‘Battleship’ Writers Penning ‘The Raid: Redemption’ American Remake

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The Raid Redemption weapons Battleship Writers Penning The Raid: Redemption American Remake

These days, it takes a lot to wow an audience, especially one comprised of savvy and sophisticated moviegoers who have seemingly seen it all. Needless to say, surprises at the cinema are becoming harder to come by, but fortunately, we came across a very pleasant one two years ago in the form of a furious and bloody martial arts/action spectacle called The Raid: Redemption.

The low-budgeted Indonesian film didn’t present a complex story, but still managed to score near perfection (it is one of the only films with a 5-star review score at Screen Rant) with its impressive action sequences, taut direction and precisely-executed stunts. Those who saw it seemed to get everything they wanted out of an action film, but of course, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from looking to recreate the magic with a remake.

According to Bleeding Cool, an American remake has been in the works with Sony for a while now with the original’s director, Gareth Evans, attached as an executive producer. And this week, we learned that the English-language do-over added Jon and Erich Hoeber (Battleship, Red 2), who are in the early stages of rewriting the script.

Reportedly, the original structure is said to be in tact, but the Hoebers may change some of the film’s dialogue (there wasn’t much in the original) as well as make other Americanized revisions. However, considering Evans is still attached to the remake, the no-holds-barred action sequences and the incredible martial arts battles will hopefully be unaltered.

Fans of the original will already likely be irked to see The Raid get an American makeover, but they’ll probably become enraged if the Hoebers turn the script into your typical cliched and cheesy one-liner driven American action movie. With Battleship, Red and Red 2 on their resume, one could argue that Raid fans have reason to be skeptical.

The Raid Redemption fights Battleship Writers Penning The Raid: Redemption American Remake

Fortunately, Evans is a common denominator behind the scenes for both projects and if he has any say, the film could avoid becoming too convoluted and cutesy. After all, it was the whirlwind of flying fists, machetes and bodies that made the original undeniably entertaining, not jokes, pop-culture references or romantic side stories.

And even if the The Raid remake ends up disappointing, fans will still have the original’s sequel, The Raid 2: Berandal, to look forward to. Although we haven’t seen any footage of the sequel – which started shooting earlier this year – we did get a glimpse at some images a few months back and we’re thrilled to say that the new film looks as raw and violent as the first.


There are currently no release dates for the American remake of The Raid: Redemption or The Raid 2: Berandal, but we’ll keep you updated on both projects as they develop.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. You sunk my perfectly good martial arts click…..

  2. ……………why????

    • To make a sh*t ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ dude. We’ll exploit any money making franchise to earn a quick buck. Way of Hollywood, way of America.

      • you say that as if it is a bad thing.

    • @Drew

      I don’t know, why will there be a Japanese remake of Unforgiven??

      • There’s gonna be a WHAT???

  3. I thought they already made that remake. It was called Dredd!

    • Exactly what I was thinking….and if America couldn’t make Dredd as popular as it should have been, what will they do with The Raid.

      By the way, The Raid was a brutally great movie… and yet I can’t recall any plot at all. Guess I turned down the logic dial after the first fight…

    • Nope.

      Dredd finished filming while The Raid was still in production, meaning technically, Dredd came first but The Raid was released sooner.

      • Exactly. And Dredd was based off of a comic book, and The Raid was a new property, so…

        Not calling The Raid a rip off of Dredd though (both awesome films) it’s just that every once and a while there will be two movies with similar plots. Heck, if we’re doing that game, we’d might as well call The Raid a rip off of Die Hard…

        Anyways, this is a remake we don’t need!

        • Especially since we’re talking about the “writers” of Battleship!

        • I did like The Raid: Redemption, however
          Dredd was a better film I thought too.

          • Strike #1 try again.

            • No, that was a walk-off hit.

              • +1

                Dredd was amazing. The Raid was a good movie, but being Asian myself and seeing a whole lot of Asian cinema, I don’t really see it as such a “perfect” movie like so many Westerners do. Honestly, I felt Ip Man was a better martial arts movie than The Raid… The Raid had tons of action, but that’s about it. The action was good though, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not as wowed by it as everyone else was.

