‘Rambo 5′ Still In the Works, Now Titled ‘Last Stand’

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rambo5 Rambo 5 Still In the Works, Now Titled Last Stand

Over a year ago we were bombarded with news of there possibly being a fifth Rambo movie – news that quickly transformed into a bizarre saga of rumors and misconceptions – and for once it wasn’t entirely the Internet’s fault.

It all started when it was announced that Rambo 5 had been greenlit. Then came a title (Rambo V: The Savage Hunt) along with a bizarre sci-fi/horror plot synopsis that involved Rambo and his young protege taking on a predatory monster created by government experiments. Before too long Stallone backed out, claiming there would be no more Rambo movies.

Despite that claim, promotional posters for Rambo V were displayed at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, and it was rumored that the studio could possibly make another Rambo without Stallone, either using the genetic monster story, or a previously rumored story involving Rambo fighting Mexican cartels. When that talk died down, it was then rumored that there could instead be a Rambo prequel, featuring a new actor playing a younger version of John Rambo. But that plan ultimately went nowhere as well.

And so, after that long and fruitless saga, talk about Rambo seemed to drop off…until now.

It now seems that Rambo 5 – now going by the title Rambo: Last Stand – is alive and well, after a conversation with Conan The Barbarian screenwriter Sean Hood revealed a juicy bit of info. As Hood told Fear Net:

I recently finished a first draft of Rambo: Last Stand (Rambo 5) for Millennium films, based on a story idea by Sylvester Stallone. Hopefully, Mr. Stallone will eventually have the time and the inclination to do another Rambo.

After this news hit the Interwebs, Empire did some fact-checking and discovered that not only was this a real thing, but that Stallone himself was involved in making it happen – despite his earlier claims that Rambo was done and over. As Sean Hood told Empire in reference to the matter:

“I met with Mr Stallone twice last year…He gave me a book, an older screenplay, and about twenty pages he’d written himself to use as inspiration for the last chapter of the Rambo saga…It’s more in line with the small-town thriller of First Blood.”

the expendables sylvester stallone rambo Rambo 5 Still In the Works, Now Titled Last Stand

Will Stallone return for 'Rambo: Last Stand'?

It’s made clear in the article that the cartel and monster plotlines originally rumored for Rambo 5 have indeed been scrapped and thrown out; whatever this new script is, we haven’t heard mention of the details and Hood isn’t giving them up at this juncture.

It’s hard to get too excited, or invest too much speculation and/or opinion in Rambo 5 right now – a lot of us already did that once, and look where it got us: nowheresville. It’s certainly good to hear that the creature-feature story has been tossed, though the cartel story had potential; the notion of what Rambo’s “Last Stand” will entail is also intriguing, as is the the question of how Hood’s script would tie the events of this (alleged) final film to the experience of First Blood.

I’m sure that these questions (and more) will soon be addressed (and hopefully answered) in the coming months. For now, are you happy that Rambo 5 is back on, or were you content to let the franchise end with part IV?

Sources:  Fear Net, Empire via The Playlist

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  1. I believe Rambo should have life with a wife and child who is friends with a great senator and his daughter and her friend gets kidnapped and he goes and successfully gets them and then end the movie Rocky ended on a good note so let Rambo do the same no more rocky movies !!!!

  2. Another Rambo movie would be awesome!

  3. Well i have a great idea for the movie, he have a sun also named johny shotnamed john hehe, they both go to vacation to japan sinds they both like vacation next to the jungle they go have some fun etc they meet some woman a older and younger one well ok a coincedende but the old rambo fels in love and the young ones are becoming good frind well ok boring but adventually while john[the old one] is taking a walk in the jungle ]a bad idea] they are taken prisenor by a group of japanese but it gets wurs the japanese camps also use ninja`s to protect the camp [before all that jacky chan or jet li trained the young rambo martial arts so he can free his father and girlfrind] so he goes to the camp and frees his father and his girlfrind ,the girlfrind of the young rambo is what a coincdence a special force trained soldier who helps the young rambo how to “blow” things outoff proportion u know blow up the camp and set some boobytraps while the young rambo fights off the red ninja`s and free them, well thats where the filmsmaker fills in my mistaken ideas but ,furthermore in the end the old rambo gets hit by some ninja stars and arrows and dies at the end blowing himself up to save his kid and young rambo want to be like his father and he goes training with the young rambo and the new young johny rambo is born…

    Hopefully i was not to boring but the old rambo must quit sometimes with all do respect.

    • well at the end i ment the young woman of the secret special forces trains the young rambo thats probertly the most funny part of the movie at the end!

  4. This is always a yes to me. Rambo is the man and he hasn’t diss appointed me yet. Bring it on dudes

  5. I am really excited about Mr. Stallone is planing on making another Rambo movie I with they will keep on with it but all good things got to come to an end.

  6. Are you kidding me? He’s nearly 70. He’s not believable as a tough guy anymore.

  7. I think it would be good to have another Rambo movie focusing on the last stand even though I could watch a dozen more but it wouldn’t go anywhere if Sylvester Stallone wasn’t Rambo. I think it would be great to start at his father’s ranch which is being abused by the Mexican cartel and then Rambo goes after the Cartel. it would need to have a Richard Crenna type character (probably impossible to find) an it might be god t end the movie with Rambo falling n love with a beautiful Mexican lady who has a son that Rambo adopts so a possible spin-off could happen.

  8. I don’t think they should come out with another Rambo movie. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be great but the last one I think ended the story well. It showed clips of colonel Trautman telling him he wouldn’t come to terms until he came full circle and at the end he did and he went home.

  9. It should not be a “prequel,” but take up right where No. 4 left off. Rambo comes back home. His father winds up being killed by some militia, Christian Identity, or rabid, misguided Tea Party group, and John gets back to kickin’ arse stateside. Get John Milius to direct it. I say have the antagonists be “right wing” archetypes because you can contrast a real “rugged” individualist (Rambo) against fake ones. Get 87 year old Harry Dean Stanton (if he is able) to play father Rambo.

  10. I grew up watching his movies. I love them all. I hope he gives us a new Rambo movie. I am sure we are all going to love it. I hope to watch him slaughtering drug cartells and human traffickers. I’d love to watch RAMBO kill such a type of criminals.

  11. 1. Too late not to get excited! Another Rambo movie would be awesome! I already have a date for whenever it comes out!
    2. Rambo must be played by Rambo. Rambo IS Rambo.
    3. No sci-fi — none of that unrealistic, made up stuff (because Rambo is totally realistic and believable :))
    4. Any future Rambo movies involving a son need to be played by my son :)

  12. I believe this should be the final one, and it should start with Rambo having a dream about nam. Rambo should go to Arlington to attend trautman’s burial; the passage in time from the last film should show Rambo married to that religious woman in the last film and with a 4 year old boy. Rambo should be reunited in some way with some of the characters of the past; like the kid in part 3 that him and trautman fought for, also bring back teasle from part one and have him and Rambo on the same side in some way at the conclusion of the final film.