2014 Razzie Nominations: ‘Grown-Ups 2′, ‘After Earth’ & ‘Movie 43′

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razzie nominations 2014 2014 Razzie Nominations: Grown Ups 2, After Earth & Movie 43

The Razzie is a satirical award that serves as the antithesis to the Oscar, but in that regard it tends to be a disappointment. Basically, the Golden Raspberry foundation proclaims “to call on Hollywood’s A-Listers to ‘Own Their Bad,’” but that generally doesn’t mean, say, that the Razzies wax poetic about the worst movies released in a year in a way that cleverly riffs on the Academy’s love of self-praise. Instead, the Razzies tend to end up pandering and lazily scoring cheap shots at actors, directors and franchises that people love to hate on (admittedly, with reason).

Case in point: the latest movies released by Adam Sandler (Grown-Ups 2) and M. Night Shyamalan (After Earth) lead the pack of nominees for the 34th Annual Razzie Awards ceremony, while the official nominations breakdown includes such (not) fresh jokes about how Will and Jaden Smith played characters from Planet Nepotism (never heard that one before) and wisecracks about Tyler Perry’s Madea costume.

Read on to see if your (least) favorite movies from 2013 made the cut.

grown ups 2 2014 Razzie Nominations: Grown Ups 2, After Earth & Movie 43

‘Grown-Ups 2′ – nominated for Worst Picture, Actor, Director and More


After Earth
Grown Ups 2
The Lone Ranger
A Madea Christmas
Movie 43

Johnny Depp: The Lone Ranger
Ashton Kutcher: Jobs
Adam Sandler: Grown Ups 2
Jaden Smith: After Earth
Sylvester Stallone: Bullet To The HeadEscape PlanGrudge Match

Halle Berry: Movie 43The Call
Selena Gomez: Getaway
Lindsay Lohan: The Canyons
Tyler Perry: A Madea Christmas
Naomi Watts: DianaMovie 43

Lady Gaga: Machete Kills
Salma Hayek: Grown Ups 2
Katherine Heigl: The Big Wedding
Kim Kardashian: Tyler Perry’s Temptation
Lindsay Lohan: In-App-Propriate Comedy, Scary Movie 5

Chris Brown: Battle Of The Year
Larry the Cable Guy: A Madea Christmas
Taylor Lautner: Grown Ups 2
Will Smith: After Earth
Nick Swardson: A Haunted House, Grown Ups 2

The 13 People Who Directed Movie 43
Dennis Dugan: Grown Ups 2
Tyler Perry: A Madea Christmas, Temptation
M. Night Shyamalan: After Earth
Gore Verbinski: The Lone Ranger

m night shyamalan wayward pines 570x294 2014 Razzie Nominations: Grown Ups 2, After Earth & Movie 43

M. Night Shyamalan was ‘recognized’ for his work on ‘After Earth’

The Entire Cast of Groan-Ups, Too
The Entire Cast of Movie 43
Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen: Scary Movie 5
Tyler Perry & EITHER Larry the Cable Guy OR That Worn-Out Wig & Dress: A Madea Christmas
Jaden Smith & Will Smith on Planet Nepotism: After Earth

After Earth: Screenplay by Gary Whitta and M. Night Shyamalan, Story by Will Smith
Grown Ups 2: Written by Fred Wolfe & Adam Sandler & Tim Herlihy
The Lone Ranger: Screen Story & Screenplay by Ted Elliott, Justin Haythe & Terry Rosso
A Madea Christmas: Written by Tyler Perry
Movie 43: Written by 19 “Screenwriters”

Grown Ups 2
Hangover III
The Lone Ranger
Scary Movie 5
Smurfs 2


In all fairness, there are some pretty justifiable choices on here; both Grown-Ups 2 and Movie 43 ranked on Screen Rant’s own Worst of 2013 countdown, for example. Still, nominating After Earth and The Lone Ranger (neither of which are really that awful) for Worst Picture over the likes of the glorified feature-length bad Youtube skit that is Scary Movie 5 seems deserving of an eye-roll. That same goes for “recognizing” Katherine Heigl and Lady Gaga for bit performances that, frankly, aren’t that bad and were selected just as an excuse to lampoon popular targets. (And what, no love for Battle of the Year?)

Yes, it’s kind of silly to get down too much on the Razzies, but (for me, anyway) they are just not all that much fun or entertaining, given this year’s crop. Be sure and let us know if you agree/disagree, and which movies you think should’ve been nominated for the worst of 2013.