                Dredd, on the other hand, I can’t stop thinking about just how bad-ass Dredd and Anderson was after watching it… Just how no-nonsense the main characters were.

                • +1 for Ip Man. that movie was fantastic!
                  i rented raid, and dredd, the same weekend. while they both featured the bad guy[gal] at the top floor of a building, they were really different. both good, and will end up in my collection eventually

                  • Plenty of martial arts films
                    Are better imo, ip man and
                    hero. But the camerawork on the raid is unmatched imo. It caught every blow perfectly

                • Thanks for the heads-up Ken J and jeffro your impression too.
                  I missed that and I just ordered it and look forward to watching.

                  • @Robert

                    Make sure it’s the Ip Man starring Donnie Yen. Since Ip Man is a real person, there might be multiple films about him. Although I do believe the other one is called Yip Man (Chinese to English translations in names can very in spelling). Also, I know you already ordered it, but I hope you got the Hong Kong version and not the China version. The China version they redubbed the whole movie into Mandarin since the movie was shot in Cantonese. And that redubbing screwed up a lot of the sound effects…

                    • This is what I ordered earlier, Ken:


                      It has multiple audio tracks and subtitle choices and I
                      presume the Cantonese track should have the good audio?

                    • @Robert

                      Yes, I’m pretty sure if you pick Cantonese audio it’ll be the original audio. I ordered this movie before it was released in the USA, so I had it imported, and made the mistake of not paying attention to the version and got the China version instead… Ended up having to order another one to get the better quality Hong Kong version with the original audio…

                      I think you will enjoy the movie. Donnie Yen basically had to master Wing Chung to make the fight scenes look convincing since that’s a very hard form to learn. Ip Man’s son actually oversaw the project and was very impressed with Donnie Yen’s skill at Wing Chung. I really like that guy as an actor, I’ve seen him do so many different forms of martial arts. In one movie he even does UFC style MMA. That movie was called Flash Point, make sure to check that one out too. It has a pretty bad ass final fight with the main bad guy.

                    • @Robert

                      Oh, and this is another really good Donnie Yen movie, a very different take on the genre. Actually a little bit of CSI in it that’s kind of unique: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1718199/

                    • Thanks for confirming I got the right one., Ken.
                      And thanks for the backstory too which will
                      help me enjoy it even more and I’m sure
                      I will and I’ll checkout Flash Point too.

                      I noticed when buying BTW there is a sequel
                      Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster and I
                      wonder if you’ve seen that one as well.

                    • @Robert

                      Oh, and lastly, Ip Man claims to be based on a true story, but it’s only really inspired by the person. They took a lot of liberties with what happened. The movie starts out kind of playful, but turns serious when the Japanese invade the town he lives in…

                    • @Robert

                      Yes, I saw Ip Man 2 as well. And while I won’t say it’s a “bad” movie, it definitely doesn’t compare to the first Ip Man. The second one kind of felt like a cash grab after the first one did very well in Asia and in the USA. The fight scenes got more outrageous and the final fight scene dragged on for quite a bit. They were trying to milk the drama and it kind of killed the magic of the original…

                    • I appreciate all the info, Ken.

                      I think I have my viewing order
                      lined up with IP Man, then I will
                      get Flash Point then Dragon :D

        • @Robert

          Yep, I’m getting sick of people saying Dredd ripped off The Raid. I guess the writers for Dredd can see into the future…

    • @pawn65

      Do some research, Dredd was in production before The Raid was. They were done with their script before The Raid started production…

      • @Ken. ok man. lets stop talking about ripping off shiit, both movies are great, dont be a cynical person, dont judge another martial art film just like if its different from hongkong kung fu movies. hongkong martial art movie is not honest anymore, they dont make movies like early jackie chan’s. they always count on donnie yen, you absolutely can see it when donnie yen stop performing ip man character.
        For me, The Raid, its like refreshing, something that we dont see this anymore for a loong time, the action pack feels like early die hard or john woo era and the martial art like early jackie chan’s brutal, violent, and honest. Not like now, action of hero mentality shiiit, just like robot that they dont scared of anything, then shout to the enemy “i am the laaaaawwwww” shiittt,…we are bored by that kind a hero character shhiitt right now

        • @ricky

          I’m not sure if you actually read my comment, I was addressing the fact that these internet know-it-alls are accusing Dredd of stealing from The Raid when Dredd was actually written before The Raid. So these people are clearly wrong and I’m merely pointing it out.

