Rapper The Game To Play B.A. Baracus In The A-Team?

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There’s been a lot of casting rumors flying around about the upcoming A-Team movie. The only two castings that have been confirmed so far are Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper (playing Hannibal and Faceman, respectively). But probably the biggest role of interest (and the source of most of the A-Team rumors), is that of B.A. Baracus, the character made famous in the The A-Team tv show by Mr. T.

For some bizarre reason unknown to me (and I’m sure everyone else on the face of the Earth), rappers have been the rumored candidates to play B.A. (Ice Cube and Common were notable ones that turned out to be false).

Sadly, the rapper/B.A. Baracus rumors continue…

Blackfilm is reporting as an exclusive from, “a very highly reliable source in the entertainment industry,” that the rapper known as The Game is currently being considered for the role of B.A. Baracus. There’s no details on his consideration other than, well, he’s being considered. But it can be speculated that they’re looking for another notable rap figure to fill the spot after Common signed on to the Queen Latifah sports film Just Right, which clashed with The A-Team shooting schedule.

The Game is, of course, a 29 year old Grammy-nominated rapper who made his feature film debut opposite fellow rapper-turned-actor Tyrese Gibson in Waist Deep. Ironically, he also appeared (albeit in a small role) alongside former B.A. Baracus candidate Common in Street Kings last year. I must confess I’ve not seen either of those movies, but I’ve been told that The Game basically played himself in both (I dread to think that would be the case with the B.A. role if he were to get it).

Is it fair to bash The Game without him having a real chance to prove himself onscreen? Maybe it’s not fair to attack him personally (he may be the next Robert De Niro, who knows), but we can question the general idea of having a rapper play Mr. T’s legendary role. Is there some special quality a rapper has that screams “This is the new B.A Baracus!” to the studio? Or are they just trying to snag the rap demographic?

I am cautiously looking forward to The A-Team movie, especially since they cast Neeson and Cooper (the latter was awesome in The Hangover recently). I just hope this new rapper casting “news” turns out to be false, and they get someone completely different for the role (hint: not a rapper!).

What do you think of The Game being a candidate to play B.A. Baracus in The A-Team movie?

The A-Team is slated for a June 11th, 2010 release.

Sources: Blackfilm and /Film

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  1. Mr.T = B.A. Can I just leave it at that?

  2. WHAT??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    This is the kind of horsesh*t I’ve been ranting about for months!!! Everthing has to be more marketable to the 6-16 yr old, MTV reality show bred, axe body spray wearing, wanna be ubonics jabbering, pop culture audience, prettier and let’s face (no offence) gayer. Most everyone who gives a damn about this project has said Kimbo(if anyone but Mr. T himself) or Terry Crews should be the new BA. But kimbo isn’t apparently cute enough, or docile enough for the cokeheads to get on their casting couch. I actually had a glimmer of hope about this film. If this is true it’s gone and I beg everyone reading this to boycott the project as well. before Mr. T became clubber Lang nd then B.A. he was regarded as the baddest ass (real life, not make believe rap guy created and marketed by some nebish little, coked up white agent in some Burbank office) bodyguard in the nation, a winner of tough guy contests and someone who really grew up on the meanest of Chicago’s streets as a boy. A Kimbo or Terry Crews or even that crazy assed Rampage Jackson would have meant they are at least trying to capture some of that from the series. Nope!! Even if the juice up The Game which i have no doubt they will as it seams to be ok for rap guys to take all the steroids they want in hollywood with absolutely no scrutiny, this is going to be so wooden, so pre packaged, so mtv – unreality-axe body spray, flamboyantly gay (no offence) modern pop culture hollywood’s broadway musical idea of tough guys

  3. I’d love Michael Clark Duncan, Ving Rhames is as old as Mr. T
    Even 50 cent would be better as he seems like a decent guy and has acted. My problem is a couple of NYU, douches at some Malibu Bistro have decided to not even thinnly veil the direct marketing of this film make to the ubonics speaking, crooked hat wearing, white teen growing up in affluent suburbs with absolutley no future, glued to MTV, pencil thin goutee, Affliction shirt wearing, dummies.