Look for the “winners” for this year’s Razzie Awards to be announced on “Oscar Eve,” on Saturday March 1st, 2014.

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  1. Don’t care what anybody says. Finally saw Lone Ranger on Blue ray. And I can say it was a fairly decent movie. . Not great by any means but 6 out of 10 at least. Should not be on this list.

    • Yeah have to agree, it’s like they’re just taking digs for the sake of it, The Lone Ranger may not be that good, but it’s certainly not in the same league as say Grown Ups 2 when it comes awfulness.

    • I definitely agree. While yes it was a box office disaster, the odds were stack against them because western movies are rarely high grossing. The movie itself, was not terrible, at least not deserving of a razzie in my opinion.

  2. The 5 nominations that The Lone Ranger has for the Razzie awards, it doesn’t deserve them because it was a great movie no matter what anyone says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Without a doubt, in a landslide that not even Superman could stop:

    Worst picture: Man of Steel

    Worst actor: Henry Cavil

    Worst actress: Amy Adams

    Worst Supporting actress: Diane Lane

    Worst supporting actor: Laurence Fishburne

    Worst director: Zack Snyder

    Worst screen combo: Henry Cavil and Amy Adams

    Worst screenplay (by far): David S. Goyer

    Worst Remake, Rip-off, or sequel: Man of Steel (for pretending to be a real Superman movie.

    Biggest disappointment of 2013: Man of Steel

    Worst movie stuidio of the year: Warner Brothers

    Congratulations to Man of Steel for being the biggest pile of crap put on film in 2013!!

    Current Rotten Tomatoes score 55%!


    • I was waiting for a post like this aha.

    • I take it you weren’t a fan of Man of Steel so

    • Thinking you might have taken Man of Steel a little too personally…

      Definitely wasn’t great but not so bad that it was the biggest pile of 2013. And you say “%55 LOL” like that DOESN’T mean the majority of people to watch it indeed liked it. But that’s actually what “more than half” means, if you can wrap your over-sensitive mind around that LOL.

      Out of a %, I’d give it a %60 – so %55 isn’t too far off imo.

      Can’t take this s*** to heart. It’s just a movie, you’ll live.

      • @ Ryan

        Derek may live, but the DCCU won’t. They keep missing the mark.

        FYI….55% IS a very, very poor rating on RT, even if it is a slight majority. Even Superman Returns is rated higher. UGH!

        • Yet a trash and lazy movie like the Dark Knight Rises (by having his back repaired by a punch) gets a 88%.

          The only good “comic book movie” was Iron Man and the Dark Knight. Well that’s just my opinion

        • You’re kidding yourself if you think story is what matters to a movie studio “living.” Missing the mark in the story means nothing if your movie takes home over $200,000,000 – ensuring an entire “Shared Universe” officially launching. As far as making money goes, WB and DC “hit the mark” very, very well.

          And sure it’s a poor rating on RT – but why do you need to depend on critics (ie other peoples opinions, not your own) when trying to justify why a movie was bad? Most movie-goers these days read the reviews first and have that thought auto-engraved there while watching the movie – good or bad. Think for yourself.

          Like I said, I too was bored for most of Man of Steel. It’s certainly not a great movie, and only barely good. But I could be entertained without having my opinion pre-tarnished.

    • Haven’t seen it yet- what’s bad about it

      • @ smoke bomb

        What’s wrong with Man of Steel??


        • Nothing. Watch and judge for yourself. It was good and a great start to the DCFU.

        • Such as…?

    • So tell how you REALLY feel about Man of Steel. Your comments are a tad ambiguous…

    • I think you are confusing Man of Steel with Crap Man 3 I mean Iron Man 3, now that is horrible movie, is disgusting, is the worst movie of the year, I hated Iron Man 3, Iron Man 3 is terrible.

      • @ Manny

        Sniff. sniff…..

        I smell a butt-hurt DC fan boy! Take it easy Manny….it will feel better…..

        Question: What does Iron Man 3 have to do with the above comments?

        Answer: NOTHING

        MoS was garbage, they’re right.

        • @ Steve. What are you talking about, we both know that Iron Man 3 was a terrible movie. Most people hated the movie or were disappointed by it, because it was the biggest piece of trash this year. Dont try to defend a crappy movie, dont be a butt-hurt marvel fan boy, you know the movie was garbage.

          • @Manny,

            It’s o.k. Would you like a Lula-bye?

            • @ Clay. Sure and Iron Man 3 sucks!

          • By “everyone” I assume you mean someone other than critics and audiences, who both preferred Iron Man 3 based on reviews and box office.

