CW to Follow ‘Smallville’ With DC’s ‘Raven’?

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Raven TV Show DC CW CW to Follow Smallville With DCs Raven?

Wondering what The CW is going to do once its Man of Steel finally finds his way out of Smallville? Us too. But according to Variety, fellow DC superhero Raven is next on tap for a TV series adaptation.

The network has asked Diego Gutierrez (co-executive producer of V) to write and exec produce. He’s previously worked on Without a Trace, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. At this point only a script has been ordered, so a fully-developed project is tentative at best and at least a year out.

For the uninitiated, the comic version of Raven is the daughter of a human mother and the extra-dimensional demon Trigon (who bears a strong resemblance to pagan representations of the Judeo-Christian Satan).  She’s been an on-again, off-again, member of the Teen Titans and other DC superhero teams, and on a few occasions adopted the alter-ego of Rachel Roth. Her powers are typical dark witch/sorceress fare, including teleportation, control of shadows, empathic abilities, and a depth of arcane knowledge. In addition to regular appearances in comics as far back as 1980, Raven was one of five regulars in the now-concluded Teen Titans cartoon series.

Raven’s dark, brooding backstory would seem to jive with later seasons of Smallville and other CW shows like Supernatural. Raven’s a half-demon who straddles the line between a hero and an antagonist in the DC universe – the character’s much more Hellboy than Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In addition, another comic adaptation would allow The CW to draw on some of the same characters and story arcs that have made appearances alongside the Superman regulars on Smallville for the last ten seasons.

This wouldn’t be The CW’s only foray into into live-action superheroics since Clark Kent’s adventures in Kansas. In 2002, the WB aired a half-season of Birds of Prey, focusing on satellite characters in the Batman universe and loosely based on the comic of the same name. Despite a marketing blitz and appeals to both male and female audiences, the series quickly dropped in the ratings and wasn’t renewed. A pilot for Aquaman was developed but that series didn’t pan out either. Later attempts at building shows around Robin and Wonder Woman met similar fates. But with the country’s new-found love for capes and cowls, a series based on a D-lister like Raven might satisfy superhero junkies while allowing writers the freedom to develop the character in new and interesting ways.

Raven Teen Titans CW DC Comics CW to Follow Smallville With DCs Raven?

The 'Teen Titans' cartoon version of Raven.

That said, those hoping for a straight-up adaptation of the comics are probably out of luck. Considering that The WB declined to adapt the Aquaman pilot into a full series and that Smallville writers have been relatively sparing of costumed antics, a Raven series would probably focus on drama a la The Vampire Diaries. CW executives may have chosen the more obscure character to emulate past success with female-dominated supernatural fare like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. Assigning Raven to Gutierrez, who has assistant credits under Joss Whedon for dozens of Buffy and Angel episodes, would seem to indicate this.

Some fans have wondered about a series based off of the Smallville version of Green Arrow, whose anti-hero antics might fit well with modern audiences. Justin Hartley’s portrayal of the character made an impact on viewers in Season 6 and he has been a steady recurring character on Smallville ever since. With the Supermax script featuring Green Arrow/Oliver Queen seemingly on ice, a TV show could have built up momentum for a big-screen debut.

Are you excited about a series adaptation of Raven? Would you rather see a series for Green Arrow, or another member of the Warner Brothers/DC lineup? How do you think Raven would fare against No Ordinary Family or NBC’s forthcoming The Cape? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Variety via io9

Raven/Teen Titans image by Dave Bullock

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  1. I think this is an awesome idea raven is such an overlooked charater and has many angles a little of terror the kind of goth personality that lets face it is very mainstream people are tired of seeing superman and mainstream heros this could really give a twist to the hole superhero on tv thing


  2. i really cant wait to here more about this ^^
    when i heard the rumor & i had looked this up
    (& i never look up tv related things)

  3. I like Raven, she’s one of my favorite characters of DC Comics. I think this is a great idea, the show will probably give her character developments. A shot to be in the mainstream of DCU. She can’t be in the Teen Titans forever, she is strong enough to go off on her own: to discover herself, improving her powers. It would be cool if Zantanna, if the show does well and goes on longer, it will be an interesting interaction/episode.

