Rambo 5 Without Stallone?

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rambo Rambo 5 Without Stallone?

A few weeks ago it came to light that Sylvester Stallone wouldn’t be making Rambo 5 – despite two very different ideas about where to take the next film.

The curtains appeared to have closed on the Rambo franchise and Stallone seemed to be happy to move on to different projects.

However, that was before Rambo 5 posters started appearing at the Cannes festival – posters with Stallone’s legendary mug firmly established on the materials.

So what’s the story? According to AICN, Stallone was as surprised as everyone else:

“Stallone told me in no uncertain terms – At the end of JOHN RAMBO – when he sees his home, those horses and he looks back at that road… for Sly, that was a road he is never walking down again. In August, he’s doing an expanded edition of JOHN RAMBO that seems to be coming to Blu Ray and DVD – where he is putting back into the films – a few moments here and there that help with the finality of that film. Including a monologue, somewhere around the head of the film which will basically give everything John Rambo has left to say, that is, as of yet, unsaid.”

Seems pretty clear - John Rambo was the final chapter in the Rambo series and this next DVD release will tie up all loose ends and questions that fans have pondered since its release.

When Knowles broached the topic of the marketing posters appearing at Cannes, Stallone denied all knowledge, claiming that he didn’t know a thing about them. Knowles then asked the actor/director if there was a chance that the studio might be trying to raise funds to entice Stallone back into the Rambo fold.

Stallone’s reply was simple:

“Maybe, but it ain’t happening.”

ramboposter at cannes Rambo 5 Without Stallone?

The Rambo 5 Marketing Materials Featured at Cannes

Sly then went on to say that it looked like the studio could want to carry on with the Rambo series and character – without his involvement. According to Knowles, “Sly seems fine with that.”

It’s hard to imagine Rambo films made without Sylvester Stallone, but we live in a world where remakes and reboots are par for the course – so it looks like we just might see one.

Who would you guys like to see replace the legendary Stallone as John Rambo? Or do you think Stallone might be waiting to reveal his Rambo 5 involvement at a later date?

Source: AICN

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  1. I personally cringe at the idea of someone replacing Sly as Rambo given the fact that I , like most in my age group have grown up with Sylvester Stallone as Rambo. Let me put it this way…it would be akin to replacing Rocky Balboa. Nuff said

  2. im really not too fond of these seemingly endless reboots/remakes. that said, the idea that this beloved character were to be rebooted/replaced by someone else is just wrong. at the end of the last rambo, there was perfect closure to the series in my opinion. i do like the idea of Stallone twicking that film with more footage to tie up any loose ends, lets face it, the film was short LOL.

  3. Rambo V sounds intriguing. But how about Rocky 7


    Rocky dies, after relentlessly training and beating the guy who beat him in 6 to once again regain the world heavyweight title at the ripe ole age of 83.

    Rocky gets to heaven, but to get inside the gates he has to fight the vaunted GATEKEEPER… who looks like hulk, cept human skin and curly blond hair. When he gets there he sees Apollo and he explains that the bum isnt letting anybody in. needless to say rocky wins, and everyone gets into heaven, cept drago.. and barbara bush, cause they both killed a guy.

    • you should make a movie with Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and the rest of the unfunny bastards gang.


      • And Seth Rogen is the guy to beat to get into the gates. :-)

        • In his Green Hornet outfit…

  4. I never thought I could ever get used to seeing anyone other than Bill Shatner playing Captain Kirk .
    Chris Pine , in my opinion , has done an amazing job and that means a new version of Kirk can and will live on.

    How many actors have played James Bond ? and most of them are really good.

    Stallone may bring back Rambo again for ” ONE MORE ADVENTURE ” or he may just move on .

    Someone else will play Rambo one day.
    It might take 5 years , it might take 2 ; or they might reboot again in 18 months.
    The popular characters always come back ; sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn’t , but they always come back.