          And I’m glad you have your own opinions about action movies. Good for you. I have my opinions too. We both deserve cookies. :-)

  4. There is only one Mad Dog!

  5. Wait, Battleship had writers??

    • Yes. However, they worked with crayons.

  6. Wait, I thought that was Dredd?!?!!!

    • See above comment for some schooling about movie releases.

    • @Daniel

      There’s a magical thing that you can access with your computer, or even smart phone. It’s like a collection of data and information that you can go to and search for something you want to know more about. You will be presented with a bunch of options for sources for this information. You read this information and learn interesting things from it. Like for example, you could access this magical digital pool of information to find out that Dredd’s script was done before The Raid even started production. It just took Dredd a lot longer to be finished and released. So therefore, unless the writers for Dredd was able to see into the future, it was impossible for Dredd to be a remake of The Raid. Interesting to know right? That magical pool of information is called “the internet.” Al Gore invented it and it’s really awesome…

  7. WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?

  8. Battleship was pure garbage

  9. Peter Griffin should’ve delivered this news with his “You’ve Got AIDS” Barber Shop Quartet

    • You’ve killed The Raid!
      Killed the rays
      Yes, you’ve killed Raid

    • @cranium

      Which was probably a rip-off of Team America’s “Everyone got’s AIDS” because that show doesn’t have a single creative joke…

  10. I’m curious to see how they’re going to sell this premise if they relocate the setting to the United States. I can’t see this situation being possible in even the worst of U.S. cities. We’re too connected to have something of this scale go down without anyone noticing. Also, The Raid: Redemption is essentially a martial arts movie. I wonder if they’re going to strip that flavor away, and just make it a generic action movie.

    • “I can’t see this situation being possible in even the worst of U.S. cities.”
      Detroit says “Hi.”

      • @INK

        Dammit, you beat me to it, lol. You know, they did a crime statistic study on the worst neighborhoods to live in. The number one worst neighborhood to live in is a neighborhood in Detroit where you have a 1 in 7 chance of being a victim of a violent crime each year if you live there, lol. :-D

        1 in freakin’ 7…

      • This how the Raid would work in America.

        Building controlled by drug dealers. Residents held hostage.

        No American Police force would breach an apartment building from the bottom. In the worse case scenario they would breech from the top and work their way down. Thermal imaging, night vision, negate darkness.

        Power would be cut to the building. Generators would be targeted, cameras would be scrambled and block.

        Tear gas would be deployed on every floor of the building.

        Assault would begin, anyone with a gun would be shot.

        By chance they were able to defeat the first wave of Police, the next several waves would be POd and then all bets are off.

        • If the cops are paid off, the assault would never get past the paperwork stage.

        • @Bruce

          Actually, they would never tear gas the entire building if it’s also full of civilians. There really is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon, only less-lethal weapons, and it is possible for serious injury to occur with tear gas. Not to mention the exploding canisters have been known to set things on fire inadvertently. So it’s simply not safe to use in large quantities in a confined space full of civilians.

      • Oh cool! Tell Detroit I said wassup! [Ducks back behind cover] LOL

        I get that the lockdown part could happen, but I don’t see how it could happen without the media swarming the building. A huge part of the original’s drama was that the protagonist was hopelessly isolated.

        Gah, I’m thinking about this too much. We’re talking about the writers of Battleship here. They’ll come up with something and no matter how off it feels, most will shrug their shoulders and go along with the ride. I’ll just hold out for the proper sequel.

        • @Goomba

          I think the media will be too afraid to go to some of these neighborhoods in Detroit, lol.

    • You can basically take your pic in any american city! Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Our policemen over here are not trained in martial arts per say, some may know it, but for the most part, we draw fire on for any dangerous opportunity, so I think this will be a shoot’em up kind of film, with maybe a couple of martial arts fights.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. They’ll likely focus on gunplay with a few over-edited, shaky cam fight scenes sprinkled in.

