‘Expendables 3′ Director Confirmed to Helm ‘The Raid: Redemption’ Remake

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The Raid Redemption Expendables 3 Director Confirmed to Helm The Raid: Redemption Remake

Fans really shouldn’t have been surprised when Screen Gems snagged the American remake rights to director Gareth Evans’ breakthrough action film The Raid: Redemption. After all, the film received praise from both critics (read our own Kofi Outlaw’s review) and fans alike, and with positive buzz already brewing for The Raid 2: Berandal, it’s set to become a hit franchise in its own right.

The anticipated release of the sequel film has inevitably sparked development in the English-language remake. Battleship writers Jon and Erich Hoeber were initially reported to be working on the script, but more recent reports have credited Brad Ingelsby (Out of the Furnace) as the film’s writer, with director Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) joining the project as well.

Now, according to Deadline, Hughes has been confirmed as the director of The Raid: Redemption remake. In addition to Ingelsby and Hughes, XYZ Films – which produced the original Indonesian film – is returning for the remake, and Evans will executive produce as well, with his original fight choreographers in tow.

Fans of the original Raid will likely be somewhat relieved that Evans and his fight team are onboard the American remake, as there is a far better chance that the new film will remain true to the spirit (and ground-breaking action sequences) of its predecessor. Considering Hughes’ only previous directorial credit (other the upcoming Expendables film, of course) is the 2010 Australian Western thriller Red Hill, some moviegoers may be skeptical about how the film will turn out.

the raid2 Expendables 3 Director Confirmed to Helm The Raid: Redemption Remake

However, given that the original crew is supporting the remake and the fact that the original Raid franchise appears to be going strong and heading for an inevitable third installment anyway, it may be a good idea for hardcore fans of The Raid: Redemption to keep an open mind about this remake. With any luck, Hughes’ film could provide some interesting twists on Evans’ work and make The Raid franchise more popular than ever.

Granted, American remakes of foreign language releases don’t exactly have the best track record, but perhaps it’s wise to wait awhile before decrying this new film and put that pesky fear of remakes aside for the time being.

Are you looking forward to Hughes’ take on The Raid: Redemption, or are you firmly against the film, regardless of who’s involved behind the camera? Let us know in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest on the American remake of The Raid: Redemption as the film makes its way to production.

In the meantime, The Raid 2: Berandal hits theaters on March 24, 2014.

Source: Deadline

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  1. why god…WHY??

  2. Really?…that’s just lame on so many levels

  3. Wow. Another foreign hot another American remake. Not surprised. Not surprised also that they’ll screw it up. Why mess with outstanding. How can you outdo it? America will find a way to f u c k up this remake.

  4. I dont mind a remake here and there but this is stupid the original is like 3 years old and there is no way that the fighting will compare, The Raid as a franchise hasn’t even been completed yet. Once Berandal comes out I’d like too see them try and top the stunts and action of that.

  5. Because subtitles were too hard.. ugh this is just going to be awful.

    • When I caught The Raid in theaters, I actually saw a couple teenagers get up and leave as soon as the first subtitles popped up on screen. They probably snuck into an Adam Sandler movie the next screen over.

      • “The Raid” is the movie kids sneak into when they get confused by Jack and Jill.

        • Hmmm… No.

  6. So this is actually happening?! LOL

  7. No! NOOOO!!! nonononononononononononooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  8. Is there a way to petition to NOT let this happen? Can anybody find ONE fan that isn’t a suit that wants to make this happen? EVERY comment is opposed to this. This isn’t one of those fan reactions where were actually gonna watch a movie even if there is pre backlash. DO NOT MAKE THIS MOVIE. PLEASE.

    Making a remake is an insult to the source material. Screw you Hollywood

  9. The Raid: Redemption starring Jason Statham.

  10. Gareth Evans is producing the remake and is supporting it. And no one is taking away the original. I don’t see much reason to get upset about it.

    • Agreed. He had mentioned it was going to happen as far back as the original’s Blu-ray release. The way I see it, that means they are taking the time to find the right fit of people to do it. People really need to relax.

  11. Hollywood already produced its version of the Raid, it was called Judge Dread….

    • I assume you mean “Dredd”? They are two very different movies. Similar in some ways, sure, but still very different.

    • The internet already produced its version of wrong, it was called kosten07…

    • You do know Dredd was finished filming long before Raid came out.

    • @ Dak – Yup I meant Dredd.

      @ JG – I did not know Dredd was filmed prior to the Raid, but you are absolutely right.

      I liked Dredd, but I haven’t seen an action movie as good as the Raid in a long time, I just don’t understand why it can’t be released in America without what could be a crappy remake. Perhaps it wont suck but it will be very hard to beat the original.

  12. Yeah, because Hollywood realizes us idiots in the US are too lazy to read subtitles (and for the most part they are unfortunately right), and will pay to watch an awesome action movie as long as it isn’t in a foreign language with subtitles that take a few seconds to read… *sigh* I understand the idea of remaking an old film to improve it on areas where the movie may have aged or just needed improvement (True Grit and The Thing come to mind), but remaking a movie for the mere purpose of catering to a nation of people who refuse to read texts on a screen is insulting. Remake a movie that needs it. ‘Dune’ comes to mind, why hasn’t anyone green lit that yet?

