Stallone Not Making Rambo 5?

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rambo5 Stallone Not Making Rambo 5?

Sylvester Stallone had been talking up Rambo 5 for quite some time. There were reportedly two potential plots under development and it sounded as if Stallone was preparing to shoot the film later this year – once his work on The Expendables was complete.

Now, we’re hearing that Stallone will not be making Rambo 5!

Sheryl Main, the publicist for The Expendables has been keeping a blog chronicling the development of the star-studded film (which opens this summer) – and  she appears pretty close to the Stallone camp. Main recently posted the following comment on her blog – a comment that appears to state that there will be no more missions for John Rambo:

“A few months ago I mentioned Sly dropped a bombshell…that bombshell was…no Rambo 5…when he decides what his next move is I will update…”

Now, this may not mean that the Rambo franchise is dead and buried – but Stallone isn’t getting any younger (he’s now 63).

If The Expendables is a hit, Stallone has mentioned that he’d want to make a sequel or two. Since the new franchise covers similar ground as Rambo, it makes sense that he’d want to give his new baby some room to grow. After all, this isn’t the 1980s and there’s only so much audience out there for old-school action. In addition, more Expendables movies also means that Stallone doesn’t have to carry the films on his own – meaning that, as he ages, he can hand over more and more screen time to his younger cast-mates.

When Rambo 5 was first rumored it allegedly revolved around human trafficking in Mexico. Later, when Stallone first talked about the film, the slant was a little different –  the project was then being called The Savage Hunt. The new plot brought Rambo into science fiction territory as he hunted down a genetically modified super-soldier.

the savage hunt Stallone Not Making Rambo 5?

When fan reaction aired on the negative side, the plot was switched back to the Mexican storyline – and The Savage Hunt plotline was set as a film outside of the Rambo universe.

It’s possible Stallone has decided to move forward with production on The Savage Hunt instead of Rambo 5. After all, the actor hasn’t really delved into science fiction since – not since the ill-fated Judge Dredd in 1995 (I’ll not mention Spy Kids 3D). Then again, he might also produce his Death Wish remake (which has long been in development) or his Edgar Allan Poe biopic that was, at one point, set to star Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

Are you happy or disappointed that Stallone appears to have “retired” John Rambo? What should the actor/producer work on next?

Source: EthelMae’s Blog via Moviehole

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  1. Honestly I think that was a good choice. John Rambo ending scene was perfect to end the series.

    • i think they should make a son of Rambo and Stallone could direct it and write it of course( not to be be confused with son of rainbo) maybe he had a son inbetween parts 2 and 3. its not a great idea, but i definitly dont want it to end. If he had a son, think about how he would be portraited in nowadays as a 24 year old unstoppable killing machine;just like Rambo. A whole new line of knives and weapons and not to mention the bad ass missions Stallone could come up with. Im sure he has all kinds of story lines packed away in his own pandoras box. but if it doesnt happen, i really enjoyed the last rambo. i think everybody who stared in it did an excellent job. it was an awesome way to show the end to his journey.

  2. I have yet to see the last Rambo movie that came out 2008,but from what I hear Stallone delivered as this older,grizzled green beret.I plan on seeing it for myself,but previews look violent and honestly amazing.Concerning the Rambo 5 sequel,I would say I'm kinda disappointed.I love Stallone as an actor and action star,and I think one more movie in the Rambo franchise would have been nice to see and have,but the common sense kicks in.
    At the age of 24,I have seen many of the 80s and 90s movies,and they have an aspect of action and quality that just doesnt match todays generation.Stallone is getting up there now,despite his still awesome physique(for a man at any age),the larger audiences don't appreciate the Rambo movies like my age group and older.They regard them as old or the movie sucks b/c it lacks CGI,rather look at the badass quality of a man who could honestly just hang up his action boots for good.I would have loved to have seen a new Rambo,but I think its best the movie doesnt come out,and focus on The Expendibles and The Savage Hunt,rather than Rambo 5 possibly being a dud.Just my opinion

  3. I think Stallone should keep making action movies ( or almost any kind of movie )
    but Rambo should be retired.

  4. This makes me sad. Rambo is pretty much my favorite action character ever (John 'Die Hard' Mclane is in a category to himself, for fairness' sake).

