‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ IMAX Trailer & Indiana Jones Quadrilogy Marathon Details

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If 2012 has demonstrated anything so far it’s (arguably) that IMAX trumps 3D. IMAX 3D versions of such summer blockbusters as The Avengers and Men in Black III generated more goodwill than regular 3D versions, while Amazing Spider-Man (native 3D) and Dark Knight Rises (native IMAX) likewise earned kudos for their IMAX presentations. By comparison, post-conversion 3D jobs on old(er) effects extravaganzas like The Phantom Menace and Titanic yielded mixed responses.

That’s all to say: cinephiles should be mostly upbeat about the announcement that Raiders of the Lost Ark is getting a one-week exclusive IMAX run beginning September 7th, as buildup to the unveiling of the Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection on September 18th. Moreover, AMC theaters is capping off that week by holding a marathon screening of all four Indy films (yes, even Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

Steven Spielberg’s iconic globetrotting adventure has been digitally remastered for showing on a massive IMAX screen, but without the tampering or “enhancements” to the original theatrical cut that made Spielberg’s E.T. re-release controversial (that goes double for Lucas’ Star Wars re-release). The Raiders IMAX trailer offers a brief, but tantalizing, sneak peek at the extensive visual refining Spielberg’s classic has undergone – without losing the grainy texture that characterizes the film’s original 35 mm print, distinguishing it from contemporary digitally-shot releases.

Here are some official statements on the Raiders IMAX release:

“When I saw the stunning quality of the picture and heard the enhanced sound in an IMAX theatre, I was quite literally blown away and hope that audiences will enjoy the experience as much as I did,” said Spielberg.

“We are honored to present all the excitement of Indiana Jones in a way it’s never been experienced before – IMAX,” said Greg Foster, Chairman & President, IMAX Filmed Entertainment.  “We look forward to celebrating this iconic film with longtime fans as well as a new generation of moviegoers.”

Tickets and a list of participating theaters for Raiders screening can be found at the official IMAX website.

raiders lost ark imax Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX Trailer & Indiana Jones Quadrilogy Marathon Details

Here are the basic details for AMC’s Indiana Jones Quadrilogy Marathon:

  • It takes place on Saturday, September 15th, beginning at 10: 30 a.m.
  • All four Indiana Jones films will be shown, presumably in the order of their initial theatrical release (even though Temple of Doom is chronologically first).
  • Collectible posters and lanyards will be available.
  • Tickets are $25, with $5 Bonus Bucks for AMC Stubs members.

To see which AMC theaters are participating, go HERE.


Lastly, have an early look at the limited-edition Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX poster (for a chance to win the Indiana Jones Blu-ray collection, head on over to Fandango):


raiders lost ark imax poster 280x170 Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX Trailer & Indiana Jones Quadrilogy Marathon Details


Are you looking forward to seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big, big screen? Let us know in the comments section.


Source: IMAX, AMC

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  1. This will be a 35 mm conversion to digital then an unconversion to 70 mm.
    Which is impossible to contain the detail of of a film shot in 70 mm film.
    The aspect ratio will be altered to accommodate the theater screen.
    The film will be projected in lower resolution digital projection.

    The marketing of this as IMAX elevates Lie-MAX to pathological Lie-MAX.

  2. You have a point there Robert but come on, it’s Indy on the big screen. When I first heard of this showing, I remembered the episode on the Big Bang Theory where they all go to see an extended cut but the experience gets ruined by Will Wheaton. I’m definitely gonna be there. I was born a few years later after it was release and now I’ll get to say that I at least got to see it on the big screen.

    • Now I did not say I would not see it ;)
      I’m old enough to have seen this when
      it came out and it had a strong influence.

      It is one of my all-time favorite films and
      while not technically real IMAX it should look
      and especially will sound good for this “IMAX”.

  3. Hm, I’m guessing they won’t re-release it in normal theaters though?
    or internationally?
    Being 17 I never got the privilege of seeing one of my all time favorite films (Raiders of the Lost Ark) on the big screen so I would heartily welcome an all-out, full-blown re-release across the world…
    With Star Wars being re-released like that I guess it’s not that unlikely for it to happen one day.

    • Looks not no straight release which would have suited me just fine.
      Just seeing it the way it was originally presented would be an event.

      • I’d love to see the first 3 films on the big screen again. Those are some of my all-time favorites, especially Raiders. Unfortunately, they are not playing this in my local IMAX-lite theater. I’d have to drive almost 3 hours to see this. :-(

  4. I don’t know, while I’m sure that IMax sound will be superior to my home system, I think I’d rather have the set on Blu-ray than see it upscaled even if it means missing an excuse to spend a day in the theater. It seems like a very individual choice. I just don’t like supporting what seems like a cash grab even though I know the studio spent big dollars to upscale the film.

    I suppose if you didn’t see all the films on the big screen this is a rare chance to see them presented this way and I think that’s a valid argument if you want to justify it to yourself. Still, if you spend the money to do that, spend a day in the theater, buy into the upscaled costs of theater food and yes many venues are selling more than just popcorn,candy, and soft drinks your probably going to spend if not as much then a serious portion of what the Blu-ray versions would cost.