    I have lots of more reasons why Raven should have her own show, but I am tired to say and I did not have enough of sleep.

    • I’m realizing I’m agreeing with several people here, and without doubt, you’re one of them!
      She’s my fav too, and I think she’s strong enough to go by her own too , c’mon, she’s the strongest… And actually in the animated serie they never went deeper into her story, just a few chaps, and the end of fourth season, that was cruel with her fans! And she has a lot of way to walk by; in the team, with Zatanna, out of the team, before, after…well, I think you got me ¬¬

  4. Look, I’m gonna be completely honest. I am the biggest Teen Titans fan that there is to the point where I still collect the books to this day. I have every issue since the 1960′s when the debuted. That said, I would love to see any form of my Titans on television, and at first glance, Raven is probably not the first character I would chose to build a tv series around.

    However, this is very interesting. This could be VERY GOOD…if done properly. Yes, she is a lesser known character…but her origin is a lot more interesting than a most other characters out there. As a matter of fact, her origin alone could comprise an entire 22 episodes of a season because of all the intricacies involved or just a couple episode story arc.

    But, by done correctly, I do believe that with her series, it would have to have the perfect supporting cast which is why I do think, however, the fan who said if this is set in college or in high school, her friends would have to be a big part of the show.

    Whether it comes out they have powers or not, I do believe her friends have to be Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Wally West, Victor Stone, Garfield Logan, and Kory Anders. The show can focus on Raven (Rachel Roth) but her friends HAVE to be involved.

    • Agree! In all what you wrote (except the thing that she wouldn’t have been your first choice)
      Of course just her origin would give to a complete season, and obviously her friends have to be involved, in some part, but they have to….

  5. I would really like that raven would have her own show. I’m actually really excited about that. I would be watching it and raven is a very interesting person to know about. I would like to see it in screen. I hope it comes true. I would tell my friends about it. ohhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited. She is my favorite.!!!!!

  6. I would want raven on tv. Since somepeople say shes unknown thats why she needs to have her own series. Shes my favorite and I am a fan too. I LOOOOOVE THE IDEA!!!! and I very alot of people will be interested in learning about raven. I really hope she has her own series. I would be watching it. Including tell my friends about it. And it would be a change and not about vampires. I really admire raven.:]

  7. raven is a great idea! it would be very different and i think if they do a good job making it, lots of people would love it! also maybe the younger version of her might be a good idea

  8. I agree with Serina.^ Teen titans was AMAZING! they should create a t.v. show for raven. people say she isnt known, so if they do make a show she will be known. (well get to know) and if they make a show for raven that could increase the population for teen titans and they might make a season 6!!!!! that would be awesome and amazing!!!

  9. they should do a raven show and as the seasons go on, they should introduce the titans one by one. that would make the show last longer and keep people watching! then, after u add all the characters of teen titans, they have the show back!!! I would watch it EVERYDAY!!!!!

  10. this would be absolutely BRILLIANT. Insane good!!!! I’d watch this all the time! Major fan of Raven :D Smallville? Not so much. This would be EPIC. Like, watch five thousand times- go on for seven hundred seasons – good!!!!!! MUST HAPPEN!!!!!!!

    • Totally agree. But I also fear the adaptations they may do. I mean, sometimes they totally changes the characters. :/

  11. I’ve been fan of that character for a while (7 years) so when I read the rumor of the series I felt mixed feelings. You should guess why, first excitement because of her recognition as a worthy character, and then some fear because of what could be done to her. Of course, I will watch the series!! and not miss an episode, yes I love her that much.

    • This is a must! Raven effectively merges the spiritual/supernatural with the old-fashioned super hero genre. This is the 2012 and beyond version of superheroes.