    Sad to hear that we probably won't see anything new.. even if Stallone is on the wrong side of 60 (60?! Rambo?!). But at least they're ending the franchise on a high note, after Rambo 4.

    Hopefully The Expendables lives up to what I'm expecting. Cause what I'm expecting is some 1980s style badassery, with almost every action star worth having on board.

  5. Maybe he will maybe he won't, sheesh it has become abundantly apparent that Sly Stallone doesn't know what he's going to be doing and I'm done trying to guess how it can be made to work. Call me when the clapper comes down on the first scene of, whatever it is he's making…

  6. I think Stallone is making the right descion.In the last film he brought closure to Rambo as well as he did to Rocky Balboa in that franchise's last film,their isn't any need for another film concerning those characters.

  7. In my opinion that´s good news.

  8. My feelings EXACTLY.

  9. I was lookin forward to one more Rambo film, but i agree the last film was great and ended with a good ending to the series. I cant wait to see my three favorite action stars in the same film together even if its a cameo scene in The Expendables. Does Anyone know if Britney Murphy finished her scenes before her death? I read somewhere her character was written outta the finished film.?

  10. I'll be sooo surprised if he manages to create third successful character for himself with the Expendables… I mean, probably only Harrison Ford created two memorable characters beside Stallone, and now he's trying to pull off the third one with yet another franchise.

    BTW thanks for reminding about that ridiculous Rambo V idea, I already forgot about it since the time it had been announced :D

  11. Nope, I'm very disappointed in Stallone for axing the final Rambo….we were all really looking forward to it!! I'm happy The Expendables is coming, but to say he's calling it quits & canceling the next Rambo is terrible news!! Disappointed beyond words right now In Sly for this!!

  12. To me it makes perfect sense to retire Rambo and try and build a new series of movies to make himself current again by working with some big names to share the load. Don't get me wrong because I liked the Rambo movies but there comes a time when everyone has to move on and if Stallone carried on making more Rambo's he would end up an action hero relic trading on the popularity of his older movies rather than something new.

  13. I LOVE the Rambo character, and I think Stallone did a great job in the 2008 Rambo film. Stallone physically could pull off another, but I think the last one made a great book end, and he should let it rest. Rambo went home.

    Stallone has a lot of other projects he could do outside of his Rambo and Rocky characters. His 'Poe' project he's talked about for years, plus if the Expendables is a big hit, which I am willing to bet it will be $$$, he has a couple of sequels there as well. Maybe 2 or 3 really good action films before Stallone hits 70.

    70. Wow.

  14. I'm honest glad and sad at the same time. Glad to see Rambo get retired, with that perfect ending to the last movie. Sad simply because Rambo was retired, I loved all the Rambo's. But, as it has been mentioned, Sly still has tons of things to work on, The Expendables should be an awesome movie, and I really hope it becomes a franchise. Good bye Rambo.

  15. I was hoping he’d make at least one more. It’s not like nixing a fifth is going to keep the Rambo franchise from being “one sequel too many” anyway. We passed that point over twenty years ago. And while it had a nice epilogue, Rambo 4 didn’t really do that much with the character. It was essentially just a retread of Rambo 3′s story arc.

    Stallone seems to overthink himself too much these days, and places FAR too much importance on what fanboys think. He wanted to remake Death Wish, then changed his mind when it generated a negative response online. (Then he thought about doing it again, but ultimately decided not to.)

    He’s been talking about making (several) Rambo sequels since his publicity tour for Rocky 6. His reasoning was that Rambo was like a modern-day Tarzan who could still have adventures in his sixties. I happen to agree with him, since there’s a distinct lack of good action flicks nowadays.

    It’s ironic that this latest change of heart is likely inspired by the potential Exendables sequels.

  16. leave rocky and rambo alone, they ended on a high note …leave them be…..we need more Expendables
    i really hope this become the 3rd Sly franchise

  17. tis is so sad. we fans of rambo cant see an ending in rambo. hope stallone reconsider on tis.pls

  18. I have a crystal ball…and it is showing me that there will be another Rambo. Rambo has yet to come full circle and Rambo 5 will not only bring him home but the transformative story will also help redeem thousands of Vietnam vets and aid in their return home. There is a deep wound in this country as a result of the horrible way Vietnam vets were treated when they came home. Rambo 5 will give Vietnam vets the homecoming they’ve deserved all these years. Stallone must first heal some of his own wounds before he embarks on the Rambo 5 journey…and when he does he will have the inner freedom and strength to follow through on many of his passion projects. The result will be many great films and Stallone will finally be recognized for his talent, creativity and intelligence. Finding the “authentic” Rambo will help lead Stallone out of the dense forest of self doubt and confusion and help him to him find his power and set him free. Clue: The only path through the forest is through the loving and forgiving heart. God Speed Rambo and Sly!