    Might come down to whether you have the gear at home to enjoy this release or if you like meeting your friends and relatives at the theater or your place…

    • One of the best IMAX theaters is near me here in Manhattan
      and I will be tempted if it plays there as this will likely be
      the last time Raiders ever plays on any theater screen.

      The Blue-ray is a certainty, however, and for a
      good home system well worth every penny.

      • I just checked the link and it will not be
        playing at the Upper West Side IMAX.
        The Times Square Theater it is is
        not so far but not as tempting.

  5. I’ll have to try to check this out.
    I 1st saw Raiders and Temple of Doom as a double feature at the Drive In…
    Remember those kids??? :)
    It was so much fun to go as a kid. And I really hate the fact that my daughter missed out on that experience. There’s still the remains of a Drive In in my town but even though I’ve taken her there and explained it it seems odd to her. That really bumms me out…

    • I’ve still got 2 Drive-In Theaters within a half hour drive. Don’t really go as much as I used to simply because my home theater system in so superior to the audio and video quality of the drive in.

  6. It’s days like today I really wish there was an IMAX theater close to me or my local theater was AMC instead of Carmike. I would so love to go to this.

  7. There aren’t any theaters near me :(

  8. Most of the heavy lifting to produce this IMAX release was done for the Blu-ray.
    A high quality digitally master had to be made for the Blu-ray and creating an
    upscaled master from that was simple for a limited theater distribution.

  9. at imax.com it says “raiders” will be in not only amc theaters. but the marathon i believe is only in amc theaters.either way, for me, the nearest theater is 4 and a half hours away. sucks.

  10. Hmm, weird. I just go an email from Regal Cinemas and according to the email this WILL be playing at my local IMAX-lite theater! Time to go an request September 7th off from work….

  11. Does anyone know if they will release ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ as a stand alone Blu-ray? I really want the film on Blu-ray, but can’t justify purchasing the collection for two reasons:

    1. I only want the first film.
    2. It annoys me when they release these collections, but don’t give each film its own separate Blu-ray case. If they did that, I could at least buy the collection and just keep ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, but no, they have to do it this way – just like they did with ‘Star Wars’ and for that reason I’m going to have to give the Blu-ray collection a miss.

    • This initial bundling approach is the current trend.
      The individual Blu-rays usually follow afterward
      and will be coming eventually down the road.

    • You know you can buy the SW films by individual trilogy now, right? Soon they’ll probably be individually released as well

      • Yeah, I know that. But there are only two films from the ‘Star Wars’ franchise I want – the others I don’t care for.

    • Why no love for ‘The Last Crusade’?
      IMO that one was almost just as wonderful as Raiders.

      • I agree. As close to Raiders as you can get. Definitely great.

    • nope they will be released as a box set,personally i love raiders and the last crusade,ill still buy the blueray set, im excited about the rerelease of raiders never saw it in the theaters

  12. I’m 24 so I never got to see any of these films on the big screen even though it’s been my favorite series since I was four. That being said, including Crystal Skull in the marathon is the only detracting factor for me going to experience them that way. Last Crusade remains my all-time favorite movie and I’d love to see a marathon in theaters ending with that ride-off into the sunset, so thanks Crystal Skull for ruining that possibility! I might go and just leave at the end of Crusade. Raiders though…not missing that.

  13. What am I missing here…..Temple of Doom took place BEFORE Raiders of the Lost Ark?

    “All four Indiana Jones films will be shown, presumably in the order of their initial theatrical release (even though Temple of Doom is chronologically first).”

    • Raiders took place in 1936, Temple of Doom in 1935

  14. It will be playing at the IMAX in Gaithersburg. I will be there!

  15. Does anyone know who or where might be selling the Raiders IMAX one sheet?

  16. Does anyone know who or where might be selling the Raiders IMAX one sheet?…would love to have one.

  17. Anyone know who, where or if the Raiders IMAX one sheet will be sold…..

  18. It was late October 1982, although it seems like yesterday. It was a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, dark clouds scudded across the horizon. Uncle Raymond had gone to visit his friend Jeremy in Newport Pagnal when, quite by chance, I stumbled across a box of videos under my uncle’s bed. Having very little faith in the acting ability of priests, nuns or dwarfs for that matter my eye drifted towards a innocuous looking black cassette with words ‘Raiders’ hastily scrawled upon it’s wonky sticker. Needless to say within minutes it was noisily chugging through the innards of the (then brand new) Beta-max video player in the living room. Still to this day the film blows me away. ‘Marion we’re going to need a bigger boat!!’. Brilliant.

  19. Further to the above, and for those of you too young to remember, Beta-max was for years the leading brand of video recorder in the UK. ‘Beta’ hailed from the Japanese word used to describe the way signals were recorded onto the tape. The suffix ‘Max’ I have logically surmised might perhaps of been it’s inventors name. Although I have no proof to support this. That said this afternoon I have an appointment at the clinic adn when the moment is right I shall endeavour to pose the question to my proctologist. For if I remember correctly Dr Hunter’s son, Ronald, worked at the Newport Pagnal branch of Blockbuster video for some years, until sadly it went bust!!.