    It’s called screen rant. Grow up sonny boy

  4. If this is true then there goes all excitement I had for this film.

  5. I must agree with you Matt. Why Hollywood all of sudden thinks rappers make good actors is beyond me. Oh wait, maybe it’s because they lip sync all their “music” while performing on stage? Now to be fair, if this is true I hope he does a good job with the character, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no freakin’ RAP CRAP in the soundtrack. Although we know it will be. This movie is going from my anticipated list to my apathy list very quickly.

  6. I’m 17, a high school teenager and i dont even like the idea of rappers having roles in movies when they cant act… kind of like how i dont like how they get record deals with little to no talent.

  7. Crap like this makes me embarrased to part of the human race. Oh don’t worry Lord Garth I’m boycotting this crapfest !!!!!!!!

    But I have to ask when is NikelBag, PoopDoggy, Little Skank, WifeBeeter, OJ-D, SiteMap, ExhibitHall, Ballroomz, Businezz Bobby, Shakes the Houze, Stuupidd Moe-on, Chaka, WallBoard Willz, Stinky Mark, Penniez, White-T-Shirt, Puck Daddy, DeathAngelDeath, Dork-I-am-Nat, Paper Towelz, The Floor, Water Cuppin, and Bag of Dimes, gonna get there chance!!!

  8. Stinky Mark sounds superb – he’s a shoe-in for the mutant cab driver in the Total Recall remake I reckon.

  9. Johnny Cab!!!!!

    Yeah I can totally see him in that role, Big D,,,,

  10. “I got a wife and three kids to feed my brotha”. :-)

  11. Please no rappers

  12. Please no A-Team remake.

  13. @790 didn’t he said “I got a wife and four kids to feed”


    i agree with Rhaemye, Mr.T = BA Baracus. :)

  14. You maybe right Caroluz, you maybe right…

    Haa haaaaa,,,,, :-)

  15. Being a fan of Hip=Hop (not rap) there are very good MCs that are good actors, for example Ice Cube.
    There is a huge difference between HipHop & Rap, like there is to Rock & Pop-Rock.
    That being said, GAME JUST SUCKS!!! He is a trash rapper, only came to be because of 50 Cent, somewhat Blood affiliation and his image.
    There is only one candidate right for this role, Michael Jai White.

    Lord Garth “white teen growing up in affluent suburbs with absolutley no future, glued to MTV, pencil thin goutee, Affliction shirt wearing, dummies.” Haha, so true! So true!

  16. A Team will join my list of unnecessary TV remakes like Starsky & Hutch, The Saint, and SWAT

  17. From what I’ve seen,The Game can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag.

  18. As far as the A-Team goes, I’m not too sure. I am really happy that Bradley Cooper is going to be Face. That is perfect casting right there. Liam Neeson as Hannibal? I’m really curious though. I can’t see Qui Gon Gin as Hannibal. I thought George Clooney was supposed to play that character. Anywho, as for B.A, if Mr. T doesn’t take the role which I think would be the obvious choice, Terry Crews works for me. And what about “Howling Mad” Murdock? Jim Carrey anyone?

  19. Jim Carrey = Murdock …
    works for me :)

  20. there is only one person that can play B.A KIMBO SLICE he is the perfect person at the right time if they are going to do this

  21. Three words people “Michael Jai White”… NUFF SAID he has the build and the look for B.A. Baracus

  22. For Mad Murdock give me your opinion on Jack Black. Oh, and definitely Terry Crews for BA Barracas.

  23. @heath
    Not a bad choice, but truthfully, I could more see Jim Carrey in that role, even though I know he’s too old for it. For B.A., I agree that Terry Crews could pull it off

  24. I’m with Bishop Way on this, Michael Jai White all the way.

  25. Kimbo slice is the obvious choice to play BA

  26. For those who are hating, and don’t want to see rappers on the big screen.. I got two words for you… [no not those words].. these.. WILL SMITH!!!!