  11. i think hollywood should remake all the movies in the world! yes, just remake every little thing out there!

    • Hello. I represent a massively successful Hollywood Studio that prefers to remain unnamed at the moment.

      We very much liked your comment and would like to get the wheels rolling on a CGI remake of it. Please sign the following documents and return them to us ASAP. Thank you for your consideration, and it will be a pleasure making money with you.

      PS: Failure to sign the documents indicates you default any rights to your comment and we will still proceed to remake your comment into a 2 1/2 CGI fest with lense flare, shaky cam, at LEAST one rapper/R&B artist, no character development, and plenty of butt shots of (insert future sex symbol train wreck here).

      • Hahaha

      • It is for comments like this.

        That a like button is surely needed.

      • One of my chick friends wants to be an actress. Who should she sleep with to get a part in said remake? She’d also be willing to do the butt-shots and any sex scenes.

  12. This is a horrible idea. Like awful. These writers are awful. This movie just came out…and it was great. No reason for it at all.

  13. … we should probably stop funding this.

  14. Oh Crap! :(

  15. I usually try to be calm, withhold judgement until I’ve seen it, and be open minded.

    With that said,


  16. What if they did it with the cast of the Expendables :D

    • Pretty much all of them would be dead then.

  17. unacceptable

  18. hollywoodland strikes again smdh the orginal was flawless now watch they screw this up oi

  19. I think I’ll just be watching the sequel to The Raid. The American remake will have to wow me with the cast AND the trailer to get my money otherwise I doubt I’ll give it any attention at all.

  20. American Version of the Raid?

    Bad guys.
    Good Guy.


  21. Wait.

    I take my previous post about Die Hard back.


  22. Boo! Just Boooo!

    When was the last time you saw an actual good martial arts fight in a Yank film?
    I can only think of “Blood and Bones”.

  23. This is literally MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. I see know way they can do justice to the original in a remake.

  24. My heart sank… I felt it hit the floor and writhe in pain…

  25. Wait isnt there a sequel coming for the raid like really soon?

  26. Again, let me point to how it’s only wrong when America does it. Does anyone else notice a stark difference in sentiment between this news and the news of a Japanese remake of Unforgiven? LMAO!! :-D

  27. Because its Hollywood they have no passion for movies only money, not to say they are completely bad its just The Raid has been out for like a year and a half with a sequel coming and a remake is already happening.

    • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was amazing. I didn’t watch Let Me In (saw the original, Let the Right One In) but heard it was pretty faithful and was done well. The Departed was pretty good, that was a remake of a Chinese movie. True Lies was heavily influenced by a French movie of the same basic idea (secret agent hides that fact from wife for many years) and that movie is a freakin’ classic! Twelve Monkeys was also a remake. I’m not saying that this one will be good, just saying, people like to automatically assume it’s a bad thing whenever there is an American remake of a foreign film, but when there is a foreign film remake of an American film those same people are intrigued by it and think it could be a good thing… Double standard at its best…

  28. I do agree with you on the double standard and with the right team behind the movie it can be fantastic the departed is proof and I think the oldboy remake looks great, I think the fact is that The Raid is an awesome movie which is very recent is now being remade with a script from the Battleship writers, but I could be proven wrong and this remake might be great but Ill wait for the sequel personally.

    • I think what scares people about the remake, is the whole martial arts aspect of it. The Raid was so awesome, and introduced the world to silat martial arts of Indonesia, we are afraid that they(Hollwood), would cast people like Paul Walker or some non martial arts actor as the lead. That’s what scares people the most.

      • @ragedaddy

        Except it’s not only in this case that people go ballistic when they hear about an American remake. Look at The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Let Me In, and every time it is announced there will be an American remake of a foreign film of ANY genre, and every comment is negative, people up in arms. But when they announce a foreign remake of an American film, people are all positive about it. It’s a CLEAR double standard. Just go read the comment section of the article about the Japanese remake of Unforgiven for proof. It’s literally the exact opposite of here. And I bet some of the same people complaining here are praising the decision there. It’s only wrong when America does it, that’s the rule.

  29. Why? Whyyyyyyyyy?