  19. I am Sha…and made the previous comment. For some reason my full name was not recorded (it is Sharon A. Fox) anyway what my crystal ball also shows me is that Rambo 5 will have less emphasis on gratuitous violence and will be a return to the John Rambo we met in First Blood. Rambo 5 will be more character and story driven with a lot of action. And because it is such a wonderful and transformational story it will attract a lot of non-Rambo fans in addition to Rambo’s loyal fans. Many people will be pleasantly surprised and uplifted by the movie. In fact the movie will have an impact on helping to create some new laws and legislation that will have positive ramifications for our country. It will change the public’s opinion of Rambo forever…and non-Rambo fans will look at the lone wolf Vietnam vet as a hero and not the cartoon character he has become known as. And yes there will be a happy ending. My crystal ball is usually right…we’ll see.

  20. I’m very disappointed. I’d heard one of the plots would involve Rambo discovering he’d had a daughter and I was really looking forward to him finishing off the series with a family, or at least something resembling one. It would bring a nice close to the character’s less than peaceful history.

  21. I think this Rambo 4 is the end…coz the last scene was when he was entering the ranch..That’s the ending…but The “RAmbo: it self can replace by another hero, which has same character i guess…u know Rambo is high skilled soldier. I think if Sly wants to produce the action film, it has to be put the character like “him”…that’s the NEW RAMBO…with different plot, different line story but same character…I think it will interest the fans ?

  22. Rambo is an idea that can keep replenishing itself. So long as Stallone is capable of paying the physical price to show up in shape, he can play Rambo effectively. While men often lose speed, agility, and endurance with age, those who work out often retain surprising brute power into their 60′s and beyond.

    Look at Stallone in that last Rambo film. Sure, he’s not as fast or as chiselled-looking. But his torso and back looked like an Olympic weightlifter. Check out his back when he’s handling that mounted gun at the end. You don’t see that kind of muscle density unless a guy is hitting the iron pretty hard.

    Based upon that film, I’d say he has another one left in him, if he were to put in the necessary time in the gym. For a hero, it’s not about looking good at the pool. It’s about being brutishly strong, and Stallone definitely conveyed that sense of power in the last Rambo he did.Far more so than any of the young guys.

  23. There should of been 2 more sequels after RAMBO or part 4

    Considering the script is ready , the studios want it , just dosent make sence prehaps his been talked out or it who knows but id sey watch this film as if its his last because once he gets excited about another project his gonna forget about a sequel to The Expandables….

  24. I am very disappointed with the decision not to make a Rambo 5. Upon hearing this I almost lost it. This franchise has been stallones bread and butter for the last 20 years. He decided to make an additional Rocky movie. I feel it is only fair for him to make another Rambo. I dont care if he has to play the role in a f****** wheelchair. I will come and personally push his ass around all day on set. In other news

  25. OPPS like I was saying I think he should play Captain America. Cause honestly who would be a better captain america then John Rambo. MEH


  27. I think that the last Rambo movie endded wonderfully, I’ve never seen a series of movies end as well as it did, and if he changed his mind and decided to start up Rambo again it’d be hard to end it as well as he has so far, but I surely don’t think that he should stop making action films just because he is getting so old, I mean if anything he should make more than ever!, … an old person kickin’ ass! how encouraging and awesome is that!

    • Dan,

      Agreed. The last Rambo movie ended in a way that closed the book on the character beautifully, and IMHO we should leave that as the final film in the franchise.


  28. i would like to see him make rambo 5 theres nothing wrong with just one more

  29. Rambo IV was AMAZING! The Expendables was great! I hate the sci-fi idea! Just like Indiana Jones, it should be more “real”. I put real in quotes because it’s pretty obvious that no action movie is truly realistic but the bad guys need to be based on real people. It’s more satisfying when he kills them that way. I’m hoping he does about 3 more Rambo movies and a few more of the Expendables.