Ratings: ‘Smallville’ Flying High, ‘FlashForward’ Losing Viewers

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smallville flashforward Ratings: Smallville Flying High, FlashForward Losing Viewers

With November sweeps and the World Series both starting last week, it causes a strange effect in television ratings. While November sweeps is supposed to bring in high ratings, the World Series always cuts into their usual audience as we’re seeing with ABC’s much touted drama, FlashForward. The new series created by David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga saw its lowest ratings last week and conversly, this past week Smallville saw their highest ratings since the ninth season began.

Still, can the World Series really account for all these ratings fluctuations? As a fan of Smallville, I make sure to always tune in, but even with the show being able to pull in 2.6 million viewers; it’s still down over 1 million viewers from last season. When Smallville made the move to Friday night, The CW was putting their veteran series up against the powerhouse that is CBS’s Friday night line-up. Since the Kryptonian visitor has been able to hold its own on the toughest night of the week, I have a feeling that Mr. Kent may receive another season order.

That is something, sadly, Dollhouse will unlikely be given as FOX’s decision to replace Dollhouse for the month of November with reruns of their number one rated medical drama, House. While the rerun of the two-hour series premiere received marginally more viewers than Dollhouse in that time slot, it was still bested by Smallville.

Alright, enough of the Smallville talk. While I could go on forever, we’ve got to get down to the nitty-gritty; what is up with FlashForward? Is this show on the decline? Will we even make it to the April 29, 2010?

flashforward promo00 Ratings: Smallville Flying High, FlashForward Losing Viewers

ABC has been promoting FlashForward for as long as I can remember (My memory only goes back about a year). They’ve been setting this series up to be the replacement for Lost and if you looked at the premiere, you might think they were correct.

The series premiere pulled in 12.45 million viewers but as the sixth episode just aired, the latest episode received just 9 million viewers. I know that no one expects any series to retain 100% of their premiere audience, but I have a feeling that this has less to do with the World Series and more to do with what’s going on with show itself.

Since the news of FlashForward being down in the ratings, discussions behind-the-scenes at Screen Rant have been back and forth trying to figure out why exactly the show is losing viewers. Some people think it’s because of the direction that they’re taking the show, some people think that it’s the long, artificially drawn-out storylines, but almost everyone agrees that something’s up – we just can’t put our finger on it.

Not yet at least.

So, I pose the question to you, the reader; What is up FlashForward? Are you happy with the show the way it is and the way they’re taking it? Is there anything that you’re not enjoying? Do you think that this show will be able to reach the three to five year mark needed to tell the entire tale?

Let’s hear it!

(I’m not trying to leave all you Smallville fans out, so if you want to throw in some fist pumps, go for it. Also, if anyone wants to mention how great last weeks Supernatural was, I just might have to agree with you.)

supernatural1 Ratings: Smallville Flying High, FlashForward Losing Viewers

If you want to make it to April 29, you better tune in to FlashForward Thrusdays at 8PM on ABC.
Fans of the blue blur tune into Smallville Fridays at 8PM on The CW.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter & The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. The show is not bad but is presented at a snails pace. I think the audience would be a little happier if each episode didn’t always end in some sort of cliff hanger. Small plot points and back story could be wrapped up per episode. Take it easy on the flashbacks we don’t need to see the same ones all the time. This show still has promise but still falls far short of the book. I suggest the show runners plan on a three year run. Should they not make it they could do the remainder of the story as a mini series or TV movie.

  2. The pilot episode was just a very long (and exciting) version of the trailer. It’s really gone downhill since. Also can’t put my finger on it, I just think no one really cares anymore – not about the characters who are all just l.a.m.e. and not about the blackout itself.
    If I may compare it to Lost, and although I don’t think Lost’s first season was that great (giving us no answers and all), the elements that they put in that show were great. An island, the others, a repeating radio message, polar bears, the hatch, finding yourself stranded on an island you can’t leave… FlashForward just has the 2 minute 17 seconds blackout, and the only question is: why?
    Okay, now we know people are behind it, and no aliens, but do we really care anymore? There was a blackout, let’s move on. Now if we were given hints of the goal of the global blackout, the reason why the baddies have done this, then… Who knows.
    Of course, Joseph Fiennes is not a leading man, and none of the other players are really interesting. It’s all ‘what do I do with my flash forward? Will it come true?’ emotional nonsense.

  3. In my opinion, ABC once again has a great idea, great cast, and a good story line but they simply SCREW IT UP. I read the book after seeing a few episodes, and was surprised that were only alike in the premise of the story. I figure that they were trying to beef it up, and more suspense, drama, etc. which is fine. But it seems to me that something is missing.

