Raimi and Maguire To Return For Spider-Man 4 (and 5)

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 23rd, 2014 at 12:33 pm,

spider man 4 5 Raimi and Maguire To Return For Spider Man 4 (and 5)

[Update: E! Online‘s Ted Casablanca reports that all talk on Spider-Man 4, as well as 5, is “jumping the gun” according to his sources. He adds that Tobey Maguire has not signed on to return calling the earlier claims “premature.” Although it appears Maguire will probably return. – Jamie.]

Despite the fact that it made $900 million, I’ve yet to meet a single person who actually liked Spider-Man 3. Hell, the audience I saw it with went full-on MST3K resulting in huge laughter during the midnight screening.

But since its release, there have been countless rumors regarding the future of the Spider-Man franchise. “Is Tobey Maguire going to stop playing Webhead?” and “What will Sam Raimi’s involvement be… if any?” were among the many questions asked by fanboys across the internet.

Now it looks like plans are under-way to get Webhead’s fourth cinematic outing to the silver screen ASAP.

According to Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood Daily, Sony has hammered out new deals for director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire to return for Spider-Man 4 among other things.

Even though most people would prefer her non-participation, Sony supposedly “would never recast” Kirsten Dunst as Spidey’s main-squeeze Mary Jane Watson. Although Finke was quick to point out no deal is in place for her yet – this despite the fact that her character will return.

“Once you find out who the villain is, you’ll know who’s playing it” says their source(s) regarding the identity of the next Spider villain. Um, okay. I would assume then they’re referring to Dylan Baker’s Dr. Conners. That’s the Lizard for all of you non-comic book readers out there!

And what about those rumors at the start of the summer of Spider-Man 4 and 5 being filmed concurrently? Apparently, Sony is considering it. While those God-awful Pirates of the Caribbean and Matrix sequels are not the best example of this, it did work for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Honestly, I find it hard to believe Sony is willing to fork all that money to Raimi and Maguire considering the reception of 3. I’m sorry, but this franchise needs new blood behind the camera. On the other hand, Jamie Vanderbilt is writing the script – the same guy who penned the most excellent Zodiac, which starred Robert Downey Jr.

Not to mention, Tobey’s getting on up there in years. He’ll be 36 years-old when its released in May 2011. You think he can still effectively play a character whose in his early-20s by then?

And what’s with the sudden “sacred cow” of keeping Kirsten Dunst around when damn-near nobody wants her (or her character) to come back?

I’m pretty iffy about this news, folks. Personally, I’d take it with a grain of salt until we hear something official from Sony.

Spider-Man 4 is currently aiming for a May 2011 release.

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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  1. Venom’s goo was the catalyst of the entire film,,,

    Same way Dent was the catalyst in TDK,,,

  2. Venom wasn’t just eye candy,,, the Venum goo was responable for Peter going to the darkside, literally with power…
    Peter going to the darkside was the theme of the film…

  3. Spider man3 was worse than i originally thought, venom was terrible why was he just a black version of spidey with none of the shape shifting moves he usually has and his build is far bigger than spidey, venom was to comical and not dark enough he’s kinda a good guy but not with morals he should have killed criminals making him a bigger threat showing him to be less remorseful.
    if they had done that as a 2 part then comes venoms off spring carnage oh well not in this life time.

  4. I totally agree with entertainmenttodatandbetond, Spider-Man 3 was no shambles of a movie as I’ve said before,there was just as much mistakes in TDK,but no-one wants to admit that for some reason,Spidey 3 was just a bit too long,too many characters,but I think most of the cast & crew wanted to make a great movie but ended up with a very good movie!They did try!
    There is a lot of band-wagon jumping going on with a lot of these movies now,but real superhero movie fans should think for themselves,everyone else can keep on going on about how TDK is really amazing an perfect with no flat boring bits with too many characters and villains!
    Roll on Spider-Man 4!!!!

  5. I’ve never understood the hate for Kirsten Dunst as MJ. I thought she was great in the first two. She looked bored in the third one, but hey, I was bored too.

    If we do get a new MJ, it will be a Katie Holmes situation- everybody assuming she was fired, when she really dropped out voluntarily. She already as said that three was probably enough for the series, and she has much more of a future in the biz than Tobey Maguire. Being the girl in a superhero movie doesn’t exactly advance her career any.

  6. Kirsten the smelly drunken actress who plays MJ…Can’t think of a better actress to play a model/actress in a Spiderman movie…

  7. I’m curious, greenknight, have you personally smelled Kirsten Dunst?

    Anyway, she’s good in some mediocre movies like Elizabethtown and Mona Lisa Smile, and I still haven’t forgotten her brilliant work at age 12 on Interview With a Vampire. I like Spiderman, but I think KD has better things ahead of her.

  8. Spidey 3 coulda & shoulda been made without venom, and I believe the online talk that Avi Arid convinced Raimi to inlcude him, against Raimi’s better judgment. Why add a villain for the fanboys if you don’t have time to develo the character???

