must be aware that James Van Allen himself called BS on the idea that a manned mission outside the Earth’s atmosphere would be impossible under these circumstances.

            Starfish Prime was the most powerful of a number of high-altitude nuclear test explosions. It created an artificial belt of radiation around the Earth (as did the others), but did not somehow mysteriously “leak out” of the Earth’s atmosphere and attain the altitude that the Van Allen belts exist in. Besides which, how could adding more radiation to something possibly force an unnatural corridor through it, even if that were the actual intention? Which it wasn’t.

            Massive solar flare in August 1972. It’s fortunate no one was actually in space at that point, then.

            25 rem is hardly a low radiation level, and it’s not one the astronauts (or their cameras) would have actually experienced. Hasselblad admitted his cameras could never work on the Moon? Where? To whom?

            Von Braun was in Antarctica to relate the coordination of life and research carried out at a remote base to the possibility of sending a manned mission to Mars. What did you mean about “a prime area for collection (of) Moon rocks”?

            I also don’t understand your point about the Apollo craft being “highly complex” and yet “using a relatively low level of technology”. That doesn’t make sense to me.

            “Why did NASA not even send an unmanned craft to the Moon’s surface before risking human lives?” What about Rangers 6-9, Surveyors 1-7, and five Lunar Orbiter mapping missions?

            Five different light sources and (a) only one shadow, and (b) no one thought anyone would notice? What were they thinking?

            Basically you have to be saying that Apollos 8 through 17 (excluding 9, which stayed in Earth orbit) – that’s nine entire missions – were conceived, fabricated and carried out from beginning to end in a studio, would that be a fair assessment? What are the topographical maps you were talking about? What problem do you have with the Japanese SELENE mission or NASA’S Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter?

            At the time of his death Tesla was in debt and isolated. And 86 years old. At best overlooked, at worst ridiculed or largely forgotten. I see no advantage to anyone in offing the man at that point. That Nolan film’s The Prestige, by the way.

            • Nicely said Dentist. At least you have the courtesy of typing YOUR thoughts while others on this post cut and paste OTHERS thoughts. It’s a sign of maturity, age and respect. Three things others on this thread lack. Choose your battles.

              Also I’ve heard it mentioned that all of the astronauts eventually came down with radiation related illnesses, supporting their passage through the narrow part of the belt.

              • The cut and paste were my documents and work my father had done I transferred from a disc. And I am 54 years old.

            • Here Here, Nice rebuttal

            • Dentist: Really thought we were going to compare things ur Father’s had seen and researched….but in reality…just a bait and switch. really bad form and thanks for insulting my Father’s memory.

              • Blimey, Tim – a bait and switch means that I suckered you into something, when I simply asked you to expand on what you’d presented as bald statements of fact out of the blue. If you’re not prepared to back up your opinions, why go there at all? I went out of my way not to insult you or to make any value judgements whatsoever regarding your opinions. If you won’t fight your corner, don’t invoke the memory of your father: ask yourself if he’d be proud of the way you’re behaving right now.

          • Uh, yeah, free energy. And we never went to the moon.



            • Yes Sir….pretty much common knowledge in regards to Tesla. My God, seriously. Really thought of all people you would have some insight on Tesla. Sorry I wasted your time, that is very sad to me.

              • Tim,

                Dude, come on now… seriously. Do you really think that if he had truly invented “free energy” that no one would have come across it by now? Uncovered it? Figured out how to do it?



          • Prestige I mean….sorry Big D.

        • lol , i know they waited till he was considered a madman and 86 years old till they killed him making it look like the guy just died of old age, lol

      • Wow.
        Hey, here’s an update … Bush isn’t president anymore.
        You got your wish and the country is going to h**l in a handbasket.
        My daughter thanks you for your vote AND for the $45,000+ of debt she accrued by being born.
        And don’t tell me you’re not a flaming “Lib” cause the proof is in your own words of hate, anger and misplaced rage.
        On a side note … i would like to thank your son for his service to our country.

  7. Guess who else was born in 1942: Muammar Gaddafi. Could it be that the alien space craft left a pod behind? 8-)

    • it would explain a whole lot wouldnt it , lol

  8. An excellent article. I, for one, would enjoy seeing more stories like this in the future when it relates to upcoming films.

  9. enough political crap talk.. coz the govt only covered these events up because of mass religious hysteria.. back to the fun.. i wana see some aliens come and give us some cool alien technology.. maybe they can make a cellphone that lasts longer than a year without you wanting to throw it against the wall.. or maybe they were coming to see the new ipad and realized they came 69 years too early.. now we will never know..

  10. Just like Fox Mulder’s poster says..”I want to believe”

  11. Great article Roth.

  12. “The Truth Is Out There” cue the X-Files intro music.

  13. @Tim, lucifer may not exsist but that doesn’t stop some folk from worship him.

    Look at all the pagan symbols in our goverment buildings and NASA.

  14. Doesn’t matter if your a flaming Lib, or staunch conservative, your still playing the rebublican/democrat mind game.

    There as different as the Yankees and Dodgers. Yeah big diff, your still playing baseball.

  15. Well satan was said to dwell under the ground in hell, that’s where a lot of these aliens come from.


    • Good one 790!

  16. The New World Airport “Denver” International. Is loaded with luciferian and pagan symbols. The runway from above resembles a swastika, and its designed to house one of the largest fuel storage reserves in the country.
    On the topic of underground bases,,,
    If anyone here ever flys to New Mexico from California, look north right before you fly over the Grand Canyon area, Arizona. You’ll see hundreds of air vents. Miles of them in a grid pattern. There’s an entire secret world right under us. Some of its us, some of its something else.

  17. 790 life is too short, relax.

  18. @Rob D, I think you would agree then, that if giant ufos appear over our cities and make a deal with our leaders, that it could be fake…

    That’s the senario I see with a public disclosure. Either that or a faked alien invaison like this movie. (Not the report from the 40′s that I accept as unknown at this poit.)

    • you sure its just beer?

  19. What’s that supposed to mean Rob?

    No seriously I don’t understand your comment, I’m on my 6th beer and I don’t remember 5 minutes ago? Relax?


  21. Everybody Wang Chung tonight!!!

  22. 790

    Ya got me thinking now, interesting. Very interesting….

  23. I find the 1942 incident intruiging.
    But as far as aliens go, I have a question .
    I live in The West Hollywood area of Los Angeles,
    I hear traffic zipping by .
    How come you always here about aliens abducting people from their houses or cars Or when its just wo people,
    But why dont they try to abduct some people in more heavily populated areas ?
    Why is it always isolated places with few or no witnesses ?

  24. two People , I meant.
    But still I am curious .
    I hear a lot of cars outside .
    why doesnt an alien show up now and abduct me?
    Why is it always a house in the woods or a car on an abandoned dirt road?

  25. Tesla, was real and his free energy inventions were real as well. And,,,
    He was killed off by tptb, in his day.
    Going to the moon, well that’s the big one, did we go or not go? that’s the question. Imo, we had to have sent probes there, the landing was faked, but we do have some equipment up there, who knows.

    • I don’t believe we’ve ever been to the Moon b/c in all the years since then we haven’t had the ability to go back. Are they trying to tell us that we can go there with 1960s tech, but not now?

  26. Gary, (imo) most abductions are carried out and target women, of specific bloodlines.
    Its not random.

  27. I lean towards the idea that the universe isnt old enough to have life forms who’ve developed the means to travel far enough to reach us before we’re long gone. And vise versa.

  28. Makes sense to me netshark.

  29. 790,
    why women of specific bloodlines ?