    Yea I agree (Docktorwu), snails pace it surely is and they could spread out the cliffhangers, ugh, that does get old.

    I think now I’m watching the show only because I want to see what the writers came up with in respect to the storyline of the book. And I am starting to get annoyed with what/how things are going with the idea of the “conspiracy” or whatever you want to call it.

    I just don’t see how they could get a 3-5 year show out of this though. Maybe I am missing something here, but if it’s going to take that long to get anywhere, I’m done. I know everyone likes 24, but I had to stop watching it because it was taking SO LONG to get anywhere in the story at the beginning. And then I went back after I watched the first season back to back. Same here, if they are going to DRAG and DRAG out the story …forget it. I’m not that much into self-flagulation

  4. FF is dropping in popularity because Feines is such a horrible and over the top actor. Not every comment and every scene needs to be so epic and make us watch him stretch his acting talent. He looks like Steven Segal every time he’s on screen with that scowl. He and his wife are completely unbelievable as a married couple. Maybe this show just needs to lighten up some and be a little more fun and not take itself so serioiusly.

  5. i like the show so far i just hope they speed it up a little.

  6. The show is great other than it moves very slow. Also they are giving us other characters and not developing them, like the guy from Friday Night Lights I want to know what is up with him.

    If they could just speed it up it would be a perfect show.

  7. So happy to see Smallville doing so well in spite of being moved to a death time slot!
    Season 10 here we go!!!!!!!!
    I like Flashforward too, but it just doesnt seem to hold my attention and the characters are so banal.


  9. I can’t tell you why it’s down in ratings but I can tell you why I am NOT watching this (or any other new series). Simply put I have had it with network TV. They either cancel a show before it finds an audience or they keep it on the air until it has become a plodding mess barely resembling what it started out as. I am done with watching a series faithfully only to have it cancelled with no wrap up whatsoever. It used to be that when a show was cancelled you at least got a final episode now you are just left with a cliff hanger and a big FU. To add injury to the insult we are subjected to constant commercial interruptions and animated pop up ads during the show. If a show stays on the air a few seasons I will check it out on DVD.

  10. Well I guess it’d be better if it was going at a quicker pace but honestly I’ve quite enjoyed it since the premier. Although the acting seems very sporadic, especially the main character. Sometimes it’s some good acting and the person he’s with seems to have good chemistry, but other times it’s awkward and just seems out of place. Although the main actor seems a bit sporadic all over the place, I think the bulk of the awkwardness is when he’s with his wife although that has been slowly improving since the premier. I’m guessing they just need to find a good chemistry together and it seems as though they’re slowly moving in the right direction.

    Surprisingly I think the best acting so far has been from the actor who played Harold in the “Harold and Kumar” movies, can’t remember the guys real name.

  11. I agree with what’s said they need to pick up the pace,if it’s going to take 3 years before anything special happens i can’t see people stayin with it,they should just bring back terminator SCC it was surprisingly good.

  12. Simply put, I watched the pilot and wasn’t impressed. It had potential, sure, but for some reason the pilot just never gave me that “Oh my gosh, I must know what happens next” feeling. Coupled with some bad word of mouth from people I trust and that was all the excuse I needed to not waste my time on it. Maybe it got better in later episodes, maybe it didn’t, I don’t know. All I know is, I’ve no interest in watching it and from what I’ve heard, I’m not alone.

    I read the plot synopsis of the book on Wikipedia and it certainly seemed like a good book that I might check out one day.

  13. Basically?

    Needs more Cho.

  14. FF is way to slow in the story telling and seems to be getting slower. It took till episode 4 or 5 before they mentioned the fact that 20 million people had died.
    I can tell you the big thing that most of you can’t put your finger on. It’s the fact that there is no bad guy or group yet. There is no antagonist to draw on. Sure there is some innuendo,But even that is so slow to come to play.
    Every week so far the viewers are treated like mice. Waiting for a tidbit of cheese, but so far the show is not giving hardly any cheese. Instead we get empty promises.
    Its really sad when the previews of next weeks show gives you the same amount of information as the entire episode.
    I can’t see how they will make this last 1 season, much less 2.

  15. I was under the assumption that Flash Forward would only be 1 season like Life On Mars, with the final episode being April 29.

    It is encouraging to see Smallville get better ratings. If there was only way to include torrent downloads into the rating system, many people do not get the CW on their cable/satellite systems.

  16. @Steve

    Torrent Downloads wouldn’t count since ratings are all about advertising and people don’t see the intended advertising when torrenting. Even people with DVR get ads (even if they do mostly skip past them) and they generally don’t count them as legitimate ratings either.