        • Ha butthurt marvel is more like it. Im3 was a joke and way worse than mos.Cry more.

          • @ Manny
            @ Cyborg6971

            This is the best comment I have ever seen on Screen Rant and it fits you two to a ‘T’. This isn’t original with me, but it’s perfect. Allow me to re-post via copy & paste:

            “DC fans are like religious extremists. 

            Hyper, militant, illinformed, clueless, and insist that they and their way are not only the best and only way, but that every other way should just be gone or wiped out.

            All anybody can do is just laugh at them.”

            That comments fits DC fan boy and you two perfectly.

            • Yeah right. Keep on thinking there is an imaginary war between marvel and dc. I like all comics from all publishers. The hate for MOS is a manifest of the marvel zealots for fear that they’re beloved franchises might be just average.

          • Mods: Ban this troll.

            • So…you WANT them to ban you???

              Wow, how forthright of you. :)

      • Why do MoS fans keep bringing up Iron Man 3 in every discussion? Iron Man 3 is not relevant to MoS’ poor quality. Bashing Iron Man doesn’t magically make Man of Steel not suck.

        • Then, it’s a good thing that MOS did not suck and, in fact, was excellent. That makes at least one of your concerns moot. As for the bashing, you’d be just as well served by asking why so many IM3/Marvel fanboys continue to bash MOS and DC. Answer THAT question, and your own will be answered. Finally, as for quality, IM3 and “quality” should not be in the same sentence UNLESS “poor” is put before those two as a descriptor for that sad joke of a movie. The fact that IM3 was so well regarded tarnished my hope in the better judgement of humanity…then again, “Honey Boo-Boo” is also popular, so the tarnish had already begun to appear.

    • Anyone that can honestly claim that Man of Steel should even be considered in a conversation for worst movie of the year should, well, just stop watching movies. Read a book or something.

      • Sometimes the books are worse.

      • It’s much more reasonable to call it the worst of the year than to call it one of the top 5; a ludicrous claim made by members of the Screenrant staff.

    • 76 audicence rating in Rotten tomatoes. 3/4 of the people that hava seen it liked it.
      74 IMDB rating, that is the average rating given by all of the users.
      So I can assure you, most people like it.

      • @ Killer Tello

        One word for you: WRONG!

        Most people did NOT like it.
        Don’t fall for the the numbers inflated by ‘DC Fan-boy’ that will do ANYTHING to put a positive spin on this movie and sell it as gold.

        • Put your marvel pom poms down for a second.

        • Did I said it was gold? I am just using the samw argument. Only 55% of the critics like it, which are a few hundred, thousand of people posted their opinion, an they like it, a bit atleast, he movie didnt meet your expectations? So sorry, but that doesnt make it the worst movie.

          • Thousands of people like Twilight. You must have a Robert Pattison poster hanging in your room.

            • While you were typing that reply you were staring at your Justin Bieber poster.

    • only nomination that should come from Man of Steel is Worst screen combo for Henry Cavil and Amy Adams, that was a very flat romance even Twlight lovers looked more original.

      Man of Steel as a movie doesn’t deserve a Razzie despite it’s flaws it was ok in my books (I’m a Marvel fan) RIPD should have a nomination in every category of the Razzies, I still have not been able to watch past 10 minutes of that movie without falling asleep.

      • OH MY GOD WILL THIS CONVERSATION EVER END?????? Seriously calm down!!!!
        They’re only movie adaptations!!! In 20 years or so, someone will come back and do their own adaptation and everyone will attack that. As long as the comics are still being written, read, and loved that’s what matters.

        MoS was not great, but I honestly thought it was a good origin film. WE ALREADY KNEW THAT THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE SEQUELS, so it made sense that this film focused on setting up the characters and it’s obviously not going to be 100% faithful to the comic book because it has to adapt in a way our generation can understand it and just to refresh the series. Film is very different from comics/books and what drives each is very different. And sure, you cynics can say that money is a very large factor in that, but to a real filmmaker it’s narrative that is important and sometimes things must be altered.

        Now it did have many flaws. Lots of them have been mentioned multiple times above. Zack Snyder isn’t particularly my favorite director. However, they are things that can be corrected in the upcoming films. I personally have no faith in the “Superman/Batman” film coming up because of how they are rushing Superman’s encounter with Batman due to Marvel’s Avengers having so much success. Yet, I could be wrong. We don’t know yet. THE MOVIE HASNT COME OUT YET. CALM DOWN. When it does we can b**** about that one too then move on.