    TDK did suffer from similar problems, but IMO TDK could have been edited down (e.g. minus the ferry boats) and been a better movie, where S3 needed cutting, adding, and recasting.

  9. I think they should forget Sm 4 and 5 and reboot. You could keep some of the same actors like J.K. Simmons, Fred Molina, Thomas Haden Church, Dylan Baker, Whoever played J.J.’s assistant and Betty Brant, and…if they wanna keep aunt may, thats an easy position to fill. Otherwise James Mcavoy should play Peter Parker(Attonemant, Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe)and Kristen Bell should play Gwen Stacy(Heroes, Assasins Creed). Peter Does not need an Origin because everyone knows it. The villains, yes multiple villains need to be the sinister six consisting of Hydro-Man(Matt Dillon), Lizard(Dylan Baker), Sandman(Thomas Haden Church), Doc Ock(Fred Molina), Electro(D.J. Qualls), and Kraven(Oded Ferr), none of them get origins, and obviously not the original group. The story is the sinister six all got screwed over by spider-man and they all want to kill him. They form the group and through Doc Ocks brain and the rests brawn they overpower him until originless Black Cat(Elisha Cuthbert) comes to the rescue and they barely escape. Regrouping they cannot find a way to beat the sinister six…and thats about as far as i got. This movie could be a flop or it could be super sweet. its title is “Amazing Spider-Man”

  10. Yeah, Kirsten Dunst was fantastic in Interview, but she hasn’t done anything particularly well since.

    and she probably does smell…

  11. Damn, I was hoping for a new cast, I’ve always hated Maguire and Kirsten Dunst looks like she’s high all the time… Well, she is a celebrity, so maybe she is… That could explain a lot.

  12. @ Bently

    Personally I wouldn`t want to get that close to KD…

  13. “Honestly, I find it hard to believe Sony is willing to fork all that money to Raimi and Maguire considering the reception of 3.”

    Are you kidding? The movie did close to a billion dollars of business worldwide. If you want to report on entertainment news you need to separate fanboy opinions like “no one I knew liked the movie” from analysis of value based on information.

  14. The Movie made around 1000000000 worldwide which is not as great as you think when you subtract all of its production cost, promotion, and add critical and fan dislike.

  15. @RD

    I hear what you’re saying, but Spider-Man 3 rode a LONG way on hype and anticipation. If a lot of people were disappointed by it, that could very well impact the box office take of the next film.

    I think that’s one reason The Incredible Hulk didn’t do better this summer – because people didn’t like the previous one, so it affected the attendence of this film, regardless of the fact that it was better.


  16. There were more good bits in Spidey 3 than bad!!What’s wrong with that?Just take the same approach that fans of TDK take and ignore the crappie bits and you’ll see a pretty entertaining movie!Plus it made a bucket load of cash…which again I’ve been told proves TDK is a great movie!!!(which it ain’t)!

  17. I’m going to quote one of my all-time favourite comicbook “heroes” on this one and say:

    “I think my common senses are tingling.”


  18. When we reviewed Spider-Man 3, the base theory was this:

    As a movie, where you open and close your eyes every 30 seconds to take a snapshot of the film – outstanding effort.

    As something you want to take almost anything intellectual away from as a comic book fan? Not so much. Venom was a hiccup in that movie and the murderous, law-breaking rage that is The Sandman is allowed to whither into the morning sun?

    One of the best parts I’ll never for get is the initial meeting of Sandman and Evil Venom:

    “Hellow, Evil Spiderman Suit That I fought on sight before, how are you?”

    “Oh, I’m fine, sandy superhero villain. How’s it going? How about we “team-up” against Spider-Man and kill him, because I know your murderous rage?”

    “Sounds like a plan, my black-flapping suited goodness home slice! Word!”

    /me watches Sandman and Venom (though he’s never called that in the movie, by the way) dance into the sultry evening breeze of downtown New York to get a red hot, a newspaper and – oh, go kick some Spidey ass.

    /me rolls eyes

  19. “I think that’s one reason The Incredible Hulk didn’t do better this summer – because people didn’t like the previous one, so it affected the attendence of this film, regardless of the fact that it was (a heck of a whole lot) better.”

    Fixed Vic :)

  20. I didn’t think Spidey 3 was awful, but it WAS the worst of the 3 by far. Venom definitely felt shoehorned into the film and I think it would have been better if Venom was left to the VERY end of the movie as a cliffhanger for Spidey 4. Can you imagine the anticipation for S-4 KNOWING that Venom would be the main villain throughout the whole film, especially if all we caught was a quick 2 second glimpse of him at the end of the movie??

    What I found REALLY annoying about S-3 was emo-Parker. But then I have found the whole MJ storyline pretty dull throughout the films anyway.

    IF there is a Spidey 4 I will definitely go see it, but I pray that it is better than S-3.