  17. I find it interesting that the last week’s episode of Flash Forward was down in ratings considering, to me at least, it was just where things started to go somewhere. Flash Forward was chasing its tail for a little while there and then the dog actually began to start chasing something else so it’s rather disappointing that people are tuning out. I didn’t think that Flash Forward was going to keep so many viewers; they didn’t keep the pace fast enough for 12 mil. to stay interested. But I’m in the 9 mil. wondering where the hell this takes us.
    By the way, I’d like to mention how F’nick great last week’s Supernatural was. ;)

  18. agreed, sometimes the drama angst angels shown with the lead thread are simply overdone. Maybe it’s a case where less is more, when you have so many possible threads to follow that I find myself more engaged when they go off the main storyline. It would seem that with something of this import that post the assassination attempts that there would be some serious red flags going up and thus getting more government intervention going on, not less.

  19. I have followed along FF a lil bit and it seems fairly decent to me. Ill tune in every now and then. but Smallville actually got very interesting last week with Oliver’s new side kick. Not to mention a possible love triangle evolving and the much awaited Lois and Clark kiss!!!!

  20. So…

    Does that mean everyone’s saying that J.J. Abrams is the only person allowed to make long, drawn out television series that take forever to explain anything?

    Also, @IQ

    I agree with you. Last weeks Supernatural was great!

  21. they need to make things move along 6 episodes in and it feels like we are still in episode 2 it’s time to pick up the pace big time. with smallville just keep doing what there doing it’s to good now and some how they keep getting better.

  22. It’s the typical American viewer “I want it now” mentality. “It doesn’t move fast enough”. So!? Who wants to watch something where everything is revealed in the first season? What’s the point in going on to the next season? Why do we have to have instant gratification about everything? Can’t we just enjoy a good mystery and wonder for awhile “I wonder what that’s all about?” Not in America. Entertainment has to be now and it has to have it’s purpose now. It moves “slow” because it’s moving like a novel. You have to go through some of the less fast-paced details to sometimes frame the content of the book.

    I think Flash Forward is great, a breath of fresh air from the not-so-witty garbage that makes up the rest of Television. The “epic” scenes and episodes show that the creator’s are taking care and putting effort into a show…not just putting it together and putting whatever to air. Yeah, maybe the acting needs work, but it’s only acting. Can’t we just enjoy the story and effort put into it? No wonder most of TV is garbage. All america wants is thoughtless, mindless TV.

  23. It’s a shame that Smallville doesn’t have that many viewers this season because it’s shaping out to be one of the best seasons.

    So if this is Smallville’s last season (after watching this season thus far I really hope not) they do look to go out with a bang.

  24. I really don’t like the main actor. The FBI guy. He is bad. He makes stupid facial expressions. And looks too intense all the time, even when he is trying to convey emotions that are totally not intense. It is like he has one setting.

    That honestly makes me like it less. And I think there is the pacing thing as others have said.

    I always DVR it on Thursdays, and forget to watch it until like Sunday. I sort of put off watching. I know I will enjoy when I do, but I don’t look forward to it.

    Probably not a good sign. I do want to make it to April though.

  25. I watch something else during the Flash Forward time slot so I did DVR it. I watched a couple of episodes and it didn’t keep my interest enough to keep watching.

    I do watch Smallville on a regular bases and they are having a fantastic season. I really hope they will get a season 10.

  26. I think that real problem with FlashForward is that they haven’t grounded me in rooting for anyone. The mythology isn’t strong enough to pull me in and they don’t spend enough time getting to know any character to care. Essentially I should be hoping for Mark and Penny… er Olivia … to stay happy but I’d rather know what their kid saw. I don’t care that Mark might start drinking again of if his sponsor finds his kid.

    It’s a lot like what happened last year with the beginning of Fringe. Maybe they need to pick up the pace like Fringe did and give me some rooting interest or grounding in the characters…

  27. I’m really sick of critics and columnists and people like everyone who has posted before me, saying the show isn’t moving fast enough. First of all, it IS, and second, there has only been SIX episode. Where has patience gone? So many things have been answered already. Every week a new part of Mark’s board is revealed. If you’re upset about what caused the blackout, or Suspect Zero or D. Gibbons, that’s just impatience. Do you really expect the biggest answers to be revealed so soon? It’s hypocritical that LOST fans have stuck around til the end but are already criticizing this show. Yes, I agree that some acting has been stale (Fiennes mostly) and out of place characters (Bryce, Nicole) but if you choose to focus on the little things then you’re just asking for disappointment. This show is well written, has mostly very good acting, it’s handled well by the producers, it looks and sounds beautiful, and it has promise. If you don’t have patience you shouldn’t even be watching TV. The point of a weekly series is getting you to come back for more. Apparently none of you can do that. Stick to movies if you want a short and sweet story wrapped up in about two hours.