        I am glad I have vented. So sick of this stupid argument. Not on this page specifically, but just everywhere.

  4. I feel like hate for the two Grown Ups movies has always been a little exaggerated. I’m not saying either of them are good, but they’re not abominations like some other Adam Sandler movies (*AHEM* Jack and Jill) were. I just think there are a lot of other movies that are worse than Grown Ups 2 this year that could take its spot on the list. Like Scary Movie 5, Getaway, Smurfs 2, and a lot of others.

  5. I don’t think that the Lone Ranger deserves to be even nominated for a single Razzie. I know people’s opinion vary but this dislike for Lone Ranger is a bit exaggerated.

  6. I don’t think putting Jobs on there for worst actor is a fair point. It was an average movie with a weak script but I thought Kutcher’s portrayal of Jobs was interesting at the very least. There were some parts that seemed very forced of “this is me pretending to be Jobs” but when he brought some of his own flair to the character I thought it worked.

    • Agreed. Kutcher did fine, all other (not nominated) aspects sucked.

  7. Stallone doesn’t belong on the list.
    Lone ranger bad but doesn’t belong on the list

  8. Although there is much to agree with in this article; the seemingly trendy movies/actors/directors that are easier to add to than a Miley cyrus meme, the jokes and criticisms that have been used more than time-travel as a plot loophole lately, the exagerration of subpar cameo performances by pop culture figures. BUT, regardless of the amount of valid observations this remains one movie website criticizing another’s annual event (while crowbarring their own list). That lends zero credibility to the article. It would be the same as Coca Cola listing all the reasons why Pepsi is fermenting toxic crack water. Contrary to how many disease-infested needles Pepsi sells in their products, you still remember the source of the information.

  9. Sure the Lone Ranger could’ve been better. But it was campy fun. Why would you build 2 parallel railroad tracks when your racing to cross the country??? who cares, it made for one of the most memorable and fun action sequences all year. Definitely not deserving of any Razzies

    Jack the Giant Slayer
    GI Joe
    RED 2
    Justin Beiber: Believe

    were all snubbed

  10. Grown Ups 2 was on every list, and yet it still grossed more than Pacific Rim. Just sad.

    • That’s because people see a movie with some animal peeing and they flock to it. People can say what they want about Pacific Rim, but I thought it was a fantastic tribute to Godzilla and other monster films. It was honestly very fun and it’s nice to see movies that aren’t always made for artistic pleasure. Sometimes it’s okay to just watch a movie and be entertained by it. Grown Ups 2 just shouldn’t have happened. Box Office success doesn’t make one movie better than another. Just because the Twilight Saga grossed more than The Artist does not make it a way better movie and we all know that very well.

      So no I don’t think that’s sad.

    • Proves how bad Pacific Rim was. Only reason Pacific Rim wasn’t on the list is because of the good will Del Toro has built from his previous projects.

      • Only reason Pacific Rim wasn’t in the list ’cause the selectors are intelligent enough to know the movie’s not anywhere close to being one of the worst movies of 2013.

        • Since when has anyone said that Pacific Rim was a bad movie? It is what it is and it knows it.

          • Yeah exactly not an Oscar winning film but awesome to say the least, I just hope the new godzilla takes a page out of Del Toro’s book.

        • It was worse than Transformers 2, which WAS nominated when it was released.

    Johnny Depp: The Lone Ranger
    Ashton Kutcher: Jobs
    Adam Sandler: Grown Ups 2
    Jaden Smith: After Earth
    Sylvester Stallone: Bullet To The Head

    They all deserve it.

  12. Movie 43 doesn’t deserve to be up there. I know it might have bent facts but I thought it was really well done story and performance wise. It is an important story not just for baseball history but American history and racial equality history too. It’s a shame the taxied didn’t see it that way

    • I believe you’re thinking of 42, not Movie 43. :-)

    • PLEASE,tell me you’re kidding. The movie about Jackie Robinson was called “42″.

    • You are confusing Movie 43 with a totally different film…

    • You are thinking about the wrong movie. (sorry if you were joking…I missed it)

    • Oh yes it does!
      Baseball? I think you’re thinking of a totally different movie.

  13. I think the movie to win any of these awards would be Movie 43 Considering that it was the most stupid movie ever made. I actually did enjoy Grown Ups, and After Earth. After Earth is probably M. Nights best movie by far. But I also do think after his film The Last Airbender he should of quit directing and got a job somewhere else or just not had a job.

    • Better than The Sixth Sense?