    • the star trek movie, was more about the origons, than a reboot, or a remake. now the whole idea of rebooting/remaking the wrath of kahn. thats just another bad idea LOL

  5. Yeah just remake the whole set of movies schedule the first one to release in 2035A.D.

  6. Or just make the film with a different character instead of Rambo.

  7. i think he’s putting on an act… literally.
    he seems to go with the talk, for instance, when people started speculating about the super solider plot he responded very quickly to make sure the misunderstanding was clear.

    my bet is if he doesnt act throughout the whole movie, he will have a cameo/ short appearance. if however he is in the whole movie, it might be about him training the next rambo, and thus setting things up for the studios ;)

  8. they could never replace stallone for rambo 5, hollywood need to pull there finger out and think of an original action character

    • I find it hard to think of anyone other that Sylvester Stallone playing Rambo. But at the same time if putting another actor in the part is the only way to keep Rambo alive it may have to be. My concern is that whoever is chosen IS the right person for the part.

  9. In the movie Rambo he didn’t do everything by himself, you can probably say that The expendabels is what Rambo V might of ended up looking like. However, if they decide to role with a Rambo V maybe he’s traying an elite group of soldiers, the top from the military branches Army, marines,ect. While on the training mission a top rank oficial is taken hostage, and they get called into action.

    • And call the movie Rambos. :-)

  10. All i gotta say is heck NO!!! to reboot this franchise. With all the remakes/reboots coming out already, its bad enough they would want to start rebooting franchises that starred the biggest action stars. If John Rambo is gonna be the last film, so be it and let the franchise be one thats laid to rest with a good name.

  11. Rambo is the new Trautman.

    (you haveta put on yer thinkin’ caps for that one folks)

    Seriously though, even Clint Eastwood knew when there was enough Dirty Harry pictures.

  12. I just don’t see it happening, Stallone won’t return to it and a Rambo movie without him is sure to bomb. I can’t even think of someone else who could take it over if they tried to turn a fifth movie into a prequel going back to before where it all started.

  13. Got to say the Rock, Dewan Johnson! No Funny Bizz just him in a role where he can lose controle and be an animale. No one els has the star power to do it and give respect to Stalone. But I would love to see Stalone come back and destroy some more sH*T

    • Dwayne the Rock Johnson is to busy screwing up his career with disney’s stupid movies

  14. the hollywood pukes are really starting to piss me off now I am getting sick and tired of all the reboot/remakes Sly is Rambo they can’t recast Rambo Sly is Rambo/Rocky/Cobra and yes I did add in Cobra I liked it thats like recasting any John Wayne role

    • Well, they did recast a John Wayne role; True Grit is coming out soon.

  15. A Rambo movie without Sly is NOT a Rambo movie.

  16. John Cena for Rambo V

  17. I’m sure the same conversations were happening with the first Superman movie, or even the last Superman movie. I too believe it’s too soon to recast this character but it will one day happen.

  18. Rambo with out Stallone Would suck as bad as the new nightmare on elm street did if not worse hollywood needs to give up on doing these stupit remake Friday the 13th HalloweenII , and Nightmare Remakes all sucked there is no one in hollwood that could become John Rambo I would’t even waste my money the point is no more remakes and Stallone is the 1 and only RAMBO.

  19. Stalone is like 65 and this series is not worth continuing

  20. How about a prequel. Tell the story of John Rambo when he was younger when he joined the military, at war, etc.

  21. To do a new Rambo you’ll have to start from the beginning with a new actor, that said. Or, just Sly sticking with Rambo V and ending it there, that said. No one, NO one, can be Rambo unless they start all over again. Sly will always be Rambo, Rocky just like William Shatner is Kurt! even though the star trek remake was good. All original actors should play their roles if not, start over with another, thats it!

  22. Sly in Rambo V? Nah.
    New actor “as” Rambo in V? Nah.
    How about making movies about the badasses he was trained with? You know, the guys that Rambo outlived?
    Rambo may have been the best in that group but it may have been by a very small margin…opens up the possibilities to many other characters to make.

  23. Yeah Lance73 and Ripper those could have possibilities. Watched the story about the returning soldiers of 3RD company from Afghanistan and Iraq on “Frontline” and all the problems the men have had and I got to thinking that perhaps a “Rambo” remake could be very successful. The story has become topical again.

  24. if you dont make the movie i will.