  12. if they get the right actress I can get behind this. Wonder Woman is a complete and utter lost cause. NBC is the kiss of death. No Superhero series has ever lasted longer than a season in the modern age of television. Even the far superior Flash TV series on CBS was gone very fast.

    WB is a must for this TV show to succeed.

  13. Best made ​​a series of teen titans but with real people, or continue with the sixth season as the left half …


  15. I think they should do it. Im a massive fan of Raven as well. If they could cast it properly and keep very close to the teen titans animated series, not copy it but keep the basic character components. ie seeing the black energy when she is using her telekensis, be able to turn into a black raven when her soul seperates, and keep her teen titans powers. And she deffo needs the hood, how else is she going to cover half her face so we can only see her eyes and bottom half of her face? I would watch the show all the time. Raven is the most interesting character in DC (in my opinion) becuase shes evil by birth right, born only to be a portal so Trigon can take over the world, but good by choice but still very dark and distant and has the most potential background information which i would like to see in the show. She will also have to be witty and sly like she is in the teen titans. Maybe they can get Tera Strong (voice of Raven in animated series) to play her. Goth her up a bit make her look a bit younger. Im not a big fan of comics and superheros and i dont know a great deal but Raven is by far my favorite character and i think they nailed it in teen titans series. The question is, would they change her costume from the animated series?

  16. This would make me a happy camper indeed. I have always been a fan of Raven.

  17. AHHHHH! yes please! let raven be in it :) i would def. watch it :) i love her and her personality and i think she is VERY interesting :) i am a big fan and the frst time i saw her in teen titans i just fell in love :) lol but hopefully they do put her on :) i honestly think with people who like raven and like the one girl said to bring the other characters one by one then that owuld last longer and just a suggestion you should get the ideas from the tv show AND the comics and that would be a good mixture :)

  18. I just think they should make a teen titans show that’s very similar to the cartoon series. Or a comeback of the cartoon where Terra comes back evil.

  19. I’m not hating on Raven or anything but I like all the Titans.

  20. I think this would be an interesting TV series. I will miss the other Titans though, so it would be awesome to add them or something. (There can’t be a show without a bit of romance between Raven and Beast Boy, could there? Lol.) Hopefully this is a for sure thing, because I would definitely watch this show.

  21. I’m going to be honest – I like raven, but the other thing about her is that while we origins are interesting, her real character comes out during the her stay with the Teen Titans. I wouldn’t mind a series about her, but that would have to mean that they would have to include the rest of the titans as well – and NOT have her end up with Beast Boy this time!! The drama would have to also come from not only her origins or her father, but of her unrequited love for Robin as he loves her on a brother/sister level but always loved Starfire. So, in short, if they want to do a series on Raven, okay, but they would have to include everything about her and about her relationship with the titans and her family. And, to be honest, with how Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and other shows slowly losing popularity, I’m a little too nervous for this

  22. I grew up with Teen Titans and I am so excited to for this show. C’mon we all know it’s gunna happen ;D Raven was my favorite character in the Cartoon Network Series and still is. They’re currently playing the Teen Titans on Boomerang. I watch it every night xD

    • I am not such a big fan of superhero lore, but Teen Titans caught my attention and Raven was my favorite character. I speak for the future show of her own because it would appeal to both superhero fans and people who apreciate a good dark fiction movie like myself. I live in Ukraine, not a country were generations grew on DC and Marwel stuff, but I think the show will be commercialy successful in post-soviet coubtries as well.

  23. Of all the characters in Teen Titans, I couldn’t pick a better character to make a show about. Her character is often overlooked despite the depth and potential of her story. I’m really excited and I hope it goes far!!

    • I would love to see a RAVEN Show that one specific character was the only reason why i watched teen titans because she’s wasn’t like everyone else and Lee Thompson Young from season five episode 15 i think did pretty well with the Justice League version of Cyborg I would love to take a deeper look of that as a Show I was big fan of Jet Jackson just never showed much of action but over all “RAVEN Go”!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The only thing I ask is that this show be more American Horror Story less twilight! Raven is awsome she deserves something well done and edgey