  14. Razzie snubs:
    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
    The World’s End
    This is the End
    Spring Breakers
    Machete Kills
    The Fifth Estate
    Oldboy (Spike Lee’s)
    Only God Forgives
    Storage 24 (total BO: $72. Lemme spell that out for you: Seventy-Two Dollars. Period.)

    • @ skylordric

      A couple weeks back I was browsing the list on Box Office Mojo for movies released in 2013 and Storage 24 was the very last with the whopping $72.00 and I was thrilled to see the movie was on Showtime that very night.
      I recorded it but haven’t watched it yet and I’m very anxious to see if it was really that bad.

    • Rotten Tomato meter

      The World’s End 89%
      This is the End 83%

      The rest were justified

  15. I’m actually pretty okay with the nominations, but if there are some snubs I would’ve like to seen be nominated, they are:

    Worst Picture and Worst Scre: The Host
    Worst Actor: Robert De Niro for The Big Wedding, The Family and Grudge Match
    Worst Actress: Gemma Arterton for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Runner Runner
    Worst Sequel: A Good Day to Die Hard

  16. Until this past weekend Gangster Squad was my pick for “Worst of 2013″ but then I watched Jack the Giant Slayer and that now holds the #1 spot.

    Forget the story, acting and direction, I’m mostly baffled by how in this day and age a films budget can be $195,000,000 and have CGI that terrible???
    Where did that money go???

  17. WORST PICTURE: Movie 43

    WORST ACTOR: Jaden Smith for After Earth

    WORST ACTRESS: Selena Gomez for Getaway

    WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Lady Gaga for Machete Kills

    WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Chris Brown for Battle Of The Year

    WORST DIRECTOR: “The 13 People Who Directed Movie 43″

    I really want Jaden Smith to win his prize. He deserves it so much.

  18. The Call was a great movie! And The Lone Ranger wasn’t all that bad of a movie.

  19. I’m made that The purge, the worst movie I’ve seen this year and a major disappointment didn’t get one nomination

  20. Cameron Diaz was absolutely terrible in the Counselor.

  21. All the Razzies must go to Grown Ups 2 except the Razzie for worst actress which should go to Selena Gomez; Getaway.

  22. The “Machines: They’re full of kids” bit in Movie 43 was genius, probably the funniest thing I saw all year. And the end skit with Elizabeth Banks fighting the cartoon cat, was pretty hilarious.

  23. Why is the Lone Ranger on here? The movie was not bad like everyone said. It was fun and exciting. Same with Halle Berry in the call, that movie was a surprisingly good thriller and she was pretty good in it. Now cat woman, that was garbage. This was no cat woman. I enjoy the razzies because it’s all in good fun but this year doesn’t make sense.
    Oh well

  24. Seriously, no Man Of Steel or Star Trek Into Darkness?

    • This is Razzie nominations, they only accept terrible movies, not great ones.

      • Ummm…that’s why he suggested Man of Steel

        • I find the lack of Iron man 3 disturbing. And if anyone here is a troll it’s you.

          • Well said, Insufferable Deadpool and Cyborg6971.

    • Lol
      This guy likes any of these films:

      After Earth
      Grown Ups 2
      The Lone Ranger
      A Madea Christmas
      Movie 43

      More than Man of steel and Star Trek….

      • Lol! Yeah probably. *Shakes head*

  25. Honestly, the movie is the part that sucked. The acting, directing, and so forth were all great. Johnny Depp gave a hell awesome performance. Gore Verbinski is a great director.

  26. Movie 43 should make a clean sweep and win it all.

  27. Halle Berry was awesome in the call in fact after watching the call I was really looking forward to her playing storm again until she got blowed up

  28. Worst movie of the decade : IRON MAN 3

    Worst Actor : Robert Downey Jr.

    Worst Actress : Gwyneth Paltrow

    Worst Director : Shane Black

    Worst Movie Outfit : Marvel

    Jesus Christ…………

  29. who comes up with what is added in the categories and what credentials do they have to show they know wtf they’re nominating for ‘worst’ ?

    to each their own i say, there is no need to shove a spot light on movies that ‘suck’ b/c chances are there will be people that like a ‘bad’ movie for their own reason =.= i personally am not into comedies or johnny depp movies, but that doesn’t mean i become a sheep and hate on movies that fall under that genre and actor, i just don’t watch them… this is something more people need to do instead of hating just to look good or sound like they know wtf they’re talking about =.=

    • So true.

    • It’s not like the Razzies are particularly important so it doesn’t really matter…