    • I guess I’m one of those “idiots” who hates reading subtitles…Say whatever you want but it is difficult to pick up on subtle things going on in a movie if you’re busy reading dialogue.

  13. Instead of anticipating this remake, how about just watching the original? I mean for God’s sake, it only takes a few seconds to read the text (unless you’re illiterate), so why bother remaking a movie when it’s sole problem is that it’s not in English? I understand remaking old movies as they may have aged badly or are just flawed (True Grit and The Thing come to mind), but The Raid is perfectly fine. Exhilarating action sequences with solid acting and story to spare. If it doesn’t need improving, why remake it? Is North America filled with imbeciles who refuse to watch movies that require them to read for two hours or less? My God…

  14. First off: zero reason to be remade. None. Period.

    That being said, there’s no stopping it. Wish Gareth would bring in his team & do a shot for shot remake with English speaking actors, if they need it so bad.

    Anyone see the useless DISTRICT B13 remake coming out with Paul Walker? At least they got the original parkour guy, but Paul Walker? If tthere was ever a Statham vehicle…

    • There is one reason – they believe that it will make a hefty profit. They obviously believe remaking in English will open it up to a wider market and deliver a healthy return on the investment.

  15. the raid redemption american remake, probably only firing guns and sh*t.

  16. the raid redemption american remake, probably only firing guns and sh*ts.

  17. WHY???
    Why are they even trying? The original movie doesn’t have any exceptional story or plot, it’s the stunts, fight choreography and directing that make it an incredible film.
    There’s something about the gritty violence in this movie that can’t be remade. There’s no way an American remake will have better fights or stunts, the only thing they’ll change is probably add a bit more story and develop the characters more, throw in some cheesy dialog and that’s it.

    There’s no way this remake will even come close to the original.

    • Why? To make a profit.

  18. EPIC FAIL Oldboy style. Remakes are fine, but remake a movie that is still not fresh in people’s mind. Wait 5 decades or more. With the way the internet is exploding with movies/tv series, where you can just watch it online or download it, where every possible media is accessible, why bother watching this in a movie theater when you know it’s just going to be the same story? why waste your money on that? it’s very cheap just to watch it online with subtitles (if it’s a foreign movie).

    • Because outside of a fanbase if you mention The Raid to an average moviegoer very few will have any idea of what your talking about. So it is only fresh in some peoples mind and forgotten in most others.

      However they believe that it is on an edge that they remake it geared to an American mass market that they will receive a return on their investment.

  19. if it’s good I’ll watch it, it’s not my money and I have nothing to lose.

  20. hmmm… is there an action star in the whole of the western world with one percent of the action capabilities that iko has? and i am not talking about fast cut action where you have zero idea of what the hell is going on. People like jason statham can do it a bit but not to the extent that iko can… and why not cast him? english is an easy language and all asians speak it well enough….

  21. First they screwed up Oldboy now this? Why can’t they just let foreign movies alone! Instead of remaking them, come up with something original

    • Who screwed up Oldboy? Certainly not Spike Lee and Josh Brolin who gave us an excellent homage…

  22. I wonder if Patrick Hughes was chosen because the studio saw his work on ‘EX3′ and was impressed. After all, in reference to ‘EX3′, Stallone tweeted “We believe we can do better than the RAID, which was an excellent film… Raising the bar…” and he picked Hughes to helm ‘EX3′.

  23. Didn’t this already happen. Anybody watch Dredd? Why do we need another American remake of his movie ?

  24. These obligatory “Localized Remakes” are generally unnecessary, unless of course the new production team can find something new to say or do with the idea, which is why I won’t judge it until I see what the plan is.

    That said, the track record for this sort of thing is terrible, so I’m not going to be hopeful about it at all, but since the original series is going strong there’s really no need to get mad either.

    Well… unless you think about the millions that will be spent to remake a perfectly good movie while Dredd languishes without the sequel so many want… :/

  25. Sad sad news…. Sigh.

  26. Ok listen. Unlike alotta people that frequent this site I’ve actually had NO problem with all of the remakes, reboots, etc. unless of course the movie/show turns out to suck…that is until now?!?

    I cant quite put my finger on why, but I dont understand why someone feels the need to make an “American version” of this movie!?!?!?!

    Didnt the original release in America?!?
    Wasnt it for the most part universally received as an AWESOME film?!?

    Didn’t the sequel to said awesome film just release (or it will be releasing soon)!?!

    I said I cant quite put my finger on it and then I gave a few reasons, but thats the thing? I havent had any issues with other remakes with the same type of issues so why does this bother me so much?!?

    I guess its simply because I loved the film so very very very much and I cant imagine it being done better?

    I dunno?

  27. We Americans cannot accept foreign films, so we try to remake them, and for the most part, we fail to capture what made those films good in the first place. The Indonesian fighting style is what made the Raid so awesome, our shaky-cam slap boxing won’t look as cool.

  28. Too bad.. The Raid is a way better movie then The Expendables.

  29. Making a remake can sometimes work, but in this case no just no.