  21. I enjoyed S3 despite pacing issues. I think everything has a tendency to say “street dancing” = horrible movie (thats the main complaint I hear) Most of the complaints I hear don’t even sound good. But who am I to say whose right and wrong in their opinions?

    Personally i found Dunst to be a dunce in the first 2 movies, but a least they did something for the third film. Personally I don’t like MJ as a character and prefer felicia hardy or Gwen more. as for the Lizard, hell yes! Bring him in. Thats my 2nd fav with the Shocker at 1st.

    Here’s hoping it’s better.

  22. The reason SM3 was bad was because they tried to please everyone which ended up not pleasing anyone. When I heard venom was going to be in it I thought “sweet we get sandman in the third and venom in the forth” obviously i was wrong. Sony needs to make it a series instead of three stand alone movies, which in essence they were due to the constant dying of villains. If they rebboted took away organic webbing, put in gwen stacy instead of mj, and put in a villain that could haunt him all the time each movie. That way you could have three villains in a movie without wasting valuble story time with origin time and in the end have them either kick spidermans webby backside or narrowly escape.

  23. Without a reboot just subtly start recasting until nobody realizes that you have a brand new cast.

  24. The Incredible Hulk is a fabulous movie that lost ground this year because of the lack of hype on it’s release,then everyone was reading things into what was going on behind the scenes…like actor vs director stories…
    But with all the superhero movies coming out at one time this summer…one of them had to take a hit…so Hulk was picked out!Fickle ain’t it but who cares…I loved it!!!

  25. A choice needs to be made — either replace the creative minds that gave us the first trilogy or keep them.

    I think an ‘in between’ approach to the next films spells certain disaster — not to mention it ruins continuity. If the new films are a fresh approach, why tarnish that with some of the old baggage?

    My opinion:
    Spider-Man 1: O.K.
    Spider-Man 2: Awesome
    Spider-Man 3: Disgraceful

    I speak as a die-hard Spider-Man fan, movie buff and film student. I can say that these movies actually meant something to me. I believe that the potential that these movies had to be amazing milestones compared to the quality that they ended up having is a major dissapointment.

    Because of that, I’m down for a complete reboot.

    It’s time for Spider-Man to grow up — which he does in the comics — the “Gee-wilikers Mary Jane you kissed me-stage” needs to end. You have super powers and you bang a model.

    No web-shooters? Please, it was a horribly unrealistic idea to give Spidey a power that never existed in the comics (before hand). The Web-shooter creation could of easily been tied into his origin story, while he was trying to make money. I don’t know why it wasn’t but that is one thing that shoud adhere to the material. Please give his web-shooters back.

    Lets take a poll, would you prefer (a) good ol’ fashioned Web-Shooters or (b) ‘organic’ wrist holes that shoot webs? I can list so many reasons why the Web-Shooter are better but lets move on.

    Mary Jane — a poor casting decision. Make up for it, hollywood is full of beautiful redhead actresses with screen talent. Why her in the first place? Why not focus more on Gwen Stacy, why not introduce Felica Hardy or even a fling with Betty Brant? Mary Jane was not Spidey’s only love interest and definitely not the first like the films denote. Personally, I’d like to see the Peter loves Mary Jane but Spider-Man likes Felicia dynamic.

    I think there is a great choice for Mary Jane which I have never heard anyone mention for some reason: Milla Jovich, model turned actress, natural redhead. Mary Jane, model/actress/natural redhead. And obviously, Jovich has a knack for the comic-book-type-action- films (Resident Evil, Ultraviolet). And she’s a lot more attractive then Kirsten Dunst.

    Venom — ruined. Redo it, right and using the new Venom film along with Spidey 4 and 5 to re-create the Symbiote story sounds like a great idea to me.

    I read something about Todd McFarlene (my favorite comic book personality) saying that Venom can’t be done right with a PG-13? Gimme a break, look at Heath Ledger’s Joker — that was creepy and Venom can be too. I understand his point though, Venom is a monster and the Spidey 3 incarnation sucks. Oh, don’t even mention Topher Grace.

    I think that for the next 3 or 4 Spider-Man films they should adapt the Lizard story and Maximum Carnage to the silver screen. I also understand if they opted to steer clear of symbiotes because it’s already been done, poorly but done none the less.

    I know fans are itching for Carnage though, the Lizard and Carnage are what we want to see but how can you do Carnage right if you don’t reinvent Venom? I don’t think you can…

    Venom’s origin is intertwined with Spidey’s symbiote and Carnage’s invaribly with Venom.

    Let me stop ‘ranting’ because I don’t see an end in sight.

    Sony / Marvel:
    P-L-E-A-S-E do justice to the wall-crawler. He is among the greatest superheros of all time, let’s make his films among the greatest of all time. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!

  26. greenknight333,

    It would have been great if the Gwen was introduced before Mary Jane in the films and the Green Goblin killed her like